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Response to “Russian Tiger Mother” on competition

I think the Amy Chua phenomenon is going to show in a generation or two. It was one of those things that was ready to be said. I have been advocating high investment parenting for 15 years, but never got … Continue reading

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Leftist movie “Ethos” — attacks the car chase/gunfight view of social change

The new movie “Ethos,” hosted by Woody Harrelson, and reviewed here at Alternet, had a quote by its director that expresses exactly what this writer has been promoting for years: “The romantic idea of revolution with riots in the streets … Continue reading

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Liberal Mark Ames doesn’t get it; austerity is unavoidable because of mismanagement

What’s the word in 2011? Austerity. You will either hate this word, or love it, by the end of this year. Or maybe a little bit of both. Austerity is “managed decline” or perhaps “an attempt to manage decline,” after … Continue reading

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This was too good not to post—-bystanders-watch-film-6880.html Black teens attacking vulnerable whites for entertainment, filming it on their cell phones. Thanks kids! We couldn’t wake up YT without u! Another liberal mugged by reality!

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Towards a new Brahminism

New Brahminism is the only path I can see forward for those of us who are awakened. We cannot systematically awaken the masses. That particular witches’ spell of mass media will have to run its course. I have known some … Continue reading

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A former co-worker gets jacked

I used to work at the same high tech company as this guy.

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JP Morgan in the food stamp/call center outsourcing to India racket

According to this Alternet article, JP Morgan administers food stamps (for a generous fee) and sends the call centers to India. JP Morgan is the largest processor of food stamp benefits in the United States. JP Morgan has contracted to … Continue reading

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