A house-sharer on Alternet

Worth reading in it’s entirety.


Note the delectably sinful whiteness! ZOMG racist! LOL.

It is about the experience of a 37 yo SWPL moving in to a house with several roommates, and successfully pooling resources and sharing.

This is what I advocate doing, at least temporarily. Living like this can either be an opportunity to have more free time and less obligation to “run the rat race,” or any opportunity to sprint the rat race in a short term goal to save up to own a multi-family and be the landlord. Start off as a renter with other people, save money and learn property management, and work towards being a landlord.

You will have to solve basic problems you may have in getting along with other people. If one house doesn’t work out, try another. It may take you a few tries to learn how to live with others. But this will make you a better, more self-aware person if you are able to look at yourself objectively and critique yourself honestly. You will do better in intimate relationships if you learn how to get along with housemates. And if you get along with your housemates, you will be fundamentally happier.

This 37 year old woman is divorced. She was married for 2, shacking up for 2 before that with the same herb. She probably needs socialization training, and so did her herb as well, which is why the marriage ended. After living with housemates, maybe she’ll get housetrained and learn how to be a wife.

A lot of us grew up in broken homes and aren’t “housetrained” to actually cohabit with someone else. Living in a house with housemates won’t just save you money, it’s sort of like training wheels for a successful LTR. Make sure anyone you would marry is also house-trained.

House-sharing can also lead to car sharing, and in the article one of the guys grows a garden. It’s very easy to grow enough vegetables for 5 or 6 people, if there’s someone to prepare them when they harvest. Also, with the money one saves, you can buy from local farmers. They will give you a deal if you are a regular or bulk customer.

There is a bigger picture to adopting this lifestyle. You will hurt “the economy.” Huge corporations will make less profit, especially when this catches on. It will be equivalent to a viral, global economic rebellion.

Large corporations barely grow, but they take in a vast amount of wealth. They can’t get much bigger, but they sure could get a LOT smaller.

The house-sharers are going to be the ones that teach the rest of society how to live and survive the contracting economy. They are, in a way, doing “urban homesteading,” simply by sharing and eliminating economic redundancies. It is a way to downsize the corporations, the way they downsized us.


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6 Responses to A house-sharer on Alternet

    • mindweapon says:


      A lot of those recommendations would come after house sharing/car sharing, because they would require free time and startup capital.

      House-sharing and car-sharing are the first step, because so many of us have no free time and no capital.

  1. Rita Rabbit says:

    Love it! I might get to do this with some like-minded friends soon. I hate living alone!

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