An Age of Monsters; Communist Vampires create Nazi Werewolves

Checking Occidental Dissent, I discovered a post Liberal Democrat Proposes Removing Confederate Statutes.

It seems to be an obsession with telling Whites they are the losers, and they aren’t allowed to have any commemoration or positive feelings about their history. Only the Communist version of History is allowed.

After the Civil War, the USA underwent an aborted Negro-Bolshevik Revolution called “Reconstruction.” The goal of reconstruction was to take down the Southern Anglo-Celtic people and “reconstruct” them as mulattoes. It was an extremely aggressive liberalism; Blacks were put in charge of government, with tragic-comic results.

It failed, and Whites took control again. That’s the great thing to understand about Reconstruction; they’ve tried this once before, and it failed miserably, and the Whites were made into militants; into Werewolves, the head werewolf being Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Vampires operate under cover of night; behind the scenes. They are parasitic and devious. But they force the responsible citizenry to become werewolves; also creatures of the night, underground.

Werewolves exist as normal human beings, and can go out in the daylight. Vampires are always vampires, and must avoid exposure to sunlight — metaphorically speaking, exposure to truth. Werewolves respond to nature — the moon specifically, while vampires are apparently independent of natural processes.

YKW are vampires who are overfeeding on their hosts, and are thus constructing ordinary, responsible citizens into werewolves.

There are two classes of werewolves; conscious and unconscious. The conscious werewolves are those who have given up on the idea of “being good,” in the popular sense. They accept being outside of society’s moral boundaries; they don’t care if you call them a racist. The unconscious werewolves are the “kosher conservatives” who agree in principle with anti-racism, but want to claim that it’s the liberals who the “real racists.” They unfortunately accept the enemy’s framing. Because they are unconscious of their true nature, they have a greater propensity for rampage type violence. Higher werewolves execute long term plans; lower werewolves get frustrated and go on sprees.

Comment from a liberal site about White nationalists:

“I find them fascinating the way I would find tame wolves and wolf-dogs fascinating. While they are interesting to observe, I have to remember they are just a single leap and bound from tearing out my throat.”


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47 Responses to An Age of Monsters; Communist Vampires create Nazi Werewolves

  1. feminizedwesternmale says:

    “Werewolves respond to nature — the moon specifically, while vampires are apparently independent of natural processes.”

    Religiously this also true. YKW has a very unnatural relationship with God and the world (dominion). This is exactly the most compelling argument I know of that misguided WN’s use to tear apart Christianity (unwittingly doing the enemies lifting).

    You should read Farnham O’Reilly, “Hyperborean Home” if you haven’t already.

    • mindweapon says:

      The analogy is just amazing if you think about it, isn’t it FWM? The only reason we werewolves have to be underground is because the vampires rule (for now).

      And the other thing — I was more or less compelled to become a “werewolf” because of YKW’s vampirism. I think this is true of most of us — we didn’t want to be “monsters,” but we had to become monsters to fight the vampires.

      And we are treated like monsters, by the servants of the vampires.

    • BKG says:

      The Old Testament God is an external God, living at first on Mt. Sinai and then in the Ark of the Covenant. The New Testament God is internal, inside all of us, since we are of God. This is an interesting and critical point, especially when you consider the word “dominion” which is also defined (traditionally) as stewardship.

      We think of dominion in our modern language as control, force, and having the absolute and final say over the disposition of resources. But stewardship implies something else – it means seeing both the explicit and implicit value of resources and using them wisely, never exhausting them and caring for their disposition so that future generations may also benefit from their value.

      Which definition does YKW follow? By having an external God who commands dominion, they fail to see God in other men or in all of creation, instead playing with resources like pieces on a chess board, calculating everything for maximum benefit. It’s a zero-sum game.

      The philosophy of stewardship sounds socialist, but it isn’t, really; it is seeing the wonder of creation in everything and making choices about how to use creation, not in a power-grab or to enrich yourself exclusively, but to gain a net benefit for all from wise use and care. Redistribution is not stewardship because it takes from some to give to others, but good stewardship would mean showing those with less how to gain more – think “giving a man a fish or teaching a man to fish.”

      All things are tied together and figuring out good stewardship means learning how they are tied. How to plant your garden for maximum yield without ruining the soil or shorting yourself on crops is the best example I can think of – crop rotation, companion planting, intensive cropping, and composting make the best use of soil and plant resources to keep plants thriving year after year.

