On being a watcher of the world

As geeks of news, politics and culture, we watch the world — watch historical events, and think how it’s going to affect us. Most of the time, nothing happens — at least not to us. Thus the motorheads and/or spectator sports fans can make a case that we watch with little return on investment. And whatever happens, we can’t much help it anyway.

What I say to the motorheads and sports fans is that they are failing to keep the sewer of mass media from the minds of their children. Kids who grow up with less exposure to mass media have better functioning brains, and it’s the news and culture nerds who keep mass media away from their kids, at least the more extreme ones. Moderate news and culture nerds are also often sports fans.

An extreme news and culture nerd like myself regarded the publication of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother as a watershed event. But the people in my social circle had seen something about it on Good Morning America and regarded it in passing.

My culture watching in 1990’s in the USA and Russia, and in particular living in a rooming house with Chinese scientists in 1995 in Arlington, MA, led me to realize that White Americans are going to lose out to high investment parenting (intellectual/scholarly) cultures and religious conservative cultures. I was in my 20’s and I would go to Army Reserve drill and have vociferous arguments with NCO’s in their late 30’s and 40’s who had kids. I’d ask them if they let their kids watch TV, asked them if they did math with their kids or took them to music lessons. In every case, the NCO’s (sergeants) did let their kids watch lots of TV and movies and play videogames, and didn’t turn them into math whizzes or piano virtousi.

I would tell them they were not good parents, and talk about the Chinese scientists (a married couple, the husband was an artificial intelligence engineer, the wife a business student, and a single man who was a physicist at Harvard). In my rooming house there was also a ne’er do well (half Irish half Jewish) son of an executive who was living on Dad-fare. His hobbies were movies, videogames, weed, beer, identity theft and insurance fraud. The Chinese scientists only understood that he sat around watching “fiction” and playing video games all the time. They would tell us that we Americans were going to lose out to the studious Chinese. The ne’er do well got defensive, albeit in a lame way, but I understood that the Chinese were right. The ne’er do well acted like I was a race traitor for agreeing with the Chinese.

The American sergeants in my army unit went so far as to threaten me with a security investigation for not reporting that I lived in the same house with foreign nationals. Some of the sergeants I was good friends with, but a couple of them (liberals, actually) wanted to have me pronounced psychologically/ideologically unfit for duty. I was in my 20’s and I didn’t “get” that military service was all about steady paychecks and pensions and keeping your mouth shut and biding your time. I considered it my duty to my country to warn my higher-ups about the threat of Idiocracy to America’s national security.

In retrospect, I was more right than I realized even then. Idiocracy is the greatest threat to national security because it leads to anarcho-tyranny — the lawlessness of kings. The bailouts and the Iraq invasion are the two shining examples of anarcho-tyranny. Iraq and the bailouts were in your face, chutzpathic law-breaking.

The kings are lawless because the people are dumbed down. And those liberal sergeants who considered me “unfit for duty” because I railed against television — I wonder how their kids turned out? I hope they came out OK, but look around at the country. The averages are not good — obesity, drug use, crazy checks.

I didn’t just argue with sergeants. I argued with a lot of liberals at my college and liberal middle class mothers. Every white American seemed to defend “slacking!” I was a lone voice crying in the wilderness.

Finally in 2011 Amy Chua said what I’d been saying for at least 15 years. I still have to spread this message to racially conscious White Americans, some of whom are beginning to “get it.” We should thank the Chinese for laughing at us for our intellectual laziness and slacking.

When we start to compete with the Asians for the better niches such as science, engineering and convenience stores, we will set our next generation of White children upon much firmer ground.

One intergenerational improvement that I have anecdotally observed is a backlash against divorcing while the kids are still minors. Married couples are not necessarily “happy” together, but they are staying together to work on an important project called “raising the kids.” However, these anti-divorce parents are not yet “tiger moms.” But that may be the next generation, because now we are going through a “lost generation” of kids who are not getting absorbed into the workforce after school/college. As Gerald Celente says, “they have degrees in worthlessness.”

