Stefan Molyneux has gone all in for White Survival

Stefan Molyneux has 823,000 subscribers.

He started off as a libertarian, and he became a pro-white-survival libertarian.  In 18 years of watching this scene, this is a new high in seeing our most fundamental ideas mainstreamed.  It is truly a “Berlin wall falling” moment, and the SJW left is trying desperately to defend its Berlin Wall.

The Death of White Guilt, speech in Perth Australia.

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How To Implode the University System and Catalyze a Race Realist World

(MWIR welcomes a new blogger, ORB, an accomplished STEM student and a Tech University undergrad)

As we are all well aware, the University system is a festering cauldron for anti-white hate and the White Destruction agenda. They are easily tied with the Media in this respect, and arguably more intense in their anti-white propagandizing..  College is ideological training school for Mass Media.

The Letfist/Marxist revolution started in the Universities and this is well documented by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in 200 Years Together and by Kevin MacDonald in The Culture of Critique, both which are paramount to our fight today and to understanding the societal paradigm in which we exist. Liberals lay claim to “scientific” truth and point to a mountain of mostly unreproducible but ideologically biased “studies.” Tim Wise, for example, claims to  “have the stats proving that white people are a bunch of racist meanies keeping the black man down.  However, the Replication Crisis shows what we have all suspected; liberals are paid lots of money to commit intellectual fraud to maintain the liberal narrative.  Stephen Jay Gould’s Mismeasure of Man was the Bible of anti-racism for decades and is still fondly referred to by liberals, among whom it would be most impolite to point out that Gould’s book was literally Fraud in the Imputation of Fraud  Samuel Morton did absolutely nothing wrong!  Gould claimed that Morton was a fragile white man who falsified his skull volume data to show that the white man had higher brain volume than other races, but it was Stephen Jay Gould himself who was purposely generating false results in order to create the liberal narrative Bible. Gould is like the Jimmy Swaggart of liberalism; every sane man knows he’s a fraud, but he’s got devout followers.  In this case, Gould’s followers are well paid paycheck liberal Judas Goats leading the white normies to the slaughterhouse.


The American university system has been a “lefties only, no righties need apply” club for decades. or a lack of political diversity as Jonathan Haidt has pointed out. When it’s only liberals peer reviewing each other, it becomes a consensus echo chamber and now you can understand the root cause of the above mentioned replication crisis.

One of the best examples would be Franz Boas, of Frankfurt School fame, who essentially took over the Anthropology department at Harvard, filled it with his Tribe, and did the exact opposite of what a scientist who studies humans should do, by saying that all humans are equal. Sorry, that just doesn’t jive with Western Civilization’s objective view on how to execute science. That’s a philosophy and a belief, not science.

This is truly problematic for anyone on the Right and anybody who cares for the White Well Being of White Nations. The University system is the institution in our society which determines who has power, money, and knowledge. This affects our ability to make money, in turn affecting our reproduction, our ability to find any position of power in this society, and the amount of knowledge we carry in our lives. Our ancestors, the greatest humans to ever exist, were the ones who sought out and discovered that knowledge. Anyone who has taken a STEM degree, or studied history, knows that all of our modern knowledge of STEM comes from White Men, overwhelmingly. Charles Murray covers this extensively in his book Human Accomplishment: The Pursuit of Excellence in the Arts and Sciences. 97% of all scientific achievement comes from Europe or North America. It was our White Forefathers who were the greatest scientists of all time, the greatest Heroes of all time, and the epitome of Humanity.

So, it is obvious that the University system must be destroyed. The epicenter of the White Genocide movement is the University, and it can no longer exist within our space. It is an outright existential threat to our existence, and to humanity.

So what can we do to destroy the University system? Well, I can tell you where we can start, and I can tell you where we need to end. It’s up to all of us to take the steps necessary. I took the steps necessary, and I was thrown out of the University system.

Think to yourself. What can I do to make the University system shit their pants? If the University system is shitting their pants, then you have done the right thing. I have personally seen the University system shit their pants, and it is glorious. Ask yourself, why are our ideas so dangerous to the University system? Well because you are the equivalent to a heretic, like Galileo, a heretic questioning the belief system of a Religion. And because of MONEY. Your ideas are financial threat to the existence of the University system.

