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Negroes riot in Boston, “comment removed”

The comments are more interesting than the article. I wish I could have saved some of the deleted comments. dspinma wrote: and mayor thomas m. menino wants us to higher these nice kids for summer jobs… 5/31/2011 6:20 AM EDT … Continue reading

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Triple Bottom Line Corporations (Hail SWPLs)

I was surprised to find out about the existence of Triple Bottom Line Companies, in other words, companies whose goals are not only profit, but social good, environmental good, and profit. An example is King Arthur Flour in Vermont: In … Continue reading

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On being a watcher of the world

As geeks of news, politics and culture, we watch the world — watch historical events, and think how it’s going to affect us. Most of the time, nothing happens — at least not to us. Thus the motorheads and/or spectator … Continue reading

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NY Times debates anti-white bias

Here’s the link NYT on anti-white bias Haven’t read it yet, but lets discuss in the comments. Will there be even one writer who takes our side? Even a little bit? I looked at the roster and I doubt it.

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Reposted from RooshV: open letter to American parents

I thought this was worth reposting in full. Grandma’s common sense, spoken by a Game guru. Open Letter To The Parents Of American Daughters By Roosh Dear American Parent, I want to thank you from the bottom of my … Continue reading

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Herb Boyd gets “negro pass” on Democracy Now Skip to 49:27, Herb Boyd says, “As duh dead Chinaman says, Mao Zedong . . . ” So a black guy can say “Chinaman” on Amy Goodman’s show! She is the very standard bearer of grim-faced political correctness. Yet … Continue reading

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As predicted; Seaholm “hate crime” was a hate hoax

Well, at least they got a Diversity Club out of it: Yet another hate hoax Mike Martindale / / The Detroit News Birmingham — An 18-year-old African-American student at Seaholm High School is expected to be charged today with ethnic … Continue reading

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