Reproductive technology; a weapon we need to acquire

The post about the biracial progressive white supremacist, caused me to make the connection to White DNA as a weapon, especially AnalogMan’s pointing out that if Asians bred White kids, they would use them as janissaries to conquer us.

To us, our DNA is not a weapon; our DNA is what we are; a source of joy and of our life itself. But to others, we are a weapon, and that’s why they want to mix us out of existence. YKW want to be the only white people on earth, ruling over the global coffee colored plantation. All in the name of “safety from those genocidal monsters and embryonic Nazis.”

Earl Raab, former president of heavily Jewish Brandeis University, makes the diversity argument in a slightly different way. Expressing his satisfaction with the prediction that by the middle of the next century whites will become a minority, he writes, “We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan party will be able to prevail in this country.” He is apparently prepared to displace the people and culture of the founding stock in order to prevent the theoretical rise of an anti-Jewish regime. Prof. Raab appears to see whites mainly as potential Nazis, and is willing to sacrifice their culture and national continuity in order to defuse an imagined threat to Jews. This passage takes for granted the continued future existence of Jews as a distinct community even as Gentile whites decline in numbers and influence.

This meme in simpler form has long been the mantra of the Multiculters, White people were only good at committing genocide. All antis say this; or better, they parrot it, with my apologies to Matt Parrott.

The underlying idea is that Whites are weaponized DNA, and bringing down our numbers and demographic and geographical dominance is a matter of curbing a population of dangerous animals. Of course YKW are also weaponized DNA; their fertility will continue to be encouraged. It’s all about them.

So let’s look at it with their lens; let’s reverse engineer the YKW genocidal attack on us. What are we to do? Some people fantasize about cinematic retaliation using weapons of death.

I say we think outside the box, and view reproductive technologies as “life weapons.” After all, how is Mexico conquering the USA, and Muslims conquering Europe? With the wombs of Mexican and Muslim women. Life weapons! There’s a graphic out there, which I could not find, showing a veiled pregnant Muslim woman with a lighted fuse on her belly.

This technology does not need to be used in only one place. We should use it in many places at once, in case in some countries they crack down on the breeding labs. Russia, where they want a higher White birthrate and authorities can be greased, would be a good place. Russians would probably use this tech as well. Over there the average Russian on the street, as well as the educated classes, believe in eugenics and in White survival. Russia is an excellent candidate for a PLE. It’s been done before. A lot of German farmers settled Russia a few centuries ago, on the Volga River, and brought great benefits to their adopted Rodina. We could bring ancient Anglo-Saxon values to the Slavs — openness, honesty, less corruption. The Anglo-Saxon Slav combination has worked very well for my family.

There are Whites who have many children as a weapon, or at least I remember such a thing from a Jerry Springer show in the 1990’s. The problem is those kids were not given high investment upbringings.

We need to combine high fertility with a degree of economic communalism and communal living, and very high investment parenting. Our version of Tiger Mom.

The worst thing about this post is that it is a bit of techno-fantasizing. I realize that. I call on readers to research reproductive technologies and report back to here in the comments. I found something on Wikipedia

At that link, you might notice this tidbit:


Israel’s National Health Insurance, which is mandatory for all Israeli citizens, covers nearly all fertility treatments. In-Vitro-Fertilization costs are fully subsidized up to the birth of two children for all Israeli women, including single women and lesbian couples. Embryo transfers for purposes of gestational surrogacy are also covered.[17]

Israel is the only country that provides this for free for all women.

So if some scientist out there wanted to start a fertility clinic in a lower regulation environment such as Russia, I’m guessing that Russia would experience a new fertility tourism boom to replace the child adoption boom.

Look at this hate filled, anti-white snarky YKW by Scott Simon about Scandinavian Julie Peterson who is apparently a “racist.”

Now there’s nothing more personal than children, and I do not believe I’m in a position, in this forum or any other, to criticize anyone’s most intimate choices, but some of the quotes attributed to Miss Peterson this week, frankly, made me squirm.

She told the Washington Post News Service, quote, “I’m Swedish-Norwegian and I really wanted to have a gene pool that was similar to my own. I wanted a baby that looked like me and wanted to share my heritage with my baby. Now I have a beautiful Viking baby, which is what I wanted. I was hoping to give her a full sibling.”

