The Sputnik Moment of 2018

Sputnik moment is a point where people realise that they are threatened of challenged and have to redouble their efforts to catch up. It comes from the time when the Soviet Union launched the first satellite, the Sputnik 1, and beat the USA into space

I was warning of the dumbing down of the USA since the 1990’s, when some Chinese scientists told me that it was shameful that America didn’t have any of it’s own white American scientists.  They were absolutely correct.

The taxpayer funded state is no longer interested in producing white scientists and engineers.  Quite the opposite.  Engineering is to be outsourced to Asia.

The Sputnik Moment of the Folk is when we decide to source ourselves as the source of engineers and scientists.  We make a determination to colonize STEM.

We won’t be tech workers.  We will be founders of tech companies and new inventions.  And we will fund the depoisoning of the population and eugenic breeding and energy efficient civil infrastructure and a more sustainable production, distribution and recycling of materials and minimize consumption of non-renewable sources of energy.

In this Sputnik moment we become scientifically literate again and we investigate all the ways we are being poisoned, and we design our lives to undo and avoid the poisonings.

Poisonings include:

Processed food obesity diabetes

Mass media, cartoons, screen time, that disrupt contemplative states of mind

.A contemplative state of mind is needed to be able to learn new things.  You have to be able to slow down your mind.

Every way we live appears to be designed to disrupt a quiet, meditative, contemplative state of mind that is required to master higher mathematics.

That is the biggest poisoning right there — the mental-environmental poisoning.  The Dumbing Down.  The cartoons, the video games, distracting, distracting, distracting.  And then, of course, comes the Ritalin, when you aren’t voluntarily getting into a meditative state and learnign what the public school teacher is trying to teach you?

If we fix the Dumbing Down, we fix all the little poisonings.  When we fix the little poisonings, we can move forward to be a more technologically advanced society with less social and health problems.

Learning how to learn, is to practice getting into a contemplative, meditative state.

Being able to attain the contemplative state is the mental equivalent of weight lifting.  Being an engineer is to be a weaponized human being.  In the history of assassinations by intelligence agencies, a large number of the victims are Muslim engineers who are perceived as a threat.

The New World Order wants to replace white men as engineers.  Wait, they already did.  The public schools dumbed us down, and we gave it up.  The state universities don’t provide sufficient remedial education to help the public school educated kids catch up, and many American kids fail out of science and engineering majors.

We could be producing kids who excel in math and engineering, and re-colonize STEM, and then recolonize Finance, then Recolonize Culture and Politics.  We can take it all back, if we want to live.

This is our Sputnik Moment.


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Non-whites in the USA don’t revile white identity — the attack on white identity is an intra-paleface conflict

Here’s a meme that checks out:

NAM (non Asian minorities)  in Trump’s America are afraid of a racially frustrated white person who is not allowed to have white identity.  Dylann Roof is exhibit A, naturally.  Had Roof been part of a white identity community, it would have been much less likely that he would have shot the black people in the church.

NAMs in middle America want the Dylann Roofs out there part of a white identity community, and they want a white identity community that interacts with them in a way that is based on rules and not based on anti-white propaganda.

Being opposed to interracial marriage is not offensive to NAMs who are not being paid to be anti-racists, ,which is the vast majority of them.

When I explain eugenics to non-Asian minorities they are in favor of it.  They don’t want genetic diseases either, and understand that there should be fit parents and people who would be unfit parents should be snipped.  They aren’t worried about being regarded as unfit parents because they are so sick of a chaotic society.  They are confident that white people will be fair to them in a eugenics based regime.

Middle America is poor, and struggling, and taking the Red Pill in a big way.  Nobody out here believes in liberal bullshit anymore, nobody believes that Disney channel teaching kids to be disrespectful to their parents is cool or funny or cute, they hate that shit actually.

We are in a very different political and social climate, where it is no longer possible to suppress white identity and white self consciousness and the desirability of a society based on scientific eugenics and energy efficient and renewable resource using civil infrastructure.

