Haitian rapper Zoeja Jean calls for race war

May Zoeja Jean save us from Disingenuous White Liberals! Rich, DWL, white liberals are keeping the White Race down. As Whiskeysplace wrote,
the next black uprising may be their Stalingrad.

From Whiskeysplace, linked above:

What is notable in the video are two things, which every thoughtful observer will have flagged immediately. First, the Black students are smirking and laughing, because they agree and endorse the sentiments of the Black woman having a melt-down, threatening her White Professor and White fellow students. Secondly, the angry passivity of the White students who have FEAR. FEAR of being the one charged, if they talk back to “fighting words,” FEAR if they retaliate for being shoved. FEAR of the entire legal and social system coming down upon them if they do anything but stare off into space with stony silence.

Such social FEAR is only really sustainable when good times are rolling. If money, and the things it brings comes in, people will put up with it. If not, they won’t. FEAR eventually turns into even more FEAR. The White students are not convinced of the holy goodness of all Black people. Merely reacting in FEAR to a physical threat backed up by a social system that takes the side of the aggressor and punishes them. That is not a healthy way to build society.

White people are stuck. They cannot unlike say, those living in Detroit in the 1960′s, simply move. The housing market is down, people are underwater or nearly so in their mortgages, lenders are giving mortgages to only the best credit holders, and income and wages are down as prices go up. White flight is simply not possible in today’s economic environment.

Meanwhile, the White guilt such as it is, no longer exists. Bull Connor was nearly 50 years ago. Nobody cares anymore. The Civil Rights era is as distant to us as the end of WWI (47 years) was to the Civil Rights Era. No one in 1967 was really concerned with the fallout of the end of the Great War. No one today really cares, about the Edmund Pettis Bridge either. Too many OTHER things have happened since. The media blitzkrieg to replay the 1960′s civil rights movement is as doomed as the German occupation of Stalingrad or Rommel in North Africa in 1943.

Moreover, White people are reminded every day, that they will soon be (discriminated against) minorities in their own country. That’s entirely different from the carefully orchestrated story of peaceful, respectable Civil Rights marchers being beaten by Bull Connor. A population soon to be a minority, and one that will be second or third class at best, does not have a lot of give when it comes to attempts to bully and threaten.

But the most important difference between today and 1965, is the knowledge, the more powerful because it is seen only on the Daily Mail, and the internet (often in raw video from World Star Hip Hop), that Black on White violence is extensive and threatening. THAT is the problem Obama and company face in their own Stalingrad.

So if blacks want to start a race war, it’s A-OK with me. Our biggest problem is not the blacks, or the Jews. It’s the whites who are not with us. They need to get raging Black Run America up close and personal; they need to see that they didn’t get hired, while Black Run America practices extreme affirmative action. The vast majority of whites who are not on board with us need to feel the hate, both of others, and then, at last, their own.


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46 Responses to Haitian rapper Zoeja Jean calls for race war

  1. FN says:

    This is not “BRA” this is YKW Run America and it has been for generations now.
    Cortes wiped the Aztec Empire with 25 guys. We can handle ANY threat, ANY, that includes the Yellow Peril. What has to be done is to stop YKW from running the show, for allowing that to continue leads to certain EXTINCTION of our people.

    I do agree with you that the non-whites running wild, that includes asians, latinos and blacks and Injuns, is a GOOD thing, it cleans the herd of those who are unfit for a Darwinian Ride. This also helps to nudge from their slumber our fellow werewolves, so that they become CONSCIOUS, AWAKE, AWARE and functioning werewolves.

    The MEME is ALIVE and the MEME is WEREWOLF!

    “Watch what you say. Even the most innocent of statements can be used against you,” said Meeks, who believes the government unfairly targeted the Hutaree. “If they want to get you, they will.”
    Michael David Meeks, 42, of Manchester, MI TUESDAY March 27, 2012

  2. FN says:

    Whiskey loves Israel and Laurence Auster, hmmm.
    Nevertheless the best reading, from everywhere, is HERE on MW.

    • mindweapon says:

      Thanks FN. I didn’t know Whiskey was a kosher “wn,” I found him through Thrasymachus of deconstructingleftism.wordpress.com

      Great writing indeed, though.

      • Rollory says:

        Svigor is convinced Whiskey is Jewish, and will go on about it in some detail if prompted.

        Anyway: “It’s the whites who are not with us. ” – exactly right.

        Isaac Asimov’s “In a Good Cause” is a good story on that topic.

