Heidi Klum satirizes herself

Holy unintended humour, Batman! Somebody who knows semiotics played a little joke with Heidi Klum and her disgusting alternative lifestyle.


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12 Responses to Heidi Klum satirizes herself

  1. RVT says:

    What exactly is Klum doing?

  2. Ryu says:

    Wow. Really? I guess she can be that unaware. She’s starting to lose it.

  3. RVT says:

    Oh, she has half black kids? Poor kids. The next few decades will NOT be a good time to mixed race, especially not black.

  4. Soundweapon says:

    In the Wheel of Life, didactic painting of Lamaist Tibetan Buddhism, the Eternal Return of the cosmic great nights and great days is of reincarnations represented as succeeding within a great cycle filled with horrible figures. And all this, in turn, in the belly of a most terrible demon. And so it is, because at the end of one of those macro-kalpas, the Archetype of the Demiurge, Jehovah, will devour his own illusory creation, his Maya. The Mater-ia eats her own children. And nothing remains.
    This is the world, the cosmos into which the Hyperborean spirits have come to fall. What has happened, how have they been chained to that infernal Mater, to that Mother? The Cathars affirm the Universe has been created pure, but from the fifth heaven downwards the ghost of evil and chaos has been introduced, the Demiurge Jehovah, mixing and adulterating everything. So the earth is the world of Demons, and their Lord of Darkness. The Jews would be his representatives. Unfortunately, the Cathars did not know this, nor the Templars, although some gnostics did.

  5. God damn. She has the teeth and everything. I can imagine her hypothetically Jewish photographer/agent getting a massive kick out making his goysiche blonde femme client dance like an ape, a symbolic allusion to her mudsharkin’ lifestyle.

  6. So far, Hedi K. – via her black F^^^kMate “Seal” – has dropped 2 orange whatsits with quills instead of hair; and the Jews love her for it. It’s a safe bet that all such will – sooner than most of us think – be deal with harshly. That’s, of course, only if “Seal” doesn’t do an Orenthal on her first.

  7. uh says:

    Yet note the ghost-white cap and ears: she is transformed by Jew photographer into a caricature of her own mulatto litter.

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