Poll and thread at godlikeproductions.com re: White separatist living space

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Considering the increasing urban attacks by minorities against whites and the increasing institutional reverse racist policies seen clearly in most white nations today, would you be interested in moving to a white only nation with some kind of system found in today’s most civilized nations (meaning it wouldn’t be a fascist dictatorship or a communistic setting)?

Re: Poll for white/European people: Would you find a White Nationalist country appealing nowadays?
I voted yes. Ten years ago I would have told you to fuck off… but today… my answer is yes.

all the muds would plot against you.

they’ve got you in one spot to drop missiles into.

You get to a point in life where you just get tired of all the racist bull shit thrown at white people just for being white.

I’m in!

You get to a point in life where you just get tired of all the racist bull shit thrown at white people just for being white.

I’m in!
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9764174

Not my reason. It’s the “institutional reverse racist policies” that have gotten my attention.

Absolutely. Cant take much more of this judaic cross cultural cesspool.

Keep in mind we’re not talking about a racist nation wanting to exploit or oppress anyone else. Just white people of European stock wanting to live separated from non-whites.

Would you accept a piece of land in disadvantaged situation even? Without many resources? I would find it a challenge. If South Africans could create gardens in the middle of the wasteland and the mostly caucasian Israelis could do the same in the desert, why not?

I would pin this but I am afraid of getting banned

JK i might pin later.

I voted no, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t support its right to existence so long as all the residents were there by choice and free to come and go as they pleased, then why not allow it? Doesn’t mean I’d have to live there.

Oh, and as long as I don’t have to financially support said community then I’m ok with it. That’s my stance on Israel and Palestine, too.

It’s pretty much become my number one goal in life.

It’s the only thing I think really matters.

Yes of course it’s my dream

Well it’s shaky. I work in a hotel, just yesterday some drunk Brit guests brought some African prostitutes back to the hotel. The lads were drunk but the oldest of them wasn’t and he realized these “ladies” were looking to rob them. When we faced them and asked them to leave these women turned very violent and tried to attack us.

Most of these prostitutes (thieves more likely) are illegally here and as the police can’t deport(political correctness yada yada) them they do as they wish. The problem isn’t widespread yet but everyone knows how this sort of thing ends.

I was thinking the desolate, wastelands of eastern Russia. Are they even inhabitable? we could make something out of them. Rough weather makes good micro evolution
Quoting: Manu-Koelbren

You just know they’d try and follow us.

I imagine a system without government, a large enough piece of land for every family to survive on their own. Grow your own food etc. If you fail you fail. Community wouldn’t be forced but people would interact as they wish. Meetings could be held to discuss relevant matters. If a nation would grow out of it still I wouldn’t encourage any form of government beyond small community meetings.

This of course would be in the scenario of going into some empty wilderness and starting from zero. Keeping it rural would be nice, as the city environment clearly turns putrid very fast.

Would it survive any longer than a few generations, though? I fear that without a rich source of DNA, your fire will consume itself.
Quoting: ToadMaster

Well our ancestors developed that way before for thousands of years, I see no reason why your hypothesis has any basis to it.


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42 Responses to Poll and thread at godlikeproductions.com re: White separatist living space

  1. HerewardMW says:

    My feelings are similar to the guy who said that ten years ago he would have told you to f**k off, but now his answer is yes.

    Ten years ago I would have laughed at the suggestion and made jokes about inbred Nazis. Now if I felt it were possible it would be MY number one goal in life.

    I guess we need to work to make it possible. Money and power. That’s where to start. Money, power and numbers.

  2. uh says:


    For! Against! Hater! Traitor!

    I’d rather be in Kenya stealing wildebeest carcass from lions with the skinnies. Not that I prefer blacks; but that I prefer the sight of self-possession.

    All organisms seek their own. Subspecies are at war everywhere. The Northern European subspecies of Homo sapiens suffers a unique sickness: the highest level of trust of all human types. Bewitched by ideology, he has dug his own grave.

    All whites-only collectivism is a sad illusion. Not two of the individuals above will ever so much as meet face-to-face, much less find a means to cohere. This cannot be corrected without overhauling what whites are by evolution.

    • You are quite mistaken. Stop mistaking degenerate urban whites, government-employee whites, Hollywood mudsharks and the like for Whites in general. There are tens of millions of Whites in America, Europe, and Russia who are fully capable of creating a New Civilization…once the Jewish incubus has been removed.

      • uh says:

        “There are tens of millions of Whites in America, Europe, and Russia who are fully capable of creating a New Civilization…”

        America is the Jewish incubus. Russia let itself be raped by six Jews. You graybeards are smoking some powerful Hopium.

  3. TabuLa Raza says:

    \\\The truth cannot be silenced. The truth will pop up, sooner or later, ALWAYS.

