Homeschooled White kid wins Intel prize

In Californiaa homeschooled White kid named Evan O’Dorney wins the Intel prize.

I thought America didn’t produce White computer and math geniuses any more? Just ask Bill Gates. He said he needs, DESPERATELY NEEDS, “unlimited H1-B visas” because we’re too stupid here to work for him.

The fact that he is homeschooled is worth notice. I have found that just doing 1/2 hour of math a day leads to very fast progress, such as trigonometry in 4 months, even in a kid who doesn’t (or didn’t) like to do math.

The math you want to have before going to college is calculus and statistics. These two subjects winnow out a lot of students from the more challenging majors that will lead to better job prospects, such as a B.S. in Business versus a B.A. A B.S. business major crunches numbers to see if a business should get a loan, and at what interest rate, or works at a hedge fund. The B.A. business major works in Human Resources and reviews “benefit plans” and decides if an affirmative action potential hire will be at least minimally qualified for the job.

The difference between a B.S. in business and a B.A. in business is “Business Calculus.”

Statistics is critical for business as well, as well as the higher medical field, such as becoming a doctor, veterinarian, or medical researcher.

The idea of becoming a scientist is not considered “glamorous” to American high school kids. They (we) were convinced to cede this field. The top prize of female attention doesn’t go to math nerds and future scientists in the high schools. Of course the homeschoolers don’t get the memo, so they grow up to compete in these rarefied fields.

My conclusion is that high schools are effectively Psy Ops against White kids. They teach all the wrong things about life, that become inapplicable the moment they graduate. There’s a book called “Hold on to your Kids; Why Parents need to matter more than Peers.”

Public schools cultivate Peer Orientation. But one’s Peers are the worst possible “guidance.”


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10 Responses to Homeschooled White kid wins Intel prize

  1. Grover Mctrevor says:

    I heard the second place girl in the story interviewed on NPR yesterday. She did a study on anxiety resulting from taking away kids’ cellphones. On her website, which promotes a Cambodian charity, it states, “Michelle aspires to become a journalist and researcher, possibly focusing on international affairs and the role that women play in shaping them”. She’s going to go to Yale to study psychology. No doubt she will be well prepared for a life of producing nothing useful and being paid handsomely for it. No mention was made of Evan O’Dorney.

    But enough negativity. Check out this site:
    It’s about a cool shortcut for solving some really hard calculus problems. An example would be to find the area between the tracks of the front and rear wheels of a bicycle after making a turn. It is fully understandable for even elementary school children. It only takes about ten minutes to add this to your arsenal.

  2. mindweapon says:

    Wow, great find, Grover! Welcome to Ragnarok!

  3. mindweapon says:


    That web page didn’t render properly, so I found a pdf version of the same thing. Google Mamikon calculus and download “Apostol Feature.pdf” and that’s it. The html choked on the pi symbol, and they didn’t use a ^ for exponents, so I didn’t understand the page. But the PDF is great! I am definitely going to use Mamikon’s theorem and teach it to my kid.

  4. Gavin says:

    This kid also won the national spelling bee a few years back. He seems to be some sort of savant. Definitely ha can s some form of autism, you can watch an interview with him here:

    • Grover Mctrevor says:

      Wow! Now I am kind of glad NPR didn’t interview him. People would say he was screwed up because of homeschooling. Maybe NPR is secretly in our camp. Perhaps we should rethink that defunding thing.

  5. mindweapon says:


    NPR is not secretly in our camp. Homeschooling doesn’t mess up kids. He definitely has some kind of autism. He was much better off at home than at a public school, don’t you think? At public school he would have been horribly teased.

  6. TabuLa Raza says:

    I gotta post this amazing video somewhere. Black pastor David Manning tells the FULL truth about blacks-

    Spread it around!

  7. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    Reblogged this on Mindweapons in Ragnarok and commented:

    Some more nuggets of truth from MW.

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