Negroes riot in Boston, “comment removed”

One Picture, a Thousand Words

The comments are more interesting than the article. I wish I could have saved some of the deleted comments.

dspinma wrote:
and mayor thomas m. menino wants us to higher these nice kids for summer jobs…
5/31/2011 6:20 AM EDT
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sailhardy wrote:
Ask Barney Frank to confront these teenagers. That’ll fix ’em.
5/31/2011 6:29 AM EDT
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mmaryy wrote:
Looks like a bit of collective punishment…horrible that some gangbangers were causing problems, but the cops cleared a thousand people? Really? I think there is a question of whether the fact these kids were black (see pic) affected the response. I doubt they would clear castle island en masse.

And then in Savin Hill, a resident confronted a teen “angrily” for leaning against a car? A bit excessive, no? There’s a beach there. Kids were hot. All those folks not causing trouble are entitled to use public beaches, whether the neighbors like it or not. Beaches are maintained by the state.
5/31/2011 6:48 AM EDT
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Notice that mmary is a DWL (disingenuous white liberal) and she only gets 58 recommends, while the race realist commenters have 300 and 400 recommends.

BrooklineTom wrote:
The scent of panic seems to pervade our usual rightwingers this morning. Massachusetts and Boston have been cutting taxes on the backs of these neighborhoods for decades — perhaps some pay-back is on its way. Some of us remember the long hot summers of the late sixties.

A key difference that our right wingnuts forget is that there are a LOT more “minorities” in the greater Boston area today than there were then. A *lot* more.

Perhaps we are looking at our own long hot summer.
5/31/2011 7:53 AM EDT
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Actually, Brookline Tom, we aren’t afraid of Negroes acting like Negroes. We hope they find you in Brookline, and find other DWL types in Brookline and Newton. And look, only 26 recommends.

mtcboston wrote:
They are maggots.

“Gangbangers” ?? I don’t know about that – but they’ve certainly BEEN RAISED to behave this way.

NO amount of “summer jobs” funding is going to help these beasts – ruining the quality of life for others is what makes them happy!

They should shut down the beaches for everyone, and when these little maggots cause trouble they should be locked up in prison work programs for the summer – get them off the street, away from their enabling parents, and teach them a lesson.
5/31/2011 7:57 AM EDT
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47 Responses to Negroes riot in Boston, “comment removed”

  1. Ryu says:

    Yeah, there were like 4 headline stories of a similar sort at Amren today.

    It happened in Boston, Myrtle Beach, Charleston, and Memphis. Interracial crime is one of our strongest issues as white nationalists.

  2. seedofjapheth says:

    Pools closed

  3. This is one of the finest things about the coming systemic collapse: the urban libs/Jews who have done the most to elevate their black/brown ethnic stooges, at our expense, are going to be the first to get the chop when they chimp. That’ll give suburban and rural whites some time, how much will be a function of physical distance from the cities, to organize counter-violence before the cannibals come for us too.

    • Mike says:

      For a glimpse of how a situation like what you’re describing could play out, we can look back to the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The mostly white Algiers Point neighborhood is in the city of Algiers, right across the Mississippi River from New Orleans. A Google search on “Algiers, Katrina” will turn up a bunch of hits on what happened there. Here’s the most recent I found:
      As you can see, the white folks there organized what some pro-gun websites have called “the ultimate neighborhood watch” and successfully protected themselves, but now (surprise-surprise) certain groups and individuals want to prosecute them for it. This is just food for thought.

    • seedofjapheth says:

      I doubt there will be a collapse of the system

    • Mike says:

      And you can read this one on the Katrina aftermath in Algiers if you really want to throw up:
      I wouldn’t expect a permanent or even long-term collapse of the system in the near-future, but AWOL police, national guard and other emergency responders for several days during and after a crisis ARE pretty easy to imagine, considering recent history.

