Mind Weaponization in a nutshell

Greetings to you, my fellow mortal of European descent.  You are probably here because you are among the growing discontented in the land.  Maybe you have been following my writings as “Kievsky.”

You’ve got that “conquered” feeling, that feeling of defeat in a war you never even had a chance to fight. Some people decided, before you were even born, that it was your destiny to live in subjugation, and despised by popular culture. But subjugation is not in your DNA. You wouldn’t mind living on a truly equal footing with others, but this generation is learning the hard way — there’s no such thing as “equality.” Somebody, or some group, is going to dominate.

Those who made themselves “king” and are now dominating, are making a real hash of it. Even now that they are on top, they continue to subvert, subvert, subvert. Is there anything left to subvert? They have to go find little, unsullied corners of the world and subvert that too, like a dog marking its territory. Here’s an example from a recent Paul Craig Roberts article, Without a Revolution, Americans are History.

In 2009 and 2010 the federal deficit jumped to $1,400 billion, a back-to-back trillion dollar increase. There are not sufficient trade surpluses to finance a deficit this large. From where comes the money?

The answer is from individuals fleeing the stock market into “safe” Treasury bonds and from the bankster bailout, not so much the TARP money as the Federal Reserve’s exchange of bank reserves for questionable financial paper such as subprime derivatives. The banks used their excess reserves to purchase Treasury debt.

These financing maneuvers are one-time tricks. Once people have fled stocks, that movement into Treasuries is over. The opposition to the bankster bailout likely precludes another. So where does the money come from the next time?

The Treasury was able to unload a lot of debt thanks to “the Greek crisis,” which the New York banksters and hedge funds multiplied into “the euro crisis.” The financial press served as a financing arm for the US Treasury by creating panic about European debt and the euro. Central banks and individuals who had taken refuge from the dollar in euros were panicked out of their euros, and they rushed into dollars by purchasing US Treasury debt.

This movement from euros to dollars weakened the alternative reserve currency to the dollar, halted the dollar’s decline, and financed the massive US budget deficit a while longer.

Possibly the game can be replayed with Spanish debt, Irish debt, and whatever unlucky country swept in by the thoughtless expansion of the European Union.

But when no countries remain that can be destabilized by Wall Street investment banksters and hedge funds, what then finances the US budget deficit?

Even as they look for more things to subvert, and to swindle, their “kingdom” is falling apart. They thought they wanted to rule, but ruling has too much responsibility, and their enemies are multiplying, and the hate of their enemies for them and their mismanagement is threatening to become an out of control nuclear chain reaction — a veritable Chernobyl of hate. Or like Mickey Mouse in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Walt Disney was not a fan of Jewish subversion, and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (aka, the Prophecy of Mickey) can be interpreted as what would happen when the Jews finally took over the USA.

On February 4, 2010, I came up with the idea of “mind weaponization,” as a result of studying Semitic religions (Judaism and Islam) and hypnosis/NLP.

The Semitic religions of Judaism and Islam are encoded for collective power, hegemony and dominance; while most Christian denominations are not, or have had these codes taken out.  This is the full explanation why Semitics have the upper hand over Christendom and the West.

Jews and Muslims are weaponized collectives.  We know  all about the Jews, but the Muslims are perhaps more interesting for our purposes.  Islamic mind-weaponization is described in the book, “The Muqadimmah” by Ibn Khaldun, a Muslim scholar of the 13th century.

The Muqadimmah describes how, when sedentary people rely on laws, they lose their fortitude, and the “wild” Bedouin people who live in the desert, end up overthrowing them and taking over.  Then the Bedouins become sedentary and rely on laws, and a fresh gang of Bedouins who had been living in the desert overthrow them in turn.

In modern times, the “Bedouin effect” comes as a result of discriminatory laws against a certain group, or the heightened perception of such.  Jews have mastered the art of “persecution exaggeration” to instill the Bedouin effect among themselves.  In fact, they may have taken it too far, and having installed themselves as a very privileged group, they are now inflicting the Bedouin effect on others while become very sedentary and reliant on the laws and economic niches that privilege them.  They aren’t the discriminated against rag traders and peddlers of yesteryear, that’s for sure.

