Daily Stormer agrees; Jews are not superhuman or invincible, and even the great House of Rothschild goes before a fall

Update on Kate Rothschild

I tweeted back and forth with her ex-husband, Ben Goldsmith for a while. The young Jewish bankers like Goldsmith and David de Rothschild are big into environmentalism. Not sure about their position on GMO’s, hope they are against them, and they are stupid if they are pro-GMO.

When you realize that they aren’t invincible, that they suffer the same degeneracy that they inflicted on us, it’s a very different story from the WN 1.0 despair that if we don’t go do something now, all is lost.

The wild Rothschild heiress, her rap star lover and the photo that’s alarmed her friends
Kate Rothschild is a mum and heiress to a world famous banking dynasty
Her life has undergone a total transformation since 2005
Used to be a housewife; Now she is a rock chick, hanging out with rappers
Her behaviour is ‘shocking’ her friends
Kate’s marriage blew up in 2012 as husband uncovered her year-long affair

Those are unmistakeable Rothschild eyes.

Nat Rothschild — he sort of looks like a Terminator.

Such a cute couple, in happier days, LOL:

How far hast thou fallen!

Andrew Anglin’s commentary — not unlike New England Millenial’s great saying, “Stay normal and we’ll win.”

Looking at this, we can see that the Jews are not invincible, as they would have us believe. Far from it: they cannot even manage their own personal affairs, cannot keep their daughters from shacking up with Negro druggies, due to their own program of destroying our society.
The Jews are still excellent at conquering and controlling institutions of power, and working together to undermine our morals in order to strip us of our dignity and resources, but they have caused so much chaos in society, that they can no longer control this out-of-control modern situation.
The Jew was comforted and coddled in our society after the war, and could have remained so. Instead, he launched a series of terrible revolutions which collapsed the society which he thrived in, and now he faces destruction along with us.
The parasite has nearly killed the host, and the parasite is dying with us.
If we are able to make ourselves strong again, while the Jew is weak, victory will be inevitable.

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Open Source Intelligence; Leonard Zeskind says, “If the Tea Party and the White nationalist movement develop a program that appeals to non-political white workers, we could have a lot of trouble . . . even more trouble than we have now”

I’ve been saying on this blog for years that we must expand our interests and we must work with people who are implicitly white, and work with them on things like jobs, localized food and so on.

I have long advocated that if you can move somewhere, go to Eugene, Oregon, or Portland (Portlandia!) or boston MA or Austin TX. Some place where there’s lots of microbreweries and people in skinny jeans riding one speed bicycles. Go to a Hipster Central, and participate in their Hipster Local Resilient Transition Town Economy. Learn skills like microbrewing, fixing bicycles, help run one of their hippie dippie businesses for cheap so you learn, learn what to do, learn organization. You can save yourself a lot of wheel reinventing by going to Hipster Central, and you can learn how it’s done and teach the rest of us. Go turn Kalispell into a WN version of Eugene.

In other words, go become a Steampunk!

It’s pretty obvious that this is Leonard Zeskin’s biggest fear, ergo it’s what we should do. This is a textbook example of Open Source Intelligence. You guys think I’m talking fantasy when I say you could be spies? Gathering intelligence these days is as easy a good keyword search on youtube. No cloaks or daggers or listening devices needed.

That’s your mission. Create that broad appeal. Work on the problems that are pressing on people — namely the economy. Where to start? Go hang out in Portland, or a place like that — Boston MA Austin TX Eugene OR, Northampton MA and I’m sure many other places.

That’s what it looks like. Fun!

A lot of people think this struggle has to be Sturm and Drang. It has to be going around getting people as angry as you are. That’s WN 1.0.

Fuck that. Why not associate the pro-white cause with enjoying each other’s company and being happy to be together? And as a group, let’s resist those uncool buzz kill people who somehow say we are bad for our associations? Not with hot lead cold steel but with a mocking attitude where we pretend to obey but not really.

Don’t lead with White identity. Lead with a zillion other things. Your White identity is your secret weapon. Let me tell you about what 10 years of hidden white identity is like. You don’t take any shit. That energy blocked up inside you makes you psychically strong. You learn to talk about WN without talkign about it directly. Why do banks pay less than 1% interest when inflation is at least 3 or 4 percent? But hedge funds make billion, while they have broken a public utility, like water or electricity?

Taqqiyah White identity makes you intellectually intimidating to Paychex Liberalz because you don’t take them on directly, you concern troll them. Concern trolling is hard to get away with on message boards, but in person, few people are ready for it.

