Pinned: Four pillars of homeschooling (new content below)

1. Both parents at home.

2. Parents learn to teach themselves, and train the children to self teach right from the beginning.  The children should teach the subjects they are studying to the parent-teacher.  Math and physics professors have discovered that teaching freshman courses and refreshing the basics year after year made them more proficient in their narrow, highly specialized field of study. So be patient and kind with your young children teaching you sums and multiplication tables and retelling you the plots of the storybooks they are reading. You are laying the groundwork for a child who will be in charge of his own learning and development, and who will “launch” into adulthood in late teens or early 20’s

3. Emphasis on math

4. Daily outside time for several hours, to prevent mood disorders and facilitate calmness and intellectual curiosity. Understimulation and a calm environment, as Waldorf schools do

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How to put ZOG in checkmate: devote our resources to helping young white families provide an optimal environment for the next generation of white kids

We can put ZOG in a “damned if they do, damned if they don’t” situation.

The weakness of our enemies is that they abuse the young.  The young grow up, and make sense of what happened to them, and practice a culture and politics reflective of their life experience.

If the white nationalist movement dedicates itself to supporting proper environment for the younger generations, by financially supporting young white families in exchange for a pledge to exclude electronics devices  from the household and to do the Robinson curriculum, we can wage intergenerational war.

The children from these families will become the elites from 2030’s onward.

Everybody else is dropping out. The field is wide open to us, if only we collectively realized this.

We can win, easily.  We can make sure that the indispensable men of the 2030’s are largely /ourguys.  We can make a variant on the Atlas Shrugged story happen for real, except fashier.

If white nationalists devote our resources to helping the younger generations while everyone else is literally shitting on them, it guarantees they will grow up to be fanatical Nazis.

If white nationalists conspicuously helping the younger generations forces the ruling elites to provide more resources and opportunities to white children, we still win because we conquered resources for the white kids.

That’s why helping younger generations puts ZOG in checkmate.

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Competition with and learning from Asians will make Whites less vulnerable to Jewish strategies

Jews have been beating Whites at Modernity going back generations.  The 1950’s era play, Death of a Salesman, is about a WASP family with the shallow, boastful Salesman, Willy Loman, his two ne’er do well sons, Biff and Happy, and the Jewish family next door, the business owner father, Charlie, and his studiuous but nerdy son. Bernard.  Death of a Salesman is literally Revenge of the Nerds minus 30 years.

Charlie and his son Bernard, are what Asians call “grinds.”. A grind is the Chinese father and mother spending 70 hours a week of their waking hours making sesame chicken for the round eyed devils while their children study differential equations 70 hours a week so they can save themselves from a life of Chinese restaurant self enslavement.

Willy Loman tells his sons that someday he will have a business bigger than Charlie’s business, and that Charlie and Bernard are losers because they aren’t “well liked.” But the truth revealed in the play is that Charlie and Bernard are successful and Willy Loman and his arrogant WASP sons are chumps stuck in Palookaville.  Willy is a lot of hot air who teaches his sons to rest on their laurels and talk a bunch of shit while accomplishing nothing.

Henry Miller’s Jewish critique of heritage Americans is not wrong.  No lie detected. Mind you, Death of a Salesman was written in 1949.  Idiocracy Dystopia has been observable going back at least 70 years!

I’ve been advocating since around 2002 that we emulate Chinese strategies for money and life as a “hack” for better adaptation to a rapidly changing world

America changed sharply in 50 years, but we Americans are still in the habit of a “good wages” cargo cult that is an echo of the days of union jobs.

Americans have not adapted to post-America, post national, global economic territory life.

In a global economic territory, Capital will try to take over every little niche, not because they need the money, but so we locals don’t get it.  Global economic territory seeks to diminish or even eliminate small business ownership completely.

People who run small businesses and create an educated merchant class will eventually compete for political power.  An educated merchant class of Americans is something they absolutely want to head off

However, if we understand this situation collectively, if we are able to act as a group, we can hack the system and do small businesses despite their efforts to kill small business ownership.

