The lesson of George Zimmerman and a new focus for the White nationalist movement

Zimmerman’s father on Hannity

Here’s the lesson of George Zimmerman for WN’s.

1. The reality of American life, at least in areas with higher African population density, is that white people are likely to end up in a physical confrontation with an African-American.

2. If you win the fight with a gun, you are in deep shit.

3. You are legally safer, though physically in more peril, if you depend on your bare hands or a minimal weapon such as a martial arts club. You must make the decision whether to depend on a firearm, or on your more primitive, caveman fighting skills.

4. Consider adopting the legally safer choice to be a master of dirty fighting without a gun, and the psychological aspect of street confrontations, so you don’t end up lynched by the mass media and Al Sharpton. If you decide to be a barehanded fighter, study at a martial arts school and get the videos from, and teach what you learn to White parents.

We’re backed into a corner. Using guns is supposedly legal, but look at Zimmerman. So we have to become street fighters.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, because it’s going to end up giving us a cultural advantage. It gives us something to do — a focus, a project, and martial arts can be quite beautiful and interesting if its done right. The white robe/colored belt shopping plaza martial arts schools aren’t really doing it right, in my opinion.

The new martial arts schools will not be public; there will be no uniforms or rank; they will incorporate several striking and grappling styles, as well as psychological confrontation training (many fightfast videos include psychological confrontation skills, i.e. Mindwar applied to street fighting).

the skills will be transmitted to adults, who will be responsible for teaching their kids.

I think it’s a mistake to focus on teaching kids directly. Teach the parents, and leave it up to them. This is something the Japanese understand. Knowledge has to be a family project.

The biggest challenge in American life is to be able to motivate ordinary Americans to do something beyond consuming mass media, beyond their hum drum existence of consumption and an existence laid out for you by ZOG. I think that taking up street fighting as an art and science in response to the low level but deadly race war being waged against us in the streets of the USA is going to be our next “Birth of a Nation.”

Here’s to the future White men!


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53 Responses to The lesson of George Zimmerman and a new focus for the White nationalist movement

  1. Craig says:

    OK, I am Aussie so we don’t have the same problem as the US. Our demographics are hell of lot better 92% white, 75% AngloCeltic. Though immigration and refugee policies are leading to a disaster here. Guns are highly restricted, so the law of fist has been around for a long time. Since the African refugee’s started flying in, things have changed, Car jacking, and knifes are more common in fights.

    Funny thing the Africans come here, from Africa, and the youngsters take up US African American culture, combined with the ruined mentality of growing up in war torn countries. One thing the Politicians and academics of white and blackness studies did not expect, was gang warfare to break out among the Abo’s and the Nig refugees. They fight for the same turf, welfare grants, multicultural grants, welfare housing ect.. The Nigs try to attach themselves to the Abos political cause and the Abos don’t like that, so ethnic gang war ensues, once the elders bless it. Hehehe Unexpected consequences.

    Anyway, I agree the dirty fighting is the way to go, you are either a natural with some practise, experience or you need to practise a lot. Eventually though it’s the natural split second reaction that will save your life literally, after an incident happens to you, you’ll remember that slow motion, split second moment for the rest of your life. I’ve had a couple.

    One thing I find interesting is being able to pull some smart ass life saver move, and not exactly know how you did it in time, I’ve always done this in sport, fighting, and the couple of times I was almost mugged. This article sort of resonated with me. Something I learned from sport, fighting, and my old Army career.

    Samurai and athletic sportsman have second sight. Embrace your peripheral vision.

    • Columnist says:

      Do the Africans take the trouble of learning Abo languages?

      • Craig says:

        No, they learn English, I doubt any Africans would be accepted in traditional Aboriginal bush communities.

    • mindweapon says:

      Guns are highly restricted, so the law of fist has been around for a long time

      Can you see why that’s kind of a good thing? White men have to be more masculine, more confrontational, more assertive. I know, gun rights are sacred, and I agree. I certainly don’t advocate government disarming us.

      But I do advocate leaving the guns at home and living more by the fist.