So if actual black people don’t give a shit about white identity, who does?  The anathema on white identity is a Jewish thing.  Jews are tribalists, but don’t want whites to be tribalists because being a tribalist makes you more powerful.

The hate for white identity is purely a Jewish thing, because they don’t want us competing with them.  Simple as that.  Non-whites were recruited as foot soldiers to suppress white identity, but the colored army deserted at least a decade ago.

Liberalism and white guilt is taking us backwards.  New stuff is not being invented because white boys aren’t learning math any more, because white boys are supposedly the root of all evil and we all got to be ekulz now.

But liberalism is a crusty old religion that we are all sick of.  We’re sick of going backwards, everyone is.  We know that a better functioning civilization is possible, and we will settle for nothing less than total independence, separation and sovereignty for white people so that we can carry on the work of removing the plastics from the ocean and making life on earth sustainable at all.

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Important Announcement; The Jews have been Dechosen by G-d, as the city of Troy was Dechosen by Zeus

Zeus helped the Trojans early in the war, just like WWII.

During the next days, however, the Trojans drove the Achaeans back to their camp and were stopped at the Achaean wall by Poseidon. The next day, though, with Zeus’ help, the Trojans broke into the Achaean camp and were on the verge of setting fire to the Achaean ships

The idea of being Chosen is present in Greek mythology.  The Trojans were favored, or chosen, by Zeus.  But Paris cucked Menelaus, and by divine laws Zeus could no longer protect Troy and had to turn his back, and we all know what happened to Troy.

They Trojans hid behind Zeus, nyah nyah nyah nyah, I’m fucking Helen right now you sorry faggot Menelaus and there’s not a damn thing you can do because Zeus loves us not you!  We’re the Chosen Trojans!  And we can do whatever we want now!

That is the great theological mistake of people who believe that they are divinely chosen; it tempts them to license, to violate ancient laws that are literally encoded in our DNA.

Chosen-ness leads to an escalation of law breaking and willful blindness to any criticism of one’s own people, and the next thing you know, G-d aint’ got your back any more.

That is a thing.  That happened, some time between 1945 and now.  G-d had your back then, but you fucked up big big big time.  The biggest of big time fuck ups.

But that’s OK, if you can just let it go gracefully.  We don’t have to have a fight, just because you’ve been cut down to size.

Let white people be white people.  Stop fucking with us, stop fuckign with our demographics, stop fucking with our heads with your gas lighting which isn’t even fucking working it’s just making us hate you that much more.

I have to warn Jews — you are power naked now.  You have to make friends with us goyim.  You have to stop fucking with us.  Please.

Look, we are a forgiving bunch, really we are.  We are more interested in being the whitest white people we can possibly be.  We want to fix the systems of food and waste/recycling and transport and production to be more ecologically sustainable.  We want to stop dumping plastic in the ocean.  We want to stop dumping nitrogen runoff into the ocean from the Mississippi river.

You need white engineers for that.  Pajeet engineers don’t give a fuck look at India.

You need to let white people be white people, and you will just be another group, like the Jehovah Witnesses or the Amish or some of you will just forget the old religion and be a generic goy, in other words, assimilate into whiteness with no looking back.

You got to shut down the tikkun olam bullshit.  yOu got to stop fucking with our national governments and opening our borders and stealing our money with insane usury schemes.  The USA is one big usury scheme, it is so Jewed and everyone fucking knows it.

White people can fix everything.  But you got to let us be us.  We don’t give a shit about “racism.”

Racism was always a scam to suck money out of people who had money.  Well we ain”t got money any more so the vestigial special pleading and rent seeking just pisses us the fuck off.  Everywhere people are poor, they are hard right wing.  Especially the best men in the poor and struggling areas, far right and getting totally red pilled.

And we’re not stupid.  We’re figuring everything out.  We are being as white as we can possibly be and loving every minute of it.

So this is my offer.  Let’s cooperate and fix this thing together.  We need a white families fund so white parents can both stay home with their kids.  We’ve been paying welfare to non-whites for 50 years now, it’s time for welfare for good families.

