ZOMG, if yer a Republican yer a RACIST! RACIST! Racist? . . . (crickets)

Leftists screaming in outrage about Peter Brimelow at CPAC

2012 — the year that “racist” lost it’s sting

just as






all lost their magical power in the past.

*In including “fag” I am by no means endorsing homosexuality, but it is a very clear example of a word that had a lot more power 20 or 30 years ago, than it does now.


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37 Responses to ZOMG, if yer a Republican yer a RACIST! RACIST! Racist? . . . (crickets)

  1. Anonymous says:

    “The Occupy protesters are repeatedly chanting “Hey, hey! Ho, Ho! CPAC has got to go!” Suddenly, Andrew Breitbart jumps out from behind some shrubs and decides to take it upon himself to take the occupiers to task, and starts shouting “Behave yourself! Behave yourself! Behave yourself!” Before security escorts him away he continues screaming “Behave yourself! You’re freaks! You’re freaks and animals! Stop raping the people! You freaks! Stop raping the people!”

    In response the occupiers start chanting “Racist! Sexist! Anti-gay! Rightwing bigot, go away!””


  2. TabuLa Raza says:

    Fun time to be young (66). They will shit when they see we don’t back down. They will shit twice when they realize we are not dumb trailer trash. They will shit thrice when they can no longer deny that all the facts are on our side. Their brains may literally blow up when they realize that we are smarter than they.
    The final victory will come from our seizing, at long last, the moral high ground, and when we force them to face their own evil.

  3. Craig says:

    Cool, this bodes well for Pro-White politicians, activists all over the world.

    Lets tear down the multicult together…:-)

  4. BKG says:

    “Racist” might be losing its sting, but not its power. I was fired for accusations of racism made by my students – white kids all in this particular class – because we were discussing de Crevecoeur’s “What Is An American” in relation to the themes of The Great Gatsby.

    The word still has no power over me personally, but never underestimate how some people will use it to hurt you. When someone uses the word “racist” what I really hear is “realist.” And once enough people are firmly in the mindset that they are “realists” and nothing more, the liberal left will no longer be able to persecute.

    We do need to make an alternative place where people can work, and think, and live free of the constraints of liberal left society. I understand you better each day, Kievsky. The best weapon I have in my arsenal right now is complete indifference to the anti-racist drama. That, and a healthy amount of isolation in our little all white mountain town.

    • mindweapon says:


      I got fired from multiple jobs because of being “racist,” so you are right, it still has power, but not “sting.” Of course, lots of people can’t get jobs these days, and even more will be cut, so an unemployed person has a lot of company.

      I kind of like Charles Murray’s idea of a guaranteed minimum income. He knows that blacks and Mex can live la vida welfare and spend their days hanging out, he wants that for Whites too! Good for him!

      Blacks and Hispanics have a guaranteed income, and the rest is “plunder” for example, getting a white woman to support them, while cuckolded White schlubs go sit in offices and get fat. One thing about brain-work and getting fat. Office workers are fat because they have to feed their brain, they have to eat to get their brain to run at 100% for their job.

      And there’s little or no energy for inventing things in their off time. Whites on welfare could be tinkering with things, and invent the next big thing, or help seed the localized food control movement.

      The thing is, Whites who are unattached and don’t have children can already live this. I know economically marginal Whites who live on HUD, unemployment, food stamps, and under the table jobs. The big question is, what’s more important, money, or free time? And how do you use your free time?

      Before I got married (15 yrs ago), I didn’t have a car and valued my free time over money. I don’t regret getting married, but I can see the value of free time.

      It’s just you got to make to use your free time to learn stuff, and do something world historical, or at least try. The worst thing is not to try anything, and think it impossible that you can accomplish something world historical. The fact is, lots need to be done — the opportunities are huge and we are on the ground floor. Society is broke, big time, and the fixes are pretty simple. Henry Kissinger, who said “who controls the food controls the people,” knows the fixes are pretty simple, and he’s damned glad we aren’t doing them.

      • BKG says:

        This is where I am right now. Unemployed outside of the home, raising my kids, planting a garden, cooking and canning our food, and catching up on lots of reading. We have another child due this summer, and going back to work is a long way off for me, if it ever happens. We are trying to launch a small home business that I will manage once it gets up and running; I hope that will become my income-generating employment. It will make either homeschooling or affording private school easier on us.

        I put my high level of functional literacy to work. I can teach myself anything by reading or watching some videos on the subject. Examples: canning food, knitting, basic plumbing repairs, finish carpentry, small engine repair, gourmet French cooking (really! and I’m good, at least I think so), and a host of other things.

        One thing I enjoy about having non-income generating employment is that is starves the Beast. No salary = no taxes to fund the welfare state. And since we are a big-ish family of five living on one under-6 figure income, our tax burden is lighter. It also makes you smart about your budget, so hard-earned money is not frivolously spent feeding the mass consumption animal.

      • mindweapon says:

        Good for you BKG! By the way, when you are home schooling your kids, if you need help with math or science, you can email me, and if I can’t help you I can forward your email to a commenter here who can.

        In other words — free help with math and science homework. it’s the least the Movement can do for it’s own.

      • mindweapon says:

        Good for you BKG! You are on the right track! All that frugal living stuff — you can do all that. You should apply for SNAP (food stamps) too. There’s people who actually get rich off of frugal living. There’s all kinds of things one can do.

        I’ll correspond with you by email, but if you can get a working home business going, you’ll be way ahead of the game. Glad to have you commenting here!

    • robroysimmons says:

      May I suggest options trading, starting with selling calls on currently held stocks.

  5. klaos says:

    I think the best example of this (“Racist!” . . . crickets) was the exchange between Newt and Juan Williams on MLK day. The more Juan went after Newt for being rayciss, the more the crowd booed Juan and cheered Newt. Brett Bair, Juan’s co-host, seemed thrilled by the crowds response as he transitions to the next topic:


    Newt is, of course, a scumbag beholden to Sheldon YKW’s money. He pays lip service to white interests while actually supporting the typical neo-con policy of genocide. What’s impressive is the crowd cheering him, and booing Williams, shamelessly, on MLK day no less.

    Salon had an article about the crowd on their front page. They were absolutely horrified.

  6. robroysimmons says:

    When we BUGsers hit a cult thread like the one you link to at vidcafe we completely destroy them morally. IMO two BUGsers at any lefty site would be enough to destroy the damaged cultists that Mommy Prof produces.

  7. Cary1 says:

    Regarding warfare on the anti-white narrative, Resisting Defamation has been actively carrying out its purposes since 1989. Depending on the arena and the nature of the situation, its goals work pretty well:

    1) To end the power of the anti-white narrative that undermines a decent sense of self-respect by the diverse white American children.

    2) To denounce as supremacists and bullies those who seek to slander the diverse white Americans with slurs, hate caricatures, and negative stereotypes.

    3) To tell the multi-racial community about the right of the diverse white Americans to live with a decent sense of self-respect.

    4) To inform the diverse white Americans about their right to name, label, define, and describe themselves.

  8. Futura says:

    I’m not even a conservative, really, but I love–LOVE–seeing the charges of racism fall flat. Like a grenade that just bounces and lies there, dead.

    The Nation magazine sent a blogger and hints at what Nazis the CPAC people are:


    • Phil says:

      Who owns The Nation magazine?

      The Nation’s racial hatred is right on display for everyone to see, as long as they are not totally brainwashed. Just straight up anti-European American race hatred. Isn’t The Nation magazine “anti-racist”? Just another example that “anti-racist” means anti-white.

  9. Admirer says:

    If by “racist” you mean that I love, cherish, and defend my own people instead of yours, I guess you can call me a “racist”! But doesn’t that make me just like you? Ha Ha Ha!

