Communists Living Large on Cruise Ships

I know, I know. You imagine that liberals and leftists are people with coal dust on them, or farm workers in the trenches with their illegal alien friends, or long haul truckers with Obama 2012 stickers.

But you’d be wrong. Leftists like living large!

Kevin Macdonald mentioned that the Communists in the new USSR were living large too.

Leftists in 1930:

Having first hijacked the country and then looted the Russian banks and citizens of their wealth, Lenin, Trotsky, Radek, Kollontai, Dzerzhinsky, and a host of other non-Russians accumulated fortunes. Only Stalin refrained. Like Hitler, his future nemesis, Stalin lived quite modestly. The new Communist elite, on the other hand, lived exceedingly well, frequenting the elegant shops and government offices along Arbat Street, the Fifth Avenue of Moscow, where very few native Russians could afford to visit. These beneficiaries of the Communist Revolution are sometimes referred to as the “children of the Arbat.”

The theme of wealthy elite Jews under Soviet communism also occurs in Yuri Slezkine’s The Jewish Century: “Slezkine describes the life of the largely Jewish elite in Moscow and Leningrad, where they attended the theater, sent their children to the best schools, had peasant women for nannies, spent weekends at pleasant dachas, and vacationed at the Black Sea” (see here, p. 88).

And now in 2012:

re your politics welcomed at the dinner table?
They’re embraced at ours! Welcome aboard The Nation Cruise.

Dear Friend of The Nation,

“A floating palace of populism.”

That’s how Jim Hightower — a guest on numerous Nation cruises — once characterized it. And now is the time to book your trip with us on our 15th annual seminar cruise. The best cabins are going fast.

Some of the special guests who have already signed on:

John Nichols, Nation Washington correspondent
Dave Zirin, The Nation’s first sports columnist
Jodie Evans & Medea Benjamin of CODEPINK
Richard Kim, executive editor of
Frances Fox Piven, political scientist, activist and writer
…and many more to come.
The idea? To exchange ideas on the state of the progressive world. To give all of us who know, care about, respect, support, publish, write and read The Nation a chance to meet and talk, face-to-face, one-on-one. To enjoy a much needed vacation that will bring us back to our workday worlds refreshed and reinvigorated in a way that no ordinary vacation could ever begin to do. And to raise some badly needed funds for The Nation.

Your shipmates will include provocative panelists and political portsiders (watch a short video made on our 2011 cruise) plus a daily array of stimulating seminars and enlivening discussions (watch a slideshow from our 2009 cruise). Mingle with fellow Nation supporters. Join in conversations with Nation writers and columnists and guest panelists. Enjoy spirited dinner-table debates.

Plus…the usual varied cast of progressives from all over the geographical and political map. Don’t take our word for it! Here’s Henry Alford’s 2008 description in The New York Times:

“The diversity and intellectual accomplishments of the 460 cruisers were fairly staggering – included were many academics, several judges, a founder of The Chronicle of Higher Education, a scientist who worked on the Manhattan Project, a retired Army major, a steel company vice president, a former drug trafficker, four granddaughters aged 15 to 22, State Representative Mike Boland of Illinois, the public health expert Dr. Quentin Young and the feminist author Marilyn French.”

And there’s always time to relax…shore leave at exotic ports of call including Grand Cayman, Mahogany Bay, Ocho Rios…work the body as well as the mind with all-weather pools, fully-equipped gym, aerobics classes, personal trainers, court sports, jogging tracks, full-service salon, hydrotherapy pool, yoga classes.

And if that weren’t already enough…High Teas, lectures on great art, luxurious spa, paddle tennis, wine tastings, cooking classes, art auctions, first-run movies, a piano bar, gambling casino with table games and slots, late night action in the Crow’s Nest lounge, and Club Hal for kids and teens (bring the kids!).

Please make your plans now to join us! Certain cabin categories will sell out fast. You’ll find everything you need to know at We look forward to seeing you on board in December!

