ZOG lady messing with Mississippi

Many of you may have noticed that ZOG seems to be stepping up anti-White policies and propaganda, such as the video below of Alexandra Pelosi in Mississippi.

I believe they are doing this for three reasons.

1. They have Obama as the figurehead, so they want to put his face on the abuse.

2. They know they lost the argument, and Whites are going to end up rebelling, and that’s going to be exceedingly unpleasant for them. So they want to get in all their shots and blows and slings and arrows now, while the getting is good.

3. They know that the contracting economy is going to destroy their current system of incentives and punishments for social conditioning, and that Whites are going to go feral, like Werewolves. Here is an excellent illustration of the polarization between the coastal elites and Middle America:

Be sure to watch the video, it is very amusing. I take it as a victory for our side. Bill Maher can smugly, glibly laugh all he wants, but these people may very well end up overthrowing the coastal elites.

We would rather go broke, and die hungry, than give up our moral beliefs. Voting for faith is more important than voting for a handout, than voting for free money. The South will rise again!

The liberals are smug about the strong moral principles of the common folk. They ought not to be — they could end up as poor as these Mississippians.

People in poor and rural places cannot afford to be immoral, like Bill Maher and his glib friends. There is no rehab or safety net for these people, and they want nothing to do with the New World Order program of race-mixing, homosexuality, secular religion, and abolition of White people. They know that race-mixers and meth freaks and people who live fast, like homosexuals and pick up artists, end up in the gutter.

The coastal elites believe themselves to be free of religion; but rather, they simply created their own religion, which ordinary people find repulsive.

The degenerate coastal elites are going to melt down of their own accord from their misrule. And . . . the South will rise again!


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59 Responses to ZOG lady messing with Mississippi

  1. Ryu says:

    If I remember right, Bill Maher bedded negresses like “superhead” that video vixen. Anyway, I admire the South and hope that they do well. Seems like they are running out of sucker whites, other than the new crop of school children. I like your werewolves comment.

    • Columnist says:

      Hey, isn’t bedding negresses oppression? I mean, white women belong to Black men, not the other way around!!!

      • Funny you should say that. Imagine how the status of a Black woman rises (in her world) when she has sex with a White man? Even back in slave days, I’m sure this was true. Course, as we all know, only 2% of the American population even owned slaves and many of the owners were Jewish, “American Indian” and Black.

        BTW, Alexandra Pelosi, the videographer of this video is the daughter of Nancy Pelosi! (Wiki)


  2. A white man who has a wage or salary job goes to a workplace every day where he can be watched over, molded, and disciplined. A white man scrapes by with odd jobs or some kind of self-employment can’t be monitored and has no reason to toe the line.

  3. Ryu says:

    I finally watched the video. Damn that guy Maher is smug. Hair all slicked up like a slippery Jew, almost looks like Gordon Gekko. They play the music, chose the people they interview. They even found a toothless crazy guy.

    Even so, nice to see some Southrons have their head on straight. I prefer these whites to many of the liberal whites.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Right on MW.

    The enemy is weak, possibly at its weakest in decades.

  5. BKG says:

    The laugh track sounds clearly canned and despite protestations to the contrary, these people were cherry-picked. Even the poorest state in the Union has its share of middle and upper class folk, plenty liberal and educated. Ole ‘Miss is not looked upon fondly as the alma mater of thousands of people for its football heroes alone.

    The Liberal media is deliberately baiting and ridiculing these poor folk, tactics they decry whenever video of unwed Lakeisha and her 15 brats or thug Shawntay and his gang are interviewed about their illegal activities and EBT expenses. The alarum* is sounding. Heed the call.

    *(yes, that’s the right word, not a misspelling, go read Shakespeare if not certain)

  6. uKn_Leo says:

    Mississipian’s concerns over religious and cultural differences made real. This time by our muslim friends. Islam is a religion of peace, fairness and love mmmkay, and if you don’t accept that, they’ll cut your got’ dang head off.


  7. Freedom Cobra says:

    What, no Jackson ghetto interviews? And where’s muh soul food? Damn shame that White Pride biker didn’t get to speak long. For being so trashy and powerless, Billy is compelled to constantly attack Whites. Telling.