I suspect that we, like every other species, will “evolve” with these social changes. Conservative and religious people will pass on their genes; let’s work to get these people to be intellectual as well. The Robinson Homeschooling Family and Curriculum is an example of religious conservatives who are also scientific and intellectual. Robinson is a model for the inchoate mindweapon movement.

By religious conservatives I do not necessarily mean “Christian fundamentalists.” Perhaps there shall be a whole new kind of religious conservative — like the radical traditionalists. But it is religious conservatives who have children and spread over the world, whether Muslims or Mormons or Irish Catholics. One problem with religion (that I remember from “Sunday school”) is a feeling of being intellectually strangled.

Is it possible to have religious conservatism without anti-intellectualism? Or will the “free thinkers” destroy any religious community? Perhaps it is one of those unsolvable problems. Perhaps there is meant to always be a tension between the opposing forces of religious doctrine and free thought.

Qigong is about playing with yin and yang — with opposing forces. Having all the weight in one foot and none in the other, then shifting to the other foot. Or trying to do a perfect 50-50 balance in between the feet (it’s not easy).

So perhaps it’s not about resolving intellectual or spiritual tensions, but living with them and playing with them, churning them. To be both a religious conservative, and an intellectual, at the same time, and live with some contradictions. Living with contradictions is like a yoga pose — a bit of short term discomfort, but in the long term you are more mobile and comfortable in your own body and you have more energy.


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39 Responses to On being a watcher of the world

  1. Marvelous White Male says:

    I agree and this is exactly my point to Jeff and Skeeter on the other thread.

    There’s a lot of talk in these parts, and very little, if any WALK.

    Let’s see White Nationalists get and stay married. After that let’s see them have kids, and lots of them. After that let’s see them educated their kids well and raise them to be healthy, happy, functional and successful adults who then go on to get married, stay married and raise well-adjusted kids.

    This is the missing link in all this “White Nationalism” talk.

    Most of the White Nationalists I’ve met in real life are of average if not low IQ, shiftless, beer-guzzling and pussy-chasing losers who I wouldn’t trust as far as I can throw ’em.

    I’d like to see some high intellects with functioning in-tact families.

    Religious or not, there has to be a philosophy and some principles to live by.

    • Mike says:

      Careful with this business of walking the walk and talking the talk — you open yourself up to questions of what exactly you’ve done to improve our situation.

  2. Siryako says:

    Kievsky, I have a question. Do other races in the US practice homeschooling, or is that White thing? Also, what’s your answer to critics of homeschooling who say that it stifles the social skills of a child?

    • Marvelous White Male says:

      Yes, other races do it too.

      You can google for the info.

    • mindweapon says:


      Yes, but it’s mostly whites doing homeschooling. The Asians send their kids to public school but then supplement with home teaching — like the tiger mom and like me.

      As far as “stifling the social skills” see the book “Hold on to your kids” by Gabor Mate. He is a medical doctor and his co-author is a psychologist and they did research and found that parent-oriented children had better outcomes than peer oriented children.

      • Siryako says:

        Thanks, Kievsky

        I’m actually surprised that “Tiger Moms” in the US personally homeschool their kids.

        Here, in the Philippines, the Filipino-Chinese community as well as the native and mestizo upper classes equate homeschooling is generally equated with hiring a personal tutor for each of their children.

  3. FN says:

    Is it possible to have religious conservatism without anti-intellectualism?

    It certainly is, what do you think the Golden Age of Islam was?

    Today the Arabs and Persians want to wallow like the Americans do, in Virtual Realities, in STUFF, CONSUMERISM.

    That is what the body of Muslims are like today, especially those 2 groups.

    But not all, not all…

    • Marvelous White Male says:

      “Is it possible to have religious conservatism without anti-intellectualism?”

      South Asian Buddhists, Hindus and Jains manage quite well.

  4. Ryu says:

    I totally agree. I have found alot of profit in WN.

    In fact, once I became racially aware, I felt like I had to maximize my potential and go to graduate school. I want to raise my kids in a white, European tradition. I get the distinct feeling that to educate them properly, either me or my wife will have to homeschool them.