      • Craig says:

        Yes, Australia is still a majority masculine society today, more unexpected consequences, which is good. Apart from the Green gay inner city progressive places, oh and the academics, politicians and MSM. Ever heard of the Cornulla riots, the MSM depicts it as a race riot, which it was, they leave out the fact it was in retaliation for Muslim pack rapes of our women, when a mob of Muslims beat up a Beach lifesaver, the kettle boiled over. Muslims there have calmed down since, if anything the distrust ect.. has only grown, so they have self segregated.

        Some pics.

        Southern cross flies high. 🙂 Long live Australia. Funny clip.

        I agree it does encourage a more masculine society, it also helps prevent suicide of white farmers, believe it or not, in the bad times. Though now the farmers tend to drive their car off the roads instead, so the police can call it an accident rather then suicide for the families sake. Globalisation has been real good to white family owned farms. Not.

        My favourite hand weapon is the rubber pipe with a brass cup-link attached to the end. You can tape it to your forearm, so the brass cup-link is just above your middle finger. It’s easy to hide in a long sleeve shirt, and when you flick it out, all you have to do is bitch slap a punk in the temple and they fall straight down. 🙂 Dirty is always better.

      • mindweapon says:

        I’ve never heard of a rubber pipe. Do they have them at plumbing supply stores? And a “brass cup link?” Can you put up a picture of yours? Maybe you could sell them.

      • This is all fine, provided the Congoids don’t outnumber you 5 to 1, which may well be the case. Then: you have gun, or you be dead. When system collapse comes, of course, it’ll be alls fair…and hand-to-hand skills will be a useful supplement – but not replacement – for directed lead. Just from my own personal experience file, back in my NYC bike-messenger days I had a vicious one-on-one with a Jamaican cab driver right in the middle of W. 57th…he had passed a tad to close to me while heading for a fare, so I smashed his mirror with my bike lock and out he came. Guy had muscles like piano wire, and the only way I prevented him from killing me then and there is that I got an elbow wedged into his throat. Cops finally separated us & we walked over to his cab, where he made the sad discovery that one of my biker buddies had lifted his radio. A victory of sorts.

      • mindweapon says:

        You were a bike messenger? I was dying to be a bike messenger when I found out such a thing existed.

        That must be the coolest job ever — exercise all day for a living. Then go to martial arts classes. If I could do my life over, that’s probably what I would do.

        How did you get an elbow wedged in his throat? Tell us more about this confrontation. Did you exchange blows, grapple, or both?

      • Craig says:

        Hope this image works.

        A gas BBQ rubber pipe and brass bit would do, mine is from an old beer set up, from the CO2 system. Basically all you need is the small bit of brass, and foot 1/2 of rubber pipe. When securing it to your forearm, make sure the brass end sits just above your middle finger. So you don’t actually bitch slap someone, but strike the brass bit at the temple. It just looks like a bitch slap. Easy to conceal in a long sleeved shirt as you can fold it up, and tuck it into the sleeve.

        Worked wonders if a pub brawl took place, all I’d have to do is bitch slap some one trying to get access to the bar, and down they’d fall like a sack of shit. 😉

      • mindweapon says:

        that’s a very good rig, Craig! Something I can tell you as far as successfully executing the “bitch slap” is that wing chun and/or jeet kune do trains very quick and accurate reactions. Here is Tommy Carruthers doing jeet kune do:

        The minute you use a gun, the burden of proving innocence is more or less on you. That’s just the way it is. That’s why I don’t carry a gun, even if I have/had the license to do so. I’d rather take my chances defending myself with bare hands. And I have to say, the blacks are not as aggressive in New England as they are in the rest of the country. They are more dispersed, less density. I suspect that elites who live here actively manage New England’s NAM population so the liberals here don’t get mugged too much by reality.

        In the Midwest and the South they are very aggressive, and I suspect you find more race realists who talk like Derb there.

        We should try to get the senior citizen email party line going with the Derb piece.

  2. Ryu says:

    Yes indeed, things do seem to be changing. Even the mezmerized American public is waking up a bit. Here’s a new racist commerical. Once again, it’s the comments that are important:

  3. FN says:

    The essay is good advice. Yet let’s face it if you are faced with multiple attackers you need a firearm, the average guy does, even tough guys.
    Now this fellow, happened Saturday March 31st didn’t get into a local rag until April 3
    Man, 78, recounts assault by 6 youths in E. Toledo

    Now there was a dude in San Quentin way back, not AB, he was ANS, and he held off 50 BLACK MUSLIMS for several minutes till they got him, he was a righteous Aryan fighter no doubt. The negroes stabbed him 115 times and threw him off the top tier. Yet he did not go easy, all by himself, and these were NOI boys not your average ghetto POS.