    • Lew says:

      “Before the cannibals come for us too…”

      FWIW, “Prepper” expert John Rawles says the time to vacate the cities is now. Like Gerald Celente, Rawles has a pretty good record when it comes to predictions. Rawles seems to know a lot about the subject of prepping. At the same time, he also sells prepper advice for a living and is a devout Christian fundamentalist, so those things probably influence his perspective. I am not a prepper myself nor a Christian, but I thought it interesting that this man who apparently studies “collapse” issues full time says the time to get out is now…not later.

  4. mindweapon says:


    If we defend ourselves and, as you say, “organize counter-violence,” we might later get the Mladic Ratko treatment. Our thing to do will be to organize in villages and control pass and flux (to use the South African term). If there is something like a “Zulu invasion” then there won’t be much choice of course. But we could film as much as possible to show that we are being attacked, so if we are accused of “ethnic cleansing” later on, we’ll have cinematic proof that it was justifiable self defense.

    People are really sick of it, though. The comments, and even the “recommends” tell the tale of how the public really feels. I wonder if politicians pay attention to this. They should.

  5. Frank Toliver says:

    More of the hatred of truth. Every time someone doesn’t use euphemisms for nigras, coons, spooks, boolies etc. the comment gets removed. Each one of these bastards who hides the truth, and essentially harm my people by keeping them ignorant deserves what is ultimately coming to them when things get reworked in this country.

  6. Skeeter says:

    Military fetishism alone can’t fix white America’s problems. There’s a time and place for gun worship, but gun worship does nothing for us right now. The only thing gun worship does is serve to emphasize colored privilege — the colored man can drive around with an unregistered gun in his unregistered car with his unregistered booze-and-dope buzz with much less fear of the consequences than the white man. Why? Because the colored man is privileged. Prison is like a family reunion for him, but for us white folks, it’s highly unpleasant. I’ve often thought that the white-power movement doesn’t need any more long-term unemployed or incarcerated men, but maybe knowing more of our people are in prison would make prison less scary to us and thus hold less of us in check. Basically, nothing’s going to change for the white man till enough white men decide they no longer have enough to lose. Sorry to sound so self-destructive, but we should attack our problems on an all-fronts basis.

    • mindweapon says:


      I deleted the comment linking to a combat shotgun video. I told Robert in Arabia that it’s nothing personal against him, but part of my strict commenting and writing policy in this age of political repression.

      Think about how they are using Ratko Mladic’s diaries against him. If we have social disorder here in the US, be aware that you may be treated as a war criminal just for defending yourself. Especially, if you talk about it, brag about it, put it in diaries, et cetera. Any “tough talk” you put out there in your name may be used against you.

      So yes, I agree with you, Skeeter, and Taqqiyah regarding violence is a strict policy of this site. We want to mentally steer people away from fantasies of redemption through hot lead and cold steel, and toward the workable path of Mindweaponization.

      Robert in Arabia is still welcome to comment here.

      • Skeeter says:

        You beat me to the punch on following up my previous comment. I was going to follow it up with something I hope makes more sense, namely that physical weapons and more incarcerated white folks aren’t the keys to getting us out of the mess we’re in. The key is solidarity and getting our collective mind weaponized, as you’d say. Once enough of our people are of one mind, ready to put our collective foot down and say, “enough is enough,” things can get better. Until enough of our start sticking together, whether it’s prisons, schoolyards, neighborhoods or elite workplaces, things can’t get better. What happens in the physical world is just an expression of what’s been happening in the mental world. And you’re right, of course, we should always bear in mind the second line of our Miranda rights before we post anything. That’s all from me for a while.

    • Marvelous White Male says:

      “There’s a time and place for gun worship, but gun worship does nothing for us right now. The only thing gun worship does is serve to emphasize colored privilege — the colored man can drive around with an unregistered gun in his unregistered car with his unregistered booze-and-dope buzz with much less fear of the consequences than the white man.”

      You’ve never heard of driving while black?!

      • Mike says:

        “Driving while black” is B.S. Blacks get profiled due to the reputation for crime that a big chunk of their race has so tirelessly built for their race since the last Ice Age. If law-abiding blacks are upset about the bad reputation their overall race now suffers from, they should blame the rogue elements in their midst, not the rest of the world. Y’gotta admit, a 50-year crime wave is not a good PR campaign for any race, and that’s just looking at how blacks overall have behaved themselves since the ’60s in the U.S.

