How fast things change

Think we’re stuck with the current model of society? Just wait five minutes.

Look how different the country was about 60 years ago, within the lifetime of plenty of people alive today:

This is not about nostalgia. It’s about how quickly things change. They won’t always change for the worse, and 2014 isn’t worse than 1950 in all ways. In some ways,things are much better now. The 1950′s couldn’t have been all good — they gave birth to the 1960′s, after all. So nostalgia and pessimism is a mistake.

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Social Distrust Is Way Up Among Millennials


Within the millennial generation in particular, multicultural consumers have a much higher level of influence on their non-Hispanic white counterparts
That’s what people are to them, “consumers.” And my personal experience of a sample of hundreds of people, the whigger thing has come and gone. There are a remnant of whiggers and they are a permanent (for now) fixture among young whites, but blacks and acting black is no longer as mandatorily cool as they once were. Trends come and go, even trends designed and funded by the hostile elites.

Originally posted on Chateau Heartiste:

As reported by NPR (I’m sure with gritted teeth), a Pew Study finds

that the milliennial generation has a low level of social trust. There are several possible causes for this distrust, including a skewed social media culture and a faltering economy. [...]

One explanation for this, the study suggests, is growing racial diversity – 43 percent of millennial adults are non-white, making this the most diverse generation in America.

Holy macaroni! Is the SPWL stronghold of NPR about to grapple with the CH aphorism “diversity + proximity = war“?

She says, minority groups have long had low levels of social trust.

CAMILLE LEAK: I think that, ultimately, it stems from their history of having to deal with persecution and discrimination, whether in their personal lives or within the business setting. [...]

Leak suggests that the Internet itself is another reason millennials are so distrustful.

LEAK: I mean…

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Missionaries versus Anthropologists

So I will start with trying to accurately represent my blog dissenters’ views, a courtesy I wish they would reciprocate. It is interesting to note that Denise uses a particularly irritating polemic device of attacking a misrepresentation of what I wrote, rather than engaging what I said.

I know that I am writing clearly because Clytemnestra and Hipster, among others, make comments that engage what I am saying more completely. Cly calls it the “Cultural Anthropology Approach.”

Denise writes that I am foolish to imagine that I can have any long term influence over any Jews. I believe I stated this view of hers accurately.

My response is that attempting to have long term influence over Jews that I encounter is one among many things I attempt. Sure, it’s one of many, many things I attempt. It’s a big game to me, with very low risk. Denise seems to think I’m risking something, or am in danger of “being fooled by Jews,” as if one cannot have casual social contact in the world with people without being at a risk of them somehow “getting me,” or “screwing me over.”

So what if a Jew with whom I have casual social contact, “reverts to type?” Is that somehow going to be bad for me? By contrast, it would be fascinating for me! I’m not trying to convert Jews to anything the way a missionary does. I’m all about gentle manipulation, to see if I can “herd” someone in a certain direction without their realizing they are being herded at all!

It’s an influence game with anybody and everybody I meet. Every person I meet, I drink them in, I look into them deeply, to see what makes them tick, and I try to get a positive emotional response out of them. I believe I am able to do this because of a regular qigong practice for many years. My energy is sufficiently purified that I can perceive the energies of others. What I want to say is that it’s something anyone can develop. It’s not some inborn talent. I remember not having it.

Mosin has asserted that what I am doing will not work. Here’s his quote:

This Nice Portlandian Hipster strategy cannot succeed, because to imitate we must admire and appreciate, and we must BECOME what we imitate. Tradition and truth, not taqiyya and trickery!

Really? We must BECOME what we imitate? Just because? It’s impossible to infiltrate a social group and keep one’s deeply held beliefs? This is here be dragons again. Don’t go there! You’ll become corrupt! You’ll lose your purity of hate!

This is the same argument that Glenn Miller made against the Market Dominant Minority Entrepreneur strategy. He said that if a WN made a bunch of money, he’d take a suitcase full of cash to Las Vegas and forget the Cause.

Too much Happiness will Corrupt you! Watch out! Here Be Dragons!