    In my country (Finland), which would have been ‘racist’ talk 5 years ago, is now completely normal. We don’t buy that racist namecalling anymore. It’s now when begin to solve PROBLEMS!///

    Critical mass may have already been reached.

  4. Lurker says:


    At the risk of spamming can I remind all British citizens to sign this e-petition: No to 70 million.

    At 100,000 signatures the government is supposed to allow a debate on the matter in parliament, its well past that now but the bigger the numbers the louder the message. I realise its a very mild anti-immigration measure, not nearly enough and of course ‘they’ don’t want to do anything, but thats the beauty of the petition, its so mild that no one could object to signing it.

    • seedofjapheth says:

      What are the environmental groups in Britain saying about immigration?

      • HerewardMW says:

        A couple have addressed it in VERY indirect language as they are, for the most part, doctrinaire left-liberals and aren’t about to make those kind of waves. Mostly they talk about population growth in the UK as a problem of all those icky white people having too many children. LOL

      • seedofjapheth says:

        I don’t see why environmental groups that happen to be leftist are so worried about addressing the immigration issue. If you take left wing ideology, the idea that we are all the same, to its natural conclusion then you would have to conclude that promoting racial diversity is not important to do because we are all the same anyways and there is no difference between a racially diverse society and a society that has a clear racial majority.

        Ideologically speaking there is no reason for leftists to promote immigration and diversity if they were to believe in the ultimate conclusions that one would draw based on belief in their ideology. If race really is a social construct then there is no need to promote diversity because its all the same anyways.

        I would just like to add though that environmentalism in and of itself isn’t left wing or right wing. Some people on the right have expressed hostility to environmentalism because they mistakenly believe it is only for leftists. In reality many conservatives are environmentalists to and the word conservation is related to the word conservative too.

      • HerewardMW says:

        Hope this reply goes in the correct place.

        Yes, you are correct. Caring about the environment is not just for leftists, but the current environmental movement is exclusively left-liberal and to a large extent this is a “watermelon” movement i.e. green on the outside, red on the inside.

        The point is that some of the members and damn near all of the leadership are instinctively part of that cultural Marxist mindset. So, as I said, while you are correct in your logical assertions I’d bet real money that any Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace leadership types you said this too would call you a racist and talk about the evils of white western capitalism. Not because they give a crap about the planet, but because it’s a convenient and credible stick to beat white western capitalism with.

  5. TabuLa Raza says:

    Here (Finland) ordinary people already talk publicly of shooting blacks, and guess what, majority of policemen agree with that, even they couldn’t say it in public! Even the policemen are tired to black immigrants and they support armed resistance movement hiddenly.

    (Denmark): Please stay away you narrow-minded fool.. We have it great in Scandinavia without racist fools like you!

    I like multiculturalism, and I’d fight for justice before fighting other human beings for looking different.

    Maybe you should try and make peace with the ones you live with now, instaed of running from your problems.

    (Canada): Maybe you should come and try living in Detroit. See you at the morgue.

    (England): I live in the most ‘Orwellian’ counties on the planet. We have more CCTV here per head than any country on the planet, we have a facility here that monitors simultaneously 20 million telephone calls at any given time, there’s only 65 million of us living here, do the maths. Mrs Queen Elizabeth closest financial advisor and confidant is a Rothschild, a Zionist who is on record as a member of the Bilderberg group, involved with the CFR, a 33 Degree Mason, as is her husband Prince Philip.

    Who created the state of Israel? The UK government. They just annexed Palestine, and created a new state, why? Mrs Elizabeth Windsor AKA Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, yes German, heads one of the most powerful global elite of them all, she is the head of the global elite, and works hand in hand with Israel, we created the state for a reason. I could go to prison for even attempting to change public opinion against the monarchy to create a republic here.

    Here in the UK it’s all about power and guns, they have all the power and all of the guns, we, well we have nothing, not even the law to protect us, not a constitution like the US, zero, zilch, nothing. I cannot fight against such power, we could as a whole, but the elite here control everything, unlike the US, here it is highly sophisticated, we are a sophisticated peoples, requiring special management, which they have done a very good job at managing I can assure you.

    There are few of ‘me’ here but we exist for the time being. All I can do is try and educate as many as I am able to the reality of life here. We think of the old GDR as bad, modern UK is far far worse, there isn’t a visible wall around us, but a wall there is. I encourage Americans to fight hard for their constitution, as they can save us, and thwart the Zionists in their tracks and free themselves, and the peoples of the UK too.

