More on Amy Chua

Amy Chua’s book about high investment parenting is a topic that I have been writing about for ten years. I have had a good amount of readers in those years, and at least a few people who became more high investment parents as a result of reading me or talking with me.

What made Amy Chua’s rigorous child raising regime possible? The fact that she was a stay at home mom during the early years, or if she wasn’t a stay at home mom, she had short work hours. One thing my wife points out is that she could have done that had she been a stay at home mom.

The problem is, women are a naturally better “fit” for corporate office type jobs, which are the high paying ones. This has destroyed the natural order of the family.

Middle Americans have adopted the belief that raising children is boring. High investment parenting is certainly not boring, because many of the activities the kids do, you do as well. The Suzuki method requires the parent to learn the violin along with the kid. In many cases, the parent became a professional violin player as a result. Martial arts classes? In many cases I have seen the kids take their class while the parents wait, and then the kids have to wait while the parents take a class. And who is going to teach your kid math and science and classical literature and history but you?

You can find SWPL high investment “Amy Chua” type parents around any metro area. They know exactly what they are doing. They are usually Europeans or Asians or Jews. Americans SWPL high investment parents still think it’s child abuse to push their child. The mother doesn’t work, or she has some hobby job. There was some so-called “reality show” depicting high investment parents in San Francisco, and they made the father come off as abusive. But his child was very good at piano IIRC and very well educated.

As for me I am about 25% as harsh as Amy Chua. I am more efficient and Western, I think. For example, 1/2 hour of math a day at 13 years old is enough to fly through high school math. You do one problem a day, and it’s the daily practice, something that is like brushing your teeth, that accumulates into very precocious math skills.

Also, I think the Asian way makes the kid hate studies. I know a Chinese surgeon and symphony violinist and I remember when he was younger he seemed miserable from being pushed so hard all his life. He is happier now, but you could really see it on his face — he seemed very weary and kind of beaten down. He envied my light-heartedness.

The Western way cultivates a love of studies, and this becomes a source of self motivation. Ever meet a person who memorized several of the natural algorithms? I know someone who did that as a child, because he couldn’t afford a calculator. There’s definitely a “nerd impulse” that can be cultivated in many of us, where we want to do nothing else but learn every possible thing about, say, motors, or math, or physics, or music. When you study it because you love it, that’s when you get in the “inventor zone.” That’s where you find inspiration, and make a new discovery. But you have to have the raw learning to do it. Francis Bacon is the patron saint of Western learning. Here’s my favorite quote from him:

STUDIES serve for delight, for ornament, and for ability. Their chief use for delight, is in privateness and retiring; for ornament, is in discourse; and for ability, is in the judgment, and disposition of business. For expert men can execute, and perhaps judge of particulars, one by one; but the general counsels, and the plots and marshalling of affairs, come best, from those that are learned.

Middle America has been taken by storm by immigrant mindweapons once already — the Jewish immigration of the early 20th century. Now it’s the rest of the world of “cosmics” who are occupying the Mindweapon niche (science/engineering) of what’s left in the US, in order to weaken the scary White man. We have gone along with the distortion of our family and the deliberate dumbing down of our kids, with the exception of the Christian homeschoolers and some survivalist/pagan/WN homeschoolers. The homeschoolers are definitely the Mindweapons factories. There’s a Nation of Islam speech where the speaker calls White women “weapons factories, every nine months, more reinforcements come a’rollin’ off the line.”

It doesn’t need to be a showdown, or a civil war. We just need to produce more mindweapons than they can. We have the best genetic material to produce mindweapons, and we have it all in one place. When our mindweapons outnumber their mindweapons, we will start getting things going our way again. It’s that goshdarn simple.

Here are a couple of links to homeschooling sites that are on our side:

One interesting objection a friend raised to me is that if we raise elite children, they’ll go to the enemy side because they’ll want to make more money and live in a higher class.

Here’s my take. The elite White children might think they are “going to the enemy’s side,” but I think what is happening is they are infiltrating without realizing it. They will have a change of heart from within the Beast. They are infiltrators without even knowing it. The Beast is going to start eating its own. There’s another bank bailout coming:’s_another_bank_crash_looming,_and_we_must_prevent_another_bailout/

But I think the best reason to become a mindweapon and raise children in this way is because you’ll have the best chance of survival when the current “mouse hits the lever to get the cheese” type economy fails. The most disturbing thing about our current life is how so few of us produce food, even among people with a lot of land. We grow millions acres of lawns and eat high fructose corn syrup and do jobs that are just manipulations of words and symbols. There is going to be a hellish transition out of this way of life.


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The Fundamental Theorem of this Blog: We can defeat ZOG and take over the state just by having enough smart people in our group to overwhelm the Democracy-Idiocracy of 2040.
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6 Responses to More on Amy Chua

  1. fwm says:

    The elite White children might think they are “going to the enemy’s side,” but I think what is happening is they are infiltrating without realizing it. They will have a change of heart from within the Beast. They are infiltrators without even knowing it. The Beast is going to start eating its own.