I don’t know if that kind of reasoning is racist, but it is certainly preoccupied with genetics and bloodlines. To be blunt, it makes me feel creepy. Who’s to say that a child she could adopt from Guatemala or a baby conceived with a father who’s Irish or Navajo can’t share Julie Peterson’s interest in Scandinavian heritage? Does she really want children or just sophisticated dolls who will look and act just like her? And what happens when her beautiful little Viking becomes a real kid and decides that she likes hip-hop, Bollywood movies or dyes her hair purple?

I understand that such strong physical preferences – I won’t call them prejudices – are a part of romantic attraction and what people may seek in a partner. But it doesn’t sound as if Julie Peterson wants a partner, just a few ccs from an unseen donor. And I wonder if someone with such exacting criteria in the bloodlines and mere physical appearance of a child really knows who and what children are and what really makes us love them.

Are you convinced yet? Scott Simon is screaming at you, “Don’t you dare engage in racist reproduction! You make me feel creepy!”

Nordic babies make Scott Simon feel creepy indeed. But free assisted reproduction for Israeli women is just fine and dandy, eh Scott?

Life weapons are real, and it is legal for us to develop and acquire them. Maybe we shouldn’t call them “life weapons,” we should discuss it in terms of love and families. But if the YKW are not making it clear enough — reproduction and White DNA is a weapon; they want the monopoly; they want to be the only white people on the planet.

There is probably better technology for breeding than is publicly known. The highest goal would be to be able to propagate many perfect embryos (no genetic defects, high IQ, beautiful) at a low cost. A woman would only have to give one egg donation and infinite eggs could be propagated from that.

It is probably also possible to create a machine or a mass of living tissue that can do pregnancy; however, what would a baby be like that wasn’t inside a woman’s body? Would it lose anything? If babies could be gestated normally in machines or tissue masses, we could produce many more at a time at a lower cost.

The late Khalid Mohammed, a Farrakhan follower, called White women “an arms factory, and every 9 months, more reinforcements come in.” I couldn’t find the youtube video or the quote, but I remember it clearly.

Now I understand why Never Let Me Go is my favorite movie. This movie really ties it all together. The characters, who are all White, have to die in their late 20’s or early 30’s, by donating their organs. They were cloned and raised with this purpose. They live most of their lives without thinking about it, but when it comes time to actually start undergoing donations, they want deferrals — even a few more years to live. But, as Kathy H., who always looks on the verge of tears but never actually cries, says with a hint of a quivering lip but an Anglo-Saxon stoicism:

“There are no deferrals Tommy.”

There are lines in the movie where both the cloned kids and the non-clones say, “You are filling a very important role in society. People will never agree to go back to the days of lung cancer and motor neuron disease.”

In other words, you have to die for the great good of society.

This is the logic of the multiculters too. White people are dangerous, weaponized DNA, and therefore we have to be culled for everyone’s (YKW’s) safety. But of course, this is shit logic. We are not uniquely violent; we are only better at it, just like we are good at surgery and aviation. We are not uniquely culpable; we are not dangerous animals; we don’t deserve to be treated like timber wolves in beef ranching country.


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35 Responses to Reproductive technology; a weapon we need to acquire

  1. barb says:

    Here’s a wild guess:

    It is known that in-vitro fertilization has an increased rate of monozygotic (identical) twins resulting,
    even when only ONE blastocyst (fertilized egg) is implanted.

    It does not seem to be known what the mechanism is, but work with armadillos suggests a hypothesis of delayed implantation.

    Or a break in the zona pellucida (the outer membrane of an egg.)

    “It has been proposed that an artificial breach in the zona by ICSI or AH and subsequent herniation of blastomeres through the hole in the zona during blastocyst expansion might result in mechanical splitting of the blastocyst and formation of MZ twins (Talansky & Gordon 1988). This phenomenon has been recorded by time-lapse photography in bovine embryos ”
    “An early report of six cases of MZ twins observed that each of the six cases was associated either with naturally thin zonas or with some sort of zona manipulation. In the same retrospective study, no MZ twins resulted from transfers of embryos with normal zona thickness or embryos with intact zonas”

    What if it turned out that we could in-vitro fertilize eggs from beautiful Whites and by slightly delaying implantation or by deliberately breaching the zona immediately after fertilization, create lots and lots of twinsets? What if we told White women, particularly older, smart ones who foolishly spent their fertile years climbing the career ladder and now want to have in-vitro, what if we encouraged them to agree to deliberate creation of twinsets by paying for it?

    A classroom of clones might make the clones grow up psychologically damaged (or not — who knows?) but we know how to raise twins happily enough.