Affirmative action that disenfranchises European-Americans in employment, and mass media that disprivileges our status in society and attempts to divide White women from White men, is a form of “exile in the desert” from the very society that we built!  We’ve been rudely escorted to the city walls, and had the gates slammed shut on us.  There’s a famous Russian threat, growled with an ominous tone after being horribly wronged, “Nu, pogodi!” (Just wait!).

The three pillars of Islamic Mind-Weaponization are, jihad, taqqiyah and finally, asabiyah.

Jihad is spiritual struggle.  One of the most important things to do to begin this process is, if you are numbing yourself with alcohol, to quit drinking.  You need to feel the pain and rage in its raw state, and deal with it, rather than numbing it or smoothing the jagged edges with booze.  Then you need to go out and do things, like start a business, and adapt to our disenfranchised and disprivileged state.  Adaptation does not mean surrender, oh no.  Quite the opposite.   Drinking yourself numb is surrender.  Adapting is the beginning of what will ultimately be a devastating counter-attack.

Taqqiyah is dissimulation of your true views, and smiling at those you hate.  A Shi’ite imam said that “9/10 of religion is Taqqiyah.  He who exposes his religion, destroys it.  He who hides his religion, preserves it.” Taqqiyah is very tactical — it allows your enemy to expose himself or herself to you, and perhaps you infiltrate the enemy and seize its resources or gather valuable intel on them.  Taqqiyah is clearly an idea coming from a people who were at once oppressed, and yet members of a warrior religion — the Shi’ites.  One last thing Taqqiyah does is enhances Jihad-energy.  Being among the enemy and smiling at him is an excellent spiritual exercise.

Asabiyah is group feeling.  Ibn Khaldun explains it better than I do:

Only tribes held together by group feeling can live in the desert.

Evil is the quality that is closest to man when he fails to improve his customs and when religion is not used as the model to improve him. Injustice is a human trait. If you find a moral man, there is some reason why he is unjust.

Mutual aggression of people in towns and cities is averted by the authorities and the government, which hold back the masses under their control from attack and aggression upon each other.

The restraining influence among Bedouin tribes comes from their sheikhs and leaders. It results from great respect and veneration they generally enjoy among the people. The hamlets of the Bedouins are defended against outside enemies by a tribal militia composed of noble youths of the tribe who are known for their courage. Their defence and protection are successful only if they are a closely knit group of common descent. This strengthens their stamina and makes them feared, since everybody’s affection for his family and his group is more important than anything else.

So Asabiyah is fanatical tribalism. Jews have been using Asabiyah as well, though not with “courageous youths,” but rather with control of the banks, control of mass media and the public mind, donations to politicians, and the Jewish phone-tree.

To our modern minds, revering a “great leader” or following religion doesn’t seem “cool.” It is our big limitation, and let me tell you, the Jews are damned glad for it! It was their secular philosophers and media bosses who instilled the fashion of “disbelief,” and made it uncool to believe in things that cannot be verified by the senses.

However, hip cat atheists will never get Asabiyah off the ground, and thus will never mount an effective resistance to the Semites. Avoiding religion leads to being a bunch of self worshipping whiggers who will be permanently dysfunctional and perenially getting nowhere. The Babelist fraud and fakery of modern rainbow flag churches on one side, and the “pray for our football team” faux “conservative” and “fundamentalist” churches on the other, are there to prevent Whitey from finding real religion.

I know this will be unpopular with many of my old comrades who (rightly) hate modern Churchianity. I hate it too for misleading our people so cynically and viciously. No punishment would be sufficiently harsh for these tax exempt “clergy” creatures whose function is preventing us from finding authentic religion.

Authentic religion is the only thing that will make us stronger than “mere city dwellers, relying upon law and authorities.” Only authentic religion will give us the power to effectively resist the collectivized mind-weapons of Judaism and Islam.

Many processes that have been in place for decades, are now running their course. Big changes and hard times are here and there is no delaying them any further. These changes will awaken millions of exiled Whites from their consumerism-induced anaesthesia, and they will be seeking, and find, authentic religion.

Authentic religion is Mind Weaponization.


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37 Responses to Mind Weaponization in a nutshell

  1. Dermot Walsh says:


    Great to see you blogging again.

