Bolsheviks Weep About Golden Dawn’s Popularity In Workers Syndicates


The working class of Greece is going to Golden Dawn. “The Greek workers are becoming Golden Dawn’s base,” to quote a Communist newspaper.

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The Bolsheviks of Greece are struck by the fact that the working class is awakening to their lies and finding that only Golden Dawn can represent their ethnic and economic interests.

Greek syndicates in shipyards, taxi and bus driver unions, street market guilds, and recently ELFE and KAVALA Oil of Perissos have been making contact and coming close to Golden Dawn, welcoming our parliament members.  The workers praised Golden Dawn’s work fighting against illegal immigration, contraband merchants, and systematic corruption. The workers also identified with Golden Dawn’s national and social platform, which represent the labor classes interests better than the soft pink Communist party hands writing hysterical editorials against them.

The rage at being shut out by the workers could not be contained by the Communists. In the KKE’s newspaper Rizospastis, an article titled “The Workers Are Becoming The Base Of Golden Dawn” said:

“The Communist party of Greece has…

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Robots are milking cows


Robots are milking cows now. Immigrants not needed.

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There’s a NY Times article about cow-milking robots.

The Bordens and other farmers say a major force is cutting labor costs — health insurance, room and board, overtime, and workers’ compensation insurance — particularly when immigration reform is stalled in Washington and dependable help is hard to procure.

The machines also never complain about getting up early, working late or being kicked.

This article demonstrates that the economy doesn’t need immigrants, who cost the taxpayers lots of money because we have to provide for their Obamacare, education for their children, and other expensive government benefits. The economy needs more robots.

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Happiness makes you more effective

When you are content, you can live with less eating, less drinking, less drugs, less (or no) cigarettes. There is power in happiness and contentment.

So much of our thinking has been shaped by the movies, and the movies teach us to go fight the enemies out there; have some car chases, some gun fights, a setback, another car chase, another gun fight, then a final battle with the villain.

In reality, the big war is with ourselves first and foremost. Conflicts with others usually originate with ourselves. Being chronically happy is strength; it’s like being physically fit, or smart.

Let yourself be happy. Don’t think it’s a weakness, and that you have some obligation to be miserable because of the bad things we are facing in the world.

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Think gold isn’t going to go through the roof? Indians (dots not feathers) smuggle gold bars in their stomachs

Indian surgeons find 12 gold bars in man’s stomach
By Harmeet Shah Singh, CNN
updated 7:58 AM EDT, Tue April 22, 2014

This is what they call a leading indicator in the financial and commodities markets. It’s kind of like when the shoeshine boy gave Joseph Kennedy a stock tip, and he knew he better get out of the stock market. Indians smuggling gold in their gut? Better get you some NOW.

And India is the second biggest market for gold. China, the superstar of the global economy, is vaccuuming up gold like there’s no tomorrow. The gold that the Chinese and Indians are acquiring will probably not be circulated on the world market for a generation at least. Patel and Wang are hoarding gold like maniacs, and there’s LOTS of them.

New Delhi, India (CNN) — When a team of Indian surgeons opened up the stomach of a patient complaining of abdominal pain, they had no idea they’d extract a fortune.
The patient, whose name was not released, was hiding 12 gold bars in his belly. He apparently smuggled them into India to evade import duty, police and doctors said Tuesday.
Each bar weighed 33 grams, said C.S. Ramachandran, who conducted the surgery at a hospital in New Delhi on April 9.
The 63-year-old patient, an Indian citizen, visited the hospital a day before with severe stomach pain and nausea.
2013: Gold bars found in airplane bathroom 2013: India gold imports decline
“He told us he had accidentally swallowed the cap of a plastic bottle,” Ramachandran said.
Investigations could not confirm his claim.
“We couldn’t (either) make out they were gold bars,” the doctor said. “But yes, X-Rays showed there was intestinal blockage, which required surgery.”
On the day of surgery, stunned doctors pulled out the yellow metal from his stomach.
“It was unexpected,” Ramachandran said.
The hospital handed over the precious extraction to local police.
The bars have since been sent to customs, which is conducting a probe, said Alok Kumar, a deputy commissioner of police.
He didn’t disclose the name of the patient. Nor did he reveal which country he smuggled the gold from.
The patient was discharged after the surgery, and is doing fine.
India is the world’s second-largest gold market after China, according to the World Gold Council.
Indian investment in gold bars recorded an increase of 16% in 2013, the WGC says.
A tax of 10% is levied on gold imports in India.
READ: 2013: CNN Money: $1.2M gold haul found on plane in India
READ: 2013: India spent $56 billion for their gold?

