Free math books online; mindweaponize on the cheap

Free math and science books online in PDF format. Even if you don’t have time to study now, download a bunch of them in case the internet goes down. And if it looks like electricity will be cut, print out as many as you can.

Also, if you have a video grabber that captures video and sound, get these videos:

He only teaches math, but I think he’s better than Khan Academy.

I quit playing violin and took up math about a year ago, and I found that I get more out of studying math. I am actually improving at it, whereas with violin I got stuck on the same plateau for years. And I find that studying math early mornings is like taking a smart drug. I notice that my mind is sharper for the rest of the day. I read some other subjects such as plant biology, and I find that I understand and retain the information better because of doing math.

I restate my belief that the core of our race problem is white anti-intellectualism which was cultivated in us by the mass media. Some of us are resistant to the anti-intellectualist siren call.

I recognized the de-mindweaponization of whites for what it is, and that’s why I am a fanatic intellectualist. Namely, we need to do and be the opposite of what the social engineers are trying to instill in us.

They want passivity so they can take over every aspect of our lives. The non-whites are their lab rats. They have mandatory free school lunches in Chicago and Detroit, and students ARE NOT ALLOWED to bring their own packed lunch. They can put anything they want in those government lunches.

However, the creeping totalitarian system is expensive to maintain. The booby prize of globalism was massive “social services” and everybody being a direct or indirect employee of the government or a business that services the government. Economically, we have a neo-Soviet state.

The danger is that Uncle Sam’s massively overdeveloped and pendulous man boobs are going to run dry and leave the “babies” (us) starving and at each other’s throats. But the consolation will be that political correctness and official anti-white ideology will go out with a bang. We will have patience for it no longer when we are fighting to survive.


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19 Responses to Free math books online; mindweaponize on the cheap

  1. Great idea, MW. I also encourage anyone with no understanding of maths to peruse the following Youtube channels to get an easy and fluid explanation of even the most complex mathematical topics: (Most of the videos are downloadable directly from YT)

    It’s extremely important for White nationalists to devote their time to improving themselves, especially intellectually, and especially in math and the hard sciences. This is the kind of knowledge that keeps our societies running, and ever-increasingly changes them.

  2. Ryu says:

    I think whites need to become both more intellectual and uncivilized at the same time. Sort of like higher heights and lower depths.

    “Civilize the mind but savage the body.” You develop your mind for STEM fields, and you train martial arts to be able to fight as an animal. One must have both. The intellectuals are at the mercy of men who are able to commit violence like beasts. The beasts cannot do for themselves, and rely on the intellectuals for food, electricity, shelter.

    • mindweapon says:

      Excellent insight, Ryu! Civilize the mind, savage the body — I like it.

    • Skeeter says:

      Too true, and I’d add also that most of what the WN world is probably without realizing it talking about the endless battle between civility and barbarism (with whites in the role of the civilized and certain nonwhites in the role of the uncivilized). The thing with today’s Western society is that it’s lost its ability to assert itself and retaliate against the barbarians like it used to because it used to (correctly) see uncivilized people as animals to be thought of and treated as such until having proved otherwise. The ability and willingness of the civilized to reply to the uncivilized in the only language they understood and respected (superior violence) is what held the uncivilized in check, creating and maintaining this thing we call “civilization.” Without this, we may as well open all the animal cages in every zoo across the country, let them run wild and pretend we can carry on a civilized society. The situation on a lot of streets today isn’t much different.

  3. organicist says:

    This is a torrent, but it’s legal: . It’s 4.63 gigs of math books in PDF format.

    I find that whenever I make a breakthrough in mathematics (an “aha!” moment), I seem to experience a similar breakthrough in everything else I do: music, programming, even writing. This may just be self-deceit on my part because I’m happy about advancing in math, but I suspect that mathematics does really confer this benefit.

    I remark that studying formal logic seems to confer many of the same benefits as mathematics – and makes math easier to comprehend for those who are intimidated by it.

    @Ryu: out of curiosity, do you study grappling or striking?

    • Ryu says:


      Judo and boxing in the past, mostly striking by way of boxing today, a growing interesting in “unifight.”

  4. Grover Mctrevor says:

    “… Uncle Sam’s massively overdeveloped and pendulous man boobs …”

    That’s f**king funny!

  5. Mr. Stricter says:

    Thanks Kievsky and especial thanks for introducing me to new ways of thinking and a greater appreciation of Whiteness.

  6. Mr. Stricter says:

    To what Ryu said, its technique, focus and cold will we need to carry us through life. Those things work in war and peace alike and if you win, need not be buried to resurface unbidden. Its a Mindweapon vs Brute Force. And yes anger can carry a battle to victory at a cost. I’d rather cheat and out-think my foe. They’ll never know what got them.

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  8. sylvie69 says:

    please, please, for us dummies, who want to read math books, not watch videos and don’t want to enter long torrentz subscription orgies, can’t you simply refer to some good textbooks in .pdf (or whatever) format or refer to sites that direcly provide them ?


  9. Boffin says:

    Here’s the pro-intellectual type of film that Disney used to produce back when Walt was still around –

  10. news feed says:

    I have been reading out many of your posts and it’s pretty nice stuff. I will surely bookmark your site

  11. Bluebird says:

    If electricity is cut permanently then you have MUCH* more pressing problems than the availability of math-learning materials. For such a contingency I would recommend Kurt Saxon’s books and “prepping” generally. Kurt’s thesis is that it is possible not only to survive but to live well at a late 19th century level of technology (they did after all have electricity, telephones and internal combustion engines) and therefore with resources within the reach of the garage tinkerer.

    But if you have electricity and telephones then you have the Internet, since the Internet can be rebooted from salvaged PCs and a Linux DVD. Mass storage devices are not going to disappear and we won’t revert to the stone age as in so many scifi novels.

    For books, find out what to get in any field via Google (which will land you on more often than not) and then use tools such as and and stash what you find onto a USB drive.

    * Ponder the EMP-nuke over Kansas scenario, in which it is estimated that there would be a 90% die-off in the first ten years.

    • Rob says:

      I’m prepped and I know a network of mean old Yankees who will organize a militia in the event of SHTF. Hopefully it kicks off sooner than later because these guys aren’t getting any younger, and the younger generations are a bunch of opiate addicted snowflakes who will only be useful as field slaves

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