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(anti)Whiteness studies jumps the shark, reports CNN

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The Mantra set to music, spread far and wide

h/t Tabula Raza

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Poll and thread at re: White separatist living space

This thread is massive Link

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Qigong 18 forms, easy to follow

This is one of the best qigongs I have ever seen. Very simple and elegant and easy enough to do. One thing this does on the macro level is re-align your skeleton. One thing I figured out from watching this: … Continue reading

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New word: Chutzpahcrat

Warmongers by proxy; neocon chickenhawks. This quote: Jonah Goldberg, Ledeen’s colleague at National Review, coined the term “Ledeen Doctrine” in a 2002 column. This tongue-in-cheek “doctrine” is usually summarized as “Every ten years or so, the United States needs to … Continue reading

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Russian nationalists

Are coalition partners in the Russian protest movement. Link For more than two decades, Russian liberals have been warning of the dangers posed by nationalism, often portraying it as a greater threat to freedom and stability in this multiethnic country … Continue reading

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Who gets the meta-message with the legal disclaimer

Watch this youtube video of the bus attack in Ocala, Florida: When they put up the legal disclaimer (smart) which tells them this is not an incitement to vigilante justice, what else do you notice, and what is this a … Continue reading

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