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Announcing a new blog to link to — Counter Revolutionary Traditionalism

Here. Get yourself a wordpress account, even if you don’t blog, so you can follow all the other wordpress blogs. Sort of a WN version of Facebook. Advertisements

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Michael Lind argues passionately for the status quo, only moreso

Sometimes you see something so dumb, you have to comment. Your latest book is a sweeping economic history of America. In a nutshell, how did America become such an economic powerhouse? Well, it did so as a result of collaboration … Continue reading

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Very important post by Alex Kurtagic, “The Role of Party Politics in Culture War”

Worth reading. Briefly: A dissident political party can provide an alternative environment to the Establishment; a dissident political party such as A3P has a long time horizon, and is using political campaigns that they are unlikely to win, but rather … Continue reading

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Definitely a new O.J. Trial, in Reverse: Zimmerman collected 204,000.00 in donations!

What are Americans saying with all these donations? (CNN) — George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer accused of wrongly killing Trayvon Martin, will not immediately have to turn over donations to his website, a Florida judge said Friday. Zimmerman collected … Continue reading

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Win for the Farm Lobby; children still allowed to work on farms

Govt backs off on child labor on farms. Stan Hess and April Gaede discussed on a show on Reason Radio Network how so-called “child labor laws” took jobs away from White American teenagers and redistributed them to illegal alien invaders. … Continue reading

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RIP Jonathan Bowden


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Matthew Owens; a speculative story that plays out across the country

Here’s what I think happened with Matthew Owens. He’s driving home from work. Black kids playing basketball don’t get out of the street to let him go home. He honks or asks them, they keep playing. This has happened many … Continue reading

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