    Your ideas have great practical value and are the only way White people can save themselves from the fallen world we live in

  2. Gregor says:

    Great starting post for what should be a great new addition to “Our Space”.

    The Latin root for “religion” is Re-Ligio, which means a re-linking.

    If our people began thinking of religion as a re-linking, a re-linking to our own group identity, they might not find it such a hard pill to swallow. As you noted, the debased linking of “religion” with such atrocities as judaeochristian zionist “churches” in the minds of our people has soured them on the possibility of a real re-linking with their deep identity, an identity which has nothing to do with the monotheistic g-ds of the sand peoples.

    This re-ligio has many phases, and most are not actualized by articulated systems of belief, but by action, action together and in community with other White People. Small pods of the self-aware sharing work, wellness and wonder together can make miracles happen … the REAL kind.

  3. Wandrin says:

    “is a form of “exile in the desert””

    Neatly put.

  4. willie lump lump says:

    Why not turn “Ideology” into “Religion”? Does the monolithic “god” of Judaic-chriz-lam really need to be at the forefront of unity?

  5. Dave says:

    I totally agree with your perspective on religion and the three specific strategies that you have discussed in your article. However, virtually all of the messages which we receive from Christianity are totally anti-White if followed, well, religiously. Remember, it is a middle eastern religion not of our design. It was ultimately imposed upon us and has become a noose around our collective White neck. We need to release oursleves from this religion and formulate a new one totally in tune with our unique Caucasian racial attributes and needs. I truly believe that we have for 2000 years turned our backs on our true White God(s) and we have suffered horribly because of it. We don’t need other peoples defining and presecribing our religion for us, we are more than capable…we turn sand into silicone; devise methods to reach the moon, etc. . We can certainly devise a Caucasian-centered religion that is strictly and exclusively for us.

    Now, the three strategies that you propose above are absolutely necessary for all of us White activists. We cannot risk being singled out by the anti-White and losing everything, being imprisoned, and socially ostracized. We need to become more viciously racially trabalistic(Asabiyah), spiritualistically motivated to struggle forth(Jihad), and aggresively quiet and seperate(Taqqiyah). White people are doing the complete opposite of these things and we are suffering racially because of our unwillingness to incorporate these methods into our thinking and action. This must and will change.

    If we do these things, we don’t necessarily need to control the media for we will have the means and motivation to formulate seperate White consciousness in a sea of anti-Whiteness. Our new religious centers will be totally exclusive for Caucasians and places where we can finally teach and discuss pro-Caucasian religious, social, economic, and political concepts and strategy. However, we must always have a will to power, to control, to oversee. We must gain power for our people using whatever means necessary; for us, the ends will always justify the means. We must never again allow ourselves to be constrained by the morality of a non-Caucasian people, ever.

    I have much more to say on this matter but will take some time to craft further responses to your fine article.

  6. Ragnar says:

    The White Race already has a racial religion – Creativity. I challenge any White person to read the main book of Creativity, Nature’s Eternal Religion, and present reasonable arguments against the creed of Creativity.

  7. Ragnar says:

    Saying the White Race needs to use principles from non-White religions for its racial survival is ridiculous. That is defeatism to start off with, because to say that, is to say that the White Race is not strong enough in ITSELF to fight its enemies and overcome them. It is saying the White Race is dependent on something OUTSIDE of itself for its own survival. This is weakness! Might is Right toughness is what is needed, not non-White religious principles.

    The Northwest Migration idea is a real plan, that requires real actions. I encourage Whites to contact the Northwest Front for a practical solution to our problems.

    • Dave says:

      Ragnar, I couldn’t agree with more on this. In fact, this is the idea that I tried to draw out in my orginal post above.


  8. Matt Parrott says:


    If asserting that useful and even pivotal ideas can emerge from non-White populations means that we’re defeated, then count me defeated. I do have to ask how you have the nerve to stroll in here and type that message out using an alphabet borrowed from Semitic seafaring merchants.

    I’ve read Klassen’s book. Tribalism is no substitute for either Tradition or Transcendence. You can’t just create a mash-up of vintage White Supremacism, scientism, and salubrious living stuff, call it a religion, then call it a day. It doesn’t work and it cannot work because it misses the point of religiosity altogether. Many of his criticisms of existing religious institutions are on-target, but he leaves a barren spiritual vacuum. While I respect the man’s legacy and devotion to our cause, I think it’s time to acknowledge that Creativity has proven to be a dead end.

