The “Limerick Pogrom,” a story of successful economic war against YKW

The Limerick Pogrom reveals a piece of history of anti-YKW resistance of the sort that I have never seen or heard of; successful economic resistance (boycotts) against YKW.

Tensions reached boiling point in late January 1904, when Father Creagh urged his parishioners to cease making payments to Jewish traders. Unable to make a living without these payments, and reluctant to take on other means of employment, the Jewish Chronicle reported that Limerick’s Jews were “waiting, terrified in their homes, almost starving.”[8] Reference was made to the fact that these Jews had not long “escaped the Cossacks.”[9] There was little reference to the Jewish financial abuse of the local Irish, that the Irish too were starving, or that they had often sat terrified in their homes, awaiting the court notice which would enforce the payment of crippling levels of interest.

So there was a functioning spiritual community, and the leader of that community told the people to stop paying, and they did, and broke the back of YKW. And of course YKW called it “persecution” when the Irish start playing the financial game right back. They did not use violence (except one 15 year old who hit a rabbi with a rock but not injuring him, and he did 1 month in jail). They played YKW’s own game, and the next thing you know, YKW is on the backfoot and calls it persecution, and if the boycott is maintained, they would have to leave and seek another host population.

The story quickly became a piece of fiction, with Jews in the victim role and the citizens of Limerick in the role of rampaging beasts. Unsubstantiated claims were made that the mob was “drunken”, and that “if they walked down the streets they were beaten.” Organised Jewry in Britain ensured that the boycott issue was raised in Parliament. The Board of Deputies of British Jews even put pressure on the lay leader of British Catholics, the Duke of Norfolk to intervene to prevent a “massacre.”

All because a few hundred poor people managed to fight back economically. This is like a frail child who manages to give a 150 bully and tormenter a sock on the eye, and the bully can’t take it one bit and demands the frail child be spanked and forced to submit to infinite bullying.

And in the end, the Irish won:

The boycott quickly took its toll on the Jews. One by one they began to leave Limerick, heading mostly for England. Max Bland, a grocer, one of their leaders, and the rabbi Elias Levin put out feelers to re-establish harmonious relations but were impolitely rebuffed. The boycott continued until October, by which time only half a dozen Jewish families remained in Limerick.

We can win too. The Limerick Pogrom is the model. We can do the same thing on a larger scale. This is what I have been saying for the last 12 years!

Two things happened:

1. YKW mismanaged the Irish village, slaughtering it rather than fleecing it.

2. Father Creagh figured out intuitively how to defeat the YKW tribe — cut them out of the economy. YKW wants us to think they are resisted with physical forced by controlling the history of resistance to them. But with the LImerick Pogrom, the cat’s out of the bag.

Boycott is the real way to defeat them, and they know it. They drive the US to war against any country that tries to opt out of the YKW economy. Saddam was going to stop trading oil in dollars. So was Khaddafi. Libya is total anarchy and insanity now that Khaddafi is gone. They broke that country rather than let it economically secede from YKW.

In other words, the Middle East is attempting to do a Muslim version of the Limerick Pogrom, and the US military is being used to crush these efforts at economic self defense and liberation.

That is how to understand the US proliferation of military bases. Smedley Butler was right – the US military is being used to bring the world under a single economic network.

The bankers are relying less on cleverness and granular organization, and more on what amounts to large scale piracy using a national militaries and contractors. They do so because they have to keep growing the economy or they die. So we are in a phase where they simply attack economic rivals who are keeping too much oil wealth for themselves and their own people. Saddam was about armed robbery and mass murder. Iraqi oil will be traded in US dollars . . . or else. We saw what “or else” is.

Iraq, then Egypt, then Libya, now they are trying to topple Syria. They sure as hell don’t leave these places better than they found them. Iran is on the menu, and eventually Russia and China. THey want to see if “color revolutions” can overcome national governments

The more damage they do, though, the more resistance they sew. That’s the great hope we have. People don’t want Hillary-ocracy, or Soros’s “open society.” Soros, Bushes, Clintons, Rockefellers et cetera are sort of cartoon villains — crackpots with a lot of leverage power inflicting their hobby horses on us, while causing real world problems.

It is my sincere belief that the top level ruling elites have gone insane, and i will define what I mean by insane.