    Don’t get discourged, Kievsky. THere is alot of racial awareness out there. Inch by inch, centimeter by centimeter, whites can be taught.

    • mindweapon says:


      I’m very glad to hear that! It can be very motivating for people who can handle it. WN is strong stuff, and you either do well on it or you self destruct.

      I’m glad to hear your optimism, and I can say that I am trying to reach my potential as well because of WN.

  5. Hreodbeorht says:

    “Is it possible to have religious conservatism without anti-intellectualism?”

    The renaissance is a prime example when concerning the europid folk , although it also led to various shifts in religious ideology in parts of Europe. Overall the two disciplines of conservatism and intellectualism go hand in hand as they have done throughout history. To learn a little might lean the boy towards atheism, but to learn alot will turn him back toward religion.

    The people that do well in combining both do not view each discipline as absolute or swallow the doctrines of both as irrefutable, the many grey areas that occur tend to be the areas where both disciplines overlap and reconcile one another and thus the individual attains enlightenment.

    Your spirtuality is your roadmap in life and your guide to the universe, your science helps and improves your understanding as to why this is so. We need to define a set of principles and lay out our philosophy, near-immutable laws that provides our people with the backbone that has been corrupted in the modern age.

    Remember If you follow the gospel or not, the bible is a philosophy and a way of life that doesnt need to be taken literally, you just need to recognize the allegories and take them for what they are. Old european spirtuality (particually the northern varaint) can provide us with a valuable resource and guide on life whilst being more than relevant in this post-modern era and not standing in opposition to our academic pursuits. Some would say that this particular path is the most essential due to the wisdom of the ancients, its flexibility and the link to our ancestral and cultural roots.

    Gone of track there a bit but I think my point is very clear, so in conclusion; to be devoutly religious/spiritual whilst also climbing the summits of academia is easily possible infact i would say is essential to make a well rounded and emminent individual. Most the great minds possessed these two traits, they really do go hand in hand.

  6. RobertinArabia says:

    Stupid, Liberal, Anti-White Bigots.


    There are only two types of SLAWB: hopelessly stupid and hopelessly biased. You have to be one or both to believe the things SLAWBs believe:

    diversity is a strength
    every culture is equally good
    race does not exist
    the Western world need more immigrants
    white racial identity is racist
    non-white racial identity is wonderful
    mentioning or alluding to minorities in an unflattering way is racist
    refusal to feel guilty for being white is racist
    refusal to hate all white people is racist
    openly calling for the extermination of all white people is not racist
    any white person accused of racism by anyone is a racist
    anyone accusing a minority of racism is a racist — unless the accuser is a less racist minority (blacks < Muslims < Hispanics < American Indians << Asians << Jews), in which case the accused is the racist; or both are the same race (e.g. black vs. "Uncle Tom"), in which case whomever is least anti-white is the racist
    science, statistics, and common sense are racist if they do not support any of the aforementioned beliefs
    freedom of speech does not extend to questioning any of these beliefs (including this one), which is racist
    a racist (by any of the above criteria) is the worst thing you can possibly be, and the use of violence to suppress his or her “hate thoughts” — and I do mean thoughts, not just speech — is a legitimate political strategy to be encouraged, if not mandated by law
    Neither type of SLAWB can be reasoned with. The hopelessly stupid SLAWB cannot understand, and the hopelessly biased SLAWB will not understand, or he will understand but pretend he does not understand because it profits him (e.g., Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Jesse Jackson’s crazy son…).

    Since they cannot be reasoned with, it is about time I stopped trying.

    I have stopped trying
    I mean it. I am done arguing with these morons and charlatans.

    So now that I have stopped trying, what am I going to do with all my free time?

    • Marvelous White Male says:

      “every culture is equally good”

      Nobody thinks this. Quite the contrary everybody thinks their culture is the best.

      I’ve been all over the world and everyone everywhere thinks they have the best culture and foreigners are doing it wrong.

      • Siryako says:

        Well, of course. The whole point in thinking one’s culture to be superior is to reinforce the idea of winning. All nations want to win as well as beat others. Conflict and competition is the nature of the world, and in this context, there is absolutely nothing wrong in being ethnocentric.