    Werewolves must haunt Billy’s fevered dreams: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0wShZqevLU

  8. uKn_Leo says:

    BKG @3.29 “Lakeisha and her 15 brats or thug Shawntay and his gang”. Lol. I present to you Latoya (got no Dewayne Lashawn, sorry!). http://i.imgur.com/ePW5i.png

  9. Rusty says:

    You will never win over the lefties/Marxists until you are standing on top of their graves. They have all the money and the power and believe fervently in their dark lord. They will kill you anytime they get the chance, never forget that. They demonstrated what they are all about under Marxism: 100 million+ murdered in the name of peace and progress. Never concede an inch. When it looks like they are retreating, they are simply regrouping and reloading for another attack.

    • They have most of the money, alright. But ultimately, as Comrade Mao said, political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. And we Whites/Hardrights have 100 million guns and know how to use them. That’s why the JewLeft is so frantic about “gun control”. Once their hired military and police get paid in dollars that don’t buy anything, we rule.

  10. Arch says:

    Bill Maher and his smug crowd of sychophants see a bunch of losers. They are unwise in their assessment.

    Remember, the vietcong didn’t have r&r or USO.

    Devotion to a cause, Martyrs to a cause. Neither can be a expected from anyone who’s just in it for the paycheck. Just ask Rome.

    • mindweapon says:

      Yep, the leftists aren’t ready to go against us mano a mano. They are counting on their dusky hued proxies to do their fighting for them.

      My view is to skip fighting the dusky hued proxies, even if we could massacre them, if possible, and go straight for Bowser. Middle America produces actual stuff like food and tobacco and liquor. So we tell the duskies, “fight us and die, or give us your guns, go off to a corner and eat, drink and make merry. And when the war is over, there’s a place called Liberia — it’s real nice, and just waiting for you.”

      that’s how a General Mindweapon would fight. Also, if we got the Jews to surrender, instead of a massacre, it would be Nuremberg type trials for all of them, for the history books and the schoolkids, so generations from now, we’d know why we do not want to be ruled by Jews. Then they would be deported to Israel (if it still exists) and barring that, Birobidzhian or Madagascar.

      So it’s very important to win the moral victories, to write the history books and the school curricula, because it’s very important to White people to be “good.” So if possible, we need to show that we only killed when we had to do so, and we deported the blacks to Liberia and put the Jews on trial, got their confessions of evil, and then sent them somewhere to be safe.

      • Ryu says:

        You want to go for Bowser directly? LOL. You’ve been very creative lately; Bowser, werewolves. Mindweaponization needs imagination.

      • mindweapon says:


        I think we should explore shortcuts and hacks to get Bowser with a minimal cost to us. White men think in terms of hot lead and cold steel and long wars and campaigns. We will do those if necessary, but the modern world is such that it is possible to get things done with less effort, particularly since Bowser is highly leveraged. His power is fragile.

      • Columnist says:

        It is important to treat their males and females differently. After all, they use Feminism to pit women against men.

  11. Arch says:

    The good folks in Miss will be living it up on Saturdays and going to church on Sundays long after New York becomes a smoldering cess-pit.

  12. Phil says:

    The video is anti-Celtic hate propaganda. Someone should make a civil rights complaint. Racial hatred by Alexandra Pelosi.

  13. 1rw says:

    Woah, I think I saw O.C. Oglevy int that thar video

  14. torgrim says:

    Bill Maher= Gordon Gekko, haha! Good one and right on too. Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Alexandra, wow these Coastal Libs sure are inbred, politically, speaking, of which, I understand that Bill Maher’s brother had something to do with Edgar Steele’s entrapment….something to do with the self confessed pipe bomber, Larry Fairfax, and the second man?

    I would never make fun of these rural folk, *big* mistake.

  15. uKn_Leo says:

    Arch @ 10.16 “The good folks in Miss will be living it up on Saturdays and going to church on Sundays long after New York becomes a smoldering cess-pit”.

    Yep, ultimately they’ll be the ones smugly smirking at the wealthy, ‘sophisticated’, liberal, city folk that can’t survive 5 minutes without their modern luxuries in any crisis. Look at the following link on the real state of the US economy. It highlights how perilous and critical the current situation is. http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=45080

    Meanwhile, life in rural, ‘backwater’ USA (and Europe too, we are in pretty much the same mess, see Greece) will carry on much as it ever has. He who laughs last, laughs longest.

  16. paul says:

    Ever notice how mudsharks are never attractive?

