The NSA Surveillance State — makes the State very strong in a certain way, but also very vulnerable — it’s Policing on Auto-Pilot

Exclusive: High-Level NSA Whistleblower Says Blackmail Is a Huge – Unreported – Part of Mass Surveillance

Copy paste below, or go to link. My commentary:

NSA surveillance of everyone means that you must always assume a third person is listening to any electronic communication, or even if you are in a room with a cell phone that has it’s battery in it.

This also means that the National Security State has put policing on Auto-Pilot, in order to cut staff and pensions. Existing “intelligence police” are relying heavily on SIGINT and not so much on HUMINT.

You can be fairly certain that your electronic communications are not being listened to in real time; they are being vaccuumed up for later use. So it’s simple enough, if inconvenient, to communicate in a way that, when they go to fetch your cell phone call or text from June 22, 2015, it is totally useless.

It’s not PGP either. How do we know PGP is secure? I don’t know.

This method is clearly unbreakable on it’s face, as long as the Excel file isn’t captured or the NSA doesn’t have some way of knowing the number randomizations in Excel. Number randomizations are seeded with the time of the execution of the program, so I don’t think so, but this is a potential vulnerability. You could input the number randomization yourself. I invented this method myself, and I’m surprised no one else came up with it.

1. Google for a big list of words on the internet, and copy/paste into a huge Excel column, Column A. Go for 20,000 words, and add in your own words as needed if they aren’t there.

2. Do the random number function for 5 digit numbers for 25,000 rows for column B. Do extra numbers so you have room for growth. Having some unmatched numbers is not a problem.

3. Share this Excel file with your communicant. Ideally, keep the Excel files on computers that never connect to the internet — that don’t even have network cards or wireless radio cards. But even if you have the Excel file on an internet connected computer, the NSA isn’t collecting in real time and goign to say, “Oh, this citizen is using encrypted communication, let’s hack his computer and find out what he’s up to!” It’s just unlikely.

4. To create a message, use the find function to find your word, and write down the 5 digit number next to it. Rinse, repeat, until message is complete, then send the string of numbers to your communicant. Preferably by a different device than the computer — like a text with burner phones. Years later, NSA wants to retrieve your communications — it’s just strings of digits. Oops! Ha ha!

The NSA is spending it’s resources collecting noise and what Russians call Kompromat, but anyone who is determined to keep their communications secure from them can succeed easily enough.

As an aside, I don’t bother doing this myself because I live a very bourgeouis and law abiding life. But I just wanted people to not be too freaked out over the NSA. It can be defeated easily enough, and my method is only one of many.

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National Review dips its toe in the truth at this late hour; Victor Davis Hanson notices that modern liberalism is racialism for all groups except Whites

From ‘My People’ to ‘Our People’ — What Next?
By Victor Davis Hanson
July 22, 2014 12:00 PM

What next, you ask, VDH? How about this: Stormfront was founded in 1995 by Don Black, a former Ku Klux Klan leader. Its most popular “social groups” are “Union of National Socialists” and “Fans and Supporters of Adolf Hitler.” Over the past year, according to Quantcast, roughly 200,000 to 400,000 Americans visited the site every month.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There is some overlap, but not a lot, between Stormfront and White Girl Bleed a Lot and The Dark Enlightenment.

You’re playing catch up, VDH! You say that

Strip away the very thin leftist veneer of all this and we can see the old demagogic and ethnic fascism of the European 1930s

like it’s a bad thing. Stop wringing your hands about the Brown Nazis! Brown Nazism will provide an excellent object lesson for La Blanca Raza. In fact, it already has.

Representative Luis Gutierrez addressed the National Council of La Raza in hyper tones, calling not only for more amnesties but also for the crowd to “punish” their adversaries who would oppose them. Apparently, Eric Holder’s prior separatist reference to “my people” when talking of African Americans, and President Obama’s earlier 2010 racialist call for Latinos “to punish our enemies” have filtered down as mainstream nomenclature and emboldened others. But how strange that “raza,” “my people,” and “our people” are now politically correct words in a linguistically sensitive age when referents like the Washington “Redskins” or “illegal” immigrants are considered racially insensitive.

Gutierrez might stop for a second, and ask what the logical trajectory is of a multiracial America in which particular ethnic groups refer to themselves as “our” or “my” people — would not the corollary be that those Americans outside the proper ethnic circle would be “not our people” or “not my people”? And how do we define who is and is not one of “our” people? Is an Hispanic citizen who marries outside “my people” no longer a member of La Raza? Do you have to prove one-third, one-fourth, or one-sixteenth a racial pedigree to be included in Gutierrez’s “our people”?

And where exactly does Representative Gutierrez think that the modern popularity of the rubric La Raza (“the race”) originated? He might read Spanish dictator Francisco Franco’s novel Raza (which inspired a popular fascist film of the same name), and take note of its theme of Iberian racial exceptionalism that transcended language and locale. (It was written in the spirit of the 1930s and the fascist popularity of the related ideas of Volk and Razza).