    Its got nothing to do with genes, we have them here in most high order I can assure you, you don’t rule most of the planet if you’re stupid, never underestimate the influence of the UK, not the country, but the City of London, not to be confused with London, and the monarchy here, they still control much, much more than you even dare to consider, even the US is still controlled by London, you’re going to have to trust me on this one. So in answer to your question how the hell can I fight against such might? The answer is easy I cannot, but hopefully when the dust settles after the UK/Israel war with Iran is over fought by our military the US, and paid for by the Federal Reserve, yes a Rothchilds entity, destined to bankrupt the US, as if Mrs Windsor cares about that, teach the Americans a lesson for defeating our army in 1775, we don’t forget here, and we may lower our flag, and we may wait 200 years, but they will have payback I can assure you.

    I apologise that the response is ‘long’ but this is a most complex situation, and frankly this is not even an abridged version of a reply, rather some notes.

    (USA): I dont agree with giving them reparations. They’ve had that through welfare. If you look at all the crime’s they’ve commited. Their the one’s that owe white’s reparations. We should however pay for their one way tickets back to Africa. That’s all they are owed is a free ticket back to Africa where they should have been in the first place.

    (Spain): I wonder, is wanting to be left alone really so evil? I could never care about what someone does if it doesn’t affect me directly. If I were non white or a liberal and read this thread I’d be like, great just go your way, and we’re confident that our own way will bring the results we seek for, regardless if you’re here or not.

    But thats not the response, the response is hate. Wouldnt you be better off if the “white racists” all went to live apart from you?

  6. Jamie Kelso told me once that a return to racial loyalty among our people is inevitable and that we don’t have to burn ourselves out trying to convince people, we just have to be ready and ride the wave when they wake up. (Not the he’s saying not to work at this, just that we don’t have to wear ourselves out with worry)

    • seedofjapheth says:

      WHy does he think whites will inevitably adopt racial consciousness?

      • mindweapon says:

        Look at how many pages of comments that thraed spawned! And look how many people are on the White side! We outnumber the opposition by far.

      • klaos says:

        I don’t know what Mr. Kelso would say. But I think that since whites were racially conscious for our entire history up until, at earliest, the turn of the 20th century, that it’s inevitable that we will revert to the norm. Human beings are racially/ethnically conscious.

        Siegfried and Roy successfully conditioned a bunch of lions to not act like lions. For a while. Eventually the right combination of events happened, and one of them reverted back to acting like a lion.

      • I guess he’s noticing the trends… people are waking up….Stormfront and the hundreds (maybe more) of Pro-White sites get tons of hits.

        I believe people will wake up because *I* finally did, at over 40 years of age.

        And sad to say, just to give you an idea, I was so liberal that many years ago, I gave my young daughter a black Barbie doll to play with because I wanted to make sure she didn’t grow up to be a racist. That was unheard of back then and even my liberal mom thought I was a little over the top!

        If a silly woman like me can wake up, anyone can! 🙂

      • mindweapon says:


        You are the second commenter to tell me something along the lines of “10 years ago I would have told you to fuck off” and now you are on board! These are my favorite anecdotes! And you two are not the only ones.

        The trend is definitely moving in the right direction. Honestly, I’d love to get on The View. I think I could get through to middle aged women, who would in turn influence their families.

      • Larry Sullivan says:

        Ten years ago I was a punk rock anti-fa. I used to go to anti-war protests and talk about “fighting racists.” I think we’ve all come a long way.

      • mindweapon says:


        You are still anti-war, I presume. At least these horrific imperial adventures in Afghan, Iraq, Libya, Serbia, et al.

      • Larry Sullivan says:

        Yes, I’m still anti-war. Back then anti-war protests were the territory of the far left, just to give you an idea of the company I was in.

  7. TabuLa Raza says:

    CNN breaking news:

    A jury in Kingston, Ontario, on Sunday convicted three members of a Montreal family in “honor” murders of four relatives, according to CNN Canada affiliate CTV.

    Mohammed Shafia, 58; his wife, Tooba Mohammad Yahya, 42; and their son, Hamed, 21, were convicted of first-degree murder in the deaths of Shafia’s three teenage daughters and his first wife in his polygamous marriage.

    The family members were all recent immigrants to Canada from Afghanistan.

    The three Shafia sisters — Zainab, 19, Sahar, 17, and Geeti, 13 — were found dead inside a car that plunged into the Rideau Canal in Kingston on June 30, 2009. Shafia’s first wife, 50-year-old Rona Amir Mohammad, also died.

    Investigators said that hours of wiretapped conversations revealed a premeditated plan to punish rebellious, Westernized daughters and their permissive advocate, Rona Amir Mohammad.

  8. Matt Strictland says:

    A lot of Whites are waking up. Not 5 years ago I was tolerant and moderately conservative (i.e opposed to illegal immigration unless said illegals assimilated) now well, I’m here aren’t I.