      Sorry, I’m rambling here and I know not all of your readers are religious, MW, but I thought FWM’s point was an interesting one. I think many Christians probably don’t even know about the internal/external God philosophy or care for the difference between our perceptions of “dominion” versus “stewardship.” It’s a critical difference and one that must be learned in order to nurture our communities and children and learn to share and shepherd resources for our use and the use of future generations. Let Greed be the end-game of YKW; in the end, there will be no more to take once all is eaten up by the maw of Greed, and then they will perish.

      • mindweapon says:

        You are absolutely right, BKG. Stewardship is not a term I use too often, but it’s a concept I work with all the time since I am concerned with how we use resources.

        We would be so much more free to think, and not have to work our arses off all the time if things were set up to use less resources. The material and economic aspect of society is grossly mismanaged, and I think the YKW Old Testament interpretation versus your New Testament interpretation is very apt. I don’t know enough about biblical exegesis to know if that’s what the NT really says, but I’ll take your word for it. If you want to elaborate, please do. We won’t get offended. Just don’t be TL DR with bible quotes and such, put it concisely and in your words, with short references.

      • BKG says:

        I won’t get TL;DR with Bible stuff. Just suffice to say that in the Old Testament, God is always doing the talking and the commanding, sometimes directly or through prophets. “God says this or that” and His people do his bidding.

        When Jesus comes to show the Jews a new way, a better way, he indicates that God is indeed in Heaven, but that God is also the Spirit – hence the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Spirit all separate and yet unified at the same time (I’m Catholic, and this I believe, many Protestants may not share this depending upon their dogma). The Spirit is what animates and binds us, and in that way, God is present in all of us, not solely an external force to command but an internal one to guide. Humans are a special creation, but all of the Earth is God’s and must be respected. Jesus tried to awaken this sense of God in all of us, not just as the commander-in-chief of a chosen few. Jesus also advocated prayer and asking the Father for help, but knew that personal responsibility, industrious use of resources, moral fortitude, and fearless witness to your cause were qualities that all of his followers should, indeed MUST embody (cf. any of the parables of Jesus as told in the Gospels).

        One concept that causes trouble for so many people is that of chastity. Chastity is not solely for the safeguarding of a Christian woman’s virginity, though many think sex is the only thing to which chastity refers. Chastity is about personal discipline and care of the soul, about not being led astray by materialism and worldly pleasures like sex and drink or violence. Chastity is about impulse control and discipline, and knowing when it is the time and the season for certain actions, and how to channel your desires into service until the time is right to indulge in those desires. It is something Christians and WN’s share even though they may not use the same terminology.

      • mindweapon says:

        Rita and BKG,

        I am well aware of how much YKW hate the Teutonicist Christianity that was an integral part of Western Civilization until very recently. It sounds like both of you are keeping that flame alive. That is very good. That is a Mindweapon that’s laying around, getting rusty, but has the potential to be picked up, the rust polished off, and used again.

        It looks like a useful Mindweapon would be this sort of “comparative religious studies” that you are doing, comparing and contrasting Judaism with Christianity, and showing why YKW are NOT “elder brothers in Christ.”

        I leave it to you to take this up and flesh it out and if either of you are interested, make a detailed comment and I will post it.

      • Rita Rabbit says:

        BKG YKW misappropriates the Old Testament. It is not their book. Jesus said that certain of “the Jews” were of their father, the devil. He also mentioned that there would be those that say they are Jews, and are not. I guess y’all don’t like bible references but folks can google these phrases if they wish.

        Just as “the Jews” have infiltrated our schools, universities, and our very minds (using the media), so they have used our Book and our Church to do their dirty, greedy, dastardly work.

      • Rita Rabbit says:

        Also, Yahweh commanded that the fields where food was grown to be rested every 7th year.

        Finally, in the year of Jubilee, all debt is forgiven. Google it! If YKW was the people of this Book, they would forgive all debt every 7 years. Instead, they have THEIR debt forgiven in the form of TARP etc.

      • mindweapon says:

        Good one, Rita. You and BKG should write a book.

  2. anonymous mouse says:

    What is YKW ? It obviously has to do with jews but i can’t figure out what it stands for.