This sort of insanity is a form of short-sightedness whereby they act without recognizing two things:

1. They are causing untold misery.

2. They are sewing their own defeat.

How are they sewing their own defeat? Just as they are a centralized power with a few tricks up their sleeve that they use to leverage the wealth of the rest of us, they are teaching the world to become resistant to those tricks up their sleeve. In fact, they are forcing us to become resistant to them by actively and aggressively immiserating us with wars and economic instability. They are doing a bad job, but they cannot be voted out, so they aren’t getting any feedback; they aren’t “learning” how to rule better.

Monsanto’s herbicides only work for a time, and then “superweeds” adapt to them. Humanity does the same thing. It takes us a bit longer, as our generations are decades long, rather than a year long like plants.

The Limerick Pogrom is evolution in action. We can find a way to do economic resistance against our murderers. We can see the possible seeds of a Limerick pogrom in the comments of this article, “How to think about Jewish Bankers.

I’ve tried to believe that there is no relationship between American Jews and the evil I’ve seen in the American Jewish community.
Evil abounds starting with Sandy Weil, who convinced Bill Clinton to repeal Glass-Steagall, to Goldman Sachs previously referred to as a giant vampire squid, to the neocons who pushed for war in Iraq, to Paul Rubin, Larry Summers and Alan Greenspan who successfully denied the CFTC the power to regulate the derivitives trade, and the disproportionate influence the Israeli lobby has with our congress.
Neither can I forget people such as Ivan “Greed is Good” Boesky, Michael Milkin, Richard Fuld, Bernie Madoff and a host of other American Jews too numerous to mention here.
It can be said without exaggeration that failure to regulate the financial industry, the wars we are engaged in, the economy, and undue congressional influence by the Israeli lobby are real effects, not imaginary.
I would like to believe otherwise, but that would require that I deny reality.

I like this article. I grew up in the heart of wall street in the 1980s and watched the sea change from old line protestant bankers and protestant culture. The decline of morality in general is to blame for these current crisis. I’m not sure what is an anti-Semitic comment or not, but somewhere down the line we ceased to be a Christian nation. The Christians were always more peaceful and loving toward their neighbors than the Jews. Wasn’t that the point of Christianity?katherine

P.S., Jews have never been banned from farming, that’s just an anti-European canard. Jews were banned from being large landowners in some places because large landowners were the nobility and the native nobles didn’t want foreigners buying up all the land any more than Israelis want Arabs buying up all of their land. Jews formed a wealthy elite in medieval Europe and the nobles didn’t want to be replaced with Jews.

I know at least one monarch tried to legislate Jews INTO farming. Jews don’t farm because they’d rather be banking. I mean, just think about how absurd that is! “Jews became (rich) bankers because they were barred from becoming (poor) farmers by the (evil) natives.” You have to be really slow to buy that one.

Why Jews Don’t Farm

I think a PLE will be what figures out how to do economic resistance. It takes a community of at least a few hundred people trading among themselves and developing trust and an efficient system, but once a model is figured out, it can be quickly replicated to poor communities everywhere.

The idea is that poor communities eliminate redundancies such as private auto ownership, and instead do car sharing or even a community taxi service, house sharing, have their own farmer(s) where they can do labor-share to get a share of the food.

Also, young men in the community can go somewhere like the oil fields of Williston, save up 2500 a month (15k per year) and then buy a house with cash and become a landlord for the community.

No loans, no debt, everyone live as cheap as possible, and those who are ambitious can save money to buy a business or rental property.

The goal is this — be our own bosses and our own landlords. And our own bankers and farmers. That’s how we do the Limerick Pogrom in the 21st century. When it goes viral, the bankster economy will tank, and the banksters will be forced to do to us what they did to Iraq.


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54 Responses to The “Limerick Pogrom,” a story of successful economic war against YKW

  1. Columnist says:

    That is indeed the trick. Fight people with their own economic weapons.

  2. klaos says:

    Speaking of the b-word (‘boycott’ is hate speech, don’t ‘cha know):

    Two days before Iran was set to start selling oil in non-US$ currencies, the ‘international community’ has disconnected Iranian banks from the matrix.

    zerohedge is reporting that the Israeli security council has voted to attack Iran:

  3. uKn_Leo says:

    These are some of the tactics being used us all. You will recognise these weapons. The protocols were written over 100 years ago (note: the Jewish community denies the protocols are Jewish in origin and claims they are fraudulent. The reader must decide for themselves how accurately the protocols reflect what has actually transpired over the last century). Father Creagh/Mindweapons counter tactics blow these heinous, evil deeds out of the water, turning our enemies own weapons against them.

    The Protocols Of The Learned Elders of Zion:

  4. Ryu says:

    Interesting story.

  5. Freedom Cobra says:

    “They do so because they have to keep growing the economy or they die.”

