The MW meme spreads

Group conflict among human tribes seems to have an analogy in the fight between pathogenic bacteria and antibiotics. When an infection is hit with antibiotics, the surviving specimens of the infection (if there are any), are the ones to reproduce. These surviving specimens, for whatever reason, had a resistance to the antibiotics. They were a more virulent strain, and their genes are passed on to the next generation of bacteria.

Wholly different strains of bacteria have been known to exchange resistance conferring DNA

Evolution with horizontal transfer. So bacteria acquire genetic variation through random mutation, but, unlike humans or oak trees, they also regularly get new gene variants through the process of horizontal transfer — that is, they can pass DNA back and forth to one another directly. For example, bacterial genes can be incorporated into small self-replicating circles of DNA called plasmids, which can be “injected” into other bacteria. The receiving bacterium may even incorporate some of the new DNA from the plasmid into its own genome and pass those genetic sequences on to its descendents. Importantly, bacteria do not have to be closely related to share DNA. Horizontal transfer can occur across even distantly related species — which would be a bit like you picking up the family pet and winding up with a few cat genes in your genome. In terms of evolution, this means that bacteria do not have to rely on random mutation to produce a beneficial gene variant. One species might pick up an advantageous gene from another species, and the process of natural selection could begin to act right away, spreading the new variant through future generations.

In human groups, the horizontal transfer of resistance is via ideas. For all these centuries, we Europeans have fought the Jews with the wrong weapons — basically physical force, including laws backed up with physical force. We also moralized, shaking a finger, “Oh, those evil Jews, they swindled our nation out of its wealth, opened our borders, infiltrated our government and took over, sent us off to wars not in our interests to attack people who did nothing to us . . . et cetera.” All true, but a fat lot of good our outrage has done for us!

All these years, we have failed to crack the Jew code. We always took a gun to a MindWar, which is even more desperate than taking a knife to a gunfight.

Simply understanding the concept of Mind Weaponization is the beginning of the process, that will lead to taking a Weaponized Mind to a MindWar. We have the motivation. We have the raw intelligence. We just needed to crack the code, and to spread this cracked code to the far corners of the White advocacy movement.

This post was inspired by a commenter named Derek, whose comment is reproduced below. Derek’s comment demonstrates to me that the MW code-crack is replicating.

Derek says:
September 8, 2010 at 4:48 pm (Edit)

So I have to resort to Semitic sources, because Mindweapons are a Semitic thing.

This is an important point. The fact of the matter is that Whites have been ruled or controlled by Semitic mindweapons and mind-viruses for the past 2,000 years: Christianity, Liberalism, Marxism, Objectivism (i.e. Ayn Rand)/Libertarianism, Political Correctness, etc. We can’t ignore the Semitic sources if we are to learn about, understand, and defend ourselves against the Semitic mindweapons.

Christianity was like cowpox compared to the more harmful smallpox of Liberalism, Marxism, PC, etc. It was like a vaccine that built up our immunities and helped stave off more harmful mindweapons and mind-viruses for some time. Of course the fact that things like mass media technologies didn’t exist during Christianity’s heyday helped as well.

I would much prefer a world without these Semitic mindweapons/mind-viruses, just like I’d prefer a world without HIV and other nasty viruses, but the reality is that you have to deal with the world as it is. And for some reason our world is one in which Semitic mindweapons/mind-viruses, from Christianity to Communism to Liberalism to PC to Islam, have dominated not just Whites but whole swathes of the non-White and non-Semitic world. There is obviously something about the Semitic genotype that produces these powerful mindweapons that dominate others. The Semites have gotten their asses kicked in war by Europeans, Turks, Mongols, etc. but have survived and proven resilient by force of their mindweapons. The Mongols are gone, the Turks are gone except those that remain that have been subjugated by Islam, while we have been decimated by Jewish Semitic mindweapons and now are in danger of being subjugated by Islamic Semitic mindweapons.

