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The possibility of “debt forgiveness”

William Greider over at Alternet is discussing the possibility of debt forgiveness as a solution to the crisis of capital. I think it’s their only way to avert the Consumers from creating their own local economies, after much hardship. Debt … Continue reading

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Great post from the Chateau

Worth reading in full Bill Bennett, former Secretary of Education and Drug Czar, correctly identifies and laments the declining fortunes of men…

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Occupy Wall Street kids want jobs in the multicult, that no longer exist

That’s what Occupy Wall Street is. They were promised that if they loved non-whites enough, and lived to serve them, they would get a middle class lifestyle. This worked for decades. It’s no longer working. The multiculturalism industry gave them … Continue reading

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The Student Loan Bubble funds Cultural Marxism

Prediction: The US government is going to make higher education much more affordable, or the project of Cultural Marxism will fail. If you think about it, a huge amount of average American kids go to Cultural Marxism U, which supports … Continue reading

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Heidi Klum satirizes herself

Holy unintended humour, Batman! Somebody who knows semiotics played a little joke with Heidi Klum and her disgusting alternative lifestyle.

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A house-sharer on Alternet

Worth reading in it’s entirety. Note the delectably sinful whiteness! ZOMG racist! LOL. It is about the experience of a 37 yo SWPL moving in to a house with several roommates, and successfully pooling resources and sharing. This is what … Continue reading

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Keoni Galt on mass media addicts, and my commentary

It is well worth reading Galt’s article in full: Who has something more likely to be proud of – a kid who spent hours and hours practicing guitar, to the point where he can now play beautiful, soul-inspiring music….or … Continue reading

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