    We’ve got lots of unhappy 30-something barren White career women out there with baby-longing.
    If we develop the science to force MZ twinning during in vitro and paid the costs for the in-vitro, it’d be a win-win.
    Maternity for the barren women and extra babies (in the form of twins that would otherwise not exist) for us.

  2. mindweapon says:

    Wow, Barb, you have been thinking about this! Thanks.

    Hey, the profit motive is certainly there. I need to travel to Russia to see if there are fertility clinics there.

  3. Siryako Akda says:

    “if Asians bred White kids, they would use them as janissaries to conquer us.”

    That’s pretty far fetched. Most of Asia is pretty ethnocentric, and I doubt that we would actually engage in that sort of breeding program just to create super soldiers. Besides, with the way demographics are declining in North East Asia, and soon enough, South East Asia as well, we will need to breeding programs for our own populations.

    • mindweapon says:


      Thank you for your point. I’m not sure myself. It’s a very new subject.

      It’s fun to think about these things though, isn’t it? We haven’t thought about reproductive technology as a life weapon before. It’s kind of a new thing for us, though the YKW have long deployed life weapons in the form of subsidizing fertility in Israeli women, as well as facilitating fertility of non-White immigrants to White countries. The Israelis also give African women in Israel regular injections of Depo-Provera to depress African fecundity.

      • Siryako Akda says:

        “It’s fun to think about these things though, isn’t it? We haven’t thought about reproductive technology as a life weapon before.”

        Oh yes, definitely, I was even planning to write a blog post about it a few months ago, but decided against it because of lack of materials.

        I’m not sure about the term “life weapon,” but I am very keen on the issues raced by HBD, especially in relation to society. For example, if the egalitarians accept that IQ differences are real then that means they have two options. Either they accept that they were wrong, and tell eugenicists that they’re right, or they admit that eugenics is the only solution in bridging the IQ gap between various races. Either way, such an admission will change a lot of things greatly.

        Personally, I’m not bothered by IQ differences. Eugenics can solve that problem, along with a more discipline oriented culture

        Another good example which comes into my mind is what if you can turn white genes/phenotype dominant, instead of recessive, and black genes the other way around. So if you could do that, miscegenation would be a minus for blacks than whites.

        As for cloning, I’m rather unsure about that. I don’t like the idea of anyone mass producing human beings of any race. Eugenics yes, cloning… not so sure. Although in the coming years, such a technology will become very probable. The same is true for other races.

        That sort of technology can cause a lot of problems to a lot of people. And more importantly, there’s no telling what the market will be for them.

        In the meantime though, I always liked the idea of family subsidies for high income, and high IQ families, as a soft form of eugenics. I do believe that eugenics (despite its NAZI NAZI NAZI history) is essential in creating a more stable world.

        “The Israelis also give African women in Israel regular injections of Depo-Provera to depress African fecundity.”

        Links Plox. I haven’t heard of that one.

  4. FN says:

    Is that the scott simon, a YKW, from National Propaganda Radio? My, my, a J Supremacist talking about Whites having babies. The YKW, Mourant of Oxford, stated that YKW were 5% Negro by blood, that was his specialty, Blood Grouping.

    Scotty baby!

    Keep telling yourself, it’s only a religion . . . it’s only a religion.

    A religion with the resources, foresight, and outlook enabling it to engage in a thirty year long breeding program to maximize genetic fitness.

    Why, it’s no different than the Episcopal church I was brought up in!
    The New York Times
    February 18, 2003
    Using Genetic Tests, Ashkenazi Jews Vanquish a Disease

  5. barb says:

    Another thought (don’t encourage me — you’ll regret it! heh) An unused resource:
    The uteri of post-menopausal White women.

    A post menopausal uterus is perfectly capable of gestating a donated embryo to term and deliver a healthy infant with just a few, eminently doable, hormonal manipulations.

    If we were to pay for all the in-vitro for White women (particularly, smart ones) in their 30s who want it and ask her to donate the excess embryos from the procedures to post-menopausal White women willing to adopt and bear them, that’s another way of increasing the birthrate and making White people happy in the doing.

    Where’s the brave pro-White billionaire, willing to withstand being called the R word, who will help us?