  9. TheAryanPath says:

    Sorry buddy, your trying to hard. The ONLY thing that the Jew has which we need back, is the Mass Media. Period. The Aryan Man should not adopt the mind sickness of Semites or he will forever be lost in psychological illusions and deceptions. The Mass Media is the modern day pied-piper of our people. There is no big secret or weapon other than the Mass Media (controls the mind through information/thoughts) and the Central Bank (controls the body through money/food).

    Instead of trying to hi-jack some alien “Religion” and corrupt people’s thinking with super natural magic, we should instead hi-jack the “Mass Media” and provide facts with logical thought.

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  11. Ragner says:

    I am talking in the CONTEXT of non-White religious principles. You are talking about the history of linguistics – BIG difference!

    I stand by what I said: The White Race does not need ANY non-White religion to save it.

    Also, for you to say that Creativity is a dead end is foolish, as you do not KNOW the future. The problem is not the CREED of Creativity, the problem is that people are not willing to dump their escapist anti-Nature ideologies and embrace reality.

    One last thing: What do you mean by “Transcendence?”

  12. Ragner says:

    I meant to say YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT LINGUISTICS, not “You are talking about the history of linguistics.”

  13. Matt Parrott says:


    You can stand by what you said all day long. You can repeat what you previously said. It’s the same anti-religious and anti-Christian White Supremacist boilerplate the movement’s been relying on for decades – to no avail. Creativity might start getting taken seriously by ordinary White folks, but I don’t believe it will. For me, embracing reality involves knowing when a tactic has failed.

    By transcendence, I mean truths transcending scientifically testable reality, the emergent reality that transcends what the sarcastic modern atheist is capable of comprehending. It’s the belief in God. It’s a belief in not only the form of Whiteness, but in the function from which that form has ultimately been derived.

  14. mindweapon says:

    Good luck with that, AryanPath and Ragner. I have been in those circles for years. I corresponded with Matt Hale until I got a perfectly innocuous letter returned that included an article about an incident in Peoria where blacks called the fire department in order to attack the fire department with fireworks. I wrote on the article, “you will be vindicated.” I was told that I am not allowed to correspond with Hale.

    There is a continuum with ideological purity on one side, and pragmatic politics on the other. I know plenty of ideological purists. They get nowhere. They don’t even reproduce White children!

    The people who are actually breeding the next generation of White children are mostly people who are practicing some or other form of Christianity. Therefore, they are the real White nationalists, whether they would accept such a label or not. I don’t need or want purists coming here and lecturing me. I don’t have time to argue with you. I thank Matt Parrott for taking some of his valuable time to field your comments. I will leave up your current comments, but be on notice. Don’t bother commenting further. I will delete your comments.

    • I know this is an old blog of yours, but I like to comb through your site for inspiration. Today I saw this statement of yours about White Christians being the real (though implicit) White Nationalists and had an epiphany, if you will.

      In other blogs, we discussed White Nationalists infiltrating Islam, which, after taking an “Is It Good For Whites” consensus decided it probably wasn’t feasible and might be pretty damn foolish.

      But what if White Nationalists infiltrated different sects of Christianity and then created syncretism by implementing any and all Creativity principles that didn’t directly conflict with Christianity?

      For example, the commandment prohibiting adultery has been warped by the Usual Suspects to make people believe that it merely meant that one shouldn’t cheat on one’s spouse, but infidelity is covered in one of the other commandments about coveting your neighbor’s spouse – coveting something or someone is the step just before theft of same, erego, don’t even go there!

      Actually adultery dealt with racial amalgamation or mixing. And the admonishment bout the Lord punishing a family for it unto the tenth generation (with all kinds of health and mental problems) was talked about somewhere else in the Old Testament.

      In any case, now that Trump has gotten rid of LBJ’s imposition of churches losing any tax-free status if they get political, Christianity may be the perfect and only place for White Nationalists to start taking back Western culture and their respective countries!