My experience is exactly the opposite, Mosin and Denise. One of the big weaknesses of WN is a lot of turnover. People come and go. Five years is about the limit. They burn out on rage. They can’t sustain it. You can’t go around angry all the time. The Rage-Aholics disappear after 5 years, and generally don’t accomplish much of anything real in those 5 years, because it takes much longer to have real accomplishments.

I don’t want you guys to burn out on impotent rage. Failing to move beyond impotent rage leads to one of three outcomes — drop out, go on a violent rampage/get in trouble with the law, and/or turn traitor. Most just drop out, thank heavens. The other two options are horrible.

Why the impotent rage? Because the world isn’t doing what the Missionaries want it to do, and the Missionaries can’t accept that. The Rage-Aholics are frustrated Missionaries.

WN 2.0 are Cultural Anthropologists. We don’t preach or proselytize. We learn about our subjects, and then we can use this knowledge to reflect it back to them, so when we talk to people, it’s as though our voice is speaking their own thoughts. People love when you do that for them/to them.

Our “converts” should not even know they were converted. Taqqiya and Trickery, Fuck Yeah!

There are two kinds of people who go out to meet foreign people; Missionaries and Anthropologists. Missionaries seek to mold everyone to their ideal, and not just to get them saying “Jesus,” but often radically change a native, primitive culture to dress in Western clothes, use modern devices, and give up their old ways. Anthropologists, in stark contrast, study the native people and want to change as little as possible about them. They fear the “observer effect” of their presence, and would ideally be flies on the wall watching them, or perhaps via hidden cameras.

The CIA used to use missionaries; these days they prefer anthropologists.

Missionaries have answers.

Anthropologists have questions.

Missionaries want to be seen.

Anthropologists want to blend in.

Missionaries teach the natives to speak English.

Anthropologists learn the native language and don’t want their subjects to learn English.

Missionaries teach, preach, proselytize and convert.

Anthropologists learn, write about what they are learning, and develop a body of work about the subject people, so they know more about those people, than the people themselves.

Louis Theroux fancies himself an anthropologist, but he’s a missionary all the way.

Here’s a Cultural Anthropologist/Gamer/Spy in action:

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The public likes us very much, if we let them

Commenter Hardscrabble Farmer made a very interesting point:

So now, despite most people knowing that I was once a political heretic- I never speak of politics to anyone these days- I simply serve as a daily living reminded that I have simply chosen to reject those things that represent the “progressive” future and embrace a traditional past. And do you know that as long as I have been doing this I have never had a single person leave this farm with a shrug and a “meh”, rather they are loathe to go. Their children have to be dragged back into the car, often crying because they have to leave. The customers who once bought a steak or a dozen eggs on a whim are standing customers for a side of beef and a whole hog every year. The city bound SWPL types who came for a visit are now spending several weekends a year up here helping us FOR FREE just to get the experience. I wish I could tell you how many offers have been made on this farm from serious buyers after spending an afternoon pressing apples or slaughtering chickens.

I experience the same thing in my service job — public popularity.

Neither HF or I lead with our ideology; both of us experience a very favorable response from the general public. That’s a foothold right there. That’s something WN’s generally do not get.

Now tell me, do you want to keep doing the same old, same old, same old? Or do you want to try things that begin to move in a positive direction?

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Anarchist State Agents Assault And Rob Golden Dawn Alderman Candidate In Thessaloniki- Police Let Them Escape!


Anarcho-tyranny in Greece.

Originally posted on xaameriki - ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ xrysh aygh GOLDEN DAWN news in english:


An organized gang of masked Leftist men attacked a candidate for alderman and lawyer from Thessaloniki in front of a bus stop. The junky hyenas took advantage of their numerical advantage (10 against 1) to cause serious bodily harm.  The assault took place in front of a number of frightened witnesses, who called the police to the scene.

The perpetrators of the attack left behind blood stains of the victim in the street. Despite arriving immediately, the police did not bother to chase after the gangsters responsible.