    Hell it was less than a year ago I figured out the Jewish propaganda aspect of TV. That got me thinking I’ll tell you what. It flushed away a lot of tolerance and made me realize that yes a great deal of what WN’s are saying is true.

    Kind of a shock really but being a minority in your own country will do that to you.

    • mindweapon says:


      Thanks for sharing! Yet another recent convert! Just an ordinary middle class person who figured out the score, not a prison conversion, not a hard drinking neighborhood skinhead gang.

      So Matt, tell us what brought you here? Vdare? Amren? A White minded black sheep uncle?

      • Matt Strictland says:

        What happened is I made a post on a hobby blog, someone recommended The Spearhead (the MRA blog) in throwaway . I tried that . It lead to In Mala Fide which lead here. In essence you did.

        After this I thought about the issues, my Uncle (I do have a black sheep Uncle actually) ,read a lot of stuff (including VDARE and AMREN) and indulged a long standing curiosity . Well here I am. It also helps that I am living in Mexi-Fornia, being here does that to you.

      • mindweapon says:

        Wow, I converted you! I won another soul for the genes! Awesome!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Roissy in DC brought me to WN

  10. robroysimmons says:

    I’d say people are waking up to the fact that the anti-Whites are not nice people. It’s what we do at BUGs we get the anti-Whites to basically state that they have genocide on their minds.

  11. seedofjapheth says:

    I guess for me what got me interested in pro-White advocacy is the fact that whites do not have the same cultural protections as non-whites and this lack of cultural protections has affected the way in which laws are applied in racial matters.

    By cultural protections I mean that members of society will shame a person who uses derogatory epithets to refer to non-whites however if a person uses a derogatory epithet to refer to a white then they have often not been shamed. Also the way history is presented is anti-white because it attributes any injustices done by a western government to the fact that the government was occupied by whites rather than attributing that injustice to the ideology the government believed in.

    However if non-whites committed injustices in history it was suggested that those injustices be viewed in their historical context or be viewed in light of their situation. The same thing has been happening with the way in which contemporary events are presented to people by the media. It is almost like non-whites can do no wrong.

    Also affirmative action discriminates against whites. I just feel like I am being racially categorized and then attacked for being in that category. I would like to see the USA government adopt a policy similar to that of France with regards to race. The government of France does not collect racial statistics and it forbids people from doing that and as a result everyone is considered French nationality under the law and it is impossible to implement affirmative action.

    Many Latin American countries lack affirmative action to. The black professor Henry Louis Gates complained about the lack of affirmative action in Latin America and he said it was racist because in various countries he went to their was so many light skinned people in jobs at the universities. I doubt there are no blacks who have any jobs at the universities over there but you can be sure that if a black person is in a job over there that they got the job at the university due to their test scores and not their race.

    In Britain affirmative action is called positive discrimination. I like the term in Britain better because it is more honest because it openly calls it discrimination which is what it is. Its interesting though that they refer to discrimination against whites as something that is positive, Just another indicator of the double standard that affects society.

  12. That’s a fantastic video! Going to share on Los Angeles County Young Republicans group on FB.

  13. Annie Oakley says:

    I’ve always been racially aware, even as a kid. I didn’t see a black person until I was about 9 years old and that was only because I was in NY, not Oklahoma where I grew up. My town was all white and as a baby boomer who has enjoyed an all white upbringing, I can you tell you younger kids, you do not know what you’re missing.

    People in my town put up with NO shit from criminals. There has been plenty a folk “gone missing” and never to return. One day they were in our town and the next day, I didn’t see them anymore. Probably thrown down a mine shaft.

    We never ever locked our cars, our houses, never. We could go to the movies, stay out late on the front porch and never had to worry about thugs.

    This ZOG government cannot go on indefinitely. I see the dollar collapsing when the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, Iran and Canada) stop using the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency and start trading in gold and silver. I hate to be a doomsayer, but I see all of us being wiped out to zero. It ain’t going to be pretty.

    When white families are strugging to keep their kids fed, this BS multiculturalism and helping the non-whites will cease to exist. If I’m a dumbassed white liberal, my white kids needing to eat overrides my need to help out non-whites.

    I’ve been doing research on all white towns and there are plenty of them.Many of these towns are in all white radius with the entire county being white. You can buy houses dirt cheap. You buy up an entire block or have a group of young white men and women buying up an entire block and before you know it, you control the city. Then you get on the planning commission and you say no more building. Ever.

    We have to forego “corporate” work. That’s minion work. We need a calorie economy and the preppers and survivalists will survive. We have to be farmers and country folk, hence my nom de guerre “Annie Oaklely”.

    Most black people are diabetic. We only have 1 months worth of meds in our pharmacies. Without their insulin they will die.

    I’m cleaning up my act to lose weight, eat better, get off diet soda and learn to live on less.

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