Youth For Western Civilization kids stand up to PC bullying!

The White Awakening News is coming fast and furious now.

Look at the courage of this young man and young woman, and the annoying African-American saying that YWC scares him more than homies in the ghetto of Baltimore shooting at him!

Edit — found another video!

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The Negro lies! They wrote “White Pride” not “White Power!”

Matt Heimbach keeps his cool quite well, and the college girl who represents YWC is a bit nervous but very admirable too!


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22 Responses to Youth For Western Civilization kids stand up to PC bullying!

  1. BKG says:

    What a great happening. And Matt is so right: we express pride in being white, and get threatened, called names, and have to have a “meeting” about it.

    To the guy who incorrectly stated the chalk messages said “White Power” he was being deliberately misleading, knowing that using the phrase would be what stayed in people’s minds. More victim portrayal. When he gets cut up and attacked because he’s black, I’ll believe he feels less safe on Towson’s campus than in any neighborhood in Baltimore.

    Don’t underestimate the foot-soldiers in the war. They might not be the brightest, but they have enough brains to be trained in the methods of the Left to act as minions. Even chimps learn sign language and learn cooperative methods to achieve goals.

  2. mindweapon says:

    Don’t underestimate the foot-soldiers in the war. They might not be the brightest, but they have enough brains to be trained in the methods of the Left to act as minions

    If there’s one thing the Left has taught their pet African-Americans to do, is to exaggerate. See Mangun, Crystal and Duke Lacrosse Players Rape Hoax.

    • BKG says:

      I don’t know which is more frightening: that black kids are trained to do this, white kids are trained to do this, or that people have lost all capacity to recognize it or desire to fact-check this stuff.

      Surrendering our mental powers was a critical victory for the Left. No one cares, no one criticizes, and if they do, instant marginalization or categorization as hate-speakers (I reference the SPLC PUA issue) or kooks.

      One thing I have noticed (and I am guilty of this as well, having never loved cities) is that rather than fight, there is flight, and we are ceding the cities to the enemy. The cities are the intellectual, legal, and economic “high ground” from which flows information, culture, wealth, and order. Retake the urban areas and possess all that they contain. Possess the country too, but do not expect to survive out there for long – and I am speaking metaphorically as much as practically here. Ceding the cities and ceding your mind makes you complicit in your own doom. Flight to the country only offers temporary haven for a few.

      • mindweapon says:


        My idea is to have house/apartment sharing between rural farms and urban apartment buildings. So, for example, a WN owner of an apartment building gives a farm family a free apartment to homeschool their kid in the city during the week, and the landlord gets free food.

        Think what a homeschooling family can do if they have access to, say, Boston. They can take martial arts classes at the best martial arts schools, art classes at the Museum of Fine Arts, music lessons at the Longy School of Music, gymnastics at Charles River gymnastics (Russian coaches). There are theater companies where they can participate in plays even. They can do their book learning at the Boston or Cambridge public library and hire MIT students to do their math and science tutoring.

        This is what the city can give us. Not to mention, as you said, access to the production of culture. We just need to learn how to share better.

      • BKG and MW are vastly mistaken. During the coming chaos, cities will be deathtraps. Blacks and spics will slaughter each other, then go after the white urban cosmics and their ultimate masters, the Jews. In the countryside, where food can be grown and there is vast space for tactical and strategic maneuver, Whites and HardRights will survive. Eventually, and it may take years or decades, we will go back into the cities and clean up mess.

      • mindweapon says:


        that’s why we need to share both rural and urban property with one another.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That black guy saying he’s scared on towson campus… what a pussy

    • klaos says:

      Nobody’s going to shoot him, or rob him like they would in “bodymore murderland.”

      He’s only afraid someone’s going to call him on his BS.

      I was surprised at how fair the news report was. They presented the white talking points without rebuttal. The Student Affairs lady also seemed remarkably calm about the idea of students writing ‘white pride’ on the sidewalk.

      Don’t most universities have speech codes that forbid this type of expression?

      • mindweapon says:

        I was surprised at how fair the news report was. They presented the white talking points without rebuttal. The Student Affairs lady also seemed remarkably calm about the idea of students writing ‘white pride’ on the sidewalk.

        Wasn’t that remarkable? That sort of thing gives me hope. The kid really had great poise too!

  4. These young people are very brave to publicly express their beliefs- *true* beliefs, unlike the diet of lies they have been fed their whole lives- in a hostile environment, the university, and a hostile public forum.

  5. Yes indeed! Kudos to the brave White young people on the Towson campus!

    This is amazing!

  6. Ryu says:

    I also admire these kids. Very good for 20 year olds. I see that the house negros are trained well. Like the feminist they crow “I’m afraid” and everyone comes running. Maybe we could write “white pride” on a banner around town and it would repel the blacks. Cheaper than a police force!

