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Humorous rant at Daily Kos by an African Queen

Reposted here in case it gets taken down there. Especially funny parts bolded. She may be a bit oversensitive, but I like her stances on racial separation, independence and sovereignty. She is also opposed to miscegenation. However, she had several … Continue reading

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Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar and the virtue of smallholders

The people who keep civilization running are inevitably the smallholders — the small businessmen, the small farmers, the artisans and their workshops. This class ensures the continuation of normal, daily life. Without the “petit bourgeouis” as Trotsky called us, civilization … Continue reading

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Tim Wise’s vicious glee

He reminds me of the WASP woman who claimed that white people can’t farm. Tim Wise says, with vicious glee and a smug smile on his face, that white people are ill equipped to deal with the economic recession. He … Continue reading

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Very funny cartoon

Get the moustache on the woman in second to last frame. Here’s athe article:

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Call to Action (from WN Think Tank) There is anti-semitic momentum growing in the Occupy Wall Street protests and also in the Occupy Los Angeles protest. Of course there are those who are trying to do damage control and to stamp it out. Nevertheless, it is … Continue reading

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SWPL liberal woman; “helpless white people need non-whites to farm for us”

I attended an event related to adapting to energy descent and economic contraction. The facilitator of the event was an upper middle class liberal woman in her 50’s who lived a very SWPL, racially segregated life but enthusiastically parrotted the … Continue reading

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Oh noes! White nationalists like to be together . . . like in one town!

Heaven forfend, all these horrible people want to get together and hold hands in Montana! Let’s see — they are gathering openly in one place. They aren’t some secret IRA type group committing violence. They just want to be White … Continue reading

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