The Student Loan Bubble funds Cultural Marxism


The US government is going to make higher education much more affordable, or the project of Cultural Marxism will fail.

If you think about it, a huge amount of average American kids go to Cultural Marxism U, which supports so much of the “default liberal” point of view. It is one leg of the tripod, along with public primary education and mass media, that buttresses the multicult.

College or university education is officially unaffordable, because of the student loan bubble. No one would disagree with this.

I want to digress a moment, because there are workarounds to get a college education on the cheap. I am a graduate of a 2nd tier private college in New England, and I did it for about 10k because I found workarounds. Tuition at the time for full time dorm students was 15k a year, so I got a degree for 1/6 of the going rate. Even in 2011, I’m willing to bet my particular workaround would get you a college degree for 15k.

That said, most people aren’t finding the workarounds. If they start looking for the workarounds, that in itself will burst the college bubble. The bubble depends on people seeing a college education the way they see a house, as part of “the American dream.”

It is a view of education as a product to be consumed that will give you more buying power, as diet pills might give one more sexual market value. It worked, for a good 35 years.

Higher education failed, however, by graduating a lot of people who lacked practical skills. Granted, practical skills had been outsourced to Asia, and American college graduates were trained principally to administer the American Empire and the Multiculturalism Religion. There is little prestige left in engineering or computer science; the last “guaranteed job” is in administering multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism is a jealous god, which destroys all competing power structures, even when these power structures sign it’s paycheck.

That’s how pathetic it is. It all started with people who “bite the hand that feeds them,” and it will end symmetrically. Multiculturalism is a self-liquidating ideology, it is a ecstatic burning off of surplus. It is a Darwinian bottleneck. True white multicultists are the epic failures of evolution. They are self selected human sacrifices:

It is easy to see that the clowns who run this system don’t even pretend that this will last in the long term. They are like people who rev up an engine to it’s maximum rpms for as long as possible, just to see what will happen. Civilization is like an engine, with a finite fuel supply and an optimal rate of metabolism. The international bankers don’t run it like that.

International bankers managed to run out ahead of everyone else in taking over the global money system; but they didn’t attain this power and authority because they were the best stewards of the global economy.

Those who support it but don’t practice it keep the hypocrisy gene in continuance.


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10 Responses to The Student Loan Bubble funds Cultural Marxism

  1. Ryu says:

    I tend to think that they value money over multiculturalism. Once MC starts costing too much and profits go down, they’ll dump it like a hot potato.

    I’ve heard of their new scheme to make college more affordable. It’s a band aid that only addresses consolidation and repayment. They seem to be suggesting that one ought to take out more loans to pay for it. Supposedly you only have to repay 10% of your income, and after 20 years it would be discharged. Not a bad deal, but I’m looking for the punch line.

    • mindweapon says:

      Yes, I agree, and one of the three legs of the stool of Cultural Marxism will get kicked out.

      Then if public schools go broke, and on top of that, people don’t have time to consume mass media, all of the legs of the stool of Cultural Marxism will get kicked out. In one generation we’d be like the Whites of 1900 again, albeit with the knowledge of modern technology, medicine, and modern insights.

      Not all things about modernity are bad, by the way. The older generation were really into their Jeeboo, so much that if the pastor started saying the opposite of what he used to say, they went along with it. They certainly flipped 180 degrees on race-mixing. I’m waiting for the Fundies to look back in their Bibles and “have a revelation” that gay is A-OK, including gay marriage, gay adoption, et cetera.

      This time around, the traditionalists won’t be part of established religion. We are decentralized, and not dependent on pastors or priests. In a way, even more Protestant than Protestants themselves. Protestants, after all, still had pastors and churches.

      I think the new religion is going to be based on science, math and Buddhism. Not to get too abstract, but Matt Parrott talks about a future regime of Natural Law. Natural Law is where we experience the consequences of our actions.

      Right now we live under a law of “the superior virtue of the oppressed.” White college students are constantly told that their only meaning in life is to serve non-whites, that they need to acquire anti-racist virtue in order to prove themselves worthy of a corporate job. However, the promised jobs in multiculturalism are not coming through, so the people who didn’t get those jobs are no “Occupying Wall Street.”

      • Brandon says:

        The natural law is described on the upper right hand corner of your blog.

        People are already experiencing the consequences of their behavior, but they don’t view it as such, but instead as “shit happens”. So they don’t learn and have to keep going around in the cycle. They are blind to the reason that shit happens, because of their belief system says this world of time and space is all there is, therefore, the “why is this shit happening to me” thought, is very short, and dismissed after the shock wears off of the shit.

        To ask “why”, is to presuppose the idea that something one has done has brought the shit that happened into one’s life. They can’t go there, so block it out.

        Natural law “religion”already exists and will eventually become more unerstood by the few thousands who are destined to receive it and understand it and will teach it to the multitudes.

      • mindweapon says:

        Good comment, Brandon! Good to see you around!

      • AWM says:

        You should read F. O’Reilly’s Hyperborean Home. It expands upon a religion of Natural Law, which is already evident around us, if we just took the time to eliminate the background noise and distractions.

        I found it inspiring, and this is coming from a Kinist.


  2. RVT says:

    Cultural Marxism will fail no matter what. But the deflation of the student loan bubble would help ensure that it doesn’t take the rest of us with it.

  3. Bo says:

    “Right now we live under a law of “the superior virtue of the oppressed.” White college students are constantly told that their only meaning in life is to serve non-whites, that they need to acquire anti-racist virtue in order to prove themselves worthy of a corporate job.”

    This is an exquisite description about the contemporary normative world view on demographic relations. Young diverse white American students all the way to diverse white American Rotarians are preached to constantly about their duty to the Other, and the Other even takes it so far as to say the only activities open to young and old white Americans is that of taxpayer, soldier, and silenced ally (their favorite word) of some or other oppressed member of a minority group. The “ally” label is stinging because it really means servant in every context today.

  4. I watch threads all over the net, from Left-populist thru HardRight. And I am telling U, when someone puts up an anti-Jewish comment, the down arrows used to exceed the ups by 4::1….Now, it has reversed. Something very tasty is being cooked up, and (tho I can’t resist ’em) it ain’t the McRib.

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