The Alderman candidate was transported to the hospital. During this, members of the Golden Dawn legal union rushed to the nearby police station to file complaints and demand an investigation. During the physical violence, the criminals removed the victim’s personal belongings, identification papers, personal documents, a computer, and a substantial amount of money. The attempted murder and robbery was recorded by a number…

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Strength through Niceness; one has to be congruent to society

I hang out with the Peak Oil and Transition Towns Movement. They are very smart people. Chris Martenson, James Howard Kunstler (yes I know a Jew), Richard Heinberg (Jewish sounding name but I’ve heard he’s German), Gonzalo Lira, KMO (that’s his name, KMO), Piero San Giorgio and so on.

These guys are forced to deal with our issues, with race and Organized Jewry. They would like to be able to detour around these issues, but these issues keep coming back, and none of them take the Cultural Marxist line or the politically correct line. Kunstler, for example, names the banker. He doesn’t name the Jew, but naming the banker is all but the same thing. You name the banker, you name the Jew. People can put 2+2 together.

Instead of the debate about what to do the with the masses of Jewish people, which sounds insane to most of the world, I prefer to talk about niches. It’s a fact that if the people running the electrical grid were incompetent and made outages all the time, we’d demand that the electrical grid companies got new management. If our tap water was undrinkable and we had to boil/filter our own water and/or drink bottled water, we’d demand new management for the water companies.

The friendly bank on the corner used to pay interest on savings that was above the rate of inflation — 4% or 5%, depending on how long you intended to leave it before withdrawing. Inflation was 2% or 3%, so your money grew, even if only 1% or 2%.

Now the Hedge Fund Boyz make 10 or 15 million a year. I happened to meet a wealthy Jewish businessman in my travels and he boasted to me about his friends who were hedge fund managers and how hard they worked and how they made 10 or 15 million a year.

I wonder what Denise would have said to him? It was a very juicy serve.

I made my water and electrical grid analogies and said that local banks don’t pay interest any more, and this is proof that the people in charge, the current management team of the economy, need to be replaced. Banking is supposed to be a boring old utility, like water or electricity.

Should people who broke the local banks be allowed to make their billions? If the local banks aren’t paying interest because the financial system is broken, should Hedge Fund Boyz be making those millions?

I didn’t say it in a hostile or argumentative way, just stated matter of factly. One might say, those Jews have no shame or conscience, so appealing to those human tendencies doesn’t work with them. I don’t know myself.

The Jewish businessman blamed the government. I let him have that last word, but I smiled wryly and nodded, as though I knew it’s not just da Gubbmint. Of course, who is the government? But less is more in such situations. Silence and quiet facial gestures can have more impact than spelling it all out for people.

At the very least, though, they have pride, and they like to think they are the best money managers, the most competent money managers, they are such hard workers, and so on.

They are the current management team of the economy. Sure there are some non-Jews among them, but they obviously dominate. To name the banker is to name the Jew.

Calling for people to be deported or killed makes one look like a weak fantasist and a dangerous loser at the same time. Even if the DNA thing is true, the question of what to do about that is a matter for a future generation, or at least a future us if things go quickly.

What I have noticed about the Peak Oil people is that they don’t violate social norms of Niceness. Now, to get where we are, we had to violate these norms. A certain percentage of us are able to cut through teh fabric of forced niceness and become WN’s. That’s good. But for those of us who are illuminated WN’s, we have to go back to practicing that niceness and pretend that we never cut through the fabric, never bit through the membrane. We have fangs now, in a certain sense, but we should take care not to show them to the world.

We will get more done if we are congruent to the world; if we don’t give people a reason to take us with a grain of salt, to filter out what we say through the filter of “that guy/girl is a radical extremist.”

What we can do without showing our fangs is to call for a new management team over the economy. Even if we cannot get it, the process of demanding it will make people conscious of the fact that there is a management team over the economy. This consciousness itself will be a victory for us. The bankers are the Hidden Power. The Hidden Power does not want to be exposed. We are to be like Toto pulling back the curtain on the Wizard, who has broken Oz’s economy.

In my view, the Hidden Power, the hostile elites, would rather have another Holocaust than lose their financial power. They see a Holocaust, or any violence against ordinary Jews, as the necessary periodic sacrifice to keep their power.

