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Online funeral: Tyler John Hinkle, 1992-2011

He lived long enough to tell what happened to him: Hinkle left the Domino’s at 10:20 p.m. Saturday to make a delivery in the area of 80th Avenue, sheriff’s Lt. Carl Jones said Monday. Investigators confirmed the delivery was made, … Continue reading

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Learning tool; Voice Notes app on smart phones

This is in addition to the Gary North lecture to the wall method, Here is his father’s description of the problems that Noah was facing. I noticed that Noah was experiencing a difficulty identical to my own experience when I … Continue reading

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David Brooks sounds like Jim Kunstler today

Mr. Pink Tie sounds like a doomer today Walter Russell Mead, who teaches foreign policy at Bard College, recently laid out some worst-case scenarios on his blog: “It is about whether the international financial system will survive the next six … Continue reading

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A black woman spills the beans like no WN can

Nothing like the horses mouth: I suspect this woman finds something wrong with this situation, which is why she is telling us. Black women have less to lose than Black men; they are the likeliest ones to tell the awful … Continue reading

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The lament of the fashion design major Williams noted that she’s not pursuing the career she originally intended after Parsons, which was fashion design. “If I could do it all over again, I would have gone into science,” she said. … Continue reading

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Austerity cuts for Americans, continued increases for Empire (“defense” LOL) spending; what to do

We are getting closer to the time when there will be people begging on the streets; when payments to individuals, which are 60% of government spending, are cut. According to this Alternet article, the Democrats on the budget cut supercommittee … Continue reading

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A New Hampshire man stands up for his race The messages, which vary slightly from home to home but appear to be in the same handwriting, tell the immigrants that they “lower the value and safety of our good town,” tells them to “go back to your war … Continue reading

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