  10. Skeeter says:

    “Racist” losing its sting is the start of new mainstream political possibilities — this is great news. About the word “fag” — the situation of white racists today parallels that of homosexuals 40 years, except that we’re not degenerate. To stay in the closet or come out, and if so, when? Studying how the queers became mainstream, how their cause was framed for public consumption each step of the way (“why should we have to live a lie?” etc.) — while keeping in mind they had a lot of help from YKW in high places — is worth doing for tactical reasons if you can stomach it.

    • Skeeter says:

      “40 years” should’ve been “40 years ago,” and, btw, off-topic, but some negress pop singer died Saturday, and our occupation news media made it look like we live in a majority-black country for a while this weekend with its overcoverage of the event. Fun trivia fact: She was basically created by recording industry super-Jew Clive Davis, who produced much of the soundtrack to the 1960s and is still active at almost 80 goddamn years old! Ugh!

      • AnalogMan says:

        Yes, I almost never watch TV, but last night my son-in-law invited me to watch a dog show, and along the way I got another reminder of why I hate negro “music”. That one was one of the worst, totally incapable of holding a note, and proud of it.

        I remember years ago, on one of those “year’s best commercials” shows, there was an Australian offering that showed two White men strolling around on a cloud, looking bewildered, obviously new arrivals in heaven. A voice comes over the PA, “…and now, for your eternal listening pleasure, the complete collected works of Whitney Houston”. As the two run screaming toward the horizon, a voice-over says “Death sucks. Wear a seat belt”.

  11. formerly no name says:

    There’s a major developing crisis in West. St. Paul , Mn. A city councilman is hanging a Confederate flag outside his house and he refuses to take it down.

    • Skeeter says:

      “Major developing crisis” — lol! In a related development, the SPLC’s already dispatched hairlipped squirrel Mark Potok to the scene . . .

    • Svigor says:

      Plenty, according to the city’s mayor, John Zanmiller. The flag, visible from a busy avenue and to visitors at a nearby park, also has the word “redneck” written across it.

      “I don’t like it,” Zanmiller said. “Do I wish the flag wasn’t there? Yes.”

      Proper response: I don’t like Zanmiller’s home. It offends me. I wish it wasn’t there. I’ll take down my flag when Zanmiller bulldozes his home. And leaves the State.

    • Svigor says:

      Jay Brunn, a developer who’s building a house next to Hansen’s, claimed the flag caused one prospective buyer to shy away.

      When informed of that, Hansen told the Pioneer Press: “Good. I don’t want him for a neighbor then. If people choose to be ignorant, that’s their own fault. They should study history. It represents true sovereignty.”

      Hahaha, I love it. Sounds like Hansen has “hardened” defenses, because that’s a perfect response: “Great! My flag’s paying off already! It just weeded out a problem neighbor for free.”

      • mindweapon says:

        That is a great response! And as long as the State cannot respond with criminal or civil penalties, it’s a clean win.

        When Whites can keep away the people we want to keep away, and not get the National Guard in our streets, we’ll be free.

  12. Our time is now! It’s happening.

    • mindweapon says:

      Yes, White Rabbit Lady. This is our time. White nationalism is in the news . . . everywhere, and just about every day. Yet they don’t want to do any feature stories about it, since they can’t spin it the way they’d like.

      Prediction — the next major news article or magazine article about WN will have to feature the Mantra.

      • I give lots of credit to Bob Whitaker/Horus the Avenger and the Bugsters for getting the phrase AnAnti-White out there (I see it all the time!) as well as the Mantra and mantra type thinking. A consistent message makes all the difference.

  13. TabuLa Raza says:

    “Who owns The Nation magazine?”

    Who is still stuck on first base. . .

  14. Attila says:

    When people call me a racist, right-winger, or Nazi — my usual retort is: Well, those people are too left for me! — then their face drops off.

  15. mindweapon says:

    That was back in the early 90’s, WRL. Now I don’t let people play the Hitler card on modern White advocates. I call “Godwin’s Law” on them.

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