  3. P K van der Byl says:

    Reconstruction failed because Americans – 90% white then – were sterner folk who nearly all agreed that blacks were deeply inferior. There was a lot of disagreement about what to do with all the blacks here – because that couldn’t get worked out we had the Civil War – but only a few nut-fringe abolitionists actually stated blacks were in any sense the equals of whites in practical terms.

    I also have to add that Reconstruction failed because there were still very few YKWs here — their big migration came 1890-1920, which would change …. everything. They’ve been much more successful in the second Negro-Bolshevik effort to annihilate whiteness.

    I’m a conscious werewolf myself – I attended majority-black schools thanks to busing: an “education” indeed – and we are indeed out there, along with a lot of less-conscious werewolves who are becoming more conscious by the day in the Saint Trayvon era.

    Obama and Holder are the best things to happen to the WN cause in many decades.

  4. Ryu says:

    Have you been reading Twilight? LOL. This is some very creative work. Like a werewolf, WN gets stronger in the shadows. I’m glad others think of WNs as wolf-pups. I’m going to borrow some of these ideas.

    • mindweapon says:

      No, I haven’t been reading Twilight. But I think a lot about life in the shadows of discourse — how there is a growing faction of people who are not allowed to see the light of day. The vampires forced us into their netherworld by suppressing us with their “militant anti-racism” nonsense, but now we are learning about them and about existing in the netherworld.

      What though the field be lost?
      All is not lost—the unconquerable will,
      And study of revenge, immortal hate,
      And courage never to submit or yield:

      John Milton, Paradise Lost

      • BKG says:

        life in the shadows of discourse — how there is a growing faction of people who are not allowed to see the light of day

        This reminds me of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, wherein people in chains, in a dark cave, can only know that which is cast as shadow in front of them from the light behind, until one dares to turn and see Light, and know the Forms for what they truly are, and recognizing his ignorance, shares with others the knowledge of their ignorance, so they can cast it off and begin to Know.

        Being ignorant is not wrong is a critical first step in seeing and embracing all else that exists to learn and know (different from willful ignorance, knowing and seeing but refusing to believe).

        Knowledge is dangerous, many, especially the children stuck in our public schools, have been chained by those who would control what we are allowed to know, only allowing the shadowy perspective to be seen. Some are turning towards the light, but the chained masses are not ready for all-out conversion. Yet.

  5. FN says:

    The cover of this book is what the YKW creates.
    Werewolves of the Swastika: Their Liberation of America in the 21st Century
    by A.V. Schaerffenberg

    There is, in fact, a lot of NS WEREWOLF art out there, some of it is most striking.

  6. Brandon says:

    Frpm someone who lived during reconstruction: “A superior race will not submit to the government of an inferior one.” John W.Garner. Taken from “Jesse James; Last Rebel of the Civil War” by T.J.Stiles. Pg 394.

    • If that’s the case, then we Whites are vastly and collectively inferior to our Jew-masters. Fortunately, most history is made by activist minorities. When the urban blacks, browns, and Jews are done picking over each others’ carcasses, we are going to have to deal with the surviving white cosmic collaborationists…some may be salvagable. Most. Probably. Not.

  7. Rollory says:

    I want to congratulate you on framing things this way. It’s genius.

  8. BKG says:

    @Rita Rabbit,

    you are on point with the infiltration issue; try bringing up any “good” that Christianity has done and you get disapproving sneers and tales of how Christianity started more wars and killed more people than any other religion, blah blah. Patronage of arts, safeguarding knowledge, building libraries, even fighting wars to bring stability to Europe were all the acts of Christian men acting under Papal authority (at least until the Schism), but all of this is forgotten, and liberals love to bring up the Borgias and the illegitimate children of popes long dead, and the burning of heretics (I just love the presentism used to judge matters of law from times long past, it’s up there with moral relativism as an odious academic leaving). I had a great, wonderful course in Medieval drama at university, and I loved learning about the Medieval Passion Plays and their modern revivals and iterations in many places, but the overtone of the class was that all of the beautiful literature we were reading was anti-Semitic in tone and theme and that became the sole focus of the discussions in class. Sole. Focus. We looked for anti-Semitism everywhere after that. I won’t say it ruined the class for me, for I still enjoyed reading and analyzing the content, and it also confirmed something I’d suspected for awhile: anti-Semitism is nothing new, the complaints are still the same, and when you look at history, the complaints are just.

