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Creating the Virulent Strain

I think that the White consciousness is sufficiently mentally colonized throughout the global substratum, that once the rulers can no longer afford to provide ever greater doses of anti-White antibiotics of mass media and financial control, we will take off … Continue reading

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Optimism — the most important mindweapon

I have always studied leftists in order to learn what to do — namely the opposite of what they want and advocate. Opposition research, and then reverse engineering. For example, Chip Berlet is very concerned about White advocates who conceal … Continue reading

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Your Mission: Join the Cognitive Elite

The book known as “The Bell Curve,” published in 1996, was notorious for allegedly being “racist.” However, people didn’t begin to get the real implications of the book, if they didn’t even know the whole title. Here it is, with … Continue reading

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Disunity of the Left: Slavoj Zizek on Democracy Now

Amy Goodman is a drab, robotic leftist. I have been listening to her for years. Zizek comes on and says that the far right, anti-immigration parties in Europe are the only ones who are a real protest movement, because leftists … Continue reading

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Liberals have blood on their hands

As puppies’ noses get rubbed in their messes, let us submerge the noses of liberals in the lakes of bloodshed they have caused. Tom Tancredo shows how its done: Think about all the lives ruined, all the destinies destroyed, by … Continue reading

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The Masque of Mudshark Misery

Heidi Klum these days: The happy spontaneity is long gone. The smile is no smile at all, but a rictus, a grimace of horror and death.

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Parenting and Social Darwinism

Parenting and Social Darwinism The decline of Whites was a generational phenomenon; each generation seemed to get weaker, and more vulnerable to consumerism, hedonism and race-mixing. The parents who surrendered to the many distractions of mass media, epicureanism (food as … Continue reading

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