    • Skeeter says:

      Wow, that was awesome! Sometimes you have to be like a scientist discovering and articulating the unwritten laws governing the society we live in, and you’ve really done that here. Even though I’m sure most of us at this blog already know these to be respectable polite society’s rules, it’s good to seem them all written down in one place just to reinforce our understanding and remind us what we’re up against.

  7. Unamused says:

    Re: “Nobody thinks [every culture is equally good]. Quite the contrary everybody thinks their culture is the best.”

    I’m truly sorry to inform you that this is not the case. The SLAWBs in question believe every culture is equally valid, even if it forces women to wear cloth bags or ritually blinds its children, as long as it’s not Western culture, which they consider a great evil.

    Just watch how they respond to a statement like “the most parsimonious explanation for why Africa is such a disaster, is race differences in intelligence”: they’ll literally say “colonialism, imperialism, slavery, go learn some history” and walk smugly away. In other words: straight white men and everything they do, bad; every one else and anything they do, good. (A la “Zoolander.”)

    • Skeeter says:

      As a talking point in reply to these all-too-common “edukwated” idiots when they go on about white colonialism, imperialism and slavery of other races, you can ask them if they’ve never heard of the Ottoman Empire and the Caliphate in north Africa or the Mughal Empire and the Delhi Sultanate in South Asia. Basically, Muslim Arabs, Turks and Persians invaded, conquered, enslaved and killed millions of people (including Slavic whites) from races other than their own. Tell them to look up the trans-Saharan slave trade, which was longer-lived and crueler than the trans-Atlantic slave trade (check out the part about where eunuchs came from). And then ask them if they see Arabs, Turks and Persians expressing shame or guilt about their history or making restitution for it. Ask them if the East African blacks, the Slavics or anyone else enslaved or killed by these groups now expect said groups to make amends for their past. It’ll be like talking to a brick wall, of course, but you might plants seeds of understanding in some of their minds. Maybe they’ll even say, “What? Whites were slaves, too?”

  8. Unamused says:

    By the way, here is the original rant, including the conclusion, which explains what I am doing with all my free time. (Making inflammatory flyers, as it turns out.)

  9. Marvelous White Male says:

    “I’m truly sorry to inform you that this is not the case. The SLAWBs in question believe every culture is equally valid, even if it forces women to wear cloth bags or ritually blinds its children, as long as it’s not Western culture, which they consider a great evil.”

    I have never EVER met anyone who thinks this. And I have met a great many people from a great many background, including what you would refer to as SLAWBs. Your SLAWBs will be the first to volunteer (or send money) in regions where women are completely covered and disenfranchised as well as in regions where kids are ritually blinded (never heard of that but wouldn’t surprise me if it exists in the state of Florida where children are routinely abused and killed).

    • Siryako says:

      “Your SLAWBs will be the first to volunteer (or send money) in regions where women are completely covered and disenfranchised as well as in regions where kids are ritually blinded”

      Those SLAWBs or whatever they are should mind their own business.

      • Marvelous White Male says:

        I hear this meme of “cultural relativism” being bantered about alot but I’ve never experienced in my entire life of living here and abroad anyone who thought that an entire culture, from top to bottom, was all right or all wrong, all good or all bad. Or that all cultures were equal in all respects.

        There is good and bad in every culture.

        Certainly most areas of the world are superior to the current United States when it comes to family formation and cohesiveness. However the US has strengths in other areas where many family centered cultures do not, such as technology.

        Certainly nobody who converts from one religion to the next feels that “all religious are equally valuable”. They obviously feel that the religion they converted to is more valuable, at least for them, than the one they left.

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  11. Heligoland says:


    You are the one who translated chapter 14 of “200 Years”, correct?

    If so, thank you. In my opinion, the English is better than some of the other chapters available on Adam’s Blog. Before this project completely runs out of steam, it would be nice if we could translate the sections of chapter 15 “Among the Bolsheviks” which were not already translated for “The Solzhenitsyn Reader” published by ISI books. The entire first half of the second volume, the most controversial part of the entire work, will then be available in English. I think RF still has unused funds, and if he does not feel comfortable continuing this project, perhaps he should give the money to someone who will.