        BTW, I think you missed Skeeter’s point, which was that even if black or brown people are pulled over and ultimately arrested, jail or prison is a lot less threatening and dangerous to them than it is to white people (at least in this country). Hence, they enjoy “colored privilege.”

  7. Ryu says:

    Thanks for whoever recommended the Algeirs story. That is some very good propaganda. I especially like the part where the whites there had “a siege mentality” and they think of themselves as “an oppressed minority.”

    More proof that should whites become a minority, there will be no pity, no bribes, no affirmative action. I’m reading “A Distant Thunder” and the similarity is remarkable.

  8. Dave says:

    It is hillarious for me to watch and listen to White people in regard to this pending minority status that they will be supposedly experiencing sometime in 2050 according to the anti-White government and its statisticians. You never seem to get the fact that you have options. You can just get up and leave anytime and everything here will definitely collapse, and I mean completely collapse, because it is only the willingness of White people to continue to support and uphold this vile anti-White genocidal system that is allowing it to continue. Once we leave, so does this countries civilization, and they will simply go into barbarism over time. What is important is that we get our gene pool out of here and into a part of Europe that is decidedly pro-White in word and deed. There are pro-White areas on this globe that we are going to have to get to in the near future.

    Now, for those of you who are adamant about staying in a country that is becoming increasingly non-White, anti-White, and third world, so be it. Stay and ‘brown out,’ there’s nothing we can do to make you come with us. If you do so you are destined to go into the dustbin of brown history. That’s not worth fighting for in our opinion. Morever, once we take our White gene pool out of here and this part of the world collapses, we will have virtually all of the countries of Greater Anglosphere at our mercy and we will simply be able to pick the anti-White elites like little cherries to be dragged into genocide tribunals. Remember, our country IS our gene pool. There’s no point staying in a country that is going to go brown and experience all of the attendant third world pathologies. No, it is better to get your gene pool the hell out of here and re-group. We can come back at a later date and re-take these lands for ourselves when we re-group. There is one thing that you all have to understand here and that is that these non-Whites have been given our countries in Anglosphere by the vile anglo-elites against our collective wills. These non-Whites have been given this power by our enemy, the White anglo-elites. Once, we take our White gene pool out of here, these elites will lose all of their power, and we will be able to once again control the countries of Greater Anglosphere forever. They will our own personal playgrounds and we will make all of these people pay and pay and pay. These non-White people have to remember something very important that they have not yet learned, and that is, it is one thing to be given a country agains the will of the White indigenous people, but is another thing totally to have to protect and fight for that country, and we all know that when it comes to military power we always rule, we always have and always will. We will teach them that natural law once again. But to do so we have to develop an exit strategy…NOW.

    Just remember, in the US White people are at only 65% of the population and falling fast. It’s time that you took your civilization and moved to places like Russia, Germany, and Italy…not to mention a dozen or so other Easter European countries. Something else you have to remember here. The anglo-elites will no longer have the power to enforce these vile anti-White open immigration programs on White countries when we leave simply because they will no longer have any substantive power internationally to enforce anything whatsoever. We are their power, and when we leave for good, so will their power…Forever.

    • seedofjapheth says:

      What is the way to approach immigrating to a country. My understanding is that people generally have to get married to someone living there or have lived in the nation for awhile doing some sort of job. I guess what I am curious about is how do all these brown people end up in places like Britain? They seem like they have no job skills and they aren’t married to anyone British. What are they doing to immigrate to Britain because tons of them just seemed to have ended up over there and just ended up on welfare.

