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Matt Hale; American composer from the supermax Gulag

Here is Matt Hale’s first work, sent to me from the Supermax in Florence, Colorado, called “For Our Folk.” It is meant to be sung, or played by violin or trumpet. It is a march: download from here: Advertisements

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Breakdown of the Automatic Cornucopia

Here’s where I sort of agree with the Leftists, but there’s a catch. They fostered the dependency on the “Automatic Cornucopia,” making the population much more individualistic and less caring and sharing with each other. While I agree is that … Continue reading

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Grady Warren for President!

Teahad! (White Jihad) This guy is awesome! He projects an all American image, and he is bringing conservatism much, much farther rightward. His website is which I could not access just now because it exceeded bandwidth. Grady Warren for President! … Continue reading

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White Woman in Brooklyn, NYC defends her PhD dissertation in Afro-American Studies

The Faculty Committee at Mindweapons in Ragnarok University grants this woman a PhD in Racial Reality. We hope you never have to face a similar “dissertation committee,” but if you do, this video will show you how to successfully … Continue reading

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Intra-White class issues

Response to the following comment by Aaron at Alternative Right: I also prefer quality and beauty. It’s important to keep in mind that the people who most agree with us here are the SWPLers: those who espouse ideologies of egalitarianism, … Continue reading

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Julian Lee, Youtube Composer

A White Nationalist Gesamtkunstwerk, via youtube: Be sure to watch the whole thing. I know it’s long for you people with 3 minute attention spans.

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