Middle class and poor benefits under attack; will there be unintended consequences?

It looks like the Tea Party Congress of 2010 is going to massively cut social benefits to the poor through to the middle class, and Americans will find that we are not as wealthy a nation as we grew up believing.

I am of two minds. It bothers me greatly that the plutocracy has pulled off such a huge heist, and ordinary folks like us are going to have to suffer.

But I have always had a theory about this — namely that “austerity” will force economic relocalization — a return to family farms, family workshops, and churches with a more “folkish” outlook. Local economy means local culture, and local culture means that it’s influenced by you and I. Most Whites have an automatic way of thinking, and without multiculture constantly spraying Roundup on us, we’ll revert to a more ecologically balanced culture and law for ourselves.

Similarly, the current attack is a two-pronged effort to reorganize state social services, either by eliminating or privatizing them, and decimate public-sector unions whose workers provide those services. While the safety net is being withered by attrition, police and spying agencies are getting more powers and funding, and the wealth of the super-rich and record corporate profits are deemed off-limits to taxation to close any government budget gap.

Simply put, the elderly are superfluous to capitalism. With high rates of joblessness the “new norm,” more and more people are being made disposable. This leads to an efficient if brutal logic: cutting old-age income and health care will make it easier to scrap old, useless workers. In fact, this reality is already coming to pass. One study published in 2008 found that over a 16-year period life expectancy had declined for many poor American women — precisely those who are disproportionately represented among the elderly heavily dependent on Social Security and Medicare.

The elderly make very good urban farmers. The younguns do the heavy lifting, the elderly do the day to day minor maintenance (feeding the animals) and management (telling the younguns when to come pull weeds and throw mulch and shovel manure).

We can return to this sort of thing — a much more efficient, relocalized economy. The problem I ran into was that people with other options choose to watch TV and hang out and shop for recreation and play video games, rather than develop a local economy.

The problem is that if social welfare and the cornucopian economy disappears too abruptly, it could lead to disorders that kill most of us, especially in densely populated areas. We need time to re-organize daily life.

We do have time now, but the people in this country started buying SUV’s again, once the price of oil went from 147 a barrel back down to 33 a barrel. Very short memories, darnit.

Ordinary people reorganizing the economy will be culturally and politically revolutionary, if we can pull it off.


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11 Responses to Middle class and poor benefits under attack; will there be unintended consequences?

  1. EuroMike says:

    Getting back to a local economy is a big idea these days. So is ‘tribalism’. However, many young people in coastal California, as well as other ‘progressive’ areas, see these developments within the context of a ‘cosmic humanity’. They are generally opposed to explicit racial identity. They see that as part of the old world, the screwed -up world. It will probably take the actual experience of living shoulder-to-shoulder with non-whites to bring forth a strong resurgence of a pro-white identity. Ironically, this is what the ruling elites are creating. They believe that we will all just ‘merge’. Even here, in super-progressive cosmic coastal California there are strong undercurrents of awakening white identity.

  2. mindweapon says:

    I agree Mike — California is the cutting edge of White awakening.

  3. mindweapon says:

    I have friends and contacts in California who are my eyes and ears. They tell me that you can go out on the street and see people wearing White identity insignia in places like San Diego (I discourage wearing White identity insignia if you are a White mindweapon). Also, my CA friends tell me that it’s real easy to find Whites who agree with White ethnic advocacy if it is couched in polite terms rather than slurs.

  4. Tend to agree – not a big deal yet, but whites in my middle-class neighborhood are beginning too look out for each other a bit more than before. It’s the sort of thing that won’t be obvious until it’s a matter of life and death, but it’ll be there when needed.

  5. TabuLa Raza says:

    I live in So Cal. The young guys across the street are flying the Dixie flag.
    Had mexes living next door from ’04 to ’09 (The padre was in landscaping). One had an Escalade. It seems HUD also has automobile programs for beaners.

  6. mindweapon says:

    FireHornet and Tabularaza,

    Very good news in both cases! Whites looking out for one another is the first step in the Long March to take back the country!

  7. Skeeter says:

    I live in the S.F. Bay Area, and unfortunately most whites around me are still Obamorons. They can be real smart about lots of other things but not racial survival. If you read the comments to the S.F. Chronicle’s story Saturday on repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell,” you’d think the whole planet thinks it’s the best thing ever. People have asked me over the years why I don’t just move, to which my reply is, “I like the natural (not the social) landscape and climate here, it’s not illegal to be white yet here and, besides, ‘just moving’ is why white people lost all the beautiful cities in the ’60s that our ancestors built. We’ve surrendered too much ground already.”
    To give a plug to this blog, you can survive and thrive in most environments if you weaponize your mind. Now if only I could find other like-minded whites around me . . .

  8. mindweapon says:


    I hope you aren’t losing out on opportunities because of revealing your views. Being in a city is a great opportunity to infiltrate all sorts of social circles — from blue collar White union workers to hippie dippie yoga commune types. If nothing else, get stories for us to tell us “roman a clef” style. You’ll find you get good insights into human nature by getting out and interacting with Whites as an “undercover Taqqiyah White nationalist.”

  9. Skeeter says:

    Thanks for the concern. I only discuss my views with friends and family, and even then I’m selective, as I’ve lost friends over my views (which I commented about before). That has hurt, but on the other hand, if they couldn’t handle it, maybe they weren’t such good friends in the first place. As for social circles, there’s not lots of time to infiltrate much of anything after work and family duties, but I do occasionally talk politics with P.C. liberals. When this happens, I try to gently steer them to the conclusion that if they’re anti-war, pro-labor and pro-environment they should be against our current policies with Israel and immigration. I’m not sure how many I’ve talked to have quite figured this out, but at least I’ve planted the seeds.

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