  15. Gerard Bonneau says:


    Thanks for this article, very thought provoking. I was wondering what you regard as authentic religion, as opposed to the suicidal churchianity our people are ensnared in currently. That is, when they choose to believe in anything at all outside their own intellects and ancestral history. Again, thanks for your labors.

    • mindweapon says:

      That’s the big question, isn’t it Gerard? I’m sorry I don’t have a specific answer at this point. But I do think that we’ve been taking the proverbial knife to a gunfight, in dealing with Semitic religions.

      • Dave says:

        I totally agree with that assertion Mindweapon. They are running an agenda on us and our people are walkin around in an absolute stupor. It absolutely must stop. Our men are being emasculated and deculturated daily, and our women are simply being taken over by our enemies. Remember, even though we speak of women’s liberation, the universal fact is that women are always the spoils of war, and we are losing this war right now, but not forever. We Caucasian men are screaming out for a new code of conduct based upon a totally different set of fundamental principles as those presented(imposed) upon us by these Anti-White, middle easter derived religions. We already had our own White gods and White originator, we didn’t–and still don’t–need any other race of people giving us a religion and moral code. For god’s sakes, we have allowed our enemies to establish the moral framework and the laws governing our behavior and thinking. That is absolutely unbelievable, incredible.

        We don’t need to complain about other races, we need to begin to look intraspectvely at our own deficiencies and take the initiative to formulate a new belief system based solely upon our unique racial needs, attributes, and aspirations. Nothing else should take precedent over our racial awakening and success. We literally must become our own God, literally our race as our God. And this I argue is not as difficult as we have made it out to be. I’m not into the World Creator religion because it is just one step away from athieism in my opinion. I do believe in God, but I do believe that the Caucasian people are literally him and he is us. That’s the difference here; We are Him in physical form. Thus, we are Gods amongst all of the other Gods; whereas, the jews claim that they are gods amongst men. Let them claim such nonsense, for, we are above all other gods. Simple as that. Hence, our survival is essential because if we do not, we are allowing part of God to die, and this is unacceptable, totally unacceptable. Our moral, legal, and political codes could all be derived from this basic axiom.

        We don’t need to ask other people’s agreement with our new religious agenda, for, they are our enemies and would never ascent to our new racial awakening and prerogative. Why would they? Why would they agree to acknowledge a people who recognize themselve, finally, as Gods above all other gods, including of course their own.

        I hope I have not offended with my ideas here, but no people have ever survived unless they assert themselves in every aspect of their being in a very aggressive manner. We are being trampled upon assymetrically because we are weakened by a very anti-White, caustic set of religious ideas. They can be changed in an instant if we decide to do so. Many of us have in fact decided to do so. It is we who now are able to take a nuclear weapon to the ‘gunfight.’


  16. Dave says:

    You will conquer, or you will be conquered. It is this essential fact of human existence that Caucasian men have forgotten or willingly turned away. But the truth of the matter still remains regardless of how our men feel about it. In the end we have to accept this truth, or die out for lack of racial and, therefore, cultural vigor.

    One other fact that we men must also face, and this is that White women will never allie themselves openly or secretly with the White nationalist cause. This is necessarily a men’s movement, and has always been. You see, when we men win, we are, thus, in control; this decreases the overt control and power that women possess. They become appendages of the male experience, and this they despise. No one wants to occupy the position of underling. When men regain their control over their environment, women must cede the seats of public power, this they do not want to do, so they will openly oppose any efforts by White men to regain power over all spheres of community life. They do not want to reduce their power in servitude to the men of society; Why would they? No, rather, they would like to maintain the present state of affairs with men emasculated and literally subservient to them and their protector: The daddy state always in the ready to punish any man who publicly asserts his masculine birthright.

    So, I would recommend to all White activists that they stop worrying about bringing women into our movement because it is–in their minds–actually contradictory to their feminine agenda.


    • Dave says:

      Pardon me on the post immediately above. In the first line I meant to say:

      “You will conquer, or you will be conquered.”

      Sometimes my typing betrays me a little bit.


    • Amen. Its the way the real world works and has worked by perhaps millions of years. Even death is a conquest which can only be delayed when the will is strong enough.