Our goal here is to cause serious intellectual chaos in the University system. Our goal here is to permanently implement biological standards on humans, the same way we do with all other organisms. The current paradigm in which we exist does not implement the same biological standards on humans as it does with all other organisms.

How do we start?

Spread Hatefacts, biological race realism, expose anti-white hate and hyprocrisy. Anything that causes serious cognitive dissonance in their liberal heads. They will have a meltdown, a conniption fit, they can’t handle it, I promise you. We could cause serious chaos on college campuses nationwide if we hit them hard enough. Seriously, we have no other choice. Do it. Go out there and educate the masses. Or die.

It’s not that hard to prove that different groups of humans are different species. I can prove it without genetic tests. You see, before genetic tests even existed, Gorillas and Chimpanzees were put into two separate species, despite the fact that they can have offspring and can live within miles of each other. Expose this and people will have to face the facts that we consider all humans the same species and subspecies based solely on emotional reasons alone.

Many people may not like this option, but just be outwardly racist. The system will throw a total hissy fit. Then they will make a big stink about how they are going to implement programs to decrease the white population on campus. They will expose themselves to normie whites as a system that is attempting to destroy them. Nothing sets their pants on fire more than this, so it must be effective.

I don’t even want to be outwardly chauvinistically racist, but honestly, it’s the last step before violence. We have freedom of speech for a reason, in order to deal with problems without violence and without the legal repercussions of the state. People are chauvinistically racist for a reason, it’s a survival defense mechanism …and any canned or censored speech is not freedom of speech, and thus, we cannot effectively deal with the problems we need to deal with in order to survive. This is about White Survival.

(So you know, my views do not necessarily represent the views of MWiR, they are simply my own, and MWiR is giving me a platform on which to create content.)

What can we do in between? What we must do in between in order to implode the Anti-White system, and hand it back to ourselves may be the most important, and formative step. Because the University system controls who has power and money in our society, we must circumvent the system in order for White Men to get jobs in these positions without the need of the University system. We need to build a network of not only self-knowledge, but of employers willing to hire engineers for the good of White Survival and White Well Being. I suggest that this network should require one to get a classical math, physics, and engineering education at community college. From there, they will be ready to learn everything else they need to know on the job. And if the employee isn’t educated enough, boss man can always say, hey you need to go back and take this class. With this strategy, everything you will learn in engineering, you will learn from first hand visceral real life experience, rather than sitting in a classroom for four years, understanding systems on paper. I think this strategy will prove to be an effective one, as this how our civilization formulated its STEM knowledge in the first place.

How do we end?

We end by permanently changing science to acknowledge the scientific reality of race, it’s that simple. It’s a fact, as much as there are 8 sub-species of Tigers, 20 sub-species of Brown Bear, and 37 sub-species of Wolves is a fact.

I’m going to leave you with some links. These are simply memes I have collected since the Trump election. These memes expose the truth to the false reality we have been sold. We are all familiar with them. These memes may cause serious cognitive dissonance in the liberal’s mind, and this is what we must focus on. These memes may cause normies to wake up, just as many of us were woken up by the memes on RThe_Donald.

Taking action is as simple as this. We don’t take action, we just sit around on the internet all day, granted learning very important stuff, but still, we take no action. Imploding the anti-white system is one step away, and this is the first step you must take.

Here are the links. Choose 5-10 of them. Print out 20 of each of them. Go take a visit to your local college, community or University, and plaster them everywhere. Remind people that there are still people out there not living in the False Religion of Equality.

Let’s do it. Let’s get them to shit their pants. Cause mass hysteria on the college campus, believe me, it isn’t that hard. Get the information out there, do whatever it takes.

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We need a Center for Temporary Monasticism and Detox from Modern Living

I see the ills of modern life very intensely, and I have concluded that much of it stems from not knowing anything outside mass media and consumerist culture.