We’re going to do our own schooling.  Just get rid of public schools.  We can do it all as homeschooling and Skype.  The home schooling will be much more effective than public schools.  It will be open source knowledge, it’s not like we could prevent non-whites from accessing internet based home schooling if we wanted to.  So there will be global positive externalities by letting white people go.  We will create the school of the future, so long as internet infrastructure is maintained.

The home school network will be far cheaper and far more effective than public schools.  I understand that public schools are for ideological control but they are epically failing in actually teaching mathematics and language, and are very expensive.  They aren’t even maintaining a bare facade of any kind of learning for all the time and money spent.

People who grow gardens will be able to sell their harvest to a county processing plant.  The food will be freeze dried and served in a county soup kitchen, and lower grade vegetables can be freeze dried and used as animal feed for local farms.  The food security project will be a guaranteed market for farmers, and the livestock farmers will get freeze dried vegetables from the gardeners and sell them cheap manure  delivered in a dump truck for their gardens.  If we did this, LOTS of people would be growing every kind of fruit and vegetable that made money.  Of course it would cut into the profits of Agribuisness, Inc, but next time there’s a famine we’re going to wish we had a county food security plan.

Auto transportation is massively redundant.  We need to go to mass transit that leverages smart phone technology and all communications mediums.  There will be a fraction of vehicles on the road, and a fraction of oil and gas used.  And people will have more money in their pockets because automobiles are a terrible financial burden on the American people.

Home Schooling, County Food Security, and Mass Transit.  Let’s do intelligent shit, instead of escalate into a conflict.




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Tiger Mom update 2018; It works




Amy Chua, the Tiger Mom of New Haven, Connecticut, was a frequent inspiration and subject of blog posts.  It’s an example I’ve always been able to point to of a “mind weaponized family.”

The kids were two sisters, and Chua’s book, “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom” was written when they were still high school girls.  Naysayers were hoping the girls would rebel and become crack whores or something.  That was always the shitlib meme — if you are strict and high investment parent, your kids will rebel and be much worse than they would have otherwise.  That meme is total bullshit and it’s an excuse for lazy parenting.

Now the younger sister, Lulu Chua-Rubenfeld, is a senior at Harvard. When she went to Harvard, she was totally released from her mother’s discipline, but she was very well prepared for Harvard and found it easy.

I always wrote that the childhood preparation is where you must put most of your energy and effort.  So many American parents let their kids be lazy TV babies and vidya game addicts, and then expect expensive college is going to “fix everything.”  Of course, that’s insane.  The kid will meet other vidya addicts and TV babies and they will have a very expensive extended childhood, and learn Cultural Marxist justification for being a slug.  Cultural Marxist professors love the kids to be TV babies and partiers.  So they learn all the wrong things about life, and get in massive debt for it.

The best education, right from grade school level, is radically minimalist.  A person sitting at a desk with a book, pen and notebook and working out math problems, or reading a book or writing an essay.  Habituating this from a young age is the most important task of a parent educator.

There is nothing more powerful for an individual than a good habit, and working out math problems for an hour or two a day is one of the most power-accumulating habits there is.  Math even becomes a matter of play, of trial and error and testing things.  For example, I can get confused by fractions divided by fractions, like 1/x / 1/x^2.  suppose x is 2, so 1/2 divided by 1/4.  that would be 1/8 right?  So 1/x^3?   But 1/2 times 1/4 is 1/8!  1/2 divided by 1/4 is 2.  Plug that back into the x, and 1/x divided by 1/x^2 is actually x.  I actually went through all this today, and when I figured it out, I got a rush of dopamine.

Doing math as a daily exercise makes me more proficient in my income earning activities, more focused, more creative and more able to implement creative ideas.  I get into a “flow” state.  I equate math practice with Zen meditation — it forces you to slow down your thinking, and as months of daily practice go by, you get better at slowing down your mind even if you are stressed out or tired.

Anyway, Amy Chua was right and her shitlib critics like Ayelet “vidya mom” Waldman are wrong.  LOL.  Check fucking mate libtards.