    Agreed.  Afterall, aren’t you teaching these kids to seek the Truth.  They are even better equipped to see, feel, and  smell the rotting ediface of The Beast.

    Add to your links Rusty Mason, who used to comment around the corners that we hang out.  I don’t know what he’s up to now, but he was approaching our offense from the same direction.

    • mindweapon says:

      Thanks, I added the link!

      Here’s an example of what my kid and I are doing lately. We have covered most of trig and now it’s practice time. At Khan Academy there are sample trig problems taken from the Indian Institute of Technology entrance exams. Here’s the one we’re working on:

      So we go over it once and copy and follow his logic and how he manipulates the equations. Then we do it again, but we try to get as far as we can on our own without referring back to Mr. Khan. Eventually its memorized and we can just do it from memory. Then we move on to another. We’ll spend the next month or so just practicing trig problems to ingrain it as much as we can.

  2. This is all very good stuff. Just to inculcate the most important lesson of all: when TSHTF, “don’t bunch up…five yard intervals.”

  3. mindweapon says:


    That is a fearsome future you hint of. And it is certainly possible.

    I went to NYC a few times as a young child, and was horrified at it every time. And here’s why.

    NYC is the Capitol of consumerism and advertising. The TV ads and billboards were extremely aggressive. I saw some cousins who watched TV constantly, talked about TV constantly (shows and pro sports teams). There was barely a world outside of it. Fortunatley my uncle would take them camping and fishing a lot in upstate NY where I lived. He understood the difference between NYC life and the rest of the world, but his wife didn’t want to leave.

    NYC made me nauseous with existential fear and spiritual horror. The worst thing is to let yourself be boxed in to TV/advertising/sports teams. It’s like voluntary letting yourself be human livestock. Voluntary slavery. When you watch TV, you are working for free. You are watching ads, and no one is compensating you.

    Also, NYC is constantly about spending money. The tolls are very expensive and frequent. You have to make a ton of money to justify living there. The unions have to be very strong and pay a lot so the workers can afford to live there. Otherwise there’d be no cops or firemen. That’s why they love a constant stream of illegals — cheap labor huddling 20 to an apartment in Queens.

    That’s the funny thing about Judeocracy — they are incompetent rulers. They may be good accountants, but they are epic phail as kings and princes. At there’s a great video on the sidebar “Early Kings in England.” It’s about the foundation of the British monarchy, going back 1500 years at the end of Roman rule.

    What happens is that when a centralized king fails, you get a bunch of different local governments again. This will be very good for us, and I think its going to happen.

    The enemy MindWar has to convince White people that our defeat is inevitable. The corn syrup mass media fatties are the evidence they point to. But the corn syrup fatties are only a blip of our history. This will pass.

    I have come to see our victory as inevitable, for two reasons:

    1. The overall incompetence of the rulers.

    2. The large remnant of competent Whites.

    I think that it’s going to happen whether we preach ahead of our time or not. What we are doing is saying now, what will be common knowledge and practice in the future. Eugenics is absolutely inevitable. Preference for beauty and order is inevitable and immutable. The current Dark Ages can only be maintained with a lot of wealth being poured into mass mind control. Mass mind control is expensive and unsustainable in its current form.

  4. @Mindweapons:

    One interesting objection a friend raised to me is that if we raise elite children, they’ll go to the enemy side because they’ll want to make more money and live in a higher class.

    Here’s my take. The elite White children might think they are “going to the enemy’s side,” but I think what is happening is they are infiltrating without realizing it. They will have a change of heart from within the Beast. They are infiltrators without even knowing it.”

    One way to arm elite White children from going to the enemy side, is to make sure they become financially literate at a very early age, by learning how to recognize great market opportunities and invest. Whites end up selling their soul to financially savvier people, because they don’t know how to generate wealth themselves.

    The problem with Whites is that they invent these great processes, but they have to rely on outside financing and before you know it, the financiers own both their labors AND the fruits of their labors.

    It behooves White parents to familiarize themselves as much as possible with not so much how processes are created but by how money itself is created, learn how to manipulate money themselves, and then teach these concepts to their children so that they cannot only never be exploited by organized usury, but will be able to make the system work for them for a change.

    Just imagine what our world would be right now if the Whites who had invented the mass media technology had first had enough financial acumen to be their own banks and invest in their own ventures. Their control over mass media would be absolute right now and generations would have not been poisoned by the Anti-White Marxist koolaid.

    It was Rothschild who figured out that, as long as he controlled the money, it didn’t matter who made the rules. Or better yet, the golden rule, he who has the gold writes the rules.

    • mindweapon says:

      Absolutely right Cly. I don’t fear our kids going to the enemy side. I see us as Skynet sending autonomous or semi-autonomous Terminators after the ruling oligarchs. THey will view the oligarchs like the roaches they are and want to simply stomp them out.

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