I tell you, I meet a lot of people but have yet to meet a real liberal, maybe because they are all drinking and telling the truth. They are a liberal by day, but get them out with Dionysius, and out comes the true self. I met a Human Resources Director who agreed with racist things her husband said! Oh my D-g! Imagine that, a Human Resources Director!

Become useful.

Have fun.

Learn to be funny. Doing a service job will help you with that.

Help people speak the truth of their soul when they get some booze in them.

Concern troll any remaining liberals, if they are still liberals when they drink.

Be like Ramzpaul.

Let’s make the Paychex Liberalz that hate white people so much into the most uncool douche nozzles that ever walked the earth. Let’s do real economic solutions for our people. We’re already halfway there my friends.

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Anti-whites have a conference, a man with a Spanish accent starts yelling at them at 1 hour 14 minutes 30 seconds

One hour 14 minutes and 30 seconds.

Other points if you want to listen to this lecture.

Anti-white Nick Lowles says that the left are a bunch of out of touch snobs and that’s why populism is a right wing phenomenon these days. The truth is, populism has to at least permit people to love their own race. I could see a multi-racial populism working as long as the Whites got to be White and go under our own White interests banner. That’s stuff of nightmares for the hostile elites such as Lowles, Zeskind and other such nasty creatures.

Anti-white Leonard Zeskind says there’s at least 250,000 WN sympathizers in the country, and if the US government passes immigration reform, the country will go nuts. He says WN isn’t growing because the Tea Party is siphoning off it’s supporters.

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Are You Kidding? Cutting Military Pay/Benefits Good for Troops??


Cutting military pay and benefits will raise discipline. We had to destroy the village in order to save it. LOL! Thanks Obama! Vladimir Putin thanks you too! I am proud to say I voted for Obama in 2012 exactly for this sort of thing!

Originally posted on GulfDogs:

On Thursday, Micheal Barrett, Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, stood before the Senate and testified that service-members would do better with lower pay and less compensation. In fact, he said, “I truly believe it will raise discipline. You’ll have better spending habits. You won’t be so wasteful.”

Ponder with me, for a moment, the richness of this. The guy making more money than any other enlisted member in the Marine Corps on the eve of his retirement, representing an institution that has dodged an audit for nearly 20 years and insists it won’t be ready for an audit until 2017, stands in front of a Congress full of millionaires that can’t even balance its own budget and says service-members are wasteful in their own personal budgetary practices. Now, as we say back in Texas, don’t pee on my boots and tell me it’s rain.


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Home Made Insulin in the event of Doom; print this out

Print this out and save it. I woudln’t be able to do this, but I know people who would.

And from Frederick Banting’s Nobel Lecture in 1925:


Best and Scott who are responsible for the preparation of Insulin in the Insulin Division of the Connaught Laboratories have tested all the available methods and have appropriated certain details from many of these, several new procedures have been found advantageous have been introduced by them. The yield of Insulin obtained by Best and Scott at the Connaught Laboratories, by a preliminary extraction with dilute sulphuric acid followed by alcohol is 1,800 to 2,220 units per kg. of pancreas.

