Liberalism versus Evil Human Preferences; Hunger Games edition

I have a google alert set for “racist” and there were dozens of entries this morning about “racist Hunger Games fans” who were disappointed to find out that two characters from the Agricultural District (Southeast), Rue and Thresh, were cast as African-Americans.

As we know, blacks don’t farm. I read the book on the recommendation of April Gaede, and I figured Rue and Thresh were Cajuns. The name “Rue” hinted at a French-Cajun connection, and Thresh is a reference to farming.

But when Rue and Thresh went to black actors, fans were very disappointed.

As the Romans used to say, Gustibus non disputandum, or “there’s no arguing about taste.” People have a yearning for beauty, and many many people do not find black people beautiful.

One of my favorite anecdotes is about the middle class couple who were thinking of adopting a child, and when the possibility of doing a Madonna adoption — getting a child from Africa, or adopting an Afro-Am or mulatto, some “racist” pipes in, “No, a black child won’t match the furniture.” Indeed.

A lot of liberal types (liberalism is Christianity infected with AIDS), want to make a statement by making a black person part of their family. To us, this is of course genocide. But we have to couch it in terms they’ll understand. We have to appeal to aesthetics.

“You are going to have to look at that person for the rest of your life. You might as well hold out for a child that will fit in the family pictures, than get some dark kid who will look and feel out of place.”

Another non-racial argument to make is that single mom-hood is selecting for irresponsible sociopaths, and you don’t want to raise the child that was fathered by a sociopath who dropped his sperm and moved on, not caring about the mother and child he left behind, do you?

The “racist” response to the Hunger Games should be heartening to Recessive Genotype Preservationists. Human nature and “evil human preferences” (aka racism) is not going to change, despite all the liberal social engineering.


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10 Responses to Liberalism versus Evil Human Preferences; Hunger Games edition

  1. jewelledcranberry says:

    Human nature and “evil human preferences” (aka racism) is not going to change, despite all the liberal social engineering.

    There is no such thing as human nature. No fewer than a dozen college professors, colleagues, and education experts have told me so. If they could, the term “human nature” would be erased from the collective conscious. Tabula rasa forever! We are what they make us.

    I’m so glad to see push-back coming from young people.

  2. feminizedwesternmale says:

    “As we know, blacks don’t farm.”

    Of course they do, raycis. They just be discriminated against. Haven’t you ever heard of the Pigford Settlement

    • Sarc aside, plenty of operational evidence on this matter piling up in SA. As each Boer family is murdered by Congoids or flees ahead of them, the Blacks take over the farm…and w/in a few months there’s nothing. Weeds growing in the fields, equipment rusting. They’re the Jews’ stormtroopers, there and here.

  3. HerewardMW says:

    “liberalism is Christianity infected with AIDS”

    Quote of the decade. It’s early but I’m ready to call it right now.

    • mindweapon says:

      Haha, thanks HerewardMW! That’s quite an honor!

    • klaos says:

      I like that quote as well. Up until the 20th century (give or take, the exact point is very debatable), Christianity was, among other things, the cultural immune system Whites used to purge society of parasites. For instance, the Limerick Pogrom was started by a preacher. From what I’ve read, most pogrom/YKW related activities where started by religious leaders.

      Somewhere along the way The Virus turned our immune system against us, exactly what happens to a person with AIDS.

      Regarding the latest outbreak of #RacistWhiteGirls (young white women honestly expressing their horribly un-PC attitudes about race on social media), this is more proof of Peak Negro. And it’s a very good status indicator for our Genomic future. It makes perfect sense, in an evo-psych way, that women would be more ‘racist’ than men. They’re the ones stuck raising the kids. They don’t want low IQ kids with poor impulse control. And if they don’t like Rue being black, they certainly don’t want their black kids.

  4. TabuLa Raza says:

    Tabula rasa forever!


  5. Ryu says:

    Interesting stuff. You are part of the WN collective consciousness. I was just working on a HG post myself.

  6. ben tillman says:

    Hunger Games? Never heard of it.

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