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This is your brain on Wall Street

I came across a fascinating theory of psychology on Marketwatch. n fact, behavioral science tells us that bankers and politicians are lying to us 93% of the time. It’s 13 times more likely Wall Street is telling you a lie … Continue reading

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Priests raping nuns? Oh, it’s Africa

You mean the magic holy water sprinkled on their forehead didn’t turn them into white people with a different paint job? I’m shocked! I thought maybe if those nice African refugee boys who beat up a 12 year old New … Continue reading

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Liberal Malthusianism — an encouraging trend

Hey what do you know! I agree with liberals about overpopulation and low quality of life. See here And here.

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MindWar deployed against U.S. Senators

Rolling Stone reports that a US Army Psy-Ops unit was used on US Senators Here’s a few passages from the article. The point of this blog post is that Hollywood and mass media wage Psy-Ops/MindWar without any controls whatsoever, and … Continue reading

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African refugees enrich New Hampshire

Fox Boston doesn’t mention that the assailants are African refugees, or that they were trying to extort sexual favors from Morgan. From her mother’s blog: The boys are refugees brought over from Kenya and Ethiopia. It makes me question if … Continue reading

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Wisconsin: Cargo Cult Cornucopian Zombie March

I am ambivalent about the Wisconsin protests. I think it’s fantastic that 30,000 Americans simultaneously unassed themselves from their TV couches long enough to show up to the Capitol building in Madison and pitch a fit. I am in favor … Continue reading

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Response to Andrew Yeoman “On Character”

Andrew Yeoman points out that Whites are our own worst enemies. This is a point that can’t be discussed too often. Self criticism, of both ourselves as individuals, and our collective, is valuable if it leads to figuring out how … Continue reading

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