I bolded the second paragraph because it is a brilliant expansion upon MW theory. Semitic Mindweapons exist, just as HIV or herpes exist. Moreover, the Semitic Mindweapons have outlived people and nations who defeated them militarily. Now we are getting somewhere.

The Jews would claim that they are invincible, and we might as well give up and submit to them. But the fact is, we have conquered horrible diseases such as plague and syphilis, and morally healthy people are able to simply avoid catching AIDS.

We had excellent armies for millenia, but we didn’t conquer syphilis until some nerdy Europeans started playing around with microscopes and scientific thinking. All the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t defeat syphilis, but Germ Theory did.

We have identified the negative aspect of Mind Weaponization, but what of the positive? What is the Mind Weapon equivalent of a regiment of grenadiers, or cavalry?

It is the intellect. The Chinese used gunpowder for firecrackers, whereas the Europeans “weaponized” gunpowder. It hasn’t dawned on us that we can weaponize our intellects the way 13th century Europeans weaponized gunpowder. Those of us who use our intellect, generally think in terms of selling it in the employment marketplace as computer programmers or pharmaceutical scientists. We’re like Chinese people farting around with firecrackers and never inventing cannon!

Even worse, we have lost the “culture of learning,” that the Jews and Chinese are famous for. We are in a competitive world. We should be studying science and math and foreign languages as a hobby, and teaching these things to our kids, instead of pissing away our lives on cheap entertainments and whining on the Internet. I will expand on the culture of learning and weaponizing the intellect in the next post.


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A mind weapon riding along with Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
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17 Responses to The MW meme spreads

  1. Todd says:

    Two thoughts occur to me on this:
    1) like the defeated villain at the end from a bad Jew Hollywood movie who springs to life just before the credits roll, the Jews have always set themselves up for a sequel after every loss they’ve suffered in the physical world, whether it was the Inquisition, the alleged Holocaust or their innumerable expulsions from various lands. How? By holding onto their tight-knit culture, which always enables them to rebuild and come back just as strong or stronger than before. In the virus analogy, if you only take the vaccine or antidote until you feel better and then stop, then you haven’t neutralized the virus and it comes back mutated and stronger than ever. Look up MRSA or even “super-AIDS,” as they called it on South Park, for an example of this phenomenon.
    2) as you’ve basically or almost said — if you look at each race as having a business model, then shame on us for not copying successful business models from other races. And the biggest trait they have that we don’t (but used to) is solidarity. What the Jews and Chinese have, in addition to the other things you’ve mentioned, is an exclusionary culture that binds them together and promotes internal solidarity. You mentioned studying foreign languages — I agree and furthermore think we need our own exclusionary language that mostly just we understand and can speak and write among ourselves. The hardcore Catholics have this in Latin. The two prospects that have occurred to me are New Testament Greek or Old Norse, but these would be long-term projects. We also need a safe physical gathering place to rebuild spiritual community. Churches used to provide this, and maybe the right kind still can. Odinist temples could, too, if they don’t devolve into nonserious gathering places for D&D and World of Warcraft geeks. Nuff said.

  2. mindweapon says:


    Good comment. I think our WN language should be Russian for a variety of reason. First, Russia is the largest White country in the world, and the people are already White nationalists. Imagine — 250 million White nationalists. There are some dysfunctional aspects to Russian culture, but we could create a Diaspora there that brings some Anglo-Saxon virtues of honesty and family values and such. Also, Russian women are beautiful, and you have a much better chance with them if you speak their language.

    Did you know that the FBI has mountains of untranslated wiretaps? They don’t have enough linguists to translate it all. We could be a total nightmare for them if we spoke to one another in Russian.

    Anyway, I speak Russian and would be willing to help people learn it.

    And yes, Todd, we need to copy that successful playbook of Semitic Mindweapons. I think we used to be to arrogant to do so. I remember as a kid laughing at the tribal ways of non-Anglo-Saxon Whites like myself. Now I see how powerful those tribal ways are, compared to the individualism in which we grew up.