I remember when teachers tried to “fight the system” of mass media and consumerism.  That generation has since retired, and now the educational system buttresses modern living, rather than trying to teach a healthy resistance to it.

Also, one must consider that children view teachers as kind of lame and weak compared to mass media and peers.  Children only know who is most influential in their small world; very few seek ideas outside of the small world.

Children that are homeschooled and grow up TV-Free are well aware of the wider world, and are able to see peers as inhabitants of a small world that pales in comparison to the greater world out there.  This protects them from being dragged into a small world of proles and drug use and obesity and Idiocracy.

Adults who grew up as TV babies and trapped in the small world of consumerism and screen time can get themselves detoxxed through temporary monasticism that breaks old habits and thought patterns, and teaches meditation and self teaching, emotional intelligence and conscious empathy of others, and also fasting, proper diet, and smart exercise.


Basically, we need to teach people how to live well and get along.  How to avoid being someone who screws people over and burns bridges.  How to avoid being a fatty, an addict, a person who cannot stay together with a spouse for the long term.

A Sanga is a Buddhist meditation group.  I want to start a Sanga that does standard Buddhist meditation, kung fu and exercise, and mathematics as meditation.

The problem of Buddhism is attaining the Middle Path between ascetism and pleasure seeking.  Between starving yourself in the woods and snorting coke off a hooker’s tits.

If you practice mathematics while exercising patience with yourself, and with the material, you find the Middle Path.  Working out math problems doesn’t cost money and it doesn’t involve consumption of food or drugs or sex so it is ascetic, but it gets you in a pleasurable but not degenerate “flow state” as Firas Zahabi discusses in the above Joe Rogan video.

Attaining the Flow State is a path to the Middle Way of Buddhism, and studying math is a healthy and accessible path to the Flow State.

Concentrating on a task is one aspect of flow.

In positive psychologyflow, also known colloquially as being in the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. In essence, flow is characterized by complete absorption in what one does, and a resulting loss in one’s sense of space and time.

Named by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi in 1975, the concept has been widely referred to across a variety of fields (and has an especially big recognition in occupational therapy), though the concept has existed for thousands of years under other names, notably in some Eastern religions.[1]

Flow shares many characteristics with hyperfocus. However, hyperfocus is not always described in a positive light. Some examples include spending “too much” time playing video games or getting side-tracked and pleasurably absorbed by one aspect of an assignment or task to the detriment of the overall assignment. In some cases, hyperfocus can “capture” a person, perhaps causing them to appear unfocused or to start several projects, but complete few.

I would recommend a one year detox, and through the spring to fall season, every detoxxer would grow a small vegetable garden on a raised bed.

Young couples who plan to marry would detox together, and study emotional intelligence and practice a mindful relationship that recognizes sexual polarity and that the man has to be masculine and the woman has to be feminine, to hopefully avert future divorce and raise healthy children.  We used to be able to take this for granted, but relationship between men and women has been derailed, and needs to be put back on track.  Also, future parents need to study Dr. Leonard Sax on authoritative parenting.

Most modern people need to spend a year working on themselves, learning how to live and how to be in a marriage and how to raise children.

Someone who has spent a year living monastically will know that it’s something they can go back to, if they get in trouble later in life.  It’s a tool they will always have, that most people do not have, a “last resort mom’s basement” type retreat of meditation and detox that they can go back to if life overwhelms them.

If I make millions, or find an investor, I’m going to do the Modernity Detox Sanga.

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Liberalism has been financially incentivizing feeble-ness, rule breaking and free-riding for decades; it imports immigrants from traditional, conservative countries to maintain the proliferating population of weak and dependent free riders, rule breakers, and self-enfeebled

As I toil in the Idiocracy-Dystopia, I see daily the phenomenon of immigration from conservative, traditional countries to take care of the feeble, unemployable, obese and “special needs” nation built by liberals.

Taxpayer money is lavished on people who often don’t want it or need it.  One sees many cases where, for some reason, people didn’t access dem programs though they could have, and solved the problem themselves.

Perhaps dem programs should be in place for the truly desperate.  But that’s not how it works.

