David Brooks sounds like Jim Kunstler today

Mr. Pink Tie sounds like a doomer today

Walter Russell Mead, who teaches foreign policy at Bard College, recently laid out some worst-case scenarios on his blog: “It is about whether the international financial system will survive the next six months in the form we now know it. It is about whether the foundations of the postwar order (Ed. note — good riddance!) are cracking in Europe. It is about whether a global financial crash will further destabilize the Middle East. … It is about whether the incipient signs of a bubble burst in China signal the start of an extended economic and perhaps even political crisis there. It is about whether the American middle class is about to be knocked off its feet once again.”


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14 Responses to David Brooks sounds like Jim Kunstler today

  1. anon443 says:

    So let’s enumerate our new localization plan:

    1. Agriculture – you’ve covered this in depth with lawn gardens and farmer’s markets. This is relatively easy and being done now.

    2. Retail – love your idea of our “All American Convenience Store,” hardest part about this will be possibly complying with some franchise regulations from the oil companies (assuming you’ll sell gas.)

    3. Manufacturing – this will be the toughest. While setting up a factory to produce the typical Chinese junk we are importing probably won’t do us any good, textiles might be an easy start, especially since there are already tariffs in place to protect domestic manufacture (although you’re still competing with “free trade zones” in Central America and I think some USArael occupied islands in the China Sea.) The goal would be our own chip fabrication but that’s in the future. We need an AMD plant in North Dakota.

    4. Money – forget an alternate currency at first – save excess capital in gold and silver, just like the Indians, and increasingly, the Chinese do. US Silver Eagles are easily obtainable and can even facilitate transaction at the face value, a tax advantage (I think it’s legal for everything EXCEPT paying wages.)

    5. Join the Moose Lodge. It’s a barely-crypto-white fraternity that exists virtually everywhere in the country. They own their own club houses and the real estate they sit on. They run an orphanage and an old folks home for the members of families. (The Elks have embraced the mutli-cult with both hands, but Woodmen of the World and others may be another option) It’s also not a “boy’s club” anymore, women probably outnumber the men, but there’s still a tradition-friendly segregation of the sexes when appropriate. They can make extra income, aside from dues, by renting out the facilities to community organizations, weddings, etc.

    Can’t stress the last point enough about the fraternities enough. These *existing* fraternities are aging and ripe for a new generation to take over. The infrastructure, insurance, and lawyers are already in place.

    (please ignore the duplicate)

  2. Ryu says:

    Moose lodge?

    It’s easier to start fresh than to correct the errors of others.

    I’d be more inclined to join such an organization part time, to learn the ropes. Then start a real group, beginning with the best material possible, male WNs and the few rational female WNs. Maybe a WN could infiltrate, rise to the top and hijack the organization.

    I really like something Baal was talking about. The political and corporate whores have no morals. None! As long as WNs have enough cash, they will do whatever we say to please us. Money is their god. Therefore, we should only strive to get rich and then these shills will work for us. The utter moral degeneracy can be used against them.

    • mindweapon says:

      Yes, that’s what the Rothschilds did in the 1840’s to get the Jew-control laws abolished – they simply bribed kings and dukes and such. Maybe a South American Castillian Spanish drug lord who sees that the Pink Sheets penny stock YT that is trading on the NYSE for .00001 cent could come along, buy up a bunch of YT stock on the ground floor, and get rolling.

      White people really are like a highly undervalued stock. Meanwhile, NYSE:NGR is trading at 125 a share as a subsidiary of NYSE:JEW which is the Goldman Sachs of human equities. I would definitely buy an ETF that shorts NGR, though not a put, because a put has an expiration date. And one would be crazy not to buy YT being as they are practically giving it away. The brokerage firms charge an extra fee for buying YT because it’s a Pink Sheets stock

    • anon443 says:


      “It’s easier to start fresh than to correct the errors of others. ”

      No, it’s not.

      The idea is not to create a “perfect organization” the idea is to network and preserve and expand what is left of the old American heritage.

      The wheel doesn’t need reinventing.

      “To fix the entire United States at once? Or to form the Northwest Republic and start fresh? ”

      The “Northwest Republic” is a website, not a movement. No one is going to “fix the United States all at once.”

      But there are Elks, Moose, Woodsmen, Masons, and dozens of other old-time WASP fraternities in the Northwest that still exist today. An enterprising group could just walk right in and form the next generation.

      • Skeeter says:

        Careful with the Elks and Masons, though. The Masons have been shot through with you-know-who since the days of America’s founding fathers. As a matter of fact, the Masons may well have been the nexus of the WASP-Jewish alliance against Catholicism at that time (which might’ve had something to do with the Catholics starting the Knights of Columbus). And as you mentioned earlier, anon 443, the Elks have indeed embraced the multicult: At least one of their lodges in my neck of the woods is run by a lesbian.