    An excellent observation. This point comes up in my conversations with “pro-System” folks to humorous effect. Almost as amusing as when they’re confronted with the facts about how untenable “Americanism” is due to natural resource constraints.

    Amerikwa is an empire based upon unlimited debt. Once the currency ceases to be top-dog the house-of-cards collapses.

    China and Russia trading in yuan and rubles for oil? Bring on the pan-secession!

    • mindweapon says:

      Freedom Cobra,

      Your comment is really the situation in a nutshell. if one does not live one’s life with the knowledge of the mortality of this current system, one lives a lie.

      Our life plans need to incorporate the fact of relentless economic decline, barring a sudden population die-off which could theoretically “bring back” the old System economy. SUppose 5 billion people died. THe remaining 2 billion could drive muscle cars again, not that one would want to do so.

      So one cannot know what will happen, except to know that our current situation will not continue. I hung out with a blue collar guy in the semi-rural town I grew up in, and he told me 3 things:

      1. Illegal immigrants are everywhere, stealing jobs from Americans.

      2. Everyone knows this and is pissed off as hell.

      3. He went to Disneyland (the Florida one) and what he called “the Spanish speaking population” were uniformly rude and he told me a particular story of two mestizo teeenagers cutting him off in a line at Disney, and then the father of the mestizo teenagers wanted to cut ahead too and physically grabbed the man’s 11 year old son and shoved him aside. My friend grabbed the man’s arm and forced him to apologize, and he recovered his place in line – the teenagers took the hindmost.

      This guy fought against being a racist for years. Now he is over the edge. Not actively, not aggresively. He’ll never be outspoken about it. But in his heart. He knows, and according to him, everyone knows.

      He told me that the illegal aliens will find a fat white girl and get her pregnant and then get on social services and they have a foothold. He is totally disgusted by this, as I imagine tens of millions or hundreds of millions of White people are. I made the point that fat white girls are like the honey that is being left out for the ants. We have to control the “honey,” specifically through the end of single-mom subsidies and to bring back shaming. The women need to be dependent on communal and familial ties rather than a government check. The men also need to be warned and scorned for race mixing.

      So I saw the half life of political correctness in my life time. The game is up, and now it’s only momentum that will keep the Diversity-ocracy going.

      The public school teachers make 80k a year, and they fire teachers with less seniority, rather than cut pay. That’s because the teachers are the ones who teach the kids political correctness — they are a favored class. But even that will dry up. Diversity ideology requires a lot of bribery money to maintain it.

    • Columnist says:

      YKW have their base covered. Russia? The Oligarchs. China? Benjamin Fulford has advanced plans. Benjamin Fulford is one sneaky fucker.

      • Matt Strictland says:

        The System isn’t strong enough to engineer a massive die back and manage to preserve itself. Don’t get me wrong, many of them would love to. These psychopathic folks think Moonraker was a great plan and are foul enough that I’d even see plans to try and prohibit teaching literacy for fear regular folks would use it to understand bioengineering or make bioweapons.

        I don’t fear those crazies though, watching them is vital but they are always small in number and dependent on very complex systems they can’t maintain or keep working, especially as people opt out.

        Also people will act together to deal with them fairly rapidly as they are an existential enemy to everyone. I can 100% guarantee it that pretty much everyone would go full Pol Po or Nuclear on them if they pushed too hard.

        Capitalism too is toast, its undoing is pretty simple. It can’t recycle resources enough keep the growth it depends on going and can’t create jobs enough to create customers. Those two things are going to end it.

        The system is already ending as we watch and its just a matter of time, since t the Multi-Cult depends on money and that money is running out

        How soon is anyones guest but having the resilient community of like minded folks is the only way to make it through.

  6. Wally D says:

    Nice post. The Cossacks had it right, but that’s exactly why when Lazar Kaganovitch came to power, under Stalin, he intentionally starved 7-10 million Ukrainians to death in the holodomor of 1932. He was repaying the Cossacks for their brutality against his Jewish family. He laughed as parents were reduced to eating their own children.

  7. Wally D says:

    Goldman Sachs is the current incarnation of Shylock and the ‘vampire squid’ is infiltrating into governments to tax us goyim directly. It happened in Greece and is happening here, too.

  8. Wally D says:

    It is my sincere belief that the top level ruling elites have gone insane, and i will define what I mean by insane.

    They are not insane, nor should they be allowed to use that as a defence, when brought to Justice. They are weak men that have sold out their kinfolk for money and power. They are betting on the Jews to continue their long winning streak against the hapless Gentiles.