    I’ve never done an event like that. When they give the line that if black pride is alright, then white pride must be alright, they are relying on the audience’s sense of right and wrong. They are using the Constitution as a shield to divert their usual weapon.

    They aren’t allowing the liberals their most powerful weapon, their hooting, hollering and violence. That’s where the liberals are strong. I’ve seen them shut down meetings with YFWC.

  7. David Sims says:

    The black speaker was lying about where he feels safest. He was making political speech in pursuit of black racial empowerment, and when blacks do that they do not allow the facts to stand in the way.

    Towson, Maryland.
    Population data.
    White alone – 43,158 (81.7%)
    Black alone – 4,443 (8.4%)
    Asian alone – 2,580 (4.9%)
    Hispanic – 1,586 (3.0%)
    Others – 1,082 (2.0%)
    Crimes per 1000 residents.
    Violent – 2.97
    Property – 33.09

    Population of Baltimore, Maryland.
    Black alone – 395,589 (62.1%)
    White alone – 195,628 (30.7%)
    Hispanic – 19,275 (3.0%)
    Asian alone – 11,926 (1.9%)
    Others – 14,999 (2.3%)
    Crimes per 1000 residents.
    Violent: 15.08
    Property: 46.50

    A resident of Baltimore is five times more likely to be the victim of a violent crime, as compared with a resident of Towson. The ratio of blacks to non-blacks in Baltimore is 18 times higher than it is in Towson. That isn’t a coincidence. It’s a national trend in every city, county, region, or country where blacks and whites mix. The greater is the percentage of blacks in the population, the higher are the per capita rates for violent crimes.

    The black fellow said, “As a Baltimore city resident, I feel safe in my community. But as I come to Towson I do not. So when I see things like ‘White Power’ chalked, I don’t know how to feel except tears.”

    Political tears, that is. Alluded to for show. As a talking point. And he lied about what had been written in chalk, asserting that it was “White Power” when, in fact, it was “White Pride.” Some blacks are claiming to be offended about an assertion of pride among white people, and, because of that offense, say say, assertions of pride among white people must not be permitted.

    The only answer that these blacks deserve is a two-word reply that is too obscene to write here.

  8. Arch says:

    That takes a lot of courage, real courage. They deserve all of our utmost respect for taking such a principled and well thought out stand. The fact that they pulled it off without allowing themselves to become reactionary when the predictable vitriol was thrown at them is a real sign of progress in our movement. Their opponents ended up looking like the “intolerant” ones, at that is HUGE. Exposing the blatant hypocrisy inherent in Marxist multiculturalism is the first step to white racial coalescence. Once white people are exposed to the blatant way they are expected to kow-tow to a standard no other race is asked to, they will become righteously indigent.

  9. Attila says:

    The mulatto speaker is in more danger in HIS neighborhood than anywhere else.

  10. chris says:

    What is going on in this country is nothing new,history is repeating itself,with the white middle class as the victims,and the usual suspects are the enemies. The problem is,you have been taught a FALSE HISTORY,and therefore are not aware of the subversion. They have declared open war on America,and most dont realize who they are. The fact that every time they get power,they suck the nation dry ,then commence a mass slaughter,it should be no surprise they are the one’s who are endlessly scheming and lobbying to get your guns. They are the ones who false flag Nazi groups in this country,so they can then label whites as “haters”,Nazis”,”racists”,ect…They have been the Grand Wizards of the KKK,then turn around and demonize white,it works though,because most are naive…You must wake up.

    You will have to confront the traditional enemy of free speech,the same enemy who has authored every major gun control bill going back to the 60’s,the same enemy that started the fight for mass immigration and open borders,and continues to lead the fight. The same enemy that attacks at every chance the culture of family,Christianity,and moral standards. The same enemy that pushes decay like teaching children in 3rd grade about transexuals,,and lobbies for gay marriage. The fact being that gays and lesbians arent that powerful,nor politically organized. They use the gay rights as just another guise. They own ALL MASS MEDIA,ALL HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS,RADIO,TV STATIONS,NEWSPAPERS,MAGAZINES,and BOOK PUBLISHING COMPANIES…through this tool of manipulation,political correctness is pushed,yet it is poison and they know it. They have taught you a false history. They were the dominant black slave traders,they were the communists,and radical socialists. They have subverted this nation at all levels……

  11. Gregor says:

    Once the Towson anti-Whites get a taste of what’s about to hit the Baltimore Sun (The BUGS Swarm), they’ll have more to think about than a black guy who mixes up his words. 🙂

  12. Anonymous says:

    I find it oddly funny that Mr. Ignacio Evans mentions the hateful “White Pride” chalk messages on campus yet he wears his black panther T-shirt!?

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