I found what’s wrong with Scandinavia

Here’s why they are such liberals.

What is described below is a self inflicted Mindweapon that Nordic countries appear to use against themselves. It appears to be a mental equivalent of Chinese foot-binding. No wonder they are such liberals.

I definitely believe in the opposite of Jante Law. I believe in a Mindweaponization turned outward, rather than inward. The opposite of Jante Law would be Enterprising Boldness for Whites, Chutzpah among Jews.

I break every one of these laws regularly and proudly. Worshipping the fools in one’s town or village has got to be the dumbest idea ever.

Jante Law

The Jante Law (Danish and Norwegian: Janteloven; Swedish: Jantelagen; Finnish: Janten laki; Faroese: Jantulógin) is a pattern of group behaviour towards individuals within Scandinavian communities, which negatively portrays and criticises individual success and achievement as unworthy and inappropriate.

The Danish-Norwegian author Aksel Sandemose in his novel A fugitive crosses his tracks (En flyktning krysser sitt spor, 1933, English translation published in the USA in 1936) identified the Jante Law as a series of rules. Sandemose’s novel portrays the small Danish town Jante (modelled upon his native town Nykøbing Mors as it was at the beginning of the 20th century, but typical of all small towns and communities), where nobody is anonymous.[1]

Generally used colloquially as a sociological term to negatively describe an attitude towards individuality and success common in Scandinavia, the term refers to a mentality which refuses to acknowledge individual effort and places all emphasis on the collective, while punishing those who stand out as achievers.

The term may often be used negatively by individuals who more or less rightly feel they are not allowed to take credit for their achievements, or to point out their belief that another person is being overly critical.

There are ten different rules in the law as defined by Sandemose, all expressive of variations on a single theme and are usually referred to as a homogeneous unit: Don’t think you’re anyone special or that you’re better than us.

The ten rules state:
Don’t think you’re anything special.
Don’t think you’re as good as us.
Don’t think you’re smarter than us.
Don’t convince yourself that you’re better than us.
Don’t think you know more than us.
Don’t think you are more important than us.
Don’t think you are good at anything.
Don’t laugh at us.
Don’t think anyone cares about you.
Don’t think you can teach us anything.

An eleventh rule recognized in the novel is:

11. Don’t think that there aren’t a few things we know about you.

In the book, the Janters who transgress this unwritten ‘law’ are regarded with suspicion and some hostility, as it goes against communal desire in the town to preserve harmony, social stability and uniformity.

These 11 principles or commandments form the “Jante’s Shield” of the Scandinavian people.


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14 Responses to I found what’s wrong with Scandinavia

  1. icr says:

    Today’s Danes don’t take the rules as seriously as the other Scandis-they mock the grim earnestness of the Swedes.

    What’s really going on is that the conformist Swedes are the most loyal citizens of the post-1945 American empire:

    To illustrate what I talk about. Louis Armstrong visited Sweden in 1933. In all the news papers he was describe as something monkey-like let loose from the jungle. All across the line! And in the reviews by the most serious music critics.

    Who would have imagined in 1933, that twelve years later Western Europe would undergo an America-led cultural revolution which would lead to the common belief that there are no differences between races?

    Translation of two of the quotes:

    Knut Bäck in Göteborgs-Posten, November 1933:
    “This world is strange… No protests are raised against how the jungle is let loose into the society. Armstrong and his band are allowed to freely wreak destruction.”

    Sten Broman in Sydsvenskan, November 1933:
    “Dare I say that he at times had something monkey-like about him and sometimes reminded of, according to our perceptions, a mentally disturbed person, when he pouted with his mouth or gaped it to its widest open and roared like a hoarse animal from a primeval forest.”

    The third quote compares the concert with a natural disaster, and Armstrong’s trumpet with a hell machine. The only good thing coming out of it, he says, is that it solves to old dispute of whether monkeys have a language.

    This is what Europe looked like, up until 1945. And since some people will live under the misconception that this was a phenomenon of the ’30s, I here provide a quote from the Swedish Encyclopedia, Nordisk Familjebok, the 1876-1899 edition (here and here).