    Leviticus and Deuteronomy lay down the laws to preserve social and moral order, all of which are flouted by YKW as far as I can tell. Usury and profit without labor are forbidden; homosexuality is not tolerated; foreigners are treated kindly but not welcomed with open arms into the community, lest their customs and traditions begin to poison and degrade the social order. Yet who are the architects of banking and interest, promoting acceptance of homosexuality, and multiculturalism? Well, you know who…and in the meantime, like the Muslims men who prey on white girls while keeping their own women chaste and safe, they keep their own communities more or less insulated from these evils.

    I think Jesus saw this happening, saw the degradation of customs and society and a falling away from God, and that is part of why he preached – to save those who would listen. The OT is not their book because they ignore it; those who believed in Christ took those teachings and added to them, making the Bible for Christians. And while Christianity is for anyone who will believe and commit, I have no illusions that a person of another race will choose their race over our shared religion when the chips fall. Religion might be universal in theme, but it cannot completely erase tribalism.

  9. Columnist says:

    “Leviticus and Deuteronomy lay down the laws to preserve social and moral order, all of which are flouted by YKW as far as I can tell. Usury and profit without labor are forbidden; …. like the Muslims men who prey on white girls while keeping their own women chaste and safe, they keep their own communities more or less insulated from these evils.”
    Both cases of Dual Morality. But why do Muslim men only prey on WHITE infidel girls, and not black ones?

  10. Columnist says:

    Strictly speaking, it is not right to oppose Muslim vs White. After all, there are White Muslims and an even larger number of non-White, non-Muslim people in Europe.

  11. Columnist says:

    As well as White being a race, and Islam being a religion.

    • BKG says:

      Correct. I was thinking of how Muslims protect their women while using infidel women for fun. I used to live in a college town with lots of Muslims (the northern urban areas of my state have lots of Muslim immigrants) and it was always the case that a white girl was with a darker Muslim man who was “Americanized” enough to show he would associate with women, drink, eat bacon, and have premarital sex – but he would never, ever do this with Muslim women, only infidels. Come Ramadan he would break up with blondie and be super faithful, only to come back for another woman after the religious fast was done. Or graduation time, after which he would marry a nice Muslim virgin and either keep his blondie on the side for some fun or cast her back to the pool.

      So, I just say what I see, even though it is not the whole story. It is part of it, though, from my own witness.

      • mindweapon says:

        Yes, I’ve heard of this, BKG. And we need women like you, Rita and Barb speaking out about it, to other women, waking up your white sisters to this sexual parasitism by the Semitics.

      • Phil says:

        How about asking why these adult white women betray their own people by dating and having sex with those muslims? These white women aren’t naive children. They are adults, who choose to enter into relationships with those muslim men.

  12. ritarabbit says:

    “After all, there are White Muslims and an even larger number of non-White, non-Muslim people in Europe.”

    I would need to see the DNA tests to believe this. Whitey in the woodpile doesn’t make a people White.

    Why do Muslims use White women? Because they, like YKW and all the other brown races want to make us dirty and animalistic, like them. They HATE us. And the Jews have most of our people blind to this fact.

    • BKG says:

      Rita, sometimes I feel like white women are the ultimate conquest for brown and black men. As if they can show a white woman off to others as a trophy, a token that they broke into the closed ranks of whiteness and stole one of their women. It raises their cred as it devalues a white woman.

      Some white women are more than happy to sleep with black guys, but I don’t know why. Daddy issues maybe, or perhaps they have been taught to hate their whiteness so much that they play in the mud to show how un-racist they are. Sometimes they are just friends with the wrong people or are easy prey.

      This is one reason why Christian values like chastity become important. Yes, guys want sex and will try to get it any way they can. Guys seem to like the fact that slutty women exist to put-out for them whenever they want it. But a woman who values her race and her virginity will save herself for the right man, and a man who values his whiteness and his woman’s whiteness and purity will protect her virginity and reputation, not use her and cast her off so she can then be used by others, white or black or brown. We have to be like the Muslims and conservative Jews in this aspect. Teach white women to respect themselves and white men will respect and defend them by default. I used to teach in a school with a high percentage of Muslim teens; the boys were aloof around the girls because they are not supposed to have even friendly intimacy with females, but the boys were always aware of what the girls were doing and where they were going, who they were with, as a means of keeping tabs to protect and safeguard the girls’ modesty and reputations. Whites need to do this too. Must do this.