  9. uKn_Leo says:

    Wally D, I sometimes wonder how many of the ‘elite’ in commerce/politics past and present, would fall into the category of psycopath or sociopath. Kaganovich for example or Blankfein of Goldman Sachs.


  10. uKn_Leo says:

    And this guy talking about the link between psycopathic character traits and politicians.

  11. Columnist says:

    Libertarians condone tax fraud, but oppose welfare fraud. Socialists condone welfare fraud, but oppose tax fraud. The System opposes both. Enemies of the System should condone both.

  12. M.A. says:

    Actually my grandfather told me about the Limerick pogrom.,his father being from there.
    There was in fact no pogrom but there was a boycott(the Irish are good at boycotts,indeed the word was coined there.).

    As you say,the jews in England tried to stir up a totally disproportionate response to what was nothing but an action by already desperately poor people in saying enough was enough.

  13. Annie Oakley says:

    The 1 percent is 99 percent Jewish.

  14. uKn_Leo says:

    “The boycott quickly took its toll on the Jews. One by one they began to leave Limerick”, Yeehaaa!!!!
    “heading mostly for England”.

    • mindweapon says:

      The point of this article is that boycotts can happen EVERYWHERE now. Had the people of Limerick had Internet in 1904, they could have told the world how to defeat YKW.

  15. Craig says:

    Maintaining the Roman empire on multifaceted fronts is what caused the Roman empire to bleed out. We are witnessing the same of the Americana empire today. The majority of Latinos, Blacks and refugees are bleeding the welfare system, the cognitive classes are bleeding the taxation system. YKW is bleeding the empire system. I can make similar contrasts to Australia, I know us Aussies are not as bad yet, but our government is racking up the debt…When China closes down on our mining boom, well we be screwed, Australia will fall last and the hardest when it comes.

    This time when the elite invoke the collective hardship on the majority of whites, as they did in WW2 ect… I can see the people telling them to sod off, as we are not the same civilisation of 60 – 70 years ago, sad to say. So this will be the opportunity to form the old economic system, and reject the elite. I have no doubt this will happen as the shaky political system is starting to crack.

    • Matt Strictland says:

      Just as an aside cutting welfare to zero in the US would not come close to dealing with the budget deficit.

      Getting rid of all of it (the figures BTW lumped together with unemployment and programs Whites use too) would still leave us with about a trillion dollar deficit up front and that ignoring any sudden economic costs from the loss of 2-3% of GDP and the economic instability it would cause.

      To actually balance the budget you’d need to gut Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid and reduce military spending by about half.

      This would allow the debt in theory ignoring money multiplier effects to be paid down by 300 billion per year.

      Even if you left say foodstamps real effects would immediate irreversible social collapse .Good chance of a Junta and all out ethnic war too.

      On the upside White solidarity and White nationalism would bloom and I suspect the Elite would ..well it would not be nice for them …

      If we somehow it survived it would drop to yet another poor low trust society with high savings and this means basically the global economy would die with it.

      Upside, end of globalism. Downside, end of modern society.

      • Matt Strictland says:

        I needed to add something. A opt-out a few families at a time and formation of kinship and race centric groups can bring the system down with a high degree of safety.

        Its better approach than the smashy smashy one or the Bob The Angry Flower Approach

        The new society won’t be anything as complex as what we have now but it will be more human, decently prosperous and freer in the governed by your own people and customs sense.

        Essentially its a kind of voluntary when possible peaceful retreat from modernity, globalism and all that. In a way the modern WN is like the Hippies wanted to be, tuned in (to learning) turned on (to racial solidarity) and dropped out.

        It does have two things the Hippies lacked too, Teeth (the WN strength) and Glue (the values of the WN and racial solidarity )

      • mindweapon says:

        A opt-out a few families at a time and formation of kinship and race centric groups can bring the system down with a high degree of safety.

        Very nice summation, Matt, and good comment in general. By the way, there’s a full time hippie farm just around the corner from me, and I convinced the wife to buy eggs from him on a regular basis. This guy made it big in some kind of international finance, and now he became a hippie farmer in my rundown little mill town. He is not aggressive at all; I mentioned that oil prices are going up so he can charge more for his CSA shares, and he said, “It’s my goal to keep food prices down.” All by himself! Heroic, but silly. But he’s a real good guy, and if/when there is a collapse, I’m going to be able to buy laying hens from him, and maybe a pair of goats. Also, I’ll help him protect his farm and I’m sure he’ll be a key player in forming a “neighborhood crimewatch” association when things get really hairy and the supermarkets are empty and gas is 20 bucks a gallon.

