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If the US or Israel attacks Iran . . .

This is something along the lines of what you can expect: Advertisements

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It’s good when an Afro-American says it; bad if a Euro-American does

Do you understand yet? Obama just gave P. Diddy his own TV station! Black Power! Yeah! However, any white person saying “white power” and making a salute like that is a VERY VERY BAD PERSON. Any questions?

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Survivalist Item #1; a Fresnel Lens

Why everyone should get a Fresnel Lens We had 5 days without electricity in August-September 2011, from Hurricane Irene. Living without electricity would have been bearable, were it not for the lack of hot water. Of course I built fires, … Continue reading

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Very inspiring video of an Afrikaner paramilitary training camp

I’d like to meet Colonel Jooste someday, and introduce Mindweaponization. I think he’d get it immediately. His camps should also teach math, science, jeet kune do, how to make propaganda films, and maybe a couple of foreign languages, like Russian … Continue reading

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ZOG getting driven out of Afghanistan; 2 military officers shot in a secure area by a Afghan government official

This is what a failed occupation looks like. KABUL, Afghanistan — Two American officers were shot dead by an Afghan official inside the Interior Ministry building here on Saturday, as outrage continued to erupt violently across the country at the … Continue reading

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Daily Mail talking like White nationalists, or at least Paleoconservatives

This is big. The UK Daily Mail, in an article by Simon Heffer, has let the cat out of the bag. This is literally the first time I have read our talking points in the mass media. I’m wondering if … Continue reading

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Repressive Tolerance and the Left’s March through Institutions; the R word campaign

Edited. This video is fascinating because it showcases the Left’s March Through Institutions and enlisting high school kids in the Repressive Tolerance agenda. All sugar coated as a “be nice” message. Lots of unintentional humor here, if you can endure … Continue reading

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