      • anon443 says:

        Skeeter, here’s my understanding from looking at these groups. Elks, Moose, and Woodsmen, whatever the origins, by the 1950s were middle class private clubs. Typical, the men get together to drink tax free liquor. Politics and religion are banned from discussion. The key to the clubs is that they are private, they can accept or refuse whoever they want, for whatever reason they want. In practice, this meant whites only, and only certain whites.

        During the days of integration, these clubs were under a lot of pressure, but survived legally, if not always socially/spiritually, as some have obvious embraced the multicult.

        The state of today seems to be the Moose is pretty working class, typically families will be meeting up Sunday afternoon after church for a picnic. Just checking the Moose site after posting the other day, I’m disturbed, but I’d bet the vast majority of local lodges (which is what matters) are not as being presented. Dues are a few hundred a year minimum I think.

        The Elks seems a bit more middle/upper middle class, but for years has been openly pushing the multicult, they seemed to have embraced it, but again, the local lodges are probably as white as you would expect. I assume it’s directly related to the demographics of the local area. I expect dues in the low hundreds per month.

        The Masons of course are the granddaddy of all this, and at least in the past, far more serious. I think the dues for a lodge on the East Coast range from $1500 a month to $5000 or something of that nature. It’s clearly only meant for the upper middle class to wealthy.

        The point is, these large, established, private organizations ARE the local networks that MindWeapon talks about. Unlike the farmer’s market, the convenience stores, or some theoretical white republic from fictional stories, these are formal clubs that own property, run their own insurance companies, economic cooperatives, and have LAWYERS to defend their private status.

        They are old organizations that struggle with recruiting the next generation, because they aren’t “cool” anymore. A new generation could literally WALK RIGHT IN and inherit something very valuable. MW could be Grand Poobah of Connecticut by 2020!

      • Skeeter says:

        Anon, I hear ya, man, I hear ya. You make a lot of senses. Judging from my finances, ahem, the Meese (Mooses?) sound like the likeliest group for me and mine. MW also mentioned rod & gun clubs on some radio show a year or two ago as a possibility. They also already exist and own property. One of the reasons all these lodges were so big back in the day (including the Klan, which back in the ’20s was just another lodge) was because there was no Social Security, so they offered something similar to this as well as a private social services network, which is an idea I’ve been enamored with. I think providing social services to our folks in need (just like the black, Hispanic and Jewish groups do) will win a lot more of our people over to our side than all the rallies, marches, websites, flags and banners in the world. Now if I could just convince the Missus to get on board with all this . . .

      • anon443 says:

        @skeeter “there was no Social Security, so they offered something similar to this as well as a private social services network”

        Thanks for giving me an opportunity to harp on one of my favorite subjects. You are absolutely correct. The American Medical Association fought a long lasting war against the fraternal medical system. The fraternities used to *employ* doctors that treated all of the members and their families.

        Insurance, life, health, disability, etc., use to be handled by the fraternity. Credit unions and home mortgages used to be arranged by the fraternities. Their relationship with a larger insurance company would be the same as a small business with their employees listed as an “insurable small group” under insurance regulations.

        We had an extremely efficient and self-controlled system for all of these things which is why Big Government and special interests fought so hard to destroy it.

        With the internet, administering these large scale popular groups is easier than ever, it’s strictly a social problem now.

  3. Ryu says:

    It’s kind of like a challenge. What is easier? To fix the entire United States at once? Or to form the Northwest Republic and start fresh? If the body is too diseased, it’s better to start over.

  4. Skeeter says:

    I’m not one of the super-geniuses who comments here, but I’m totally gonna check out my local moose lodge.

    And btw, so far as I know, David Brooks may not look it but he’s absolutely a hooknosed rat-bastard employed by the synagogue of Satan (check your New Testament) — what’s this? America’s going downhill? Thanks, Mr. Christ-killer, I didn’t know that! How much do you get paid a year for how many months’ work (eight? nine?) to tell us this?

  5. Interesting piece by Brooks, and thanks, MW, for putting it up. For a fact, Jewish antennae are twitching ever more violently. Just now listening to evening re-run of Dennis Miller’s Hollywood shabbatz goy neocon radio show…he’s interviewing ex-Trotskyite neocon David Horowitz: “Israel has been betrayed, betrayed! Obama is conspiring with Hamas….a Second Holocaust impends!” And Ilana Mercer just kicked me off her libertarian/Zionist website (“Fuck off, CompassionateFascist! You want to murder a whole people! Don’t come back!”) I love this stuff.

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