Dem programs are a jobs program.  They are more about the people doing the jobs, than the “customers,” i.e.  the needy and otherwise messed up people.  Social services are a weak proxy for real jobs that create truly needed goods and services.

However, having social services as a jobs program is not a neutral way to redistribute income and reduce inequality.  Social services is aimed at the defective and dysfunctional, and therefore incentivizes being messed up in some way — unintentionally pregnant, addicted to drugs, or both!

Liberalism, welfare and social services increases the share of the population that is not contributing to society.  And it puts the burden of the dysfunctional, on the smaller and smaller pool of functional people.  And it brings in immigrants to compete with them, the immigrants often have “under the table” jobs, making effectively higher incomes while being paid lower gross wages, because the functional Americans have to pay taxes and insurances that immigrants simply do not pay.

Heritage Americans who are not obese, addicted Idiocrats find a System rigged against them coming and going, and an official propaganda that morally condemns them for being heritage (aka white) Americans.

And the fate of the immigrants from the  conservative, traditional countries is not a happy ending, by the way.  Their kids, or grandkids at best, end up “Americanized,” in other words, obese, addicted and breeding with the rainbow.

I’ve gotten to know the local Kenyan community,.  We sum them up in two words, “good risk.”  They are earnest rule followers and diligent workers.  Hiring them or renting to them is a simple process — if they want it, they got it.  Background checks or references not needed.  They are that good.  And it’s because they come from a no-nonsense, fascist society.  Rule breakers are punished harshly, even lynched in the streets or executed by police, and free riders go hungry unless they are charming or offer something of value in their personality.

Here in the USA we have millions of people who are able to live out their lives and get free rent and food and medical treatment while remaining totally unemployable and offering nothing of value.  In fact, they use extra medical care because they don’t even bother to look after their own health, and the prison system because they never had to follow rules, duh?  Thanks liberals!  Make America great again means undoing the Idiocracy-Dystopia that you bastards created!

But these poor Kenyans are ultimately going to be victims of America.  They will not be able to protect their offspring from the poz.  The poz is going to get their descendants if they stay here, and there’s not a damned thing they can do about it short of creating an insular community like the Amish or Chassidim.

That’s the flip side of immigration.  I’ve heard stories of immigrant families since the 1990’s from Vietnam and Jamaica and Jews from Russia who were hard working and earnest but their kids ended up all fucked up beyond recognition in Murrikah, and they wished they never came here.

I wonder idly if it would be possible to recruit recent immigrants to a pro-fascist position; if they would be useful to us as a voting bloc?  For example, a voting bloc to protect kids from the gay and tranny shit, and in return we also get the immigrants to support freedom of association and voluntary racial separation?

That would be the ultimate ownage of the libs.  They think they are electing a new people, but what if the new people vote for facism instead of gay tranny race mixing and welfare gibs that libs aren’t able to provide anyway because the country is going fucking broke?

Economically contracting dystopia is a force of nature that liberals won’t be able to control, because they have always exerted control with free shit.  If they can’t get their greedy paws on free shit, their Big Government Business Model for parasitic living is finished.

I think that’s where we are coming to.  Immigration is the Hail Mary pass of liberalism, but it will have unintended consequences one way or another.  One thing these Kenyan and Vietnamese immigrants won’t be are shock troops for Communist Trannies.

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Immigration is literally Genocide. They broke us. Now they are replacing us. We are fighting back.

Whole family lines are going extinct, or going full TV baby obese Idiocrat. Chlidren who are actually born are raised in horrific conditions of TV and junk food and single mom squalor. The Munchausen by Proxy system really worked!

Incentivizing people to be self sabotaging and effectively suicidal degenerates is a very evil thing to do with financial and political control.

Here’s what happened:

1. America that we knew. Hard working, moral, white, family oriented, farmers and artisans. Old time farmers were classically educated. Thee smart kids were tracked apart from the dumb kids, and the smart kids graduated high school with the equivalent of an associates degree in physics and mechanical engineering, as well as knowing some Latin and Greek. Equality was NOT an ideal, we were unabashedly meritocratic and viewed inequality as merely part of the order of Nature itself!