    “Psychologically the negro can be said be on the level of a child, with vivid fantasy, lack of endurance, … can be said to lack morality rather than being immoral … etc.”

  2. As my brother said to me, if you lived in a village of 50 people close to the Arctic circle, you would make sure evrybody was taken care of. And you wouldn’t tolerate any dissent. Group conformity and cohesion are survival tools. But if some bad person gets control of the group mind, he can run it over the cliff like lemmings. Shame for social control is the basic tool of leftism.

    • mindweapon says:

      Yep, you’re probably right. Do you think the multicult will be turned on its head in Scandinavia? Will we see the Rage of the Awakened Viking?

      • Matt Strictland says:

        I think we recently did in the form of one Anders Brehvik. Not a berserk but the real scary Northman, cold as arctic ice. That is why he was memory holed in a hospital like a Stalinist. Political Psychiatry is a standard social control modus of the Left

        There will be more like him when the minority critical mass is it and/or the social safety net falls apart.

        JMO but it will start with folkishness, “Viking Metal” Scandinavian Folk Music that kind of thing and it won’t be overtly racial or even need to be. Quiet and effective is what counts.

        BTW Might I recommend Hedningarna “The Heathens” its a Swedish-Lappland folk group with powerful and stirring music. Enya for Swedes

        A lot of freebies can be had here


  3. To add to what thrasymachus33308 said, socialism works rather well economically when a society is racially homogeneous. You don’t mind paying 50% of your income to taxes if you know it’s being spent on your kinsman. (and perhaps not ripped off constantly) I’ll never forget seeing a video about the happiest people on earth, the Danes (From the Oprah Winfrey show of all places!) Problem is, a crafty outsider can wreak absolute havoc.

    I can’t find the original video I saw but here are a couple of short ones.

  4. Ryu says:

    If only Jante Law was true. If they truly had conviction, they’d tell the outsiders and immigrants to get stuffed. I see a warrior culture that doesn’t take any lip. Stubborness and pigheadedness can be very good things, directed properly. Their virtues have been corrupted by the feminists.

    I keep wondering if there isn’t someway to twist this “rebellion” thing around – hey kids, want to piss off your peers/mom and dad, become a WN! There’s nothing special about being a nihlist or a leftist.

    • mindweapon says:

      The thing is, the antis/liberals/feminists enforce a form of Jante Law on young White males, and try to prevent us from ever trying to rise above our situation. A form of Jante Law goes hand in hand with White guilt and anti-white, anti-male ideology.

      I remember growing up with a form of it around me in my small town. I was someone who was especially intelligent, though I didn’t recognize it in myself at the time. People around me did and many hated me.

      The most liberating thing in my life was realizing that I didn’t have to live by Jante Law; I could tell everyone to screw off and it didn’t matter. Jante Law is a Mindweapon that is used against oneself:

      Jante Law gun

  5. Josey Montana says:

    Never heard of that rule before, but it squares perfectly with my childhood experience of Hennepin County, Minnesota from 1973-1976. My parents, God rest their souls, often spoke of the local’s “frozen brains in the frozen tundra.”

    Mom and dad marvelled at their clueless “liberalism” when the closest thing to “colored” any of them knew would be the occasional pair of brown eyes set in a sea of (quite pleasant to behold) blond heads.

    It’s easy to be “liberal” when everyone is just like you, even when they’re not. (Yeah I know, it never made sense to me either.)

    • mindweapon says:

      Thanks for your comment from your real life experience, Josey! You can totally see how Jante’s Law transferred into liberalism. I am 1/8 Swedish and have very Swedish cousins (3/4), and I see this Jante’s Law liberalism up close and personal.

  6. Columnist says:

    Jante’s Law also works to some extent in the Netherlands.

  7. Craig says:

    The Norwegians are rather affected by this Jante’s Law, all twisted with liberalism and feminism. One bloke I have debates with on a forum even defends the states ideology on the rapes in Oslo. Rather disgusting to see ones so confused. Poor fool think miscegenation is interesting as to see if the mixed person has the perception of being Norwegian or African.

    They will learn with time…

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  9. jante is superior says:

    …so all of you are in war…?? nice life, and you don’t get alive out of it, dream on…LOL

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