  12. Nicky G says:

    I like Chinese people.

  13. Siryako says:


    I didn’t mention anything about cultural relativism.

    What I am saying is that white people should not poke your noses into other cultures, whether it be through foreign aid, wars and sanctions in the name of “human rights and world peace”, non-governmental organizations or even personal charity. Likewise, non-whites should not poke their noses into the affairs of white countries, whether it be through asking for for foreign aid, or mass immigration.

    • Marvelous White Male says:

      Shoulda, woulda, coulda……

      People are gonna do what they’re gonna do, whether or not Siryako approves!

      I’m glad I “stuck my nose in non-white cultures” I learned a lot and gained some things that my own culture could not provide me.

      In any case, I was replying to Unamused regarding the SLAWBs, not you.

      • Siryako says:

        “People are gonna do what they’re gonna do, whether or not Siryako approves!”

        Of course! But do remember the consequences, MWM. A lot of people in other parts of the world are getting pissed off at what people like you are doing.

        From personal experience talking to other non-whites (i.e. Chinese, Egyptians, Koreans, Indians) as well as my own countrymen, many in my part of the world regard white people, particularly American tourists and visiting businessmen, as arrogant and full of themselves.

        “I learned a lot and gained some things that my own culture could not provide me.”

        I’ll let you figure it out.





        “In any case, I was replying to Unamused regarding the SLAWBs, not you.”

        Based on my own experiences with you, you don’t seem to have any problems responding to other people’s posts – regardless of whether or not they are addressing you.

  14. Unamused says:

    Try a college campus.

  15. Unamused says:

    Cultural relativism was the subject.

  16. Marvelous White Male says:

    Siryako –

    you seem bitter for some reason. I’m not quite sure what links to movies I’ve never seen has to do with anything. I’m not an arrogant businessman. And when I “tour” the world it’s as a very low-budget backpacker staying with local friends.

    Unamused –

    why should I spend money I don’t have and a lifetime paying off loans so that I can read about “cultural relativism” in books on an American campus when I can travel the entire globe several times over at a fraction of the cost?

  17. Unamused says:

    Well, two points. One: what I was actually saying is that college campuses are the place to go for cultural relativism; not that you should try to get a degree.

    Two: you’re retarded.

    • Marvelous White Male says:

      Retarded people don’t manage to live and thrive in over 20 different countries throughout their life.

      They stay put.

  18. Siryako says:

    MWM, consider this my last comment on this post as I’m sure Kievsky is probably getting angry over our little discussion.

    “… live and thrive in over 20 different countries throughout their life.”

    “Travelling gives you experience. And will teach you more than a classroom ever can.”

    First of all, I don’t know you and you don’t know me. We can’t prove anything to each other online, but I’ll take your word that you “live and thrive” in 20 different countries. Since you find your travel log pertinent to the topic of culture, race and various other things then that’s your call, but I don’t. Just because travel works for you, doesn’t mean that it works for everybody. I have traveled quite a bit myself, not to 20 different countries like (since I’m poor and have to support my family), but enough to give me a little perspective on the world.

    And that perspective is that a traveler or a tourist will always be an outsider to those places he visits. And no matter how much experience or knowledge you get, they will always be different from the way the natives of those countries experience them. And the natives have a right to preserve that experience as it is expressed through race, history, heritage and culture. To protect it from globalism and from the intrusions of any outside forces which can disrupt it (i.e. what is happening in your major cities).

    And this is the reason why I posted this earlier:

    “Those SLAWBs or whatever they are should mind their own business.”

    Also, this: http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.com/2008/01/23/19-travelling/

    • Marvelous White Male says:

      White people aren’t the only ones who “like travelling”.

      Support the Tourism Industry.

  19. burrhus says:

    hahaha! yeah, military service is definitely not about the defending the country as most of those serving don’t know anything about it. the reserves are about getting brownie points toward becoming a “state troopah.”

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