2. The Great Society. Create a rabble of welfare paupers from the working class. Incentivize “getting hurt” or “being crazy” with social security disability and workers comp. Make a deal with working class people — they can get out of the drudgery and toil of a job by being a degenerate! Create an opus of art that romanticizes and lionizes being a degenerate (hip hop). Spread it to more and more people who otherwise would have been functional, productive citizens. Bring everyone down to the level of obese, addicted single mom households. Wreck the family. Destroy the work ethic and morality of Americans.

3. Oops, we can’t get these degenerates we created to work the jobs we need done! Bring in immigrants from traditional, conservatives societies (like the USA used to be), societies we havne’t destroyed!

4. You are a racist white supremacist neon-nazi if you object to our corrupting of the American people and replacing them with a steady stream of immigrants.

I’m actually friends with a job stealing middle aged James Earl Jones voiced African immigrant. I don’t blame the chap for coming and taking a 16 dollar an hour job that was offered to him on a silver platter. He is very frugal and saves his money and is quite pro-social. Definitely not a dindu nuffins, even to the point of obeying bureaucratics edicts to a T. He despises rule breakers and free loaders because he’s from a traditional conservative society that literally lynches rapists and murderers before the police can even get them, or the police lynch the especially bad ones themselves.

Rule breaking and free loading are celebrated values in the “pop” culture. And we wonder why we have a society of welfare dependent fatties with broods of bastards. This was done to us ON PURPOSE. And immigrants are doing the jobs that people are too degenerate to do.

Back to my African immigrant friend. He is making 16 an hour. I have met a lot of foreigners here making over 15 an hour. Meanwhile, the white people in my county generally make less than 15 an hour. They would jump at 15 an hour.

Immigrants being afforded families and American infrastructure and generosity while native born Americans are underemployed and can’t afford families is absolutely monstrous. They call us “monsters.”



When you commit genocide, you unleash monstrous forces.  White nationalism is an impersonal force, but it’s one that is absolutely the work of people who hate white people.  Responding to genocide and fighting genocide is an involuntary reflex, to be quite honest, fam.  We are unable to not become white nationalists fighting for our own survival, and we have every historical precedent and moral imperative to fight for our individual thriving and our collective survival

It would be great to see honest employment statistics broken down by race and immigration status. The liberals know damned well that they are purposely impoverishing the native white population while feeding and caring for a class of “pet immigrants” whom they favor over native working class whites. They really love virtue signaling over their pet immigrant workers, feeling like generous liberal moral white saviors.

But they are making working class whites suffer terribly. Many succumb to opiates, but at the same time, this process also creates hard men who get their fight on. It’s a very dangerous game they are playing with us.

They broke us.

Now they are replacing us.

And we get it. We are pissed, and we are fighting back. Like this hero in what will now be the historical battle of Portland, 2018.

The fact that white working class men win street fights (when not sucker punched) shows that we have Truth on our side, we have the forces of nature on our side.

Immigration taking our jobs and destroying affordable family formation is killing us.  That’s the bad news.  The good news, is we can self educate and take back a lot of economic niches for ourselves.  That’s my project.  I want to get rich and financially provide affordable family formation to eugenically minded and racially loyal white families.

Come with me if you want to live.

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Liberalism is Munchausen by Proxy writ large; now the Guard Dogs and Skilled Workers are talking back on Twitter

The Left and Jewry has taken over power in the USA via Central Banking and buying off the Guard Dogs of society.

The Guard Dogs being the police and the military who are treated as paycheck automatons. Which they are not. They are human beings, and very frustrated human beings at that.

Liberalism tortures the police most of all.

Liberals are set against the project of civilization. The project of civilization is about stabilization of human life. We can expect food, we can expect safety, we can expect shelter and medicine.

All these expectations can only be fulfilled by a force of well paid and motivated Guard Dog men and Skilled Worker men.