    • Todd says:

      Russian, eh? I’ve had that thought, too, but I just figured New Testament Greek would be a good alternative because it cuts across the whole Christian (and post-Christian) world, and maybe there aren’t likely to be as many translators of that as there would be Russian translators. But I’d definitely like to learn Russian, and we certainly should be reaching out to the Slavic world as much as possible. They’re probably going to end up being the Alamo of our race. For that matter, I think we should be trying to build bridges to the millions of Spanish-speaking whites in Central and South America.
      As an aside, I think the whole Germanic-Slavic rivalry was and is one of the greatest tragedies of WWII.

  3. mindweapon says:

    Yep, Russian and Spanish. Whites in Latin America and Russia are already more or less WN. Either one is good, both is better. I should probably learn Spanish. It’s also good for the job skills, and no, learning Spanish does not mean you are surrendering to Reconquista, though it can be made to feel like that by glib liberals.

    Any intellectual effort is needed. Anti-intellectualism is why we are getting our asses kicked in the MindWar. Anti-intellectualism is the MindWar equivalent of pacifism.

  4. Gregor says:

    Good post MW.

    You wrote, “We should be studying science and math and foreign languages as a hobby, and teaching these things to our kids”.

    That’s all fine and good, but not enough. If a parent teaches these things with the intent that the kid will “know more” or be “more versatile in life” that’s not enough.

    Each child (and adult too) must have the “point” made very clear and not think the work of learning these things is just a brain exercise. They must be shown how each of these disciplines (and another I’ll mention soon) must be thought of as a tool in a toolkit which in its totality will be an ammunition supply to fight.

    But what is to be fought? You cannot say “the jews” or “the muds” or some silly thing like that. The ammo supply must be aimed at something tangible in the mind of the learner. The goal is not to fight a war and spray ammo wildly, but to teach the child/adult that they have an ENEMY. Their tools must be used to discover, isolate, attack, and take down an actual enemy. That enemy will always at some point be embodied in an individual or a group of individuals, but the student must first learn how to “see” the enemy before he can be effective.

    Seeing Tools/Weapons are just as important as de-fanging/destroying tools. In fact the latter are useless without the former. At this point it becomes clear that the student must FIRST have an understanding of what he is even in the game for, otherwise he won’t see the purpose of either “seeing” or “destroying” tools/weapons.

    I suggest looking into John Boyd’s “OODA” Loop theory and his essay “Destruction and Creation”. I believe these are available somewhere on the Global Guerrilas website. The core idea that a fighter “works for”, in Boyd’s mind, is to “maximize the capacity for independent action”. This is obviously not just something the Air Force thinks about, it’s a basic rule for LIFE. If a person has a narrow scope for independent action, he is “owned”. If he wants richness and freedom to actualize himself in life he MUST follow Boyd’s dictum to Maximize his capacity for independent action.

    Once a student understands this, he will then see why it’s so important to IDENTIFY and SEE who is trying to minimize his scope for independent action, in other words who is trying to “own” him and suck the life force out for their benefit and not his own. No need to “name names”, just get that principle across. That will create a “Will to Knowledge”, a will to gather “see and destroy” tools.

    This post is getting too long so I’ll just add one more point. In addition to the disciplines MW mentioned, the ideas of “Warcraft” developed by Boyd and similar thinkers should be studied, especially the “action cycle” of Boyd’s, and even its linkage to Austrian Economic theory (Von Mises) which supports Boyd’s thinking.

    A crucial element of Verbal Warcraft is studying some of the people who have been lumped into a group called “Post Modernists”. Most are garbage, but a few have ideas about Language and Linguistics which are very useful in MindWar. After all, MindWar uses WORDS as its bullets, and the incoming flak is in the form of WORDS. I suggest Foucault for a variety of reasons because he helps unlock the “habits of thinking” which we take for granted as “reality”, and shows how most of these WordStorms are absolutely contingent on temporal and spatial conditions, yet we Western White Men often take them for Universals and fall into traps set by the enemy to take advantage of this blind spot. Foucault is a starting point for learning how to SEE. Power and Discourse, or some summary of the ideas in that book, are an entry point.