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The Ocean of Blood


The Ocean of Blood Awaits our Children. Firepower lays it out plain.

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aa814-eric2bholder-reverse2bracism2ba-ok2bwith2bthe2bdepartment2bof2bjustice The dominant entitlement culture today – designed to always present MINOs* in favorable light – is also based on perpetual debasement of Men in general and the lesser category of “males.”

It is what White Males once did to Injuns, coloreds and females. It works; that’s why it was/is done.  Hittites did it to Egyptians, Greeks to Persians, Romans to Gauls, Redcoats to Colonials and Uncle Sam to Comanches and so on.

White males had this right of dominance because they earned it with all those conquering armies, frontier expansions and colonizations. But, about 55 years ago they suddenly gave it all away.

No other race in history gave their power away to such vile rabble, especially when this dominant group was also the majority. And never in Human History did conquerers stupidly give it all away to groups several steps below them when the minos did nothing to…

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Fed Up, the new movie about the epidemic of obesity and childhood obesity, and it’s because of the tax subsidized Agribusiness companies

Liberals are pointing this out, but it’s absolutely worth jumping on the bandwagon.

You need something to do? Here’s something to do — get involved in local food production efforts. Look in the newspaper, pay attention to your local community. There might be a community garden in your town or city, and you might able to rent a plot. It’s as though we were starving to death, but there’s a drug/poison that hides the feeling of hunger and makes one obese and diabetic.

It’s not that hard to grow food. Mostly potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, tomatoes, corn for flour and polenta, beets, winter squash, tree fruits that grow well in your area, onions and garlic. You can dry squash for winter storage like the Indians did. She said that potatoes are very high in protein; moreso than stuff like corn or barley. Here’s a book by a woman about growing staple foods in the backyard garden:

This book is truly focused on getting as much diet as possible from the garden. She’s a big fan of duck eggs, by the way. For some reason, duck eggs have a lot of the healthy fats that the body craves.

Get involved in things that everyone is concerned about. 90% of life is just showing up, people.

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Retired White Workers in Europe Treated Like $hit!


Ah, I’ve seen the betrayal of the elderly before — Russia in the 1990′s? What did the elderly do? A lot of them sold nationalist and even Nazi newspapers, books and music. Yes, the nice old babushka on Red Square has cassettes of SS marches for you, 5 flavors of contemporary Russian nationalism/fascism. Even the Communists over there are nationalists and fascists! Gennady Zyuganov kept the flame of the Communist Party alive, but he’s a hard core Russian nationalist and fascist.
The elderly also do a lot of vegetable gardening and canning/processing. Old White people in the street are an instant nationalist party. The government knows that better than we do. All it takes is helping them. They will sell newspapers and make speeches; what’s the $PLC going to do? Take away the pension they already don’t have? If the elderly are betrayed, they will have absolutely nothing to lose and every reason to fight.

Originally posted on Aryan Street:

Pensioners in the UK are going to be told their life expectancy by government workers so they don’t blow all their money too early.

THIS after inviting millions of non-Whites to come live in the UK, lowering wages and raising taxes for citizens there.

Ah but you see, old White people don’t give us vibrant enrichment like Asian child prostitution rings do.  And Hussein needs a house for his new wife so suck it White Man.


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