The possibility of “debt forgiveness”

William Greider over at Alternet is discussing the possibility of debt forgiveness as a solution to the crisis of capital.

I think it’s their only way to avert the Consumers from creating their own local economies, after much hardship.

Debt forgiveness could also bring down the financial system. It is something that would finally affect the bankers, or the bankers would have to go on a property confiscation spree as a condition of “forgiveness.”

That’s what’s amazing about this. The bankers may finally have to accept a haircut in order to save the System, and even debt forgiveness is not a sure thing. So it’s a game of chicken between the bankers and the rest of us.

A game of chicken on a sinking ship, that will sink everyone, including the bankers.

Another possibility is that debt forgiveness could lead to a new spurt of economic growth. If this happens, some people will say, “excellent, business as usual again!” A lot of money will be made for a while, adn there will be a new batch of fools who think it’s “forever.”

I knew a real estate broker making a killing back in 2004-2007, and he said that “the housing boom will last for at least the rest of my lifetime.” He was in his 50’s, so he was banking on another 20 years at least.

The thing is, the people who realize the boom isn’t forever can get in on the Ponzi early and get out early, and then short the fools. They have been playing this game with us long enough that we can begin to count the cards, so to speak.

It’ll probably be another real estate boom, driven by debt forgiveness and building housing for immigrants. Make a quick killing, invest your profits in “new urbanist living” that is, multifamily real estate in SWPL urban areas (aka latte towns, like Putney VT and Northampton, MA). A multifamily SWPL house can be teh beginning of a localist economic commune.


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21 Responses to The possibility of “debt forgiveness”

  1. Brandon says:

    This is off topic, but I didn’t know where else to put it. Knowing that you are a sort of “back to the lander” type, I was wondering if you ever heard of Countryside magazine?

    They have been around for almost a century and most of their articles are written by people involved in doing what you are doing, which is what I did when I lived in WVA some time ago. The folks who publish it are in northern Wisconsin. Readers basically write the magazine, sharing their various experiences.

  2. FN says:

    Maybe they can get a little bump going again, but for Whitey it ain’t gonna happen.
    Now this sleaze and his ho selling their souls if they had them, but they don’t for a mess of pottage from The Js.

    Quality people are few and far between. Drop the list.

    • mindweapon says:

      I don’t associate with anyone who displays his views on his skin or clothes. Those who are in this movement in order to “shock the squares” are in it for the wrong reasons. I’m surprised so few skinheads have flipped like this — their lives are so dysfunctional that this “repentance” nonsense is a predictable outcome.

      • FN says:

        Overall I tend to agree with you, however surely Bryant Cecchini is a great guy, banned by SF? Now he, like Billy R. thought that the mexie was a “White Man” still his insights are valuable overall. That is the problem with “The List” so hungry for ANYONE to join up, to get involved. This is what you AVOID, and it is such a blessing for your approach. IT is more in alignment with James Mason’s than any other, even the “PLE” which I don’t have much respect for, although I wouldn’t say it in front of them.

        Why I even bothered to bring it up, comrade, is that the article makes merry with the NA connection:

        “After getting married in 2006, the couple, former pillars of the white power movement (she as a member of the National Alliance, he a founder of the Vinlanders gang of skinheads) had worked hard to put their racist past behind them. They had settled down and had a baby; her younger children had embraced him as a father” the couple is Bryon Widner and his wife Julie, true traitors to the Race.

        What these vermin lack, is your insight into the future.
        WE know what is coming, apparently due to their genetic deficiencies they DON’T.
        A remarkable fellow, Fr. Sandy, notes:
        “Our enemies see this as a pathetic last gasp of a dying moribund civilization” is quite true for our civilization is dying. Identity Christians describes this phase as Jacob’s Troubles and what the secular Guillaume Faye would, I think, describe as the catastrophe required to get people motivated. So be of good cheer, keep your head down for the moment and it will all work out.

      • mindweapon says:

        the catastrophe required to get people motivated. So be of good cheer, keep your head down for the moment and it will all work out.

        I quite agree, FN! Our enemies are incompetent. We need to look after our own survival, not just as individuals, but as a biological collective, and let them self destruct.

        I don’t care about Brian Widner or Julie to even hate them. I would have never associated with such people in the first place.

    • mindweapon says:

      If there is a debt jubilee there will either be a collapse or a short economic boom. If there is a boom, get in early and get out early.

      But the bankers are really at the end of their rope. This is the big Crisis of Capital that Karl Marx wrote about.

  3. Rita Rabbit says:

    I was a real estate appraiser during the boom. Us appraisers saw the bust coming but everyone laughed at us.

    I also predicted years ago that after the bust, a new bubble would be created once amnesty happened. I hate to say it but it’s probably only a matter of time before that happens.

    • anon987 says:


      a new bubble would be created once amnesty happened.

      They are already talking about a program to grant residency to any foreigner who will pay $200,000 or more for a house. Consider the scope of that catastrophe should it come to pass.