    • Mike says:

      Hmm. I’m not sure I’m convinced we should all just surrender the land our ancestors conquered, move to Europe and regroup for a reconquest of North America that’s somehow supposed to mysteriously happen in the future. Even when Amerikwa become’s a full-fledged Third World ghetto, it’s still going to presumably have the most firepower of any nation on Earth. Is some sort of armed re-invasion of white folks from Europe supposed to happen in the 2050s?
      Another thing. Several times now on this site, you’ve claimed that the big-shot Jews are actually the henchmen of the elite whites, rather than elite whites being sellout henchmen of the big-shot Jews, as is commonly assumed in the the white movement. I wonder if you or your White Rabbit outfit have any facts or logic to support this claim. Some may accuse you of being delusional.

      • Dave says:

        What concerns me most Mike is that we may have already lost our lands to our own vile elites and their complicitous front groups. It’s true that I am claiming that the joos are nothing more than leg men for the evil White anglo-elites. I didn’t always believe this, but it is clear that it is true. How do I know this? They have been writing and trying to blend White people out of existence for a long long time. They couldn’t accomplish this goal however, because our White elites have been unwilling to implement such anti-White policies. They have been very very good at protecting their founding White gene pool. Post WW2 however, things changed, our elites started to agree with the plan to force-blend White people off the face of the planet. They have given these other groups the power to do what they been talking about doing for hundreds of years, but couldn’t do because the White elites simply wouldn’t give them the power to do so. Now they have given them the power attempt to blend us out of existence. We will eventually replace this group of elites with our own pro-White elites, but we are going to have to do so in a round about way, and that means getting our gene pool out of here and thus destroying their power. When we do that we will have our way with them.
        I hope this helps Mike. I hope this doesn’t sound too horribly delusional to you.

    • Mike says:

      I like most of what I see coming from your group, Dave, but the “let’s all move back to Europe” and the “it’s the joos working for own white elite who are doing this to us, not the other way around” planks in your platform fly in the face of WN’s conventional wisdom. I’m gonna have to think about these ideas for a while.

  9. Lew says:

    We hope they find you in Brookline, and find other DWL types in Brookline and Newton. And look, only 26 recommends.

    I hope they find their way to the Harvard faculty but without touching the buildings, grounds or anything else in Cambridge or the surrounding area. Just the individuals on the faculty.

  10. Marvelous White Male says:

    Rather than relocating to Europe, why don’t White men just breed replicate their gene pool the old fashiones way by breeding white kids here in the US?

    • Dave says:

      The reason that we don’t do this is because our race has been marked for genocide by the evil elites of Anglosphere. You can’t stay and increase your birthrates while you are trying to fend off a genocide, we need to get to a safe pro-White area of this globe, that’s in Russia, Italy, Germany, and varous other Eastern European countries.

      • Dave says:

        At the very least we have to devise an exit strategy now, because we don’t have a lot of time here. We are going to be a minority in North America soon and when we reach minoity status we are finished, they will move right into the final phase of the genocide and we will be totally powerless at that point to stop it.

      • Marvelous White Male says:

        So white people aren’t having as many kids as they used to, or as many kids as other demographics do because they are too busy fighting off a genocide after they return home from work in the evenings to fuck without birth control?

  11. mindweapon says:


    White parents who work have to pay through the nose. If the original child tax break from the 1950’s was adjusted for inflation, it would be worth 10,000.00 dollars now.

    I even know working White families who still need welfare, because jobs don’t pay enough. They get a housing subsidy and food stamps, while putting in the full 40 hours a week. The US bankster economy is squeezing us to death from all sides, trying to crush us.

    But if we do economic relocalization we’ll squeeze them right back! There’s more of us than them. 70% of the US economy is consumer spending. Thus it is in our power to attack 70% of GDP, and try to keep it for ourselves. For example, if you produce your own food you probably keep from the banksters 2000 a year per person, at minimum.

    • Marvelous White Male says:

      There are plenty of poor people who cannot afford to have kids who manage to breed in this country. Why don’t more White people follow their lead?

      If they can do it, so can we.

  12. mindweapon says:

    Car sharing and house sharing will also squeeze the banksters. We can do pull this off by living more frugally, more like Great Depression era, and then accumulate capital (gold/silver and productive capacity and farmland), do our own lending to ourselves, our own banks, cut out Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon from our economy as much as possible.

