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Yggdrasil’s “The Shape of the Future”

He says in one article what I have been trying to say: Advertisements

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We shall become a stern people again

Kunstler’s blog entry this week is about the French Revolution and comparing it to the present time here, and also about the increasing hunger among ordinary Americans. The latter is what piques my interest the most. I think that actual … Continue reading

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We only need to unite ourselves

We only need to unite our own Interesting article at Alternet today about the prospects for the the economy. Shamus Cooke is apparently an Irish leftist living in America. Most of the article is a gem, but it’s interesting how … Continue reading

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Directed consciousness weapons

It is always interesting to see analogies between physical science and our human struggles. The Frankfurt School and the mass advertising business starting with Bernays’ WWI and female smoking campaigns are examples of “directed consciousness war.” Since then the Jewish … Continue reading

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Salon advice columnist tells White women – break up with the Turk!

A good sign from the SWPL land of Salon magazine

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Cosmic Liberals add Insult to Injury

It’s a funny thing about the cosmics — they blithely and unselfconsciously add insult to injury us by claiming we are too lazy and too stupid to run the country; while replacing American programmers and engineers with H1-B visas, and … Continue reading

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Middle class and poor benefits under attack; will there be unintended consequences?

It looks like the Tea Party Congress of 2010 is going to massively cut social benefits to the poor through to the middle class, and Americans will find that we are not as wealthy a nation as we grew up … Continue reading

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