  3. Ryu says:

    White nationalism is really a sort of civil war between liberal multiculturalists and “conservative” racially aware whites. We happen to be the most extreme edge of the racially aware whites.

    Being white is not enough! I wish it was….Our greatest enemy is the jews and the liberal whites. The blacks are nothing, the mexicans are nothing. THe hardest part is seperating the loyal from the disloyal and learning to work together again. I also need help with this skill.

    • Cranberry says:

      It’s so difficult partly because people are afraid to come out in the open about it. Privately, with only a select few individuals, I voice my opinions and concerns, and only when the situation warrants a response.

      Once enough backs press up against the wall, ferreting out the loyal will become easy. Until then, all will be clandestine because for most people, charges of racism might have lost their personal sting, but jobs and family stability can be disrupted by it, so it’s best to hide.

      • mindweapon says:


        It’s interesting how “charges of racism have lost their sting” for more and more people. That was the first line of attack, and it’s been breached BIG TIME thanks to the Internet.

        So now they have to attack “jobs and family stability,” their second line of attack.

        The Delusionals like to point out the demographic trajectory leading to white minority-hood then white extinction; but the trajectory of White consciousness is going our way.

  4. Indiana Mike says:

    never mind, Zoeja Jean in the Haitian rapper. Duh, I wasn’t reading very carefully.

    • I like the fact that this is a HAITIAN Congoid. Remember, it was the Haitians that slaughtered every last White man, woman, and child on the island back when. They’ve got anti-White genocide in their blood and now, thanks to the MSM Jews, so do most “American” Blacks. Again, I look for the urban Latino gangs and Congoid gangstas to go after each other first, then does us another favor by culling out the White/Jewish urban cosmics as well…porky ‘lil Tim Wise won’t be able to run fast or far enough; they’ll roast him and his kind over a slow fire, then chow down. Rural/suburban armed Whites will deal with whatever oozes out of the cities, then go in and liquidate whatever’s left…and restore a White Republic. Actually, I have to admit that most of the individual blacks/latinos I’ve worked with over the years have been pretty solid folk; tragic, really. But such is the nature of Group Conflict.

  5. Rita Rabbit says:

    Our sympathizers are EVERYWHERE!

  6. uKn_Leo says:

    @ Rita Rabbit

    ‘Our sympathizers are EVERYWHERE!’


    From England 🙂

    • Rita Rabbit says:

      Yessssss! Not all will take to the streets…but they may support us in other ways. See Irish Rebellion.

  7. Columnist says:

    Liberal Whites are easily worse than Jews. Liberal Whites organize Jews and Muslims (and others of course) against us. It is likely Breivik got support from Zionists, both Jewish and Masonic.

    • This is an excellent point, tho it’s mostly Jews who do the wire-pulling. Jews simply look out for their own trans-national Tribe. White cosmics, by contrast, are epic traitors to their own race and civilization and – since they are heavily urban – are going to pay for their treason.

      • Columnist says:

        That is true, but the wire-pulling Jews are willing to sacrifice their lesser brethren. Also, conspiracism shouldn’t be overdone. The little Anti’s are the eyes and ears of the wire-pullers, or do you really think George Soros visits this site every hour or so?

  8. Cranberry says:

    One could do worse than to read this post by Umsloppagas about Cultural Marxism:

    Understanding the means and end-game of the enemy is critical to disrupting his tactics and turning the tide in your favor. Marxism failed on the economic front, so it turned to subtly educating children and impressionable young adults to feel guilt for their White sins against minorities and to be extremely sexually liberal and to challenge authority. They broke down the family, and its attendant moral and value systems, which breaks down government then eventually the nation and any sense of national pride. It wasn’t clear to me how this works until very recently, and Umsloppagas’ essay crystalized it for me.

    Let there be a war. It might even be real and radical enough to physically divide the country so the CMs can have their socialist, equalist paradise and everyone else can get on with living by Natural Law and reinstating a moral code in line with it.

    • mindweapon says:

      Great find, cranberry. They want to destroy the family by social engineering. Of course there are “cult of the family” religions like Mormonism, and one does not have to be a Mormon to realize that the so-called “cult of the family” is actually a very healthy thing.

      Freedom cobra, great writing here:

      Magical thinking combined with moral snobbery is killing us. YKW Freudian shrinks convince White youth that suicide is a moral imperative. Werewolves eviscerate quack-shrinks.