    It all begins with individual Americans learning economic cooperation, and slowing down the hamster wheel. Cut expenses — cut cut cut. There’s so much waste in the single serving life.

    • Mike says:

      This all sounds good. I and probably others on here agree with it, but what do you think about the idea that we should all or mostly move back to Europe?

      • Marvelous White Male says:

        What is the use of moving to Europe if you are still not going to have kids at at least the replacement rate?

        The key to not becoming a minority is BREEDING.

        The entire world seems to have figured this one out – save for White folk.

  13. FN says:

    As MW noted, defend yourself and The Hounds of Hell descend:
    Thursday, July 15, 2010
    Federal Grand Jury Returns Five-Count Indictment Against Roland Bourgeois In Donnell Herrington Shooting In New Orleans After Katrina

    • Dave says:

      Exactly FN, we are not allowed to defend ourselves because, and I’ll say it again, we have been marked for genocide by the anglo-elites who run Greater Anglosphere. They obviously don’t want White people and their children defending themselves against the genocidal criminals who have been let loose on our people. The only reason that these vile anglo-elites have this power is because our presence here gives it to them; without us they have no power. Moving to pro-White areas of Europe is not a controversial move for our race; we have done it before. The ones that stayed behine simply browned out. But it’s a choice that we are all going to have to make very very soon because we are coming to a perion in our country’s deterioration where we will not be allowed to leave. In my opinion, those FEMA camps are for White people. Again, we need to develop our exit strategy NOW. This is what the anglo-elites are scared to death of guys. They know if we go, they have lost everything. And don’t worry about these counties accepting our people, they want more White people and a higher birth rate, and that is exactly what they will get if they continue to be pro-White. But staying here when the situation is clearly lost for the time being, and seeing our people having to tolerate crimes committed against them at genocidal proportions is totally unacceptable. The people that have perpetrated this upon our people have to be brought down and punished. This will be done through external means.

      Here’s an interesting question. What is going to make America any different than Brazil? The White people are by and large in power there, and they can’t seem to remedy their own racial downfall. White people there are victims of massive crimes against person and property. It’s true, they have had their share of anti-White White traitors. But to me this merely points up the fact that America has no real hope of fixing its problems…as long as the White people stay there. When we leave the power structure will fall; and we can just do whatever we want to them. The White anglo-elites will be finished forever.

      Now, as far as economic relocalization is concerned?? Great idea…as long as you live in an environment where the White anglo-elites aren’t in charge, and they are in charge here in America. If you try and do something like this en masse they will enact laws to destroy your ability to do so…This is what they do…Why??? Simply because they running a program of White Genocide through massive non-White immigration, forced integration, and racial assimilation against White people and their children. Economic relocalization is a form of seperatism for White people people, and these vile leaders will not tolerate it.

      We have to get out of here. Now, by all means, and I mean any means whatsoever as long as they are legal, get as much wealth as you can from this anti-White cesspool and take it back to the countries that I mentioned previously. All of the wealth that is the US rightfully belongs to the White people of this country and that is all there is to it. Every penny of wealth here is owed to us, it is our property, and we must never try to justify that to anyone.

      I’m not saying that this process will be easy or free fo difficulties, but if you want to preserved your race and totally destroy the White anglo-elites forever then I believe this option is one that we have to plan for NOW because we really don’t have a great deal of time. I’m not saying that we have to do it right now, but we have to plan the exit strategy now, and set up structures and programs of cultural/economic assimilation for our people in these other countries. Then economic localization will work for our people simply because we won’t be under viciously anti-White elites and governments anymore. They won’t attack and contrain our efforts.