  17. Annie Oakley says:

    They totally cherry picked these men and women from the South. In the South you see people like this but you see a lot of good looking white men and women who are well groomed, articulate and just kind people.

    Last year we went to a festival in Northern Alabama, about 95% white. Saw a lot of handsome young men and women milling around. No violence, no chimp-outs, no drama, I didn’t even see a cop, everyone policed themselves. The few non-whites I did see I gave the stink eye to. Giving the stink eye isn’t illegal yet. I wanted them to know they were on MY turf and I wanted them gone.

    Don’t they have some black fest to go to? They know that by attending a mostly white fest, they’ll be safe. Funny how that works huh.

    In the last 18 months I’ve put 20,000 miles on my car, driving around the country. Left California, traveled all over the west coast, east coast and a lot of time in the South.So I feel I have a good pulse on what is going on and how people feel. People are pissed and rightly so. I found zero white guilt.

    These good old boys knows the score. They know Obongo hates their guts and they’re prepping. While the elites in the cities are sipping Chardonnay, they’re keeping a watchful eye on the news and the grain market. They know the score. They may not be as sophisticated, buy they know the score. So to diss them and make fun of them is not a good idea.

    But the anti-white lefties like Scumbag Maher will continue to do so. Let’s just hope when the cities burn as they will; he and his little weasel friends will be at the mercy of their dark friends they so love to defend.

  18. a boy and his dog says:

    So when is someone going to make a video like this about the Jews in New York?

    • Skeeter says:

      Or how ’bout making a video about ordinary locals in Haiti or Mexico on their feelings about sexual deviance and feminism? Or about having someone outside their race as president of their countries?

      • Columnist says:

        Mexico is lead by people decidely paler than the Mexican underclass. But it is true the ordinary locals are very patriarchal. This of course is the result of racism!

  19. Trainspotter says:

    Thanks for posting this video, Kievsky. I might not have seen it otherwise. Despite the dripping contempt for white Southerners and the utterly false framing, the rednecks come across infinitely better than the shameless, grasping negroes of the second video. It’s really no contest, and the contrast doesn’t help the anti-white cause. Wonder if the producers understand that? Believe it or not, I think Pelosi might just have had a little sympathy for her subjects, but that’s pure speculation. In any event, I don’t get the vibe of pure, malicious, anti-white hatred from her that I do from Maher himself. Still, she engaged in all sorts of false framing and misrepresentation.

    The viewer is lead to believe that white attitudes toward blacks are completely without basis. “Why don’t you like black people?” The only answer: “I just don’t.” Couldn’t have anything to do with the black on white rapes, murders, assaults and crimes of all kinds? Couldn’t have anything to do with the denigration and erasure of our culture, the destruction of our schools, and in its place the celebration of everything that is vile and disgusting? Nah…no basis at all. Just an irrational hate. .

    The video is also framed to leave the viewer with the idea that Mississippi is poor because it’s in the bible belt. Well, o.k. But couldn’t the dreadful statistics be due in large measure to the fact that nearly half of the state’s population consists of ignorant, irresponsible, low IQ blacks? Nah, I’m sure that has nothing to do with it. It’s just the bible belt…never mind that large swaths of the bible belt are prosperous. What are facts when false framing is so much easier, and fun too!

    Finally, there is this anti-white/liberal notion that poor whites are “voting against their own interests” by not voting Democrat. (of course, those of us who have thought this through understand that voting for Republicans is little better, but that’s rather beside the point here). What exactly have liberals done for these poor whites? Before liberalism, poor whites had their own communities, their own all white schools, etc. They had neighborhood and local institutions that actually worked, that created nice places to live. When you’re poor, you have little else but the culture and the community. Prior to liberalism, poor whites had these things. Not anymore. They have been thrown to the dogs.

    The black population is so high that there is probably no such thing as an all white public school in Mississippi. So the liberal destroys their neighborhood schools, subjects their children to the most vile culture on the planet, insults and mocks them in the mainstream culture in a way that nobody else is, exposes them to murder and rape, mocks their spiritual values, and a thousand other offenses. And when there are government benefits to the poor, these whites see that the lion’s share goes to the blacks and browns, not them. But for them not to vote for liberal candidates is somehow “against their own interests.” Those poor, stupid rednecks. Let’s pity them when we’re not mocking them, or indulging in our two minute hate.

