Herb Boyd gets “negro pass” on Democracy Now


Skip to 49:27, Herb Boyd says, “As duh dead Chinaman says, Mao Zedong . . . ”

So a black guy can say “Chinaman” on Amy Goodman’s show! She is the very standard bearer of grim-faced political correctness. Yet the great and good black man can do or say no wrong! Too funny.

Another funny moment is at 48:20 where Amy sighs orgasmically (a rare display of emotion) at a jazz song called “Malcolm, Martin and Mandela” as she gazes to her left in an approval seeking gesture. We get it, Amy — you just love black people SOOOOOO much. You probably have custom made teddy bears that look like your favorite civil rights leaders.

Watch out for those dead Chinamen Amy!


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15 Responses to Herb Boyd gets “negro pass” on Democracy Now

  1. Siryako says:

    I don’t know if people in your movement have thought about this before Kievsky, but I may have an explanation, or at least a particular perspective.

    Obviously, there’s a double standard with regards to racism as it pertains to whites on the one hand and non-whites on the other. However, the same may also be said between women and men with regards to sexism, and the various other “PC” topics.

    I don’t know if this occurred to the people in your movement, but words change based on the people who utter them, so that a racially charged word coming from the mouth of a white person is significantly different from a racially charged word coming from the mouth of a non-white.

    And the reason why this is so, is that the racism coming from whites is more than just racism. It also holds connotations of cultural and technological superiority, whereas racism coming from non-whites is basically xenophobia or simple group identity, unfortunate but largely harmless. With whites however, racism isn’t harmless, and thus you have the double standard.

    You can’t really argue something like this because it’s an emotional thing, not an intellectual one, partially because whites would like to view themselves as the moral superiors of the entire world but also because among non-whites, my people included, racism from a white person is radically different than when it comes from someone who is say Black like the gentleman in your post or Chinese like this gentleman: http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/Kenneth_Eng

    This may seem radical, but it’s not really racism that white people are being accused of. What your people are really being accused of with regards to racism is the unspoken threat that if white people and countries were to find collective interests, the world will end up back in the 18th century – in full colonialism and the darkies tilling the fields. And also, there’s the other implication that if whites were to suddenly become a unified racial bloc, liberalism as it is known today will cease to exist, because liberals are largely comprised of white people.

    I personally don’t think this sort of scenario will happen, and so I don’t have any problems with white nationalism, or at least the more reasonable versions of it.

    There are other reasons for the double standards of course, but this is one view that may be of some help.

    • MajikFireHornet says:

      Way, way too complicated. Amy Gutman, ‘scuse me, “Goodman” is a (Red) Jewess. The Jews have the money, but they also need raw numbers to maintain their deathgrip on America. So they suck up to the blacks – and all their other captive group entitlements – at each and every opportunity.

      • mindweapon says:


        It’s always interesting when one observes a chink, er . . . Chinaman . . . . er, vulnerability in the Amy Goodman fortress of political correctness.

    • seedofjapheth says:


      Are you defending this double standard?

      • Siryako says:

        In manner of speaking, yes. Double Standards won’t really matter if different groups of people with different ethnic-cultural interests and identities were not forced to live with each other.

        It is only when you force two groups to live together that double standards become a problem, as it results in one group’s standards and values dominating the other group’s standards and values. Multiculturalism and Multiracialism are the results of mental aberration and greed.

        Good fences make for good neighbors…

    • Skeeter says:

      I was just about to read that article when I saw that it’s by Robert Jensen, the guy from UT Austin who says the U.S. porn industry is a bastion of “white supremacism,” meaning he has to be real dumb (which he’s probably not) or highly disingenuous, because you’d have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to notice the heavy and leading Jewish role (for decades) in producing porn if you researched it at all to write books on it. OK, I’ll go read the article now and hope my head doesn’t explode.

      • Marvelous White Male says:

        I couldn’t get past the first few paragraphs without my head exploding. I’m OK now, going back to read the rest.

  2. Marvelous White Male says:

    “In the institutions that adopt the liberal view, diversity is just fine (as long as whites remain in control) and multiculturalism can flourish (as long as white norms remain dominant).”

    What Mr. Jensen fails to understand is that diversity and multiculturalism can flourish ONLY as long as liberal Whites remain in control.

    Latinos, East Asians and South Asians want nothing to do with Black people as equals for the most part. They would employ them as maids and domestic servants and pay them very little for their work as well as abuse their human rights and dignity as individuals, as they do to their “servant class” in their own countries.

    Shia and Sunni Muslims have no interest in forming University Islamic Clubs with one another. South Asian Clubs at Universities are mostly comprised of Hindus or other Hindu friendly religious students like Jains. South Asian Muslims and Christians form their own SEPARATE clubs.

    Everybody is brought under one banner ONLY when White Liberals are in control.

    How is it that nobody sees this???

    • Skeeter says:

      Maybe Amy Goodman’s the Jewish version of a Robert Jensen, a backstabber of one’s own people. The thing with a lot of these lefties is they’re correct on certain things — not letting big business just run roughshod over everyone and everything, for example. But their minds are so warped on the topic of race that it negates most of what they’re right about. Goodman, Red Hebress or not, doesn’t bother me nearly as much as Jensen, a guy who’s made a career condemning even the mildest white resistance to our ongoing dispossession and brainwashing white kids and others into believing ordinary white folks enjoy some kind of “privilege.” What’s our privilege — that our race hasn’t earned as bad a reputation among the rest of mankind as another race that everyone’s always worried will rob, assault, rape or murder? So because our behavior hasn’t earned us as bad a reputation as some other race, we’re to be considered “privileged?” If the political pendulum in this country ever meaningfully swings back the other way, things could (and should) get ugly for the likes of Jensen, Tim Wise and their ilk.

      • Skeeter says:

        forgot to mention — the right-wing (and probably moderate) Jews don’t like Amy Goodman ’cause she’s a Jew who dares to criticize Israel, hence the “backstabber” label.

      • Marvelous White Male says:

        Did you get to the part in Jensen’s article where he takes on the White Man’s Burden of smoothing out race relations between Latinos and Blacks?


        White people should quit meddling in other people’s business.

  3. klaos says:

    ‘Racism’ makes sense when you consider it as an ethno-specific mind-weapon ‘marxists’ use to control White People.

    I think metapedia does a good job explaining:


    • Mike says:

      Thanks for that link — it’s excellent! As to changing anyone’s mind on this blog, Amy & Herb don’t stand a Chinaman’s chance in hell, as the Englishmen used to say . . .

  4. Attila@yahoo.com says:

    I avoid conversing with Americans like the plague. One whiff of controversy or political incorrectness and they’re putting words in your mouth/accusing you of extreme views.

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