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Keoni wrote: For many years, I used to refer to the infernal idiot box as the “Tell-a-Vision.” It was a term I cribbed from Nancy Levant, authoress of The Cultural Devastation of American Women. She was one of the first Whackaloon Conspiritards I ever encountered on teh Interwebz, and one of the seminal influences in […]

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Future orientation is anti-Idiocracy

In the old days they had work houses and town farms to absorb and function as in loco parentis to chronological adults who are still mental children

I see in the works of our New England forebears a focus on future orientation   They tried to design systems that would maximize our evolutionary fitness.  TV managed to destroy their hard work, but we can undo the TV baby Idiocracy and take back what’s ours from the usurpers.

To connect with our venerable ancestors, we live in a low time preference Future Orientation

The future oriented man sees his life as an opportunity for greatness  Not a guarantee of greatness.  Just a chance.

The possibility of greatness is intoxicatingly motivating, and every day that I do things for the future possibility of a great achievement that pays into the future and confounds the evil schemes of our occult tribal adversary.

If you are training and studying every day, you have a right to delusions of grandeur.  Many men with delusions of grandeur achieved greatness, after all.

Delusions of grandeur increase your endurance and capacity for suffering and discomfort.  The smell of winning is like blood in the water.  Keep swimming quietly toward that salty scent.

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Mind War is a Time Machine for manipulating the Future using Economics as a Heuristic

Mind War is a branch of economics, because it is about affecting the sum of our decisions.  Economics is all about decision trees of tradeoffs and opportunity costs.

The sum of our decisions, plus Fate, puts us in our present condition, for good or bad.

We do not know how we affect Fate, or if we do, but we can work to manipulate the Sums of our Decisions.

Thinking about the Sums of Decisions is what our enemies mastered while we have failed.  It is economics applied to our lives. We can make decisions about our lives by manipulating the sums of our decisions.

What does it mean to think in terms of the Sums of our Decisions?

It means to question everything possible about our lives, starting with Thermodynamics, our biochemistry, our diet, our pollutants and what they may be doing to us, and the web of daily habits we have.

Considering that we are under the threat of white genocide and dispossession and mass humiliation, a truly radical and effective response must include an inventory of our daily habits.

Are we TV babies or are we men?  The TV baby tendency has been given an incredible head start, but a bad tendency can be self corrected by a force of will fueled by the horror of white genocide.

Horror.  Horror has a face, and you must make a friend of horror.  Horror, and moral terror, are your friends.  If they are not, then they are enemies to be feared.

If a path to the better there be, it exacts a full look at the worst.

Why did philosophers keep a skull in their study?  To always remind them of their own mortality..

But perhaps that skull in your philosopher’s study, is the skull of a man who changed his daily habits to be more powerful, and thereby manipulated the future?

The person belonging to the skull himself had a skull in his philosopher’s study, and understood that life was short and the mission urgent.  And so he acted upon his memento moritui, his knowledge of his own mortality, and did things to manipulate the future.

Manipulating the Future is the Superhuman Power.  Ask the Chinese, who plan ahead for centuries.

The Chinese are better about memento moritui, with all their future-concern, than we are!  American TV babies totally live for today.

You must extirpate the TV baby, and organize your life around building a Time machine to manipulate the future for the bettermen of our biological collective.

They have backed us into a corner.  We either become great men, or we get exterminated.

To become great men we must change our daily habits so that they maximally manipulate the Future.

Cognitive enhancement exercises bulk up your brain the way lifting weights bulks up your body.  The Chinese put in thousands of hours of math by age 18, they are brain-jacked and we aren’t.

We got to get brain-jacked or we’re fucking dead, guys.  Getting brain-jacked is how we  BTFO the Future to our favor.

I did physics for 2 hours and calc for an hour today.  Might do more later as well.  Also I’m doing hobby electronics with Arduino and the CIE electronics course.  It goes together very well with studying math and physics.  I’m giving myself an expensive STEM education for about 4,000 dollars spread over 3 years.

Tradesmen should learn physics, and physicists should learn trades.

Your effort and your hours is your real tuition.

We can prove to the world that colleges and universities aren’t real, goy.  They are an expensive lot of nothing.  We can teach our Folk to self teach themselves 95% of the way, and negotiate cheap prices with the educational system to get their credentials, or even go around them.  IF you can get an engineering license without having a degree, you’re all set.