  6. mindweapon says:

    Depo Provera prescription controversy

    In 2010, certain members of the feminist movement accused Israel of a “sterilization policy” aimed towards Ethiopian Jews, for allowing the prescription of contraceptive drugs like Depo-Provera to the community.[167][168] They stated that the Israeli government deliberately gives to female Ethiopian Jews long-lasting contraceptive drugs like Depo-Provera.[167] Jewish agencies involved in immigration, said that Ethiopian women were offered different types of contraceptives and that “all of them participated voluntarily in family planning”.[167] Dr. Yee-fat Bitton, a member of the Israeli Anti-Discrimination Legal Center “Tmura” said that 60 percent of the women receiving this contraceptive are Ethiopian Jews, while Ethiopians made up only 1 percent of population and “the gap here is just impossible to reconcile in any logical manner that would somehow resist the claims of racism”.[167] Professor Zvi Bentwich, an immunologist and human rights activist from Tel-Aviv, rejected the claim and said there’s no ground to suspect a negative official policy towards Ethiopian Jews.[167] Israel also denied this claim.[167]

    Prof. Sadredin Moosavi of UMass Dartmouth criticized the allegations, and said that Depo Provera remains sanctioned by the World Health Organization. He said that the allegations were spread by The National, an Arab newspaper based in the United Arab Emirates which he claimed is biased against Israel. He added, “Why would a racist Israeli state go the effort to airlift Ethiopian Jews, clearly black and unable to stroll across the border without help, to Israel in the 1990s and only THEN attempt to exterminate them with Depo Provera?”[169]

  7. Matt Strictland says:

    I wouldn’t worry about YKW long term outside of some ultra orthodox, they have a reproductive rate as low or lower than Whites.

    There are about 13-18 million total and their numbers are shrinking at the rate of about 50k per year at least as of 2002. Note these are YKW’s own figures too!

    Between mixing with Whites (as few generations of that and they lose their identity) and the fact only their ultra orthodox having significant numbers of offspring (these are people will will not serve in their military and do not turn on light switches on Saturday BTW, not modern people), they are pretty much doomed, Whites are suffering but we will prevail.

    • Matt Strictland says:

      Sorry for replying to myself, I forgot something and can’t edit.

      What I posted does not mean that issues can or should be ignored or the fight is won they are still out there and YKW is not going to be gone or out of our lives anytime soon. The influences still have to be checked (political and social and economic alike) and we have to get tribal and mind weaponize even harder. When you can win, push harder, don’t get complacent …

      However in a pure numbers game, US Whites alone outnumber YKW globally about 8-1 and I’d say just WN’s/WS’s equal or exceed YKW’s numbers by a big margin.

      Our numbers have room to get bigger and even getting our women up to replacement fertility (not hard, White women like babies) gives us an enormous edge.

  8. Brandon says:

    The more creepy we make Simonites feel, the better the world will be. To hell with him and the snake he rode in on.

  9. Matt Strictland says:

    You are right of course paul, at least for the Mexican ones. Muslims tend to have more babies because they are devout. This is not what YKW wants in their case as that population is a big threat to them. Sooner or later, likely after the US has fallen and can no longer defend, I suspect that some Muslims will probably take out most of them with nukes,

    However there is another side here, what is simple is White women, especially ones with opportunities (smart, healthy and attractive) have little desire to have kids. This in not a plot so much as the natural prospects for an industrial society. Even higher class non Whites have the same issues. Its seems to be global save for Sub Saharan Africa where the people that live there are savages.

    What Whites need is some kind of revival of valuing motherhood over careers, this can be Christian, Racial, Religious, Tribal, Folk Centric it does not matter how . We Whites must honor motherhood and good parenting (yes Fathers too) to a degree that good kids raise status. Overcoming the “green”” memes and feminism and all that crap is not going to be easy.

    As Reason magazine put it

    Why are People Having Fewer Kids? Perhaps it’s because they don’t like them very much.

    We have to fix that view by increasing the status of parents, especially mothers and change the economy so that either one wage can support a family or that work is part of home life.

    Some Mens Rights guy once snarkily compared White Nationalism to a fertility cult, the man had a point. If you don’t have offspring, you don’t have a future and right now quality people Whites and even others (not my people but clearly not stupid subhumans) are not replacing themselves and apparently only stupid people are breeding.

    That needs to end. Other races are not my concern and if they want to go extinct, well thats their problem. We Whites however must abide.

    • mindweapon says:

      Great comment, Matt! I quite agree.

    • Skeeter says:

      Excellent comment. One thing, though — “green” memes are not a problem to me, as I take an environmental approach to WN. All the memes you, everyone else and I probably ever absorbed in grade school about spotted owls, snail darters and the like apply to white gentiles, who are an endangered species and, as such, demand protected habitats.