      Sorry, men, but my daughters are not going to put out for you when the time comes, not if I can do anything about it!

      • mindweapon says:

        Wow, really great material BKG. I may have to collect these comments into a post.

        One way I have conditioned myself to practice chastity and fidelity in my marriage is that I told myself, “if I cheat on my wife, it will destroy the family sanctity and make it much more likely that my kid will grow up to be a race-mixer.” But if the parents don’t commit adultery within the marriage, then the children are less likely to commit racial adultery. Becoming a WN definitely made me more family oriented; or perhaps it’s more accurate to say in the deluded, lemming, pre-WN years when I was misguided and alone and morally and spiritually adrift in the world, I was unaware of the sanctity and importance of the family. Becoming a WN was a religious conversion for me.

      • BKG says:

        MW, neither fidelity nor chastity come easily. To lie, cheat, steal, and be unfaithful are the easy ways of living. No one who would live with a clear conscience can have it easy. It takes diligence and sometimes, outside help – that of a community or at least a friend to whom to turn when the path is rough.

        These principles are “Christian” but I know many secular people who have internalized them. It sounds like you have. You recognize the damage that taking the Easy Way can do, so you work hard to do what is best (and right) because you value something beyond yourself – your child, her status, and her future.

        This is Frost’s Road Not Taken. Whether you come to your values from a religious or secular but committed place, whichever commands you to find value in something and then work to maintain and protect that value, what is important is that values have been found and implemented.

        I am only recently reversing my apostasy and returning wholeheartedly to the faith my parents gave me as a child, a faith I stopped living and believing around age 20 or so, right when I was being taught in college to hate my Whiteness and love everyone* and to see how religion and white men have been pulling the wool over my eyes. Once I started to live among and teach vibrant immigrants did I realize something was wrong – that I was supposed to be the careful and tolerant one, yet no one had to respect my beliefs or wishes? I was especially miffed by the anti-Catholic sentiment in college and my career days. It caused me to research just why Catholics are so hated when the Church has been responsible for so much of what is great about Western Civilization. Modern history books make it seem as though the Church was evil in its machinations and that wonderful secularists saved Europe from the Pope. This led to reading Christian philosophy and eventually re-reading my catechism and the revelation that, WOW! my parents and priests and teachers in Catholic school were right. Modesty and chastity are good, charity is good, and you do have to work hard to have a just life but the rewards are worth it.

        And contrary to popular belief, Christians are not specifically commanded to love everyone no matter what. If your tree is being poisoned, remove the rotting branches. If you see sin and iniquity, avoid the places and people who would lead you there. Love them with pity and pray for their redemption, but do not sink to their level just to prove a point. Jesus advocated finding peace, but even he did not want a nation of wimps to follow him. Recognizing that fighting is sometimes just and necessary is just as Christian as charity.

      • mindweapon says:


        Very nice post. Can you see how Christianity had vulnerabilities though? Liberalism is basically Christianity infected with AIDS. I read stories of Southern preachers having a “church mixer” and inviting white girls and black boys! Kind of makes “church mixer” a double entendre. And the modern churches are all about charity for the coloreds.

        You should listen to the Political Cesspool. The show is every Saturday night. They are devout Christians and WN’s, and have endless battles with their home congregations. At least they are fighting the good fight, even if they are losing. THeir congregations favor Mexicans nowadays. and it’s clear to anyone with eyes that the Mex are just taking advantage of the situation.

        Chuck Baldwin is pointing the way to how to do new churches. He did not apply for non-profit status, so he just pays taxes and runs it like a business. That way, he can have any views he pleases, and support political candidates as he pleases. And he welcomes Odinists, Catholics, Christian Identity, atheists, Creators and so on. Theoretically, YKW and coloreds could go to his church, but as it turns out, they are not especially inclined to do so, unless they are Patriot types.

        So yeah, if you can graft Recessive Preservationism onto Christianity, go for it. We definitely need some kind of religion. Rise Against the Enemies of God!

      • Columnist says:

        The Dual Morality of Semitics makes them very vulnerable to castration. Or does someone think we should copy and reverse their Dual Morality.
        Keeping women chaste is not enough, as Muslims are willing to marry their target.