        The hippies are going to need the WN’s and vice versa. I can see that coming from a long way off.

  16. Rusty says:

    I think this is related to you what y’all are discussing, it’s Gary North talking about how to defeat the enemy using his own rules against him. Short on specifics but it might be helpful to anyone here not familiar with these tactics:

    • Rita Rabbit says:

      Thanks for posting that Rusty.

    • Columnist says:

      Liberalism in its entirety is using Christian rules against Christians. About every ethical/moral argument a Liberal makes, presumes Christian ethics/morals.

      The enemy will always use your own rules against you, whatever the rules are.

      • mindweapon says:

        Excellent point, Columnist!

      • Rusty says:

        That’s a good insight Columnist. I have been noticing that the word “sin” can usually be substituted for the word “liberalism” in any article or discussion of liberalism. Specifically to what you just said, liberalism is the act of rebelling against the right, just, true cosmic order. It comes from the desire to change reality to suit your own selfish whims. Liberalism is a purely destructive and corruptive force. It is directed at reality in toto, all the way up to the Creator Himself, so it has no other tools with with to work.

      • mindweapon says:

        It (liberalism) comes from the desire to change reality to suit your own selfish whims.

        Nice quote, Rusty.

  17. Romy says:

    And now darn Chosen Shatner is the Justice Minister in Ireland. “Yeah, I was born and raised in Rathfarnham, Dublin South.” 100 years ago his granpa was a real Polishman too, for sure.

  18. Columnist says:

    Oh, he discovered the link lead to evil anti-Semites. I should know better, and ‘mutilate’ the link by [dot], or (dot), a trick often used by Leftists.

  19. Rusty says:

    Columnist, I might could go along with your idea of taking welfare idea if it really would bring down the system more quickly. Maybe. However, I know that taking “free” money like that is highly destructive to most people, so I propose a modification. The money must go for betterment of some kind, such as our own eduction or training system, to build things, buy supplies, etc., else it is being illegitimately received. Someone who invests that money in a way that betters his own family or clan can be said to be one thing, but someone taking it and squandering it is just another welfare mooch.

    • Columnist says:

      Squandering money is always wrong. The sin industry is part of the System.

    • Rusty says:

      Or better yet, the money could be used to end usury. First toward paying off or canceling any and all usurous debt and then to erecting barriers against future usury.

      • mindweapon says:


        I think we could go a long way towards this by car sharing and house sharing and saving and buying with cash rather than debt. Market dominant minorities like Jews, Greeks, Overseas Chinese, and Armenians buy in cash and share with their tribe.

        If we could develop the kind of tribal economy like the Greeks or Armenians have, it would go a long way towards our very own Limerick Pogrom.

  20. Rusty says:

    Sure, tighter community is needed in many ways, absolutely essential for healthy living all around.

    I was thinking rather of short-circuiting the existing, highly corrupt system that is at the heart of the matrix. It is the usurous banking system which creates money out of debt and that keeps us all in the hamster wheel. Because of the way the whole pyramid scheme works, ever more debt must be created to pay off the existing debt, which keeps us all working harder and harder just to stay in one place. The more of their debt we take on the more powerful the system grows. Therefore, if all the debt is paid off and they cannot create more of it, their power evaporates.

  21. Columnist says:

    Usury could be used by us. We could lend money to poor enemies. We should also study Shari’a banking, so we could even provide loans that aren’t “loans”.
    The hawaladar system is also very interesting.

  22. a boy and his dog says:

    Not sure what the best way is to post this.

  23. njartist49 says:

    From your linked article:
    “But the Jews (like everyone else) were beholden not just to economic rationalism, but also to the dictates of their religion. And the Jewish religion, unique among religions of the early Middle Ages, imposed an obligation to be literate. To be a good Jew you had to read the Torah four times a week at services: twice on the Sabbath, and once every Monday and Thursday morning. And to be a good Jewish parent you had to educate your children so that they could do the same.
    The literacy obligation had two effects. First, it meant that Jews were uniquely qualified to enter higher-paying urban occupations

    And if you ponder, you see in bold outline and bright color the despicable nature of Rome. Christians are also people of the book; we too must be literate; we must be able to read and understand the word of God. Not until the Reformation were those who sought God able to study his word. Before then, any who kept to the Textus Receptus was obliterated: see Waldensians.
    Even today, any non-Roman church that allows an illiterate member to remain so upon discovery is being irresponsible and false to its mission.

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