Take out the Hidden Banker Power, and see how much, if any, Judaic influence remains over our lives. The HBP is the One Ring to Rule Them All. Kill the head Nosferatu, and most of our problems solve themselves, at least until another Nosferatu constitutes itself and makes a new army for itself.

I understand that you want to make sure the head Nosferatu doesn’t reconstitute itself against future generations. There’s a lot of people who think like that and will probably act on it. But those are different people, and different web sites.

We have to attract nice people. Nice people are the socially charismatic and financially liquid. We don’t want the crazy dudes living in mom’s basement topping up on the daily dose of rage. I have met enough of them, and they aren’t interested in apprenticing themselves at a microbrewery in Seattle or becoming a bicycle repair guy in Eugene, or working on a hippie organic farm in Vermont. They don’t want to leave mom’s basement. They don’t want to start actually living. They are probably damaged from living with a single mom and playing endless hours of video games, which is terrible and is the fault of liberalism.

If you are reading this and this sounds like you, go out in the world and get some low paid job you can find here.

Those are several links to different farm jobs. But if you go get a job, you have to be a pleasant person to be around. I have seen young men who are unemployable because they are unpleasant characters. You have to be humble and nice and eager to work, no rough edges, no tough guy bullshit. If people don’t like having you around, they’ll cut you loose pretty quick, and you’ll know that if people keep cutting you loose, it’s because of something in your character and behavior.

You have to go through life with the attitude that everybody has something to teach you, even people you maybe don’t like. Every situation has something to teach you, at least outside of mom’s basement.

Don’t like immigration? What are you doing in mom’s basement? Go compete for the jobs out there with the immigrants. Not office jobs, go for service jobs. A very good one is taxi/livery/bus driver. You get to talk to a lot of people, become more charismatic. Learn how to joke with people without offending them. Also, wait staff is good. THere you socialize with the co-workers. Make getting along with people, with absolutely everybody, even the worst people, your #1 priority.

Wouldn’t you like to be in situations where people (including pretty girls) laugh at what you say and want to hang out with you more? Go work in a service job, and practice Heartiste/Roissy game.

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Daily Stormer agrees; Jews are not superhuman or invincible, and even the great House of Rothschild goes before a fall

Update on Kate Rothschild

I tweeted back and forth with her ex-husband, Ben Goldsmith for a while. The young Jewish bankers like Goldsmith and David de Rothschild are big into environmentalism. Not sure about their position on GMO’s, hope they are against them, and they are stupid if they are pro-GMO.

When you realize that they aren’t invincible, that they suffer the same degeneracy that they inflicted on us, it’s a very different story from the WN 1.0 despair that if we don’t go do something now, all is lost.

The wild Rothschild heiress, her rap star lover and the photo that’s alarmed her friends
Kate Rothschild is a mum and heiress to a world famous banking dynasty
Her life has undergone a total transformation since 2005
Used to be a housewife; Now she is a rock chick, hanging out with rappers
Her behaviour is ‘shocking’ her friends
Kate’s marriage blew up in 2012 as husband uncovered her year-long affair

Those are unmistakeable Rothschild eyes.

Nat Rothschild — he sort of looks like a Terminator.

Such a cute couple, in happier days, LOL:

How far hast thou fallen!

Andrew Anglin’s commentary — not unlike New England Millenial’s great saying, “Stay normal and we’ll win.”

Looking at this, we can see that the Jews are not invincible, as they would have us believe. Far from it: they cannot even manage their own personal affairs, cannot keep their daughters from shacking up with Negro druggies, due to their own program of destroying our society.
The Jews are still excellent at conquering and controlling institutions of power, and working together to undermine our morals in order to strip us of our dignity and resources, but they have caused so much chaos in society, that they can no longer control this out-of-control modern situation.
The Jew was comforted and coddled in our society after the war, and could have remained so. Instead, he launched a series of terrible revolutions which collapsed the society which he thrived in, and now he faces destruction along with us.
The parasite has nearly killed the host, and the parasite is dying with us.
If we are able to make ourselves strong again, while the Jew is weak, victory will be inevitable.

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