    • No, cranberry. This will be War to the Knife. YKW, via its ethnoid stormtroopers, intends to Ukraine the Whites. So they don’t get “holocausted” again…

  9. Freedom Cobra says:

    Our social controls have been subverted. Altruistic punishment rerouted to stop the organism from preserving itself. “Liberal” just doesn’t accurately describe Whites engaged in race-suicide. “Delusional” fits better. Magical thinking combined with moral snobbery is killing us. YKW Freudian shrinks convince White youth that suicide is a moral imperative. Werewolves eviscerate quack-shrinks.

    Attempting to exculpate YKW is a fool’s errand. Whiskey conveniently downplays MSM power in MLK’s “struggle.” His irritating Hitler analogy appears to be an attempt to give kwanservatives a safe enemy. Otherwise a well written piece.

    • Columnist says:

      Altruistic punishment presupposes a Christian morality. The very same Christian morality the Cultural “Marxists” undermine with sexual liberation. If you can kill an unborn invader without qualms, why not a born invader? Margaret Sanger was a lot smarter than Antonio Gramsci.
      The sexual liberation part of Cultural “Marxism” backfired also in another respect. Muslim immigrants in Europe do not like sexual liberation, and specifically attack its practioners. This lead to the rise of Pim Fortuyn.

      • Freedom Cobra says:

        Altruistic punishment exists in all societies to one extent or another. Whites are intrinsically moral to a greater degree than other races. Christianity was just easier to subvert ( or revert, being fundamentally alien and suicidal).

  10. TabuLa Raza says:

    so the CMs can have their socialist, equalist paradise

    Where they gonna get the wealth? They can sing from Porgy and Bess:

  11. Columnist says:

    “So now they have to attack “jobs and family stability,” their second line of attack.”

    I have reposted my ideas about welfare.

  12. endsns says:

    I think some negroes must be wise to what could happen.

  13. uKn_Leo says:

    The OP video does need to be taken seriously and is a cause of great concern.

    Black, male youth, in particular come from a broken section of US society. They hold many grudges against the wider population and feel they are ignored and marginalised.

    Many have no respect for authority, whatsover, and no positive moral guidance. They listen to almost no one and become truly feral with nothing to limit their extreme behaviour.

    What they do listen to is their music. Their hip hop heroes are their moms, dads, teachers, when nobody else is. If B Diddly says it’s ok to smoke some weed, they go smoke some weed. If Lil’ Nutcutlet says it’s ok to fight the power and go shoot some 5.0, that’s what they’ll do.

    If Zoeja Jean says it’s time to start a race war and kill all ‘dem honkies. You are really, really gonna need to be ready, and prepared for the worst.

  14. uKn_Leo says:

    Another factor in this, the MSM response. I am sitting here in the UK reading YET ANOTHER Trayvon article written by a black author (i’ll link it I think).

    Same as the US coverage, photo of 12 year old little innocent Trayvon. No mention that Zimmerman is Hispanic. No mention of him possibly attacking Zimmerman first. Linking this story implicitly to wider evil racist whitey bullcrap. No mention whatsoever about black on black, black on white crime.

    Anyone deviating from this narrative is immediately branded racist in an attempt to shut dissent down. And there’s going to be a protest held outside the US embassy in London this Saturday (highly likely to turn violent).

    I have NEVER seen anything quite like this before from the MSM. In many ways I believe this is worse than, for example, the disgusting media complicity in the fake WMD claims in the build up to the Iraq invasion.

    This is just so sinister, and there is such clear intent here. They ARE trying to stoke up nothing short of an outright race war. Well FUCKING BRING IT THEN. 200 million white Americans and Brits are ready and waiting (sorry for all the caps lock, I am genuinely that angry).


    • jewelledcranberry says:

      Sorry, Leo, but it seems to me that the UK is lost unless some radical change is made. A complete break with your government and a reinstitution of a real monarchy not of the house of Windsor might help. Any chance the Plantagenet line has some heirs hanging about? Unless you don’t want Papist rulers, I understand the tension there 🙂

      Do white people have anywhere left to fly in the UK? Options here are running out mostly because the economy makes difficult the buying and selling of property to facilitate escape.

      I don’t know much about the separatist, nationalist movements among the Welsh and Scottish folk, but it seems that reviving their languages and demanding their own semi-autonomous rule makes a start in pulling the whole sham apart.

  15. FG says:

    Mindweapon, I don’t agree with everything you post here, but quite a bit of it is in the ten ring.