Your Hosts,

Victor Navasky
Publisher Emeritus

Katrina vanden Heuvel
Editor and Publisher

P.S. Book today to get the room you want as certain cabin categories will sell out fast! And why not forward this email to a friend? Help spread the word about this year’s trip.


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20 Responses to Communists Living Large on Cruise Ships

  1. Columnist says:

    Boy, do they have an ecological footprint!

  2. robertpinkerton says:

    In his Foundation trilogy, Isaac Asimov used (unfortunately, context and exact phraseology forgotten) something that sounds like one of Aesop’s fables, to wit:

    A man and a horse were both menaced by a wolf. The man asked the horse to allow saddle and bridle, to enhance cooperation against the wolf. Together they killed the wolf, wherefore the horse asked the man to remove the saddle and bridle. “The hell you say. Gidd’yap, Dobbin!”

    I submit the following interpretation: We are the wolf of the Leftist nightmares, the working class collectively are the horse, and the Left collectively are the deceitful man; i.e.: The Left rides the working class.

    Rides” is using working class votes to attain to power, wherefore the saddle and bridle get further tightened down. By this, I mean the workers simply are used. Usage implies eventual discard. Has this not already started when the Left opened immigration floodgates to this country and became multicultural?

  3. Freedom Cobra says:

    How does one get a job on that cruise? Some fun could be had with a lectern. Bonus points for dressing “prole.”

    “Dear fellow progressive visionaries, I have an announcement: White people woke up, your world will end, and I pissed in the lobster bisque….that is all.”

  4. FN says:

    “When a country is ill-governed, riches and honor are things to be ashamed of.”

    If there are no strong overarching loyalties, mixing of populations causes men to lose the social cohesion required for the self-rule of a free society and to withdraw into small groups in which they can maintain a coherent and predictable way of life.

    “[t]he past resembles the future more than one drop of water another.” History can be understood, but it has neither goal nor essential novelty. It is a repetition of similar patterns driven by the interplay of the same basic elements: human acquisitiveness and aggression, the need for cooperation and group solidarity, royal authority, and the corrupting effect of dominion and luxury.

    group feeling begins with the simple life of men in remote rural or desert districts. In their isolation they maintain purity of lineage, and lacking an organized government they cultivate bravery, self-reliance and loyalty, and accept leadership only on the basis of outstanding qualities and mutual respect. The difficulty of life accustoms them to struggle, and there are no luxuries to detract from the value placed on honor.

    Such men are as a rule unjust to outsiders and impatient of restraint, and therefore incapable of governing or even combining to any firm purpose. They can nonetheless become a formidable force capable of establishing a dynasty if some religious movement restrains their injustice and mutual jealousy. If inspired by such a movement they establish a new dynasty, replacing one that has become weak and vulnerable…

    –Jim Kalb writing on Ibn Khaldun

  5. Ryu says:

    Wow. A cruise ship full of jews, negros, beaners and traitors. What a delight.

  6. Craig says:

    Man the torpedos…

  7. uKn_Leo says:


  8. Katarina vanden Heuvel is a Jewess, grand-daughter of Jules Stein of the Hollywood MCA fortune. She lives in the Hamptons – just a few estates away from George Schwartz, alias Soros – and lives off the investment interest from a 30 million dollar trust fund; a few years ago she went to court in an effort to avoid paying taxes on her investment rake-offs. As usual with the rich JewLeft, “do as we say…not as we do.” Spawn of the Devil.

  9. Columnist says:

    And these people have the audacity to say that they represent the working class.

  10. This would be an excellent opportunity for a WN journo with time and money to burn to observe and report on the folkways of the liberal elite up close. “The Nation cruise is decadent and depraved.”

  11. Attila says:

    And the Nobel Prize for Hypocrisy goes to ………………………………………….

  12. TabuLa Raza says:

    Wow. A cruise ship full of jews, negros, beaners and traitors. What a delight.

    Even Cruise Busta-Mante was there:

    He told the truth about niggers and his career was over.

    A jew on KFI radio (Wayne Resnick) called him Booze Crustamante as he had nothing else to say.

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