The reproduction and rearing of Guard Dogs and Skilled Workers needs opposite sex, same race, biological parents who are willing and able to spend a lot of time teaching their offspring how to be proper people. They need to learn emotional intelligence and how to get along with people, and how to be patient and do complex projects. Training at various things like sports and martial arts and reading and math and music and art teach these most basic human skills.

And that’s not happening, because no fault divorce and high taxes on working families make it really difficult to raise children, while people on welfare have plenty of time to hang out with their kids but don’t bother putting much effort into rearing them or educating them or training them.

People who play by the rules get punished, relative to people who violate the rules. Violating the rules is incentivized with lots and lots of gibs. Being socially dysfunctional is financially incentivized. And that’s a damned strong incentive, because work sucks.

Pssst, hey, Americans. Over here in the white van with the blacked out windows. Yeah, me! Hey, listen, want to get out of having to work at some shitty job, for the rest of your life? You do? Awesome. Here, stick a needle in your arm, and go on a shoplifting spree, and if you are a guy, impregnate a few gals, and if you are a gal, go get knocked up and keep using drugs while you are pregnant. Then you’ll never have to work again! All responsibility gone, you become a ward of us, and we love you and we’ll feed and house and care for you in loving arms of welfare.

That’s what really happened! Anybody who works in the “street” sees all this plain as day — nurse, EMT, police, prison guard, social worker. You see all these problems, 99% of which would not exist under fascism.

So many lives ruined needlessly, so much opportunity cost of whole lives, whole families, generations of people destroyed, ruined!

All because of Liberalism, because of the Great Society, because a girl can get pregnant and get a government check instead of getting sent to live with her aunt until she gives birth (or gets an abortion).

We must stop incentivizing single motherhood. Just take the economic incentive away and 99% of it will go away.

Government welfare money takes away decision making power from the elders of the community. The elders of the community understand that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. The government welfare money is a “cure” where there was no sickness in the first place, but sickness was incentivized.

A percentage of the people refuse the Munchausen by Proxy welfare system, but it gets harder and harder, and each generation, more and more get hooked into it. They made the job market absolutely brutal with zillions of immigrants, so going on welfare is more and more attractive.

Most of the jobs remaining involve picking up the pieces of Government of Munchausen by Proxy — police, EMT, emergency room nurse.

When it is your job to pick up the pieces of social disorder, the race mixing couple with their endless domestic violence calls, the neglected and abused children, the homeless people, the horror, the horror, every day. The police officer. The home repair man, the landlord, the emergency department nurse. They all have to deal with the purposely socially engineered squalor of Liberalism.

Every day.

The horror. The horror.

Wealth is no longer greasing over the horror. Now that the economic tide has gone out, we see that our society became opiate addicted, obese and dumbed down by TV and vidya games. Financially bankrupt. Only zombie government funds keep anything running.

So what has happened? Liberals seized political control, punished Guard Dog men and Skilled Worker men who dissented by firing them from their jobs, and now society is totally fucking falling apart.

On Twitter you see the battle played out. The libs are pulling out all the stops over the “immigrant child separation meme” and Normal America is saying, “They can stay together by going back,” and “People who go to jail are separated from their children. People who get killed by immigrants are separated from their children/parents.”

Normal America, the Guard Dogs and the Skilled Workers, are talking back to the Professional Liberal Enforcers of Political Correctness.

The liberals forget that their power was soft power. Not hard power. Now they are talking about physically attacking the Guard Dogs, like they did back in the 1960’s. Except back in the 1960’s Mr. Fonda, people were rich and content, and in our 21st century 4chan parlance, “cucky.” They were easy prey, they were shmoos. They aren’t like that any more, and haven’t been for a LOOOONNNNGGGG time.

So Henry Fonda and Nebraska antifa are urging a campaign of terror and violence against the families of ICE agents. What could possibly go wrong, amirite?


A liberal podcaster on Twitter tweeted “See what happens when you don’t punch a Nazi?”

He’s a big guy, so I offered him to have a chance at punching me, and he blocked me.

Advocating violence and celebrating the unprovoked attack against Richard Spencer is walking on the fighting side of me. I hate bullies, and in my life I was attacked without provocation many times, so I am extremely triggered by advocating such attacks.

