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More on Manchester

Nowadays, an Internet newspaper column is just the first comment, and usually the dumbest one. This Concord Monitor article, which no one took credit for but is authored by “Monitor Editor,” and all of whose comments take the diametrically opposed … Continue reading

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A crack in the multicult Berlin Wall; Manchester, NH asks for a pause in refugee resettlement

After 8 years, Mayor Laurier T. Raymond Jr. of Lewiston, Maine, is vindicated In the wake of the 9/11 tragedy a firestorm erupts when Mayor Larry Ramond of Lewiston, Maine sends an open letter to 1,100 newly arrived Somali refugees … Continue reading

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How would you game this drone hunter-killer?

New Drone Sensor Could Instantly Spot Any Shooter That’s one neat looking RC plane! The flying branch has asked industry to develop a new heat and motion sensor capable of detecting enemy gunfire from 25,000 feet over the battlefield — … Continue reading

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On civil conflict; Part 2

In a collapse scenario it’s doesn’t really matter who wins, it matters who’s left. The above comment inspired a Part 2 post on the civil conflict question. Gorbachev and others who snicker that “WN’s can’t take on drone mounted, see … Continue reading

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Regarding civil conflict

Some commenters have mentioned a post by Gorbachev over at Roissy that the US military will easily roll over any American militia. I agree. It’s really the War of Independence all over again; the redcoats (and Red Shield of Rothschild) … Continue reading

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Liberals versus Reality; a comment about the Kalispell PLE from Alternet

Alternet article about the Kalispell PLE Here is a typical comment from liberals: NJOsprey 1 hour ago We should continue to encourage this internal migration. In a few years, FEMA puts up a fence and quarantines the area. Federal agents … Continue reading

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The potential of Wall Street layoffs; Homecoming of the organic White elite

There’s an article in the New York Times about Wall Street layoffs “A lot of the positions that are being cut right now aren’t coming back,” said Leslie K. Hild, a vice president with the recruiting firm Right Management. “It’s … Continue reading

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