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Another quiz for readers

What is the unintentionally hilarious message of the following leftist anti-libertarian youtube video? First one to answer correctly gets a free case of cholera. Advertisements

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Exercise discovery

I have always been a connoisseur of different forms of physical training and exercise. I lifted weights as a teenager, took up yoga and qigong in my 20’s, and always dreamed of owning a recumbent bicycle. I finally got one … Continue reading

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Liberal Conversion Story

I predicted around 2000 that we would see in our lifetimes memoirs of regret from race-mixers who converted to White consciousness but had ruined their own lives and family bloodlines. Here’s the first one that I came across: One Liberal’s … Continue reading

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Editor’s note: Because of the abusive nature of many comments on this story, the commenting feature has been disabled.

It’s not the comments that did any abusing here: All eight suspects are in custody after a brutal attack in Five Points early Monday morning which left the teenage victim in critical condition, according to Columbia police. Abusive “comments!” Talk … Continue reading

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The Transition Town Movement

The transition town movement appears to be catching on, and it is extremely implicitly White. It started in Ireland, spread to England, and now there are transition towns in the American West such as Eugene, Oregon. If you are single … Continue reading

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Local agriculture or NWO shitburgers, take your pick

You heard that right. From an objective, scientific point of view, recycled human poo poo appears to produce safe, edible food. Steaks and burgers, to be more specific. But it still horrifies me and I’m sure it horrifies you. Japanese … Continue reading

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White families or miscegenation; take your pick

What a normal White family looks like: What racial degeneracy looks like: If you are a White man or woman, which family picture do you like better?

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