Tiger Mom Did Nothing Wrong

Having the kid say he or she hates you and throw a tantrum is par for the course and don’t even take it seriously, LOL:

In the book, she famously erupted during a family trip to Russia. Smashing a glass at a cafe, she bellowed: “I’m not what you want — I’m not Chinese! I don’t want to be Chinese. Why can’t you get that through your head? I hate the violin. I hate my life. I hate you, and I hate this family!”

Notice they went to Russia, where the State is the Tiger Mom.  That shit is not left to chance in Russia.

If you raise the kid right, they “launch” no problem when they reach the age of majority.  The High Investment Parent front loads heavy duty high investment parenting from early childhood, and by the time the kid is 18, he’s more than ready for adulthood.

Shockingly, once she arrived at the Cambridge campus, her parents were completely hands-off.

“OK, we’re going to get out of your hair now,” Lulu recalls them saying shortly after they dropped her off with her suitcases.

“She’s super uninvolved now. I don’t think she even knows what classes I’m taking. She thinks her job is done and hopefully I’ve absorbed some of her lessons. Now I have to sink or swim.”

Front loading high investment parenting makes college work easy.   The Robinson Curriculum kids don’t get in the New York Post, but they have a similar experience as the Chua-Rubenfeld girls:

Now, Lulu is 22 years old, about to graduate from Harvard (where she currently maintains a 3.9 GPA) and feeling ready to take on the world — thanks to Tiger Mom.

If the White nationalist movement does nothing but fund our own versions of the Chua-Rubenfeld family allowing both parents to stay home with the kids and using home schooling and the Robinson Curriculum, we could accomplish nothing more effective.  Moreover, the parents should be perpetually educating themselves, particularly in mathematics and reading original source history such as can be found in 22 volume history collection Great Events by Famous Historians and Latin.

The Alt Right home school families will raise a generation of captains of industry who will seize global political power from the satanists and abusers.


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By 2040 or sooner they will be too stupid to stop us; Idiocracy is the self inflicted mortal wound of liberal democracy



Liberal democracy is ending with a collective whimper.

White liberals have no will to live, almost by definition, and thus no will to fight in a way that matters.

Liberal activism never actually does anything productive; it never builds anything.  The best example of what liberals actually DO, is the antifa database on white nationalists.

Policing right wing thought in an age of relentless economic decline is laughable.  It’s like trying to bail out the sinking Titanic with Home Depot 5 gallon buckets.

Either the extreme left or the extreme right is going to come out on top after this.  Two factions go in Thunderdome, only one comes out.


If society does not collapse from it’s own financial shenanigans, the Idiocracy will take much of the world to a lower level of complexity.  Fast collapse — store shelves are empty.  Slow collapse, they keep the corn syrup flowing and the grid and the internet running until people are too stupid to keep it going except in small pockets of rich people.

The Idiocracy means that the elites will not have a critical mass of smart and hard men to stop us.  World War II was a battle between three tribes of very hard men (Russians, Germans and Anglo-Americans).  Hard men will never again fight for the Jews, at least not in this historical era.

Even now, the elites have to import their talent because they destroyed America with the purposeful dumbing down and purposeful moral degeneracy and malign encouragement to harmful behavior.  They import African immigrants for low skill labor, and Indians and Chinese for STEM.

Our most dangerous weapon is right between our ears.  The Idiocracy means that the smart and hard men will be able to rise to the top.

As a personal update, I am practicing calculus 2-3 hours a day.  I finally took the advice of the great Art Robinson, a physics professor who says the best way to learn math is to just teach yourself.  I am using The Calculus Lifesaver by Adrian Banner for theory and proofs, and Calculus Problem Solvers by REA for lots of practice problems.  It’s a really good way to do it.  The Banner book is fantastic for explanations and proofs, and then solving a few dozen successively more difficult problems on that topic really drives the knowledge home.  When I am satisfied that I have covered calculus, I’m going to do linear algebra, then physics, and then maybe circle back to a study of mathematical proofs.  I have found that I am able to slow my mind down and follow mathematical logic and visualize mathematical functions.  It’s very much like Zen meditation for me, and I would probably study math for 10 hours a day if I didn’t have to work.  At the same time, learning math is immensely practical for generating income and liberating the self from the hamster wheel of money earning.

