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MWIR joined in Mala Fide; posting as Kievsky

Dear Readers, I will still be posting here, but I have also joined the stable of writers at In Mala Fide. Incidentally, the author of Delightsome, Matt Parrott, also blogs there, along with dozens of other writers. IMF is a … Continue reading

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NYT Wedding Announcements and the Brain Slug People

I’m not going to pick out any particular couples, but here’s the main page New York Times Weddings and Celebrations. It’s a peek into a hereditary, racialist cognitive elite. Never mind the smattering of military goyisch marriages. They throw in … Continue reading

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Homeschooled White kid wins Intel prize

In Californiaa homeschooled White kid named Evan O’Dorney wins the Intel prize. I thought America didn’t produce White computer and math geniuses any more? Just ask Bill Gates. He said he needs, DESPERATELY NEEDS, “unlimited H1-B visas” because we’re too … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with White Americans?

I had a profound idea during this latest radio show, and that was this: The reason millions of whites here in the US are so self destructive and racially nihilistic is because overconsumption of mass media made them mentally dull, … Continue reading

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Thank you James O’Keefe! NPR is a flagship mainstream media institution of anti-white bias and hate. Here’s an outrageous “report” that ironically talks about the high quality of life of Portland, Oregon, but then bemoans that it is 80% White, … Continue reading

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Fighting for a good cause can lead to hubris

It’s a lot of fun seeing the evil of our enemies fail, though it is tragic to see the casualties of liberalism. However, I had a realization. I remember taking a class on “The Hermeneutics of Suspicion” a religion class … Continue reading

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Expulsion (this happened in 2002)

This is an article I wrote in 2002 Expulsion by Andrei Kievsky Today I took my daughter to an ordinary day care/nursery school. The new teachers are decent and trustworthy people, but they are also cookie cutter lemmings. I assured … Continue reading

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