    Thank you for all of the hard work you put into your fine blog. It IS appreciated.


  16. uKn_Leo says:


    We are in equivalent peril. I am a republican as are approx 25% Brits. Approx 25% are staunch Royalists, everyone else apathetic/somewhere in between. The Royalists hold power and the ability to maintain the status quo. The ‘establishment’ are fully complicit in all that bedevils us and have committed acts of outright treason against the people (such as allowing uncontrolled immigration).

    The numbers here are not, yet, as daunting as in the US. Approx 85-90% of Englands population is still white English. I live in the far South West, approx 95-97% white English. It is still a well run white paradise in comparison to our larger cities. The equivalency comes in that we are unarmed, we do not have anywhere to retreat to (many emigrate to US/AUS/CAN to escape white genocide, fools!) and in the demographics of our immigrants (if 3rd world immigration ceased this moment we would sill be a minority in short order via our lower breeding rate).

    Scottish/Welsh nationalism is a fraud. Scottish nationalism is social nationalism (any race can claim to be Scottish, it is not true ethnonationalism). The EU/international finance(YKW)/the current elite – would still maintain control in an ‘independent’ Scotland or Wales. This push for independence is EU ‘divide and conquer’ politics, aimed at the break up of the UK with domination of England in mind.

    Therein lies hope for us all. English taxpayers money is being showered on the Scots in particular (to weaken the demand for independence), much to the detriment of England. This, along with phenomenal frustration re issues such as immigration is causing an ever growing backlash of ethnonationalism amongst the English, finding voice in political movements such as the British National Party, The Campaign for an English Parliament, The Taxpayers Alliance, The English Defence league, The English Democratic Party and many others.

    We are perhaps only one true leader away from a full, outright, ethnonationalist revolt that could inspire confidence amongst our kinsman across the globe to do likewise. Watch this space cranberry. The English won’t be be going down without a fight, I assure you.

    • Columnist says:

      Frisian Nationalism in the Netherlands, Groningen Nationalism, Drenthe Nationalism, Northern Nationalism etc.

    • Columnist says:

      “(if 3rd world immigration ceased this moment we would sill be a minority in short order via our lower breeding rate).”

      Demand more abortion clinics in ‘ethnic’ neighborhoods. Anyway, Islam will likely be defeated in the Middle-East, not Europe.

    • mindweapon says:

      We are perhaps only one true leader away from a full, outright, ethnonationalist revolt that could inspire confidence amongst our kinsman across the globe to do likewise. Watch this space cranberry. The English won’t be be going down without a fight, I assure you.

      We’re watching, Leo. One thing I hope you Brits do is make movies about White revolt. Really good movies that are like Braveheart in the 21st century and go viral for the WN cause.

  17. uKn_Leo says:

    3rd paragraph – ‘Scottish nationalism is social nationalism’

    Should read ‘civic nationalism’

  18. TabuLa Raza says:

    What % of England is White, for those under age 15?

  19. uKn_Leo says:

    @TabulaLa Raza

    ‘What % of England is White, for those under age 15?’

    TLR I just had a search around for a couple of hours and i’ll link the most relevant info I found. A problem seems to be that in the UK the Gov does a cencus every 10 years. Last one 2011 (data not yet published, with a cencus based on estimation produced 2009), before that 2001 (data already obsolete after a decade of largescale immigration).

    Data suggests that white British population is declining with overall population increasing (0.6% per annum) due to high immigration/high immigrant birth rate (non white population growth 4% per annum).

    The most startling factoid found being this – Only 64.4 percent of children born in England and Wales in 2005 were recorded as White British (% will certainly have declined further since then).

    Without doubt the White British population is one of the few UK ethnic classifications that is decreasing in size, as well as percentage of the overall population. This unwanted/never asked for demographic change will be brought sharply into focus upon release of the 2011 cencus data (if there are any honkies left to read it by then).

    UK under18 population by ethnicity based on 2001 cencus (info from National Society for the Provention of Cruelty to Children):
    General UK demography based on 2001 cencus. Includes section on ethnicity:
    General UK demography based on 2009 estimations:
    UK ethnicity mapped (note: high concentrations based on larger urban centres):

    • Columnist says:

      Then it will be interesting how the Jamaicans relate to the Pakistanis. It will be either divide and conquer, or perish. What do Muslims of all colors think of non-Muslim Black people in England?

  20. uKn_Leo says:


    ‘What do Muslims of all colors think of non-Muslim Black people in England?’

    They don’t like them.

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