  14. Dave says:

    And I have to say to Mindweapon that pooling resources and sharing houses for White people is an excellent idea, it’s just that we can’t do that here over the long term, but we can do it as a medium-term measure to amass greater wealth as families and communities to amass greater wealth. Now, what do we do with this greater wealth?? Buy more businesses, buy more houses in black areas to sell to more Black people, buy more food stores. Those are all ideas that you have proposes and they are good ones. I have alose advocated those very remedial measures, but as I learned more about the long-term plans that these filthy elites have for our race, I realized that if we stay under their rule, they will succeed in force-blending us out of existence. So I’m not against your proposals here, I just realize that we have to take as much wealth from this system as we can and set up shop in other countries that are pro-White, and then we can really affect change in Greater Anglosphere. We can start insurgencies all over their realm; they won’t know what hit them and their power will be depleted because they no longer have a White gene pool to empower their efforts at home or abroad. My God, the whole of Anglosphere is already broke and battered. They really are finished. The problem is as they go down, and I believe it’s essentially going to be a slow process as long as we stay here, they will go after our people relentlessly.

    So, I want you and all of your readers to understand that we are not enemies of each other, but we just have a few differences in strategy, that’s all. We all want the same thing here and we–including myself–just forget that sometimes.

    Now, I mentioned above the possibility of buying houses on the cheap in places like Detroit, doing a little fix, and reselling to Koreans for a profit. It can be done, it just needs a little organization and foresight. That’s a form of economic seperatism for White people. There are many other similar economic strategies that we can employ to RIGHTFULLY TAKE BACK MONEY that is in truth ours from the get-go. Our anglo-elites like to import crap from China right? Ok, so all it takes is a few White people to get together start a small store full of this imported garbage and sell it to non-Whites in America. Look, I don’t have all of the ideas here on how our people can make lots of money, but i”m hoping that others can make contributions here in terms of economic strategies to extract money away from those who have stolen it and back to the pockets of the White people who deserve it. I do also agree with Mindweapon on forming our own food stores again as that gives us great power. BUT, and this is a huge BUT, we cannot plan to become a marke-dominant minority, that’s all there is to it. The function of these economic guerilla tactics is simply to get our money back from these thiefs using strategies within the law. Real estate is always one of the best forms.

    I still however, argue the anglo-elites simply will not allow us to relocalize our socioeconomic structures in America, they’ll kill us first; look at what they are doing to the mormons and mennonites who simply want to be left alone. Our economic guerilla tactic has to be legal but totally oriented to getting wealth redirected back to our people.

    • Marvelous White Male says:

      “they will succeed in force-blending us out of existence. ”

      White people are breeding themselves out of existence by not breeding.

      White people are not having babies at or above replacement rates.

      May I ask WHY?

      Is it that hard to get and keep a white wife?

      • Dave says:

        Marvelous I totally agree with you about White people needing to have more children. Our birth rates need to increase, but there has been terrible manipulation and incredibly vicious social engineering systematically targeted toward White children in an attempt to reduce our birth rates. We need to get out from under the oppressive yoke of the anti-White anglo-elites before we can start increasing our birth rates again. Don’t worry too much however, because birth rates of White people in Russia and other White countries has definitely increased and will not stop. Now, for us to do so we need to get to these countries eventually. Moreover, by doing so we make those European countries much stronger and we rebuild the European people. And then the White anglo-elites will be totally and completely dealt with that will be binding.

        To sum up, the reason that our people over here are not having a lot of kids is because our White children have been horribly pschologically impinged upon by the trillions of dollars of anti-White social engineering in an attempt to radically decrease our birth rates and, thus, our numbers. That is against international law according to The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. We have got them on numerous breaches of this international law. They are in huge trouble.

        But ultimately Marvelous, we all will have to increase our birth rates…and we are going to. We are not going to die out as a race that I can promise…Why? Because race is real and race matters, and we are the special race and everybody knows that except White people right now.

        Hope this helps Marv

    • Marvelous White Male says:

      Sorry Dave, I just don’t buy your theory that White people can’t get together and manage to mate (something all animals other human beings manage to do easily) because of some plot te keep White people from fucking.

      • Dave says:

        Marv…Fucking is not the issue here. Having, parenting, and raising children is the problem that has been socially engineered into our people from birth. This is not going to last forever but we have a lot of work to do to re-moralize our White brothers and sisters. Don’t worry Marv…we are going to win this battle that’s all there is to it. And we are going to have more kids eventually, thrive, and prosper.