    MindWar implies WordWar, and if the Enemy is attacking with Words, we must train ourselves and each other to learn the ins and outs of how these weapons were fashioned, and how we can “flip” them by using the “Orientation” phase of the OODA loop (see Boyd) to do a little mental Ju-Jitsu. Once a young person gets a dose of this stuff, presented almost like a computer game, but REAL, they may find it just as addicting.

    My personal use of this info is in certain local newsblogs. I first Observe, and use the SEEING tools to identify an enemy, then I craft something with WORDS which will be inserted in a way that AFFECTS the ORIENTATION of the observers in a way which will cause at least some of them to question the enemies words, and Decide to Act differently. That’s OODA: Observation, Orientation, Decision, Action. Insert Word bombs at the appropriate points and you change the flow of reality.

  5. Gregor says:

    Guess I haven’t gotten it all out of my system yet!

    Another important area of study for effective WordWeapon forging is the economic theory of Marginal Analysis.

    This idea was pretty much invented by the Austrian School, and is useful even if you don’t agree with all their conclusions.

    Essentially, Margin Theory states that in any given “action cycle” (just like Boyd’s!), the Decision phase doesn’t operate on the “whole thing” being considered, it only looks at very small differences between choices “at the margin”. Almost all decisions are based on small differences between the choices being considered, but once “action” occurs, the choice involves the “whole item”.

    This can be applied to WordWar/MindWar by understanding that you don’t need to change someones “whole mind” to see your point, or to disrupt an enemy’s point. All you need is to isolate that marginal little “thing” in the mind of the observer/target which will lead him to choose “your way”. Or, in the case of an enemy, that small area of concern to him which will de-structure his whole game by throwing him off balance.

    Very small things leverage very big forces.

  6. mindweapon says:

    Thanks Gregor! It will take me a while to digest this.

    I tell my daughter that the Asian kids are staying up until 2 am studying, so she can at least stay up till 9:30 or 10 studying probability. This willl be the subject of a post in the near future.

    Isolating the “marginal little thing” is something I work at, trying to show people that, for example, children are exploited with mass media, videogames and junk food from a young age, in order to dumb them down and make them fat, which will limit their capacity for independent action.

    Thanks for that meme! I will look further into OODA loops as a philosophy of life. Give me a bit, I will chew on this, Gregor.

  7. Gregor says:

    MW, the “OODA” loop is not actually a philosophy of life. It is a symbolic representation of how ACTION in the world occurs as a process of constantly-repeated cycles of Observation, Orientation, Decision & Action.

    Understanding of the stages of EVERY action cycle, and how it can be used for one’s benefit, or disrupted and distorted by an enemy to your non-benefit, OR used by you to disrupt the enemy’s ability to function …. is very useful.

    This stuff sounds both obvious and even tautological, but one you inspect each stage carefully you will see “critical points” where disruption can be inserted. From the standpoint of a student who wants to learn how to “SEE”, the ability to recognize when an enemy is disrupting or interfering with your action cycles is crucial.

  8. Jeff says:

    Not the appropriate article for my question/comment, but didn’t know how else to contact you. On VoR one night you recommended the Tv serious “The Riches”. Could you again say why you think this is a good watch? Thanks.

  9. mindweapon says:


    The opening scene of “The Riches” is a great example of stage hypnosis, and the whole series has Eddie Izzard using NLP to get himself out of various impossible situations.

    • Jeff says:

      Do you remember the date of the Friday night interview you did where you talk about “The Riches”? I’d like to re-listen to that program. No big deal if you don’t. I could go through them again and find it. Just thought if you knew, I could save some time. Thanks.

  10. Erik Nordman says:

    Regarding a foreign language: my first language is a Scandinavian one (born and raised there, before becoming an American), which means I have no problems talking with my Scandinavian brothers (it’s like the difference between Castilian and Mexican Spanish; same, same only different). I speak English, of course, and half-decent German and a wee bit of French, courtesy jr. High and High School.