      • Phil says:

        White women are some of the biggest supporters of feminism in the USA. It’s the same in Canada, England, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Nobody forced white women to accept the ideology of feminism. Why should white men feel protective of white women, when so many white women are constantly attacking and slandering white men?

    • Columnist says:

      White converts, like Dutch converts, English converts, German converts etc.
      Oddly, converts have to wear beards, while Turks and Moroccans do not need beards in order to enter mosques.
      As regards YKW, in Europe they reap what they have sown.

      • Phil says:

        It is jewish politicians and activists who are bringing muslims and blacks into Europe. It was the same in the past when jews helped the Muslims invade Visogoth Spain. Nowdays, European jews vote for the leftist political parties that want open borders. Only about 2 percent of Dutch Jews vote for Geert Wilders.

    • Rita Rabbit says:

      @Phillip “Why should white men feel protective of white women, when so many white women are constantly attacking and slandering white men?”

      I understand your anger Phillip but there is a very important reason why White men should protect White women. At present, they are needed to continue our race.

      Also, I am no feminist. I love men, especially my WN Brothers and I HATE how the “Jews” have us at each other’s throats. That said, you must understand if you don’t already, women are the weaker sex. Not just physically but mentally. This is very clear. The thing is, if more White men had protected our women and children starting years ago…if they had refused to allow them to see Jew movies, kept the Jew television out of their homes, INSISTED on a good education for their children, rather than chasing the almighty dollar, we might not be in this fix. Strict religious Muslims and “Jews” understand this and protect their women and children. White men are supposed to be the gatekeepers and rather than guard the gate, they have allowed the wolves free access to those they should hold dear.

      I’m probably not going to make any friends posting this but it’s the truth. Women will do what they are supposed to when White men take their rightful leadership in our lands. FACT.

  13. BKG says:

    And the modern churches are all about charity for the coloreds.

    Agreed. My church’s poor box is collecting money for an orphanage in Ghana, run by a Catholic mission. I don’t wholly disagree with the mission of feeding the hungry and clothing the naked, but there are plenty – plenty – of hungry, homeless, and naked White people in America and Europe who need love and care, but because we have seemingly endless welfare provisions for them, it is easy to say they are cared for, and don’t need any hands-on loving from Christians in their own homeland.

    As for vulnerabilities in the Church, I can definitely see them and I don’t like them. I’ve been in a love/hate battle with some of the grosser and finer points of the meaning of Christian charity and forgiveness, and the Church record on political involvement is net negative in most peoples’ minds. I would like an old, traditionalist church that enforced its dogma and canon law with fairness but without remorse, and stopped trying ceaselessly to NOT offend its parishoners lest it lose them. They are lost already; telling them its OK to wear immodest clothing to church and playing rock music is not going to boost their faith, nor is preaching endless acceptance and forgiveness, which has been eroding and diluting culture and practice for decades.

    • mindweapon says:

      Right — being a strict, old time religion church is the way to actually have a congregation. We want judgmental preachers, we want standards.

      Good luck working within your local parish. Do you know about Frank Borzellieri? He was a very competent high school principal at a Catholic school, and they fired him for having some connections to WN’s:

      The irony is that he was probably one of the least corrupt and most morally upstanding principals around, because he knew that if he did something bad, it would be “oh, look, the white supremacist did such and such a thing wrong!” WN’s have to have a high standard of behavior because we know they are out to get us. And I read in different places that his students and staff (mostly non-whites, ironically) liked him a lot — he ran a tight ship, which is what people want. Not a loose, corrupt ship. That’s the last thing people need, especially kids.

      Every local congregation has got to have some influence. They are the ones who put money in the collection plate after all. So try to work on the local congregants to change the direction of their charity to local causes. That would be a great start.

      The Catholics really take white people for granted nowadays, just because they see brown people as “the future” of filling their pews. But ya gotta dance with them that brung ya. If the Catholic church isn’t getting White wealth to redistribute to the darks, the darks will revert to voodoo immediately.

      • Columnist says:

        Mainstream Catholicism also spreads the conspiracy theory that birth control is always a White Supremacist plot to cull the non-whites.
        Now that Spain is weakened, we do see that South America and Central America return to Paganism.

  14. uKn_Leo says:

    Best. Thread. Ever.

  15. Columnist says:

    Phil says:
    March 28, 2012 at 2:10 pm

    The Jews will claim the Visigoths treated them worse than the Muslims.

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