The Chinese are able to do small businesses in the USA and Panda Express hasn’t destroyed family owned Chinese restaurants.

The Chinese have successfully hacked American small business. Ditto the Indians, Pakistanis and Arabs. While we are left behind, dreaming of a union job.

We have to learn from the foreigners who hacked our system, or we will be as lost children in our own country.

Life on Earth is a challenge to us! We must stand up and meet this challenge!

The people who have been torturing us will be put in a very unfavorable position if we get our shit together and learn from the foreigners how to be conquerors again.

We can’t be lazy revelers and cargo culters or we’ll end up as slaves.   Our chains close around us even now.

The Chinese have the key out of our prison, and it’s there for the taking if only we will take it

I know Kiyosaki is Japanese but he’s giving away the Chinese money secrets, analogous to Bruce Lee giving up the Han Chinese racial secrets of wushu to the round eyed devils.

The Asian 7-11 owners are Rich Dad and we are Poor Dad.  Poor Dad is Weak Dad, and preventible weakness is a sin.



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Either you will be your child’s taskmaster, or your child will be your taskmaster; the case for proactive training up of children

Moms have been faced with a certain avoidable problem for decades:

“Mommy I’m bored!”

This a result of lazy, distracted parenting.

I never had that problem with my daughter until her teenage years.  When my daughter from infancy to about 13 years old, I always had something for her to do, whether it was housework, toys, books, gardening, going to the playground, going to gymnastics, soccer league, piano, studying math.

In her teen years, the immigrants had stolen the jobs traditionally reserved for American teenagers, so she was bored in the summers. When she finally got a job at 17 she really shined, but it was a tragedy and a social crime against American kids that she didn’t have summer jobs starting at 11 years old.

Young mothers want to post selfies in Facebook or talk to their girlfriends or whatever, and don’t want to deal with their kids so they give their kids unlimited screen time in the hope the kid will leave her alone to her vain and shallow pursuits.

The kids end up bored and discontented with screen time and complain of boredom.  And then there’s screaming and psychiatric diagnoses and Ritalin to shut the damn kid up.

That’s trash parenting, and it’s ubiquitous.

Old time parenting kept the kids busy helping out with housework, and when the kids were released from chores, they were very quiet lest they be given more chores. They played with toys or played outside. “I’m bored” was not a thing.

High investment parenting should include some chores, 30 Saxon math problems first thing in the morning, gymnastics, dance, soccer, competitive swimming, jujitsu and muy Thai, and piano and singing lessons.

Children raised like that will be too busy to trouble you with their “boredom.”. Though they will be sheltered from the influence of loser peers from a young age, they will be independent adults in late teens or early twenties, and will look at their TV baby age peers with horror and disgust.

But you must put in the effort from birth to about 16 years old, which is when they will have finished calculus.  By that time, the kid will have had quite enough of your training up and be more than ready to take on the world, and win.



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Transgender ideology; a brutal method for removing liberals from the gene pool?

I’ve been thinking about how transgenderism targeted at the children unfortunate enough to be born to liberal parents may be a brutal darwinian culling of liberals from the gene pool.

Transgenderism is a way to effectively sterilize a population.  K selected Right wingers will protect their children, and try to protect other children.  r selected liberals see an opportunity to use their own children as a government approved Munchausen by Proxy bid for free shit.  A medicalized child gets da gibs.

In one generation, far fewer liberals.   Genocide.


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We are up against Establishment approved self mutilation propaganda funded by 424 million dollars to convince people they are gender non conforming so they will be made into cattle market share for pharmaceutical surgical and medical device corporations. Civilization is becoming a manufactured consensus Frankenstein experiment on the brain washed

Transgender is the new Oxycodone, the new mass sickening of an unwitting populace for profit.

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Kyle Kashuv Harvard admission withdrawn for using a word that is used liberally in the “Harvard rap thesis”

In light of the rescinded admission to Harvard of Kyle Kashuv, have a listen to this rap album submitted as a “senior thesis” by a Harvard senior.


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