So we take over the world and crash the college/university system, WITH NO SURVIVORS by propagating a cult of self teaching.

As the Idiocracy gets worse, competent people will be the coin of the realm.  We will be organically important to society.  And if we are ideologically and racially united, then we can leverage our Competence for political powerand social clout and legal reform.

They legalized marijuana.

We are going to legaliz being white.  Legalizing being white means giving back our sovereignty, separation and independence, so we can heal ourselves.

Forced integration and the Cultural Marxist agenda has made us a sick, heroin addicted, obese, dumbed down people.  We need to be free to be alone among our own kind exclusively, in order to heal ourselves.  Racemixing faggotry and tranny’ism and so on and so on, to degeneracy to infinity, has made us sick and dying.

Civillization will die with us, just so you know.  Mad Max is actually pretty tame compared to how it’s really going to be when civilization goes to shit.  The top guys promoting degeneracy know this; the liberal useful idiots do not.

The top guys want to promote maximum degeneracy.  The question is, “why?”

My answer:  Entertainment Value.

Mass rape in Cologne and grooming in Rotherham is the 21st century version of gladiatorial games for these sadistic sons of bitches.

Seriously..  That’s why they move a million migrants into Europe.  Mass rape is entertaining and titillating to them.  The pain of white people losing our civilization is like blood to Dracula.  They drink our white tears, and adrenochrome.

The turning kids to trannies shit is child sacrifice.  They teach that everything “liberal” is “good” and “nice” and the opposite is “mean” and “hateful” and “intolerant.”  Next thing they got a male toddler putting on makeup and calling himself a “drag kid.” They already have “the amazing desmond” on youtube.  This is child sacrifice, make no mistake.

Degeneracy is an exponential function, and the fucker just took off into the stratosphere.

However, we white men, we are The Most Dangerous Game.  We might get sick of being tortured for Entertainment Value. We might fight back.

And that’s the other side of the coin. The fight is what makes it all interesting to the Masters of the World, whoever they are.  Wars, conflicts, trolling, Trump getting elected, is all just entertainment to them.  Sometimes the show goes in our favor, like Trump getting elected.  This is highly entertaining to the Masters, despite the fact they backed Hillary.

The fight produces Great Men who step up and go to war against the vampires feeding off of suffering.  Perhaps it’s all just blast furnace for the forging of Great Men, because the gods are bored.

And so let us be the purest ore of Great Men in this blast furnace.


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My religious leader believes that Europe belongs to the Europeans

It is a happy coincidence, or perhaps not, that  for many years I have LARPed as best I can as a Buddhist, studying the Pali Canon and meditating, and would consider the Dalai Lama my religious leader.


Considering my religious leader recently stated “Europe belongs to the Europeans,” it would be religious persecution to attack me for agreeing with my religious leader.

Dalai Lama: ‘Europe belongs to the Europeans’

Here’s my pitch — we should all become Buddhists now.  It’s very workable.

Buddhist morality is mathematical — the evil doer suffers, and one who avoids doing evil does not suffer.  Don’t be contentious with people, and avoid contentious people.  Contentious people clog up the gears.    Be very calm and have peace of mind.

I consider doing mathematics a Buddhist meditation, because you have to slow down your mind to follow complexity.  Mathematics/physics/engineering is like a chew toy for the brain, and I notice cognitive enhancement from doing math regularly.  Buddhism/math/qigong/kung fu makes you calmer/smarter, and you need to be calm and high on Maslow’s hierarchy to do intellectually advancing work.

When I was younger I didn’t do mathematics because I was a lonely incel and was low on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  Being married and in a family put me high enough on the hierarchy of needs to be able to concentrate and study math.

In education, children must be assessed where they are on the hierarchy of needs, and if they are low on the hierarchy of needs, they aren’t going to learn well.  The hierarchy of needs thing has to be solved first.  These insights have flowed from my study of Buddhism.

Here is my Buddhist inspired meme, the quote is from the Dhammapada.  It’s an example of mathematical morality.


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2018 is a great current year, the “dirty tricks” probate judge who doxxed me, fails to win a second term

This blog went dark for a while after my wife ran for probate judge and her opponent’s camp doxxed me just before the election and so Andrea won dirty.