The present method of preparation is as follows. The beef or pork pancreas is finely minced in a larger grinder and the minced material is then treated with 5 c.c. of concentrated sulphuric acid, appropriately diluted, per pound of glands. The mixture is stirred for a period of three or four hours and 95% alcohol is added until the concentration of alcohol is 60% to 70%. Two extractions of the glands are made. The solid material is then partially removed by centrifuging the mixture and the solution is further clarified by filtering through paper. The filtrate is practically neutralized with NaOH. The clear filtrate is concentrated in vacuo to about 1/15 of its original volume. The concentrate is then heated to 50oC which results in the separation of lipoid and other materials, which are removed by filtration. Ammonium sulphate (37 grams. per 100 c.c.) is then added to the concentrate and a protein material containing all the Insulin floats to the top of the liquid. The precipitate is skimmed off and dissolved in hot acid alcohol. When the precipitate has completely dissolved, 10 volumes of warm alcohol are added. The solution is then neutralized with NaOH and cooled to room temperature, and kept in a refrigerator at 5oC for two days. At the end of this time the dark coloured supernatant alcohol is decanted off. The alcohol contains practically no potency. The precipitate is dried in vacuo to remove all trace of the alcohol. It is then dissolved in acid water, in which it is readily soluble. The solution is made alkaline with NaOH to PH 7.3 to 7.5. At this alkalinity a dark coloured precipitate settles out, and is immediately centrifuged off. This precipitate is washed once or twice with alkaline water of PH 9.0 and the washings are added to the main liquid. It is important that this process be carried out fairly quickly as Insulin is destroyed in alkaline solution. The acidity is adjusted to PH 5.0 and a white precipitate readily settles out. Tricresol is added to a concentration of 0.3% in order to assist in the isoelectric precipitation and to act as a preservative. After standing one week in the ice chest the supernatant liquid is decanted off and the resultant liquid is removed by centrifuging. The precipitate is then dissolved in a small quantity of acid water. A second isoelectric precipitation is carried out by adjusting the acidity to a PH of approximately 5.0. After standing over night the resultant precipitate is removed by centrifuging. The precipitate, which contains the active principle in a comparatively pure form, is dissolved in acid water and the hydrogen ion concentration adjusted to PH 2.5. The material is carefully tested to determine the potency and is then diluted to the desired strength of 10, 20, 40 or 80 units per c.c. Tricresol is added to secure a concentration of 0.1 percent. Sufficient sodium chloride is added to make the solution isotonic. The Insulin solution is passed through a Mandler filter. After passing through the filter the Insulin is retested carefully to determine its potency. There is practically no loss in berkefelding. The tested Insulin is poured into sterile glass vials with aseptic precautions and the sterility of the final product thoroughly tested by approved methods.

The method of estimating the potency of Insulin solutions is based on the effect that Insulin produces upon the blood sugar of normal animals. Rabbits serve as the test animal. They are starved for twenty four hours before the administration of Insulin. Their weight should be approximately 2 kg. Insulin is distributed in strengths of 10, 20, 40 and 80 units per c.c. The unit is one third of the amount of material required to lower the blood sugar of a 2 kg. rabbit which has fasted twenty four hours from the normal level (0.118 percent) to 0.045 percent over a period of five hours. In a moderately severe case of diabetes one unit causes about 2.5 grammes of carbohydrate to be utilized. In earlier and milder cases, as a rule, one unit has a greater effect, accounting for three to five grammes of carbohydrate.

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Infants ‘unable to use toy building blocks’ due to iPad addiction


Rising numbers of infants lack the motor skills needed to play with building blocks because of an “addiction” to tablet computers and smartphones, according to teachers.

Originally posted on WebInvestigatorKK:

Graeme Paton
London Telegraph

Rising numbers of infants lack the motor skills needed to play with building blocks because of an “addiction” to tablet computers and smartphones, according to teachers.

Legos, a popular brand of construction toys. Credit: Alan Chia / Wiki

Many children aged just three or four can “swipe a screen” but have little or no dexterity in their fingers after spending hours glued to iPads, it was claimed.

Members of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers also warned how some older children were unable to complete traditional pen and paper exams because their memory had been eroded by overexposure to screen-based technology…

Full article here



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Vaccination Myths Destroyed by Robert Scott Bell on National Radio


We’re being poisoned. They are doing things to cause autism — the whole lie that “it’s diagnosed more now” is nonsense. Robert Scott Bell was on the Jerry Doyle show. Jerry Doyle has a syndicated AM/FM radio show, kind of a smaller Limbaugh or Savage. He used to be an a minor actor as well.

“When you have an observation as a parent to view a child that is perfectly developing — normal talking ability, walking ability, revert shortly after vaccination – it doesn’t matter what science you say you have — you can’t convince a parent who has seen something that they didn’t see it. And of course, since the ‘gold standard’ double-blind, placebo-controlled studies are never conducted, in terms of determining safety or efficacy of vaccines, all you can do is get “shouted down” with terms like science, but not with the peer-reviewed literature to support it.”

Originally posted on Sheeple: People unable to think for themselves:

In America, if you are not a medical doctor, you are not entitled to have ANY opinion whatsoever about vaccines — you just get them or shut up. Vaccine efficacy is not open for discussion with the scientific or medical “community” and certainly won’t be a discussion on the nightly news during prime time — to give the masses time and reason to actually think about it critically. Vaccines are an American tradition. We all know that America protects the whole world from infectious disease via vaccination, or do they really? What if you found out it was ALL a big myth perpetuated for money, and there was no REAL science to back it up? What if you found out that most infectious disease is spread by vaccinated people and that most of the people who contract infectious disease were also vaccinated for that very disease?

You may want to…

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