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A reply to Tim Wise’s Trayvon Martin screed; what George Zimmerman has in common with Amy Biehl

Tim Wise climbs the Mount Everest of High Dudgeon over the Trayvon Martin shooting. Never mind the fact that Tim is going to look awful silly when the facts come out and are accepted at last by the general public … Continue reading

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Communists Living Large on Cruise Ships

I know, I know. You imagine that liberals and leftists are people with coal dust on them, or farm workers in the trenches with their illegal alien friends, or long haul truckers with Obama 2012 stickers. But you’d be wrong. … Continue reading

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Haitian rapper Zoeja Jean calls for race war

May Zoeja Jean save us from Disingenuous White Liberals! Rich, DWL, white liberals are keeping the White Race down. As Whiskeysplace wrote, the next black uprising may be their Stalingrad. From Whiskeysplace, linked above: What is notable in the video … Continue reading

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Liberalism versus Evil Human Preferences; Hunger Games edition

I have a google alert set for “racist” and there were dozens of entries this morning about “racist Hunger Games fans” who were disappointed to find out that two characters from the Agricultural District (Southeast), Rue and Thresh, were cast … Continue reading

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A new meme for YKW; the Holocaust as The Wimp Libel

I found a Mindweapon to use in talking to YKW, and not in an argumentative or debating fashion, but rather as a sneaky, Semitic type meme that flies under the radar. The Holocaust is The Wimp Libel. What is the … Continue reading

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An Age of Monsters; Communist Vampires create Nazi Werewolves

Checking Occidental Dissent, I discovered a post Liberal Democrat Proposes Removing Confederate Statutes. It seems to be an obsession with telling Whites they are the losers, and they aren’t allowed to have any commemoration or positive feelings about their history. … Continue reading

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Cenk Uygur; frothing liberal clown

Uygur spazzes out on Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America: Uygur v. Peter Schiff Starts at 7 minutes; Uygur refuses to engage in the facts with Schiff and cuts off his mike. He loses the arguments, and doesn’t even … Continue reading

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