  17. Todd says:

    I’ve appreciated your work from afar for a few years now — another excellent commentary! Your discussion about religion is similar to thoughts I’ve had myself over the years and even to a conversation I had the other day with a brainwashed clueless lemming white liberal who’s real smart on issues outside race. I’ve practiced takiyeh with her, which sounds like a fancy word for just keeping my mouth shut on my more taboo opinions. Anyway, we live out in the San Francisco Bay Area, and she’s rebelling against her Mormon upbringing by being a Bay Area neo-hippie (probably identical to a lot of the same types you see in New England). So I happen to mention that despite traditional Christianity’s drawbacks it’s still impressive how they can still, for example, organize a group to ride a bus across the country and remodel some other church’s interior (which I’ve seen around here), and I never see any pagan or secular group doing anything like that. Then I went too far and mentioned how all the great civilizations have had organized religions that kept the masses stable, orderly and productive enough to accomplish great things, like building the pyramids under ancient Egyptian paganism or putting the first man on the moon under American Christianity. This only prompted her to object to slavery in ancient Egypt, prompting me to digress into the true meaning of freedom and slavery and how the old feudal serfs of Europe, for example, only traded one form of servitude for a worse one in the Industrial Revolution — when they got “free” from the landlords to which they were bonded (and who guaranteed them cradle-to-grave food, shelter and their equivalent of medical/dental care) when they left for factory jobs in the cities, where they received barely enough wages to live in crowded apartments with no guarantees of anything else. Well, this naturally freaked her out and probably scared her into thinking I was some kind of nutjob. I could tell she was getting nervous about the direction of the conversation, so I let it go and changed the subject.
    This is the problem with being denied access to like-minded people — we have to always stay on guard and can never let our hair down, so to speak. I think pertains tangentially to what you were talking about vis a vis “authentic religion” — we need a faith that offers our people a community of spiritual nourishment, just like the Jews, Muslims, blacks, Hispanics, Orientals (sorry, but I love that word) and everyone else has. We’ve been racially demoralized over the last 50 years, and now we get to get remoralized — this may be the true key to fixing the rest of our problems, but liberal Christianity’s not doing it for us. If it can’t be Euro-paganism or Christianity that saves us, then maybe it can be some kind of secular support group — call it “Aryans Anonymous” if you want. The point is that people like us need a viable social network and physically come together to build community because the online world can only go so far. Your idea about infiltrating rod and gun clubs a month or so was pretty good, but if you look at the structure of 12-step groups, what they have going for them is that they don’t keep memberships lists and they pass the hat around at every meeting for people to put in however much, if anything, they can give. Something like this, only without all the social Marxism and sitting around whining that goes on at these groups, could be helpful to our struggle. It would have to start just like AA did and how Christian missionaries continue their work today — in people’s living rooms and kitchens until it could grow into something bigger. The biggest challenge, as always, would be keeping out law enforcement agents and informers. We could look at how the Eastern Orthodox Christians operated underground during the Soviet era as another role model. Anyway, that’s enough rambling for now, but I hope I get to actually talk to you some day, because it seems you’ve always had a lot of out-of-the-box ideas that could be useful to saving white people, instead of the same tired old right-wing nonsense that’s consistently failed our race for the last 50 years.
    Take care,

  18. mindweapon says:


    It’s a rare woman whom you can engage on an intellectual level. There are some. The best thing to do with the neo-hippie ex-Mormon girl is to play alpha male and get her to tingle, ala http://Roissy.wordpress.com In fact, the way to talk to White men who haven’t yet “got it” is to talk about how White women are not booty to be conquered by the colored males of the world, but are our women and necessary for the propagation of people like us (avoid saying race). Only someone who hates people like us could advocate otherwise.

    But yeah, don’t try to persuade neo-hippie girl of anything, except that you are the alpha male of her dreams. Then she’ll agree with whatever you tell her, and become a fanatic proponent.

  19. Todd says:

    Thank you for the advice, but I should’ve clarified that I’m already married and with two beautiful white daughters. Neo-hippie lady’s our occasional babysitter, and my interests in her were to try to gently steer her toward the right way of thinking. However, I appreciate your advice anyway, especially about how to talk to our brethren who haven’t quite figured things out yet.