    The point is guns work, that is why they are trying to disarm us. Knives work to, there was a case about 7 years ago in Kansas a wigger got into a bar fight with several negro members of the Kansas College basketball team, talking BIG NEGROES, and he had a little 4″ blade folding knife, guess who kicked ass? Yeah the wigger.

    Now I’ve seen tough White guys take on 2 or 3 latinos or blacks or chinamen and do OK but I’ve not seen an UNARMED White guy beat off more than that, ever, not saying you can’t do it but I’ve never seen it.

    • ritarabbit says:

      Watts was RETARDED to bring up Travon Martin. It seems to me he was trying to appeal to their “humanity” which they obviously don’t possess. Instead he added fuel to the fire.

      This is what comes of the “we’re all the same” mantra. Whites try to appeal to Blacks as equals and caring individuals. They are NOT caring individuals. They are a TRIBE. If we don’t wake up soon, it will be our undoing. (preaching to the choir here, of course)

      uKn_Leo what you are seeing is the result of decades of brainwashing via TV, movies, etc. plus bringing Blacks in as cheap labor plus massive immigration.

      That said, I’m sorry this happened to Watt though and I hope he’ll be okay. I’m not glad, as some are, when a White liberal gets hurt. They are mind-controlled and I don’t hold them completely responsible.

      • Craig says:

        I’ve been in the run like hell situation, when I was 16 years old, and lost my innocence. When it’s one verses 20 Abos…it pretty obvious what needs to be done. Yes, I was mugged, but a managed to get my money back. Dodged two knifes, and blocked a knee, grabbed the money that had been taken while semi unconscious, and ran and dodged like hell.

        I was knocked semi unconscious by 4 simultaneous king hits, lucky I have a thick borreby skull. Didn’t even realise this fact till I awoke the next day and felt the 4 lumps on my head. Really I should of been totally unconscious.

        Those black fellas would of thought, “That the fastest white boy I ever seen.” .

    • mindweapon says:

      your absolutely right FN, against multiple attackers you need a gun, or run like hell.

      what I forgot to mention is that what Craig calls “the law of the fist” will likely end up in White martial arts clubs. so instead of having to be one man with a gun against multiple attackers, the martial arts clubs can be multiple men against the gangs. Kind of like this:

      • Cranberry says:

        against multiple attackers you need a gun, or run like hell.

        And sometimes, cowardly though it may seem, running is the best option. Which means excellent MA training will also incorporate sprinting and endurance running, as well as the use of obstacle courses to train the muscles in navigating fences, parked cars, trees, or any other thing which might impede escape to fight another day.

        Not to mention how much freakin’ FUN that stuff is to do.

      • mindweapon says:

        The French call it “parkour.” Nice comment, Cranberry.

        The Fight Fast guy incorporates a lot of psychological intimidation/distraction techniques as well. One of them is, in a confrontation, drop a bunch of coins on the ground and use that as a distraction to inflict a fight finisher.

      • Seen better, Kinda dancy.

    • Columnist says:

      What makes Black Muslims more dangerous, than let’s say, the adherents of Yahweh Ben Yahweh?

  4. uKn_Leo says:

    I’m with Craig on this. This won’t make me popular with US commentors but i’ll risk it.

    Like Australia, in England we fight. In my city there’s few ethnoids so whites fight each other anyway. White gangs control crime etc. Like Australia, ethnoids in London/big cities have bought weapons into what previously would have been fist fights. They will also attack in packs, largely because they are cowards. But whitey will fight back, and fight back hard. There is ongoing war at street level. I won’t even mention soccer hooligans, but you get my drift.

    Something seems to have gone wrong in this regard with large sections of US whites. I’m sure there are multiple causes ie access to guns, BRA influence etc. Blacks somehow have traumatised lots of US whites into just accepting a beat down, and not fighting back. Videos, stories, you tube clips of whiteys getting beaