Cenk Uygur; frothing liberal clown

Uygur spazzes out on Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America:

Uygur v. Peter Schiff Starts at 7 minutes; Uygur refuses to engage in the facts with Schiff and cuts off his mike.

He loses the arguments, and doesn’t even do it with style. This is what the other side has against us, rhetorically speaking.

I played a few more Uygur episodes in the background while doing other things — his voice is irritating and he doesn’t say much of substance. He doesn’t even make decent background noise.


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16 Responses to Cenk Uygur; frothing liberal clown

  1. Columnist says:

    Affirmative Action hire, likely. The Left shoots itself in the foot.

    • mindweapon says:

      Interesting angle, Columnist.

      The Left does go hog wild in promoting non-whites — like your Leading Light Communists.

      So they can promote non-whites and have non-whites lead their revolution, and we’ll do the opposite; we’ll bet on the best Whites who are willing to join our cause. Wonder who will win?

      • FN says:

        Well we know who will win. When the AB started in Cali at San Quentin, they decided, unlike the black and latino gangs, they didn’t want a thousand or whatever, the non-Whites wanted NUMBERS, the AB wanted QUALITY, the toughest, smartest guys they could find and they only wanted 100 of them.
        NOBODY f–ked with the Brothers, NOBODY. Of course over time it devolved into what it is today, but in 1964 it was ALL HONOR, all WEREWOLF, to use a meme.

      • mindweapon says:

        Thanks for the history of the AB, FN!

  2. Rita Rabbit says:

    I can’t even listen to these “debates” anymore.

  3. Siryako Akda says:

    I’ve listened to the Young Turds before. In one of their videos Cenk described how China was more screwed up than the US because they discriminated against Mongol and Black people during the Olympics. I laughed a lot about his narrow anti-racist Westerncentrism.

  4. Gregor says:

    The “game” in play isn’t at all about “winning arguments”, it’s about imposing language that cuts anti-Whites off at the knees.

    When confronted with “racist”, don’t argue that you’re “not a racist because ….”. Just say …

    In your OPINION I’m a “racist” (said with nasty sneer quotes … )

    You just say that because I’m White.

    Don’t fight on the turf of enemy terminology! Use enemy terminology directed against you as a “fulcrum” to pivot the discourse into making the anti-White fight on OUR turf, or begone.

    Put them on the defensive, as in the above two lines, which both de-structure their claim of “racist” into a mere OPINION, and nothing real or solid, and in the second line accuse them of being anti-White by even saying “racist”.

    Then you can cap it off with …

    “Anti-racist” is just a code word for anti-White …

  5. Freedom Cobra says:

    Very reminiscent of Matt Hale on fox news about 8 years back. Mr. Hale’s interviewer ram out of ammunition rather quickly and resorted to shouting. Like most bullies you can defeat them with stamina.

  6. Attila says:

    The Uyghur ancestors must be weeping in their graves!

  7. Phil says:

    Is Cenk Uygur a Turkish muslim American? Or is he one of those Turkish Doenmeh Jews? Doenmeh Jews are those Turkish jews who pretend to be muslim in public, but secretly still practise judaism.

  8. urbandumpsterdiver says:

    White women need to learn martial arts and get a concealed carry permit if their state allows it. Until these crimes cease, white men and women have to be on guard and completely aware of their surroundings. And that means stop playing with your phone in public and stay aware.

    If you go to a restaurant or public venue and it’s mostly black, you leave. That dinner isn’t worth your life.

    Here’s what you can do. Until blacks stop killing white folks and mistreating us, you hit them in the pocketbook. If I’m in a store I only look for cashiers that are white. If I can’t find a white cashier (and I will wait in line to have a white cashier) I’ll either use the self checkout or leave. If a manager or employee asks me why, I will tell them, your store is anti-white and I see no white cashiers. You’re racist.

    When you see a gang of teenage blacks youth walking down the aisle or the streets, you walk to the other side.

    In essence, shun the punks. Period.

    I ignore blacks for now. I refuse to make eye contact with them (they’re always looking for an excuse to be offended and just breathing the same airspace is enough to set off a chimpout) and regard them as a piece of furniture. That doesn’t mean I don’t know they’re there. I’m very aware of them and will take immediate action if one decides to chimpout.

  9. mindweapon says:

    Good comment, Urban Dumpster Diver. Thanks.

  10. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

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