  20. Wolfgang says:

    Religion is vitally important to re-moralization. I have a great respect for any religion that helps us to build up our race. Personally, I found that in Asatru, the native religion of the European peoples. It is returning in a new form that fits modern times. I will not argue religion with anyone who is into building up our race. It’s counterproductive. We can agree to disagree. In the meantime there is work to be done.

  21. John Walters says:

    I’m glad to see Kievsky is blogging. Your blog has been linked by a very large site, so be aware that some visitors may be hostile strangers, others may be potential friends.

  22. Todd says:

    So I finally caught your guest appearance on VoR’s Mishko & Mike show tonight, and I was struck by how different people can come to the same or similar conclusions independent of each other.
    What I’ve come up with on my own, just thinking to myself, is a four-fold path to salvation, with each virtue representing an arm of the swastika: Courage, Intelligence, Solidarity and Improvement. The third virtue, Solidarity, is I think what you were trying to explain to Mike & Mishko as asabiyah or, “social cohesion,” as you called it. Basically, we need to rebuild the spiritualism collectivism we’ve lost as a cornerstone on which to push back against our enemies and opportunistic predators. I’ll go into more detail about the other virtues some other time, but I’m guessing you think old-time Christianity (without this recent pro-Jewish stance) is the way to go. You’re probably right, and I say that as an Odinist heavily influenced by Hinduism. Like it or not and for better or for worse, most of our race only knows Christianity when it comes to the spiritual realm. No matter how sophisticated they, and I, may think we are we’re still coming from an emotionally and psychologically Christian viewpoint. Run all over the place as we may, there’s no escaping it.
    Another point I wanted to make was to your discussion with Mishko about theocracy vs. ideology: this seems to me to be an irrelevant semantic nuance. Ideology, I believe, encompasses philosophy and theology, but it seems like you were trying to say ideology is only secular while theology is only religious. I think this is a mistake and that ideology can be either and, furthermore, that theology can pretend to be secular — witness egalitarianism in all its forms since the French Revolution, whether it presents itself as modern bourgeois liberalism, various Communist sects, feminism or various “liberation” movements for sexual deviants. All of these belief systems could qualify as religions because they can’t stand up to scientific scrutiny. Sadly, neither can white nationalism because the ultimate root of this belief system is that it’s immoral to let our race be killed or enslaved, a statement I agree with but which is an opinion and not a fact.
    And the last point I’ll make is that white nationalists, separatists, or as I like to say, “liberationists,” should consider ourselves not biased to the left or the right but to the white — that is, if it’s good for white people we should be for it and if not we should be against it, period, end of story. Communism, for example, would be just fine with me in a country run by and for straight white gentiles.
    That’s it, and btw, I was impressed to hear you’re translating a Solzhenitsyn book. Russia may be the last hope of our race.

  23. mindweapon says:


    Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

    In a nutshell, Mind-Weaponization is how we counter Hollywood kabalistic black magic. The “magic wand” of the black magician comes from the holly bush — hence “Hollywood” is a center of black magic, witchcraft, sorcery. It is not necessarily supernatural. Hollywood black magic is just a big mind-f*%k.

    We don’t fight black magic with black magic. That’s a common mistake, and one I made myself. We fight black magic with spiritual struggle, what the Muslims call “jihad.” It’s a shame we can’t go back in time and see what old time Christians were really like. They were definitely hard core. I’d love to see what Puritans were really like. Think about it — in one century (the 17th) they committed regicide and overthrew the English monarchy, and settled the American continent. They were tough SOB’s. Way way scarier than Al Qaeda or Taliban or even the Iran Revolutionary Guard. But we don’t have anyone like that any more. The best contemporary examples of modern religious fanaticism of the sort that can deal a real blow to Hollyweird are the Shi’a Muslims such as the Iran Revolutionary Guard. Iran doesn’t care if they get destroyed, they are in love with death. They just want to make sure they deal a devastating blow to us while they go down. I woudln’t be surprised if there are IRG teams here in the US ready to attack high level officials at their homes in the Virginia area, and then kill themselves during or after the attack, who will be activated if we attack Iran.

    We have to build our own kind of religious fanaticism. Getting rid of vices is the first step to religious fanaticism. Narcotics and alcohol sap out the fanatic-energy. Abstaining allows fanaticism to accumulate and shape a new character. Your hate and rage at what they are doing to us is the beginning of fanaticism. Too many of us just “drown our sorrows.” it’s part of our cultural heritage. But we are up against Semites who have fanaticism encoded in their culture. We have to forge ourselves into the scariest fanatics imaginable, like Terminators — something at once less than human in weaknesses and vices and more than human in strengths and beliefs.

