Reposted from RooshV: open letter to American parents

I thought this was worth reposting in full. Grandma’s common sense, spoken by a Game guru.

Open Letter To The Parents Of American Daughters
By Roosh

Dear American Parent,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Because of your awful parenting, average men just like myself are racking up notch counts that even Casanova himself would be jealous of, all from learning a handful of game tricks.

I have performed the job that you have not. When my sister was about 16, I sat her down for “the talk.” I went over human sexual anatomy and contraception, but most importantly I talked about the meaning of sex. Here’s what I told her:

All men are pigs. Yes, even I am a pig. All we want is to have sex with the least amount of effort. We will say anything you want to hear in order to get it. Understand that before sex, you have all the power, but afterwards you have very little. A guy who was jumping over himself to hang out with you will be more nonchalant after sex, like he doesn’t even care.

The only way a man will value you is if you made him put in a lot of investment before sex. The more work he puts in, the less he can rationalize that you were meaningless to him, and the more likely he will continue to pursue because he considers you above the rest. Each man you have sex with that doesn’t call you back will kill a part of your soul, and it’s your job to guard against that. Only have sex with men who earn it.

One last thing. A guy will use every trick in the book not to use a condom. If he tries, he has probably done that on god knows how many women, and those women have done the same on god knows how many men. Don’t turn your body into a petri dish.

You’re probably thinking, “Oh she must really hate men now! She’s probably a lesbian!” And you would be wrong. She is 25-years-old and has had two multi-year relationships with men who have treated her well (her most recent boyfriend took her to a concert of her favorite singer for Valentine’s Day—how sweet). Her relationships have been comfortable, balanced, and based on the mutual sharing of experiences. She’s not out at the bar fucking random guys or getting drunk. She doesn’t lead guys on just to receive text messages. She didn’t flirt with other guys on Facebook behind her boyfriends’ backs. Bottom line is she doesn’t put out like your dirty little whore.

She is absolutely repulsed by the stories I tell her of quickly taking a girl to bed (or car). Her response is along the lines of, “How can they do that? Ewww.” My brainwashing has worked on her, and the truth is she appreciates my lessons. She’s happy not to be like other girls her age, drowning in a shallow life of liquor and anonymous cocks. In fact, I don’t think she’s had sex with more than four or five guys in her life. For a 25-year-old American girl that is an astonishing feat. I will never ask for her count because that would be crossing our brother-sister relationship, but right now I’m reminded of 21-year-old I fucked a few months ago. She couldn’t help but tell me she has already slept with “over 10″ guys, essentially bragging about it. I was probably number 18 or 19, and believe me when I say I didn’t feel at all privileged about fucking her.

By the time that slut is 24 it will be impossible for her not have experienced 30 cocks, but she’s empowered and independent, right? This is what you’ve brought into the world. Needless to say but I didn’t ask her out again. Why should I when I can just text her as I get horny from the bar at 2am? Why would I put in a scrap of work when she rewards me with putting in none?

I didn’t just have one speech with my sister, I hammered things into her brain over several years. I said…

Right now you are in your physical prime. All humans start to degrade after 25, but for women it’s more dramatic since us guys mostly care about looks. We are more shallow than you can possibly imagine. Therefore if you want to get married, you should start thinking about it when you’re 24. It takes a couple years to find a guy and then a couple years more to make sure he’s the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. It’s okay if you don’t want to get married, but if you do, don’t wait until you’re 30. By then it will be too late because you’ll have to compete with younger girls who are still in their prime, and it won’t matter how smart you are if you’re not as pretty as them. After 30 you’ll be forced to settle with a man you wouldn’t even have considered just a couple years prior. And that’s if you’re lucky.

Her last relationship lasted three years. Sucks it didn’t work out, but she has the right idea.

I’ve had a direct influence over her even though I wasn’t her father. I simply told her the facts of life, how things really are, and what she has to do to land a man for a relationship. I told her that while she will see many girls pretending to enjoy fucking guys who don’t give a shit about them, they are not happy. Her time is better spent on making one man happy instead of letting many men use her for short-term sexual pleasure.

If you were a boy instead of a girl, I would tell you something very different. Understand that guys have some sort of “conquest gene.” Sure, sex with someone we love make us generally happy, but conquering a continuous stream of new lands and female bodies really makes us happy. This is why business and statecraft is mostly in the realm of men, who are natural born hunters. We’ve perfected those things. When our little half-brother grows up, the talks I have with him will be very different.

And they have. I’m bringing him out of his shell to be a charming devil that slays pussy left and right. I’d be destroying his life if I told him to seek relationships that end up in marriage, but for my sister marriage is an okay venture to get into, especially in America where family law tilts things in her favor.

I’m wondering why you didn’t teach your daughter these things. Why didn’t you tell her not to fuck a cocky dude that treats her poorly after just a couple hours? Why didn’t you tell her to wrap it up with the random men she goes to bed with? I’m not entirely sure, but I want to sincerely offer my gratitude. You’ve helped create a system where sex is meaningless, and one that I take advantage of every week.

As much as I love going to the sex clinic after an awesome hot streak, I know this isn’t sustainable. I know that I’m living a special time that takes advantage of perverse cultural loopholes, and that nations without a solid family unit will find the chickens coming home to roost sooner than later. Nonetheless, I will jam my dick in your girl and others like her, to enjoy this ride as long as I can.