    • Mike says:

      I like where you’re going with the house-sharing idea. In the interest of rebuilding white community at the small level, we could be starting co-ops or communes unofficially just for straight white gentiles (since we couldn’t do this officially). It would be similar to what the Jews have with their kibbutzim or what the gays have with their YMCAs (just kidding on the last one). It couldn’t be done in such a way that would make the houses a target, a la the old Aryan Nations compound with its flags and banners, uniforms, fences, attack dogs, guard tower and all that nonsense. First off, I’m thinking of houses in cities or towns, and it would just be a group of like-minded whites renting or buying a place together, throwing some bunk beds in the rooms and living cooperatively, similar to what you see with Hispanic or Asian U.S. immigrants. If it had to be formally organized at all (which it probably shouldn’t), it could be as a co-op for converts to Odinism or some form of Eastern Orthodox Christianity. This would be a good chance to practice some of this Taqqiyah we see so much about on here. You said you hoped others could contribute short-term economic tactical ideas, so that’s mine at the moment.

  15. Jackson says:

    It is completely practical for 100,000 WN’s to move to Wyoming (which has more jobs than most other states right now). 100,000 WN or race-realist WNs would transform the politics of the state from very conservative to pro-white. Most Whites already own pcikup trucks and cars and could fairly easily pick up and move. , and there are no forms needed or permission from the state government. And, once they arrive they just need some warmer clothes. This is much more practical than moving to Russia. You already speak the language, have the education and certifications to work.

    Covington’s core idea, a White homecoming in the continental USA is a good one, but he’s bit off too much to chew in the first round with Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Wyoming is the least populous state in the USA, with only about 1/2 million total people, almost all of them White. The three states of the fictional NW Homeland are too dominated by minorities and SWPLs to make key changes, like completely ending all welfare. 100,000 aware Whites could make Wyoming a White Nirvana without firing a shot, just be being the first state to eliminate the multicultural garbage that enables the enroachment of minorities. No welfare, no blacks. It really is that simple. Black people are a tribe and won’t live in a state that doesn’t afford them special tribal rights, especially when there are many other warmers states that do.

    Wyoming, not Russia, is the best first line of defense for those of us who want change. It’s a base to build from. Successful policies will be duplicated in Montana, then Idaho and the Dakotas.

    • Mike says:

      I like how you’re thinkin’. It sounds a lot better than packing up and moving to Europe.

    • mindweapon says:

      I agree with moving to Wyoming/Montana. Having a pro-white consolidation is well worth it – and if the US gov’t implements policies to increase non-whites to move there (as they did to New Hampshire in response to the Free State Project), it doesn’t really matter. If we can establish a pro-white community, we are getting somewhere. We are standing to fight, rather than fleeing.

      We should make a stand somewhere, and let them do what they will. Every nasty thing they do will make us more militant and more determined to beat their genocidal System.

  16. Dave says:

    Ok, but what are you going to do when the openly anti-White federal government starts implementing policies–such as they have in Marin County in California–that demand and encourage increased numbers of non-White to move into your new pro-White area, because that is exactly what they are going to do no matter where the White people move to in Greater Anglosphere, let alone the US.

    • Marvelous White Male says:

      Never heard of Gated Communities?

      • Dave says:

        They are not going to let White people have those all to themselves. Moreover, you’ve missed the point here to some extent. Who wants to live in a society where you have non-Whites just outside your gates. That’s vastly different and infinitely more restricted to the society that I and most White people my age(I’m 47) grew up in. You won’t be able to go anywhere. Meanwhile the anglo-elites simply bring in more and more non-White immigrants. It may be a good short-term strategy, but not a good long-term measure.

  17. Marvelous White Male says:

    Dave, you’re being obsessive and ignorant now. Just stop.

    Go buy some land in the country, the remote hills or woods, and breed lots of White babies. Nobody is stopping you.


    Go on now, GET!

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