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Edgar Steele and Mohamed Osman Mohamud — False Flags

The case of Mohamed Osman Mohamud smells like a dry run for false flag ops by the shadier famous but incompetent agencies, using the Black/Muslim nexus to drum up government approved hate for Blacks. Here we have one bona fide, … Continue reading

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Race Reality hits the literary world

It’s always good when a public figure comes out and tells the truth, whether its Mel Gibson or James D. Watson, discoverer of DNA, or Dusty Baker, an African-American baseball manager who acknowledged racial differences in heat tolerance.

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The coming of the Brown Right

A fascinating post from a blog called “RI Future.” I believe the reference is to Rhode Island, and it also describes itself as “Progressive News, Opinion, and Analysis.” So I take it for a left wing perspective. However, it takes … Continue reading

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A message of sympathy to the great Korean people

I note with sadness the possibility of an outbreak of fratricidal war among the great Korean people. I went to military school with a Korean who was a very honorable and decent individual, and a man who exemplified martial values. … Continue reading

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Tim Wise incites violence and suicide

Tim Wise wrote yet another post boasting about his “victories” over neglected latchkey kids and mentally ill 3rd Reich fetishists. He repeated his incitement to suicide:

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Ted Rall tries to Rall-y the SWPL liberals

You can tell the difference between a real intellectual and a huckster by the breadth of their thinking. Someone like Tim Wise never even mentions or appears to consider the possibility that the economic status quo will radically change. His … Continue reading

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Nicholas Stix insults our intelligence

I’ve significantly edited this post, owing to comments by commenter ML, who pointed out that Nicholas Stix is doing nothing but insulting our intelligence by claiming that Jews don’t practice ethnic nepotism or ethnic networking. I tend to give people … Continue reading

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