Thanks again,



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14 Responses to Reposted from RooshV: open letter to American parents

  1. fwm says:

    Unfortunately, the selfish nihilist is correct. I may have the same talk with my young family females.

  2. Brandon says:

    You’re all full of it.

  3. Brandon says:

    ….on this issue…

  4. Marvelous White Male says:

    Roosh could always opt out by choosing to reign in his slutty cock and settle down with a nice girl.

    Time for a letter to be written to the parent of sons.

    But anyway, American parents aren’t going for this advice. When most of them are divorced and single themselves, and can’t wait to get home from work so they can log onto and secure a “date” (codeword for lay) for the weekend, do we really expect their kids to be doing anything different?

  5. Roosh could always opt out by choosing to reign in his slutty cock and settle down with a nice girl.

    I don’t think that I’ve ever met a virgin in my adult life. Where are they hiding?

    • Marvelous White Male says:

      I’m not talking neccessarily “virgin”. But a woman with scruples who practices self-control and has protected sex only within a committed relationship will do.

      However its highly doubtful that such a woman would find Roosh attractive.

      As far as virgins – they do exist, and not only in religious circles.

      A recent poll of regular ol’ US college students had a significant % of virgins show up, and not just males.

  6. mindweapon says:


    You are right about neglectful American parents, with some exceptions. My wife and I are certainly an exception, and we know some other parents with the same attitude — at least till the youngest graduates high school.

    TUG — together until graduation. When the kid finishes high school, the parents can move on with their lives and pursue their selfish interests. But not until then.

    It’s not terribly romantic or idealistic, but it’s realistic. Stick together until your kids finish high school.

    • Marvelous White Male says:

      If they can stay together that long – why not just continue til the end of their days?

      By the time kids graduate their parents are at least in their 40s, and with people marrying and having babies late these days, the parents are more likely in their 50s, even sometimes 60s.

      Now please tell me – what is the point of getting divorced when your life is more than half over and you are facing your senior citizen years?

      • Erik Nordman says:

        No offense, but you must be quite young yourself, in order to make that comment. Even if you’re in your 50’s (and I have another decade to go until that), you’re hardly dead. A reasonably healthy individual isn’t really “facing their senior years” until their late 60’s or later.

        ( Leni Riefenstahl was in her 90’s, but she lived to be 101, though. ;o) )

  7. FN says:

    Is this fellow a negro a Jew? That is their philosophy, almost all of those “seduction” purveyors are jews. Aryan men, especially the most evil of all Aryan men, the NS, are alleged to live by a code of honor…that is antiquated I know and belongs back in the 1930s…For sure we shall sneak up on the enemy by golly
    Now rent, as Dr Pierce suggested, SAVE THE LAST DANCE, get out the popcorn.

  8. Mademoiselle White Rabbit says:


    Sure, sex with someone we love make us generally happy, but conquering a continuous stream of new lands and female bodies really makes us happy.

    Contradicts this:

    I’m reminded of 21-year-old I fucked a few months ago. She couldn’t help but tell me she has already slept with “over 10″ guys, essentially bragging about it. I was probably number 18 or 19, and believe me when I say I didn’t feel at all privileged about fucking her.

    I have no problem believing that he gets a huge adrenaline/endorphine rush from the frequent orgasms and that his ego gets a huge, temporary boost every time he “bags” a chick. But what happens the minute after he orgasms? He isn’t on top of the world anymore, and if anything, he’s probably busy worrying about how to get rid of the girl in his bed or back seat. Men are protectors and providers at their core, and without their own mini-tribe, or family unit, they usually seek other ways to fulfill that need or struggle with depression and low self-worth – which is a lot harder to get rid of than a bruised ego.

    It strikes me that the only time he sounds remotely happy is when he’s talking about his little sister and bragging on her conservative and, in his eyes, successful track record with the opposite sex. As for the sexual free-for-all that defines his life – well, it’s always interesting hearing miserable people try to prove that they are happy.

  9. Jackson says:

    A real tribe, a successful tribe, has rules that work for both the men and women of the tribe. Rules that are congruant. Yes, men and women have different needs and drives, so they can’t be identical, but congruant. The idea that you can have a society of male cads and female prisses is not workable.

    The negro rules are similar for men and women – lots of casual sex, lots of babies, woman own the children, men donate seed. Men gift women lavishly to get the sex, but have no long term commitments. Women expect none, they live with their mothers, grandmothers and children in semi-communal section 8 longhouses.

    Whites had congruant rules for our tribe until the 1950s. Good kids waited, both boys and girls. Boys were given a bit more latitude, maybe screw a slut on the side in high school to get it out of your system, but stay on track, marry “up”, find the prize win it and raise the next generation of high-value, high investment white kids.

    Who is going to father the next generation of white kids if the available white men, like the authors little brother are socialized to act like rutting negros? These decent while women will end up with Asian or Jewish men if they want decent men. The Jews might not *be* more decent, but they are sneakier and familiar with cheating from a young age. Many Asian men are very loyal and family oriented. And of their societies are organized in a way that the seven-year-itch can be scratched without anyone being hummiliated or disrespected. (Geishas, bar girls, etc.) Of course the white girls who go slut will eventually end up mudsharking because if all you want is hot cock, fast times, and abuse to match your degraded psyche no one can give you that like a negro player.

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