I saw at the University of Connecticut that American kids are not prepared for STEM majors and get failed out mercilessly, ending up in useless majors like English,   psychology and communications (LOL).  I am a miitary veteran and I have 2 years left of tuition waiver.  I plan to go back after putting in about 3000 hours of self study, and hopefully be able to ace physics and math as good as the Chinese kids.

I really want to show the world that white boys can still do STEM, and not just pass, but get A’s.  I excelled at the Defense Language institute in Russian language because of two years of intense study (both self study and classroom study and practice with Russian immigrants) and I plan to repeat the performance at UConn with physics.

And from there, when I showed it can be done, I want to persuade our people to home school their kids to a high degree of STEM achievement, and even persuade the Alt Right boyz that becoming engineers and plumbing the secrets of math, physics and thus the nature of existence itself, is the path to total Aryan victory.

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The Group Alpha Male

Modern society deprives many of it’s members the innate human need to be part of a group or a tribe.  This is particularly a problem for European Americans, as we allow ourselves to be moved around and separated from our extended families based on “career.”

I have observed what amounts to a tribe of Puerto Ricans in my area — a group of them numbering in the dozens, who are all at least cousins.  They aren’t swept off to some distant place because of a “career.”  And they hunt in packs.

Whatever they may lack in looks or in height, they make up for in social cohesion.  Because they are a group, they get attractive young white women to hang out with them and give them the resources of their white families.

Meanwhile, the white boys in their late teens and early twenties are sitting home alone playing video games.  It’s quite tragic.

So there is a power vacuum in our society.  People are horribly lonely, and desperate to be part of something.  So if we manage to organize a group or an “urban tribe” in an area, others will quickly want to join.  We’ll get whites of both sexes out of their lonely solipsistic worlds and into a real community that gets stuff done and facilitates white family formation.

A community is the best recruiting tool, because modern white people are extremely deprived of community and sociability and gregariousness.

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The Cultural Anthropology Approach or WN 2.0

One of the big weaknesses of WN is a lot of turnover. People come and go. Five years is about the limit. They burn out on rage. They can’t sustain it. You can’t go around angry all the time. The Rage-Aholics disappear after 5 years, and generally don’t accomplish much of anything real in those 5 years, because it takes much longer to have real accomplishments.

I don’t want you guys to burn out on impotent rage. Failing to move beyond impotent rage leads to one of three outcomes — drop out, go on a violent rampage/get in trouble with the law, and/or turn traitor. Most just drop out, thank heavens. The other two options are horrible.

Why the impotent rage? Because the world isn’t doing what the Missionaries want it to do, and the Missionaries can’t accept that. The Rage-Aholics are frustrated Missionaries.

WN 2.0 are Cultural Anthropologists. We don’t preach or proselytize. We learn about our subjects, and then we can use this knowledge to reflect it back to them, so when we talk to people, it’s as though our voice is speaking their own thoughts. People love when you do that for them/to them.

Our “converts” should not even know they were converted.

There are two kinds of people who go out to meet foreign people; Missionaries and Anthropologists. Missionaries seek to mold everyone to their ideal, and not just to get them saying “Jesus,” but often radically change a native, primitive culture to dress in Western clothes, use modern devices, and give up their old ways. Anthropologists, in stark contrast, study the native people and want to change as little as possible about them. They fear the “observer effect” of their presence, and would ideally be flies on the wall watching them, or perhaps via hidden cameras.

The CIA used to use missionaries; these days they prefer anthropologists.

Missionaries have answers.

Anthropologists have questions.

Missionaries want to be seen.

Anthropologists want to blend in.

Missionaries teach the natives to speak English.

Anthropologists learn the native language and don’t want their subjects to learn English.

Missionaries teach, preach, proselytize and convert.

Anthropologists learn, write about what they are learning, and develop a body of work about the subject people, so they know more about those people, than the people themselves.

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