  10. barb says:

    Matt, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Women are status-seekers and conformists (conforming to WHATEVER the group says is the thing to do). Were mothering high-status and expected, White women of average intelligence would be moving heaven and Earth to make sure to get in the requisite three. All they require is for society to give them the command.

    The problem lies with women of high intelligence. She has a far greater capacity for foresight and
    empathy, which means she cares and worries — obsesses, even — far more about the prospects of her progeny than the average woman. The high intelligence also renders her capable of bucking the social norms of the day.
    Her barreness is a direct result of the fact that the higher positions in society have been commandeered by an alien, hostile elite. That alien hostile elite
    has no intentions of giving her kid a fair shake. Whether she’s specifically aware of why things are the way they are, she can see that the deck is stacked. The only power she has to assure Spawn lives well is to limit her own reproduction to that number of children that she can, of her and hubby:s (if any) own efforts, provide with decent prospects.
    And providing decent prospects to the progeny means she herself must work (unless she married an alpha). To have the income to really give her kid(s?) a leg up means she must have a career, which means spending her 20s climbing the corporate ladder. Come the 30s and the financial wherewithal, the bio clock is running out, so there’s only time to get one kid (or at most two) in before the ovaries are too pooped to pop.

    Not to mention the fact that careerism and new motherhood are, feminist cant notwithstanding, impossible to combine, and the exhaustion of trying to do two fulltime jobs, of constantly being pulled in two, diametrically opposed, directions at once by the demands of two incompatible major commitments, strongly encourages that 30 y o new mom to say “no more babies.”

    It’s these sorts of calculations on the part of smart women, beginning with the Fed-created high inflation of the 1970s, that is the biggest cause of the collapse in birthrates as compared to the 50s.
    Dull women saw all the smart women working and, being followers, marched right into the
    pink collar ghetto.

    The solution is, as always, get the Jews out of power. Wrest back from them the power to
    control the money supply and the doling out of plum positions in society. When smart Whites
    are again in control our own societies, when there are once again plenty of White men who can support us AND provide well for the kids by themselves, smart White women will do what their heart wants and stay home to make babies, and perhaps pursue a career starting in her 40s. Average White women will then do the same

  11. Attila says:

    To get to some truth- take whatever viewpoint NPR is pushing and reverse it ….

  12. Clytemnestra says:

    My big hope for the future is the White millennial generation. They look around and they are already feeling the effects of their shrinking numbers. They see all these Mestizos breeding a half a dozen children and no effort from our treacherous government to end it and they may not say anything to condemn it, but they are acting a lot different from White folk that came before them. I hear them talking and they are all saying that they want at least four children of their own.

    The kids are acting differently in another way. They are settling down and going steady throughout high school, they are marrying younger and they are having kids right away. I have heard their mothers and fathers shaking their heads over this attitude of theirs in total bemusement. But I am thinking that, unlike their moms and dads, the kids are much more awake and aware of the realities.

    I am not as worried as the rest of you. The instincts for racial survival are still strong in our young.
    I do think our government would be wise to allow men with homemaking wives to establish IRAs for them. That way, they can enter the workforce after raising their children without any worries. \

  13. 1 of my daughters (a practicing Christian) wants to have 4 children….the other (an agnostic, nihilist I think) wants to have only 1….

    • mindweapon says:

      Very interesting! I am finding that WN’ism can be as strong as Christianity. It certainly kept me in line. Think about it — Heaven is staying White and being healthy, intellectually alive and successful. Hell is being an obese, ignorant, indebted race-mixing sports fan and mass media consumer. We don’t need to promise a beautiful after-life; we can promise a better life here and now.

      This is why I don’t promote self-sacrifice for WN. I don’t want WN’s to be seen as people who get killed or end up in jail. I want us to be happy and successful and set that kind of example, of heaven on earth through being smart and making good choices.

      • A friend and I were discussing weather our race should be our religion. It’s not a new concept of course. For now at least though my religion is Christianity and my PURPOSE is to do what I can to preserve, protect and promote my people and our (traditional) culture.

  14. barb says:

    “This is why I don’t promote self-sacrifice for WN. I don’t want WN’s to be seen as people who get killed or end up in jail. I want us to be happy and successful and set that kind of example, of heaven on earth through being smart and making good choices.”

    Let me give a heartfelt Amen to that!

  15. oogenhand says:

    The Dutch recently invented a way to turn stem cells into embryos…

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