      • mindweapon says:

        How could it be any worse than now? At least they would be wealthy foreigners instead of job-stealing mestizos.

        Also, moving to the USA is often a catastrophe for the immigrants. Their children become Americanized, that is to say, much worse than their parents. White nationalists and homeschoolers and such are immune (more or less) to Americanization — we’ve moved beyond it, we don’t consume Jewish mass media poison and such, but immigrants have no immunity and their children go to the dogs in short order.

        If the bubble comes back, buy a multi-family in a good area at the beginning of the bubble and sell when you get an offer that will give you a few ten thousands in profit. Then buy gold, and after the bubble bursts, you can buy it back with your gold. Play the Rothschild game. We might as well — we’ve been played long enough to learn it.

  4. anon987 says:

    Debt forgiveness makes perfect sense. If a consumer owes say 100k, the banks have turned that into 10,000,000 of derivatives. All the derivatives have crashed, in some cases, to zero. The Federal Reserve has replaced the derivatives with brand new US Treasuries thanks to quantitative easing. No growth can be had because consumers are in debt. So, forgive the debt, and consumers can take on more.

    Sure, it’s not sustainable, it’s kicking the can down the road, but it’s just money. Not only does it grow on trees (it’s paper) but it’s all just electrons now.

    The trick is whether we get inflation or deflation. It could go either way.

  5. I have bad/good news, all: Jew/banksters are not Romans. They do not “forgive” debt. They always extract the pound of flesh. There will be, despite Grieder and his ilk, no “jubilee”. There will be instead: Civil War. And that’s a war we can win. I don’t know why Kievsky, who is a realist on most issues, falls for this stuff. Perhaps he’s just a pacifist.

    @ anon 987: we get both, biflation: heavy producer goods that were once a store of white middle class wealth (houses) deflate….while day to day necessary consumables (food and clothing) inflate. Maximum Jew-screw.

    • mindweapon says:


      If the price of food goes up, then market gardeners/small farmers will be able to have businesses. That would be great! They’ll shoot themselves in the foot if the price of food goes through the roof. Small farmers will ramp up and there will be local economy again.

    • NotaJew says:

      That expression “Jew Screw” should go viral.

  6. PS – I’m all for K. “peacefully” growing his vegetables. But he’d just better be carrying a weapon while doing so, or hire on some security, otherwise hordes of desperate urbanites will raid his cabbage patch. As for me: Have Gun, Will Travel. Incidentally, I had an enormous salad for dinner (Romaine, Cuke, Tomato, & broccoli) and look forward to many more of the same. Wherever.

    • mindweapon says:


      So I have to talk tough on the Internet to prove myself? I am a known person, not an anonymous. I have always said that I practice Taqqiyah on the violence question. I’m not a principled pacifist. It’s just not useful in any way, in my view, to talk or fantasize about violence, or boast about one’s arsenal, or that sort of thing.

      I live in a cul-de-sac neighborhood with a lot of New England rednecks, aka swamp Yankees. I don’t have first hand knowledge, but I’m pretty sure they are well armed, and could be quickly organized into a very effective neighborhood watch. We have natural borders around this neighborhood such as swamps and railroad tracks.

      I think the swamp Yankees will self-organize pretty quickly in a collapse situation. I am involved in community service as well, so I know a lot of people in the area. Being involved in community service is important towards preparation every bit as much as an arsenal.

      • Siryako Akda says:

        I’ve always been curious about this topic, Kievsky. Compared to the average American, what would you say is the average income, educational attainment and general political awareness of “swamp Yankees” in your area?

      • mindweapon says:


        High school grad or worthless college degree, job at the submarine base or casino, if still married, combined income close to 100k a year but in debt to their eyeballs, if divorced, they have been bankrupt at least once. Political awareness — what they learn from Fox News.

        However, this could all change overnight if there is a serious economic disruption.

  7. H.Avenger says:

    There have been plans for massive debt forgiveness or a “jubilee year” for quite some time. The plans were cooked up by the banksters themselves a few decades back. Of course, the debt forgiveness would come with strings attached and would be global.

    • mindweapon says:

      Horus the Avenger,

      I think we are figuring many things out right now, and the banking system is one of them. Let them have a jubilee with strings attached. We are figuring out their game and when they induce some kind of instability, we can get rich and take over a healthy chunk of the Energy Management.

      Dude it’s not about “money.” Money is the distraction disguised as the Power. THe real Power is in Energy Management, — the physics of our existence.

  8. H.Avenger says:

    Well you never know what schemes they go with…..until they are on tv introducing us to the scheme. If they roll out something like a “jubilee year” (and that is always a big IF until they do so). The Banksters would do as part of a series of moves. All of the moves would have to be over the top and probably include (as crazy as this sounds) new Energy Technologies as inducements. The good news is that we would have a front row seat to view any such schemes in America. The bad news is the banksters are not the all powerful geniuses many believe them to be. Either way we’ll soon see what all they got cooking.

  9. NotaJew says:

    Indeed, solar or some such will probably become more affordable suddenly and create a new debt bubble.

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