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Charitable giving broken down by race; a book could be written

The May 14, 2011, episode of the Political Cesspool, which can be downloaded here, took on the topic of wealth redistribution to non-whites from whites, particularly in healthcare and charitable giving. Keith Alexander talked about charities specifically designated to help … Continue reading

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Shorter Chauncey DeVega; “yt deserve to be killed”

What the average white person needs to understand is that there is a such thing as anti-whites, and these people live in an intellectual parallel universe where whites deserve to be punished and what happens to us is “comeuppance.” Here’s … Continue reading

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Seaholm “student ” race unidentified confesses to writing racist graffiti

Now that they caught the graffitist at Seaholm High, it’s all hush hush — no picture, no name, no race, and no comments at the bottom of the article. No perp walk, no anti-hate candlelight vigils — the culprist is … Continue reading

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The amazingest Chutzpah ever

A young lady who worked as a stripper and wrote about it, and then later became a New York City School teacher, has been given a big Scarlet A on her chest by the very tribe who coarsened American morality … Continue reading

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Bizarre mixups Obama/Osama

Fox News: Get the video at this link: Is it really a “mistake?” What a strange day it’s turning out to be.

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