    Of these, I would recommend German. It’s not an easy language. For example, you do have to learn three genders and three versions for each of the gender articles (“basic” , “about” and “moving toward” versions), totalling nine possible articles, as opposed to “el” and “la” in Spanish. Apart from that pain in the neck, it’s a lot less complicated than it seems.

    My wife has learned to speak some of my birth-language and we use it frequently in public, which gives us a lot of freedom. It drives the Mexicans nuts when they realize that they don’t have a monopoly on “secrecy”.

    In addition, my wife and (to some degree myself) understand a bit of Spanish, which ruins their fun, too. I don’t believe in cow-towing to “press 1 for Spanish”, but I enjoy navigating a crowded store and saying “me permiso” (instead of “excuse me”) to a Mexican, who will step aside and then, realizing that he heard from a very White guy, will just stare. It’s priceless! *evil grin*

    My point is that I agree that we need to learn Spanish and have another language for just us. I’m less sure about Russian, though. I’m told (but don’t know) that it’s very different in sentence structure and, of course, there’s the Cyrillic issue. If it’s half as fascinating as Tom Clancy makes it seem, it might be worth it, though.

    Just my 1 1/4 cent. (Inflation and taxes took the rest.)

  11. John Walters says:

    Hi Kievsky,
    I almost never check my email so it’s been a month since you sent a message, and I haven’t seen it all this time! Sorry about that.

    I don’t recall which major site linked to blog, but it was probably the “new” forum of www dot 4chan dot org.

    The “new” forum has many interested readers.

    I apologize in advance – I will be traveling and I won’t be able to check your site or my email regularly.


  12. Jackson says:

    In keeping with the theme of diagnosing semitic mind-weapon viruses, shouldn’t the tag line for the blog (which is brilliant) be changed to “Rise against the enemies of the Gods

    • mindweapon says:


      I think there’s a memetic power in monotheistic language. How many polytheistic fanatics have you ever heard of? We want fanaticism and focus. God is the God that wishes our race to survive and not go extinct. It is our God, it is good, it is right. (Notice, singular).

      I feel this God, urging us on to survival. It is a focused, singular Being, not a cacophony of multiple voices.

      Notice that no polytheism has survived. It is all monotheism. Monotheism is a more powerful mindweapon than polytheism. I think it’s all about focusing the mind. I understand the joys of Dionysian polytheism; I just don’t think it’s going to help us win this war, and therefore it’s wrong for us.

      Rise against the enemies of God

      Isn’t that a tighter exhortation than putting it in the plural? Also, no period at the end, because it is an infinite command, that loops over and over in your subconsciousness. Win win win

  13. Jackson says:

    According to Wikipedia there are only 141M people in Russia of whom approximatley 80% are white. The others being:
    Tatars 3.8%
    Ukrainians 2.0% (I’ve included these as white)
    Bashkirs 1.2%
    Chuvash 1.1%
    Chechen 0.9%
    Armenians 0.3%
    Other/unspecified 10.4%

    So call it 112 million whites. As with the USA the ‘cultural problems’ are leading to the death of the people themselves. Perhaps we should look a little further to the West. Poland has only 40M people, but they are 98% Polish. Ukraine is also free of the 20% fast breeding Moslem tribes that Russia has.

    All these Slavic nations seem to have retained some sense of themselves that is lacking in most of the rest of the west. Perhaps there are some Slavic mind weapons we are not aware of? Or Slavic immunity to semitic mind-viruses?
    Also, Russia’s population is declining.

  14. Shelfer says:

    If we simply turn off the weapon of mass destruction(TV) and home school your kids, noone’s words or mindweapons could reach you. Europeans have always been a people of action, not words, it’s only in these times that words are destructive cause people watch and believe way to much of your enemies propaganda through your tv and even internet “news”. I think the mindweapons should be aimed at bringing your own people together by putting them on a consensus message when it comes to general white interests.

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