Keoni Galt on mass media addicts, and my commentary

It is well worth reading Galt’s article in full:

Who has something more likely to be proud of – a kid who spent hours and hours practicing guitar, to the point where he can now play beautiful, soul-inspiring music….or the kid who spent hours playing every song at “expert” level of Guitar Hero?

Now, you can now just turn on the liquid crystal flat screen, fire up the gaming console, sling the plastic guitar and furiously hit the five colored buttons in patterns timed to the latest pop rock music, and you too could be virtually headlining Madison Square Garden with your virtual Rock band!

Then, when the show is over, Internet porn and some lube will give you all the virtual groupie action you can handle! ROCK ON DUDE!

Brilliant. Galt describes the blue pill existence perfectly. Perhaps the real meaning of the Matrix movie was the subculture of “gamers.”

These are basically males who have “dropped out” from being men, and being citizens. They are cowards who have fled the battlefield of reality. Which is largely why America is getting race-replaced (for now).

I quit mass media when I was 15, about 25 years ago, because I despised it. I was one of the frogs that “jumped out of the pot,” when mass media became very liberal and anti-white and for that matter misandrist. I despised the sitcoms and the laugh tracks. When I happened to be somewhere where a television was on playing a sitcom, I would hear the similar conversational patterns and the laugh track. It was more like a bad spoken broadway musical with a laugh track as a conductor, than a piece of theater. So when I would happen to hear a sitcom, it would make me think of my classmates at school. They would imitate the same speech patterns and dynamics, the same highs and lows and accents and jokes as sitcoms, and they would even laugh in unison like a laugh track.

I felt like we were all “experiments” we were all Psychological Lab Rats. The TV/video games is this grand experiment on humanity.

People who are socialized into television raise their children to be television socialized.

My kid is one of the few in the area who is not TV socialized. Pop culture only has a passing influence on her, and she is very engaged in the real world. All her teachers noticed that she had a very good attention span, and some would figure out that she didn’t watch TV. Teachers can see the difference in TV socialized kids and those who aren’t. It’s very stark.

The best way to raise your kids without mass media is not to consume it yourself. Sure I watch a movie or two a week with the wife, but that’s the sum of my mass media consumption. But most of the time we are engaged in the real world, and when my daughter was younger, we took her on all sorts of real world activities — hiking, bicycling, to the beach, community activities. She is not shy about talking to adults like so many kids, because from an early age we just assumed she could engage the world, and she went and did it. My mother takes her out to dinner with her friends, and my kid was arguing politics with 60 year old ladies when she was 8. A lady asked her if she like Bush or Kerry and she said “Nader,” and explained why.

So I guess we could call this “reality socializing,” as opposed to TV socializing.

The big problem with our world is that so many are “TV socialized” and thus have dropped out. I bet the ruling elites are psyched to have us in this condition. They are desperate to keep the status quo going, because if they can no longer maintain “the automatic earth” of supermarkets and such, the TV socialized will be forced to engage the world. A whole world of people will be forced to “grow up” all at once. This would probably end the mass media grip on people. They fear this outcome. I believe it’s inevitable. Red pill, or die.


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  1. I’ve been off TV for about a decade now. Stopped going to movies too. I feed the Jew-Beast as little as possible.

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