She was expected to easily win the 2018 election   She didn’t.  It’s a huge and unexpected upset.

Unexpected, unless you consider that voters had 4 years to reflect on using political correctness to attack a family in order to win a minor municipal political office.

Gott mit uns.

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Amy Goodman and another yenta are triggered AF by Trump

These people are so self absorbed and live in a privileged bubble.

Edit – – in my comment below I wrote that these yentas have not yet experienced the private jet pilot problem. I was wrong!  Listen to them kvetching and kvelling about the unenthusiastic police response, who probably thought it was a “Hey rabbi, whatcha doin'” scenario.


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US Special Forces (Green Berets) are understaffed because of a shortage of the Competent; yet more evidence of the ruling elite’s “private jet pilot problem”

American white boys are going full Atlas Shrugged with vidya and 4chan!  They are showing their power, even by dropping out of society!  They cause the private jet pilot problem, and the ruling elites are finding that Chinese and Indians can’t really take the place of Aryan barbarians as pilots and soldiers and engineers.


A Green Beret is on Joe Rogan to talk about how all Special Forces units are supposed to be 12 men, but now they are only 10 men each, because there are far too few young men who are sufficiently intelligent, physically fit, and don’t smoke the ganja.

The purpose of this blog is to convince our people that this is an extraordinary moment in history, when the intelligent and diligent can rise to the top!

And conquer!

We can conquer now!  The field is wide open!  Nobody except Chinese and Indians are studying calculus in any significant numbers!  The door to the throne room is open, we just need to do what it takes to waltz in and seize power.

If you are a physicist/engineer with good emotional intelligence, you can be an officer that will climb the ranks very quickly.  The military is all about tech, and the physicist/engineer is the top level technician of everything.

You can also move laterally from the military to CIA or NSA.

When I was in US Army Reserve military intelligence, I used to rant to warrant officers and commissioned officers that depending on Chinese people for high level military tech dev was a national security threat.  I was called a racist, LOL:

Chinese Theft of US Navy’s Secrets Reveals DoD’s Lackadaisical Security

Yesterday brought stunning news of yet another security lapse by our Navy. As reported by The Washington Post, Chinese hackers in the first two months of this year penetrated the computers of an unnamed defense contractor, “stealing massive amounts of highly sensitive data related to undersea warfare” from the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport, Rhode Island.

I warned about this through official channels, during the Clinton administration, under Defense Secretary Les Aspin.

The other side of my experience in the US Army was that they mostly overlooked my ranting and eccentricity because I was a standout Russian linguist. Most US military linguists lose their language abilities after leaving DLI.  My scores actually got better after I left DLI because I scorned American girls and only dated Russian immigrant babes.  I also was constantly reading Russian literature and periodicals and watching Russian TV when I could get access to it.

So I saw with my very own eyes how the US military suffers from Idiocracy.  My fellow Russian linguists were not language enthusiasts, they were Monterey California enthusiasts.  They were anti-intellectual and hated me for being an enthusiastic Russian language learner.

What I describe with my Army Russian linguist experience is a microcosm of America’s problem as a whole — anti-intellectualism.  Idiocracy as a social norm.

H1-B visa workers are a symptom of this problem.  Corporate America fell out of love with American workers, and found new mistresses of high skilled labor from abroad.  But it turns out that Patel and Mohsen don’t make for Green Berets, or G-4 private jet pilots.

The absence of Whitey will become more and more acute.  We must leverage this!

Every white nationalist man must become a super-competent individual — physicist, engineer, helicopter and airplane mechanic, helicopter and airplane pilot, Green Beret, Navy Seal, software developer, robotics and automation developer, and so on.

It all comes back to doing math and physical training and tinkering with gizmos and gadgets and cars and motorcycles, and perhaps learning foreign languages.

Be a doer, not a passive consumer of shows, or a dweller in fake virtual video game worlds.  There is a world outside that needs conquering, and we are still the best suited to this job.

I do math/physics/electronics tinkering 1-3 hours a day and if you want to take up the white man’s burden of STEM and conquest with me, I can assist you via Skype and email.  I can get you started with the best books, and get you “unstuck” when you get stuck on a math problem.

It all begins with math.

Algebra and TrigonometryAlgebra and Trigonometry

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