Does Representative Gutierrez have any notion that the reason why tens of thousands of what he refers to as “our people” are risking their lives to enter the U.S. is that because, unlike their home nations, America’s prosperity is ultimately based on the sanctity of racially-blind and politically-blind laws, laws that cannot be simply created or dismissed for particular interest groups by someone shouting to an assembly, convening under the banner of “The Race”?

Strip away the very thin leftist veneer of all this and we can see the old demagogic and ethnic fascism of the European 1930s.

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Just a Job


Asians have taken to starting their own businesses where they mostly hire their own. Thought I was making it up about Subway and Indians? 1500 Patels in the Subway franchise database—I imagine there are all sorts of Singhs and Guptas, too. In hotels and motels, Indians own 50% of recent hotels and 60% of budget motels. With Cambodians, it’s doughnuts; the Cambodian community loans money to incoming refugees to start a franchise; the independent Cambodian shop owners have largely chased out Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts, and Winchells out of LA. Cambodians have no history of donuts and from all accounts just use powdered donut mix but thanks to the network effects of cheap money and a steady supply of other low-skilled Cambodian workers, often family members, and undiscriminating illegal Mexican customers looking for a cheap breakfast, they do pretty well. In much of the eastern US, >Dunkin Donuts franchises are dominated by Indians and Portuguese. Meanwhile, 90% of the liquor stores in Baltimore are owned by Koreans where, as in LA, they sell to primarily black communities but never hire blacks to work in their stores. But in the main, Koreans left independently owned businesses and turned to franchises as well. Koreans pretty much own the frozen yogurt market: Yogurtland, Pinkberry and Red Mango have done much to challenge TCBY. I’ve never seen a Yogurtland that didn’t employ Koreans only, but I can’t find any demographics on their employee population.

Originally posted on educationrealist:

So Michael Petrilli leads with a somewhat feckless proposal to limit college access but then his follow-up appears, in which he’s shocked—yea, shocked!—to discover that vocational education has significant cognitive demands!

Petrilli still pretends that these deficiencies are an “outrage” caused by poor schools that charters and choice and firing teachers will fix. But here’s the crux of his second piece:

So let’s assume, then, that for the foreseeable future many of our high schools are going to have a heck of a lot of entering students who are prepared for neither a true college-prep curricular route nor a high-quality CTE program. The high school will do its best, but in all likelihood, a great many of these young people will graduate (if they graduate) with low-level skills that won’t leave them prepared for college or a well-paying career. What should we do with these students while they are in…

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Kai Murros on how Hate is a force of Liberation, Creation and Advancement

Somebody whose got the time should transcribe the beginning speech on Hate.

My view on Hate is to purify it, like you purify uranium, by doing qigong systems like Falun Gong, Primordial Qigong, Between Heaven and Earth qigong, and 18 Forms Qigong, among others.

Purified Hate gives you Creative Inspiration and a Concentration of the Will to Power.

I have spent many years in the WN desert, looking for the answer to our difficult problem, and the Espionage Model of Infiltration and Covert Influence is the answer that was given to me.

Covert influence of the elites, but you leverage it from White Skynet becoming self aware. The younger members of the elites will perceive White Skynet very acutely. So it’s not like we’re ignoring the 400,000 Stormfront visitors. They represent energy and power. What we do is concentrate that, like a Fresnel lens or magnifying glass concentrates sunlight, and we focus that energy on influencing decision makers or people connected to decision makers.

Who else has done this? The Court Jew, of course. The Court Jew is a spy who finds any way to finagle himself into the Royal Court. Can you imagine that? Jews were hated in the Middle Ages, yet were able to infiltrate the aristocrats and monarchs. They were and are natural spies. But espionage is just technology and technique that can be learned and used. Like a strain of pathogen that goes through accelerated genetic selection as a result of antibiotic misuse, we are becoming a virulent strain because of the anti-white abuse that we endure.

The Virulent Strain will figure out Counterintelligence against Jewish Espionage/Infiltration and Covert Influence.

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Reporter Sean Bergin goes off the politically correct reservation, gets fired, doesn’t apologize

One man with courage is a majority.

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We (USA) are the Nazis after all! Plus 9-11 the Musical

We are the Nazis after all!

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Freelance Comment Of The Week

Originally posted on Chateau Heartiste:

The Anti-Gnostic comments a lot over at Cheap Chalupas headquarters, and he (best guess) is usually good for a pithy shiv.

How the market prices white neighbors is one of those economic phenomena that economists’ wives understand better than they do.

There are a lot of things non-economists understand better than economists, not because economists are dumb, but because economists are superfluously smart and cursed with an addiction to hyper-rationalize their faulty feelgood priors.

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