    Because Bill Maher claims that he wants to help some redneck “get teeth,’ Bill is able to posture as a good guy. Of course, if Bill meant what he said, he could easily afford to help some rednecks out. Somehow, though, his largesse is always directed elsewhere. After all, none of this has anything to do with the fact that whites and blacks, including poor whites and poor blacks, are very different from one another. Instead, it’s all about “legacy,” and the legacy of blacks is more compelling to dear old Bill.

    Again, one truly wonders how much these anti-whites actually believe their own b.s. Is the ridiculous framing, focusing on everything but root causes, truly a reflection of how they think, or is it simply a straight up con?

    • mindweapon says:

      Great comments, Trainspotter! Do you have a blog — if so I’ll link you. I hope you are subscribing to this blog — I post frequently.

    • Rita Rabbit says:

      It doesn’t matter if they believe it or not and I’m not letting Pelosi off the hook because she SEEMs less malicious than Maher. The damage is being done. These snootie, “educated” perverts are going to pay for their deceit one day. I hope I’m around to see Yahweh’s wrath poured out on the likes of them.

    • Columnist says:

      Bermuda Radical and Leading Light Communists are quite open about that Whites cannot be part of the revolutionary proletariat.

  20. uKn_Leo says:

    @ Trainspotter “…one truly wonders how much these anti-whites actually believe their own b.s”.

    Trainspotter, my last job was for the BBC. In the UK the BBC is in the absolute vanguard of pushing liberalism in all it’s forms. Yet curiously, and very annoyingly, after a couple of drinks in the staff bar, the employees with their tongues loosened, told a very different story.

    These guys cannot necessarily be seen as representative of the rest of the organisation, or the many others like it across the West. However, despite spending their days producing the most outrageous, deceptive, hyper liberal bullshit, after work when free to speak their minds they were some of the least liberal, least politically correct folk I have ever come across.

    You would be forgiven for asking just what the hell kind of future these disingenuous idiots think they’ll be bestowing to their own children. Do they even care beyond the here and now, and their next pay cheque. Because it sure as hell doesn’t look like it.

  21. Rita Rabbit says:

    Well you may throw your rock and hide your hand
    Workin’ in the dark against your fellow man
    But as sure as God made black and white
    What’s done in the dark will be brought to the light

    You can run on for a long time
    Run on for a long time
    Run on for a long time
    Sooner or later God’ll cut you down
    Sooner or later God’ll cut you down

    Go tell that long tongue liar
    Go and tell that midnight rider
    Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter
    Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut you down
    Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut you down
    Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut you down

  22. uKn_Leo says:

    Rusty @ 2.44 Rusty the BBC is supposed to be seperate from the UK gov, with it’s own charter to impartially educate, entertain and inform UK citizens. It’s funding comes from selling TV licences to every UK user of a colour television. This licence currently costs approx 150 pounds and is payable on pain of imprisonment. Many people are imprisoned each year in the UK for not paying this licence.

    For our money (BBC yearly budget currently just over 3 billion pounds ) we get a never ending stream of the most partial, pc biased, pro EU, pro immigration, pro liberal festering pile of rancid vomit that can be imagined. No dissent tolerated. The BBC is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the UK gov with ultra liberal tendencies thrown in (it is dominated at senior levels by the YKW’s and their lickspittles).

    The BBC is guilty of attempting to socially engineer British society in true Marxist, YKW fashion, and is in this respect no different than other Western MSM. The final insult being the licence fee and threat of severe consequence should you not wish to pay for your own brainwashing. The ‘final solution’ is to throw your tv out the window. Most do not do this.

    • torgrim says:

      There was a bumper sticker some years ago in the USA-Inc. that read, Kill your TV, don’t just throw it out the window, have some target practice, it’s a lot more fun.

      • Rita Rabbit says:

        I know someone who actually brought his tv out to the middle of no where and shot the bejesus out of it..

      • mindweapon says:

        A TV would make a good target. However, the screen is actually a fresnel lens — might want to save that. Also there are some very cool electronics parts in the old ones.

      • torgrim says:

        Probably a healthy response to most of the mind pollution presented as entertainment, just remember to pick up the pieces of “it’s” remains, no sense having more pollution in the environment…hahaha

  23. Rita Rabbit says:

    What? I don’t need to buy a fresnel lens? I can just get one out of an old unwanted TV???????

  24. uKn_Leo says:

    Can you still make a fresnel lens out of 1000 seperate fragments and some glue Mdubbya?.

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