  24. Brandon says:

    K: I like your “style”. I’m glad I found you via Matt’s new site. You are saying the same thing I’ve been saying since March, but in your way. Mindweaponry is an excellent word for it. Very few can “hear” this…comparatively speaking, if you put it up against the total population of whites. That is a good thing in my view, as many of them are of those who are stooges in actively promoting the abomination along with their enablers, and hence, will eliminate themselves through consequences of their own behavior. Keep it up.

  25. Ralph says:

    You,have the blood of the Elector in your vein,and your path will allow you,eternal life with the Exalted glory of The Father God,Eternal life within the presents of the Grail.You will be filled with the opposite of fear at Judgement,”Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” (Jeremiah 1:5) I am filled with joy to see you exist,this is the item of Victory. Nihil Sine Deo

  26. Mary says:

    “The people who are actually breeding the next generation of White children are mostly people who are practicing some or other form of Christianity. Therefore, they are the real White nationalists, whether they would accept such a label or not.”

    Excellent point. I am amazed daily at how many seem to miss this reality completely.

    This article and the ensuing comments have really been a boon to my spirits. I had recently begun to listen to Jim Giles and happily thought his ‘Pro-Jesus’ epiphany was indeed a genuine one: that he truly grasped that you cannot trash White Christians as idiots and lemmings and still hope to be or to become a cherished leader of said peoples.
    However, much to my embarrassment, I didn’t get the joke that was apparently being played out, and I felt quite let down when he suddenly dumped this theme entirely and returned to Christian bashing. This is not meant as an attack on him personally,as I have garnered a lot of valuble info and ideas (and laughs!) through listening to and enjoying his broadcasts, but I share this rather to illustrate how excited and truly buoyed I am by this brilliant post and the pro-spiritual theme it presents.
    Like many others have already said, I am glad to have ‘found’ you again as I really missed reading both you and Matt on OD.
    Btw, thanks for the links, I am glad to be here 🙂

  27. Michael C. Scott says:

    Brilliantly said.

  28. Murphy says:


    Thought you might appreciate this remix/hack/mash of Donald Duck and Glenn Beck.

  29. In the end it is what works for our common good as white people that is worth anything.

    Very little has worked. The idea of MindWeaponization is an idea worth experimenting with. I will.

    I also believe the mantra of white genocide as promoted by Bob Whitaker is something that can unite us at a very basic level.

  30. mindweapon says:


    I’m glad to hear you will try out Mind Weaponization. My next post is going to be about the Culture of Learning, which is a pillar of mind weaponization.

    In a globalized world, we have globalized competition, and the middle class is gone. You will either be a cognitive elite or a slave. The old way of being a “union man” and counting on a “pension” are gone. I’m not saying that’s a good thing, like Thomas Friedman (NY Times writer). I think it’s horrible. But for ourselves and our children, we have to adopt a “culture of learning” so as to try and save ourselves, and tribalize ourselves. To give an example, I make my kid study math with me for about 15 minutes a day, almost every day. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it adds up. Right now we’re doing probability, and it really forces her (and me) to think. For example, if there’s a lottery with 100 tickets and 2 prizes, and you buy 2 tickets, what are your odds to win both prizes? This will lead into statistics, which is a very important field for both medical and business fields. Home schooling with an emphasis on maths and sciences is a big part of mind weaponization — raising cognitive elite White children is the best White activism there is. We have some geniuses in the WN movement (I’m not including myself) but I can tell you, those guys are carrying most of the weight of the Movement, though what they are doing and accomplishing is not publicized. There is more happening than is reported in the SPLC Intelligence Report, but the effects won’t be noticeable for a generation, and such effects will probably never be documented or credited to their sources. In short, there’s real smart White men and women laboring very anonymously, and they aren’t even really working in “propaganda” or “party building” but more fundamental cultural and educational things.

    Let me know if you left a valid e-mail address, I’ll correspond with you directly about mind weaponization and customizing MW to your particular situation.

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