Peak Negro: Duke University affirmative action scandal


Worth reading in full. Briefly, a Duke professor wrote a study that broke down race and choice of majors, and his study was used in a Supreme Court argument against affirmative action. Now the president of Duke is disparaging the professor.

This is good; all public fighting over affirmative action forces people to think about it and causes polarization.

The Left has everyone they are going to get, and everyone on the Left requires a paycheck, or is independently wealthy and does Leftism as a hobby.

Those who join us have nothing to lose but their chains. We are the Movement of the truiy disenfranchised, because we are purposedly disfavored and discriminated against. Political correctness and anti-white discrimination is an academic field called Critical Race Theory. Patricia Williams sums it up:

Finally, Columbia law professor Patricia Williams offers a disturbing glimpse into the logic of CRT. Williams recounts the story of a hypothetical question that she was once asked to consider, where X and Y apply for a job with firm Z, which is all white. X and Y are equally qualified. One is black; the other is white. The questions asked: Who should get the job? Williams’ answer is worth repeating at length, as a window into an ideology that is not taken as seriously as it should be:

The black person should get the job. If the modem white man, innocently or not, is the inheritor of another’s due, then it must be returned.

Williams continues:

. . . [I]f a thief steals so that his children may live in luxury and the law returns his ill gotten gain to its rightful owner, the children cannot complain that they have been deprived of what they did not own. Blacks have earned a place in this society; they have earned a share of its enormous wealth, with physical labor and intellectual sacrifice, as wages and as royalties. Blacks deserve theirinheritance as much as family wealth passed from parent to child over the generations is a “deserved” inheritance. It is deserved as child support and alimony.22

We are living in Critical Race Theory Land. People are feeling it, even though people like Tim Wise tell us we aren’t supposed to feel it. This only enrages us more.


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4 Responses to Peak Negro: Duke University affirmative action scandal

  1. Columnist says:

    The logic of Patricia Williams is impeccable. You can only attack its premises. Either force the Arabs to pay THEIR reparations to Black Africans, or defend enslaving the Black Africans in the first place. Ironically, when Whites enslaved Blacks, Whites were Christians and Blacks were Pagans. Nowadays most Black people are Christians themselves. It looks a bit like a Muslim Albanian complaining about the Turkish conquest of the Balkans.
    As slavery was built on Christianity, and Christianity was forced on most White societies, this creates an interesting ethical conundrum.
    Note to Radical Feminists: this logic doesn’t hold true for genders. Men have daughters (too), and women have sons (too). So social-economic inequality between genders ISN’T inherited. To claim otherwise is racist and white supremacist.

    • itsjulie47 says:

      It would really be a HUGE help if all of you people would learn the TRUE history, and STOP repeating the LIE that whites enslaved blacks. It simply is not true, and this feckless, unruly, uncivilized, violent, lawless, and savage race of feral proto humans uses it against us with no legitimate foundation. The Negroes simply do not have a leg to stand on.
      The Jews were responsible for the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. FACT. And they bought those Negroes from other Negroes in Africa. FACT. 70% of all slave owners in America were Jewish, and the vast majority of the remaining slave owners were free Negroes themselves. FACT. In fact, the first permanent slave in America was owned by a free Negro, who sued to make his indentured black servant a permanent slave in 1654, and won.
      By the time of the civil war, 3,000 free Negroes in New Orleans alone, or 28% of the Negro population, owned one of their own kind as a slave, and were 5 TIMES more likely to own a slave than any white person ever was. FACT. So few white people owned slaves that most Americans would never even have known anybody who owned one. Can’t say the same for the Negroes. So many of them owned a slave it was practically every other Negro on the block.
      So who do those Negroes want those “reparations” from? Are they going to take them out of their monthly allotment of food stamps that they get from white taxpayers? Or out of the money for their government subsidized housing that comes from white taxpayers? Or maybe from some of the money that goes to provide their sorry, savage, black asses with medicaid? They are the most worthless and violent race on the planet, and they need to be sent back to Africa. It’s where savages belong, and they were imposed on us as a people to begin with in the first place.

      90% of the racially motivated hate crime in this country is black on white. FACT. The other 10% is almost exclusively mextizo on black. The mestizos are categorized as white when they commit these crimes. That is how desperate they are to inflate the white crime rates. Any white person who does not immediately begin advocating for the immediate expulsion of this violent and lawless race from our midst has lost their minds. And that goes for the Mexicans as well.

      Her is some reading material for you to familiarize yourself with these FACTS. There are a number of articles in this list dealing with the Negro problem not only in this country but elsewhere.

      The hell with this violent and lawless race of people. They need to disappear from the face of the earth. The Negroes are a violent and lawless race of savages that have no right to be in this country and should be immediately expelled. Before I tell you why, let me give you some statistics.

      Negro savages slaughtered 800,000 white Americans in the 20th century alone in racially motivated crimes, and already in this century they have slaughtered 65,000 white Americans in racially motivated crimes. They rape white women from 9-90 at a rate of 37,000 per year, or an average of 100 per day, simply because they are white. They rape our little girls and our GRANDMOTHERS and GREAT GRANDMOTHERS, for God’s sake. OFTEN. By contrast, there has NEVER been a rape of an elderly negro female by a white male.

      As for the Mestizos/Mexicans (Hispanics are WHITE people in SPAIN) these are the facts you need to consider, because they have no right here either, and are here only to parasitize off of the white race. In fact, they are lucky we let them keep Mexico, because if you go by the true history, that is ours too. ALL of the oldest skeletons and mummies on the entire planet that have been found are CAUCASIAN, from China to Mexico, to the Americas. FACT, What is going on here is the GENOCIDE of the white race. If you don’t believe me, you need to look up the definition of genocide. And it is intentional. And the idiot whites are allowing them to do it. The truth, know your heritage, because it has never been more important than it is now:

  2. MajikFireHornet says:

    As Culture of Death, Left-wing acadamic pestholes go, Duke U. (cf. Lacrosse players episode) is one of the foulest. Once I took a look at their University Press book catalog; about 90% of the unreadable, jargon-burdened offerings were “gender studies” (read: campus Lez network), anti-White propaganda, & Jew-Marxist claptrap. All headed right back to the shredder. Real purpose of the entire subsidy publishing program is, of course, enabling tenure for useless academic freaklets.

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