Noam Chomsky on the “Punch a Nazi meme.”

“What they do is often wrong in principle – like blocking talks – and [the movement] is generally self-destructive,” the 88-year-old told the conservative paper.

He added: “When confrontation shifts to the arena of violence, it’s the toughest and most brutal who win – and we know who that is. That’s quite apart from the opportunity costs – the loss of the opportunity for education, organising, and serious and constructive activism.”

The toughest and most brutal is the Right, the Guard Dogs and the Skilled Workers. Punching Nazis is walking into our wheelhouse.

The Left operates on Soft Power. Manipulation and behind the scenes control. Not by first hand violence. They outsource that to the Guard Dogs, and they have forgotten the humanity of the Guard Dogs.

If the Left actually physically attacks us, they give up their Soft Power, and they will get their asses physically kicked. Hard.

If you are on Twitter, you will see that the Guard Dogs and Skilled Workers have already won the war of ideas. THe only question is whether the Left gives up power peacefully, or wants to duke it out.

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The Undistracted and Competent Shall Inherit the Earth

My great insight is that Idiocracy means that whoever shall remain undistracted, and be capable of learning the skills that will be needed to maintain civilization, while also learning social skills and group infiltration skills, will be able to seize power.

Competent people are dying off and not being replaced. The educational institutions have been literally sabotaged by Cultural Marxism.

First they came for the English department, and I didn’t say anything, because how can they possible mess with astrophysics?

Hold my beer:

Astrophysics grad school no longer requires physics GRE no joke

“Entry requirements for graduate education are being revised. The American Astronomical Society has recommended that Ph.D. programs in astronomy eliminate the requirement that applicants take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) in physics, since it has a disparate impact on females and URMs….” (These are “Underrepresented Minorities.”)

“Mathematical problem-solving is being deemphasized in favor of more qualitative group projects; the pace of undergraduate physics education is being slowed down so that no one gets left behind.”

Then they came for the U.S. Navy. In 1996, this writer reported to a Counterintelligence officer that a couple of Chinese nationals who were at MIT and Harvard warned him that Chinese are doing all the high tech research and there are no white Americans doing it any more. This is a national security problem, the Chinese nationals stated. This was in 1995.


Chinese hackers totally and completely compromise the US Navy

I told them during the Clinton administration that we need American born kids learning math so we have stuff that only we have access to. The Chinese government don’t let white people do their military tech research for them, for fucks sake!

The response I got was smugness and an accusation of anti-Chinese racism.

The hackers, who belonged to the Ministry of State Security, cleared out an astonishing amount of defense information such as “secret plans to develop a supersonic anti-ship missile for use on U.S. submarines by 2020” according to the Post, as well as “614 gigabytes of material relating to a closely held project known as Sea Dragon, as well as signals and sensor data, submarine radio room information relating to cryptographic systems, and the Navy submarine development unit’s electronic warfare library.” Since one gigabyte is equivalent to about a thousand good-sized books, roughly a half-million pages of text, this was an astonishingly large compromise.


Exactly this sort of cryptographic compromise doomed Hitler’s U-Boats during the Second World War. Unbeknownst to Berlin, the Enigma cipher machines used by the Wehrmacht had been cracked by Polish and then British intelligence, which termed this enormously important breakthrough the ULTRA secret. Thanks to ULTRA, Allied navies were able to locate and kill U-Boats, resulting by 1943 in an attrition that was unsustainable for the Germans. Hitler’s once-mighty submarine force melted away in defeat. If Beijing has its own ULTRA secret against our Navy, particularly our all-important submarines, the outcome of any future war with China may be in doubt.

America might lose a future war with China because we let fucking liberal cat ladies run our schools, and let greedy corporations import foreign talent instead of investing in white American kids. It’s that bad.

Total Aryan Victory can be achieved just by making sure white kids grow up learning math and physics and develop into the best physicists and engineers that the world has to offer. Like we used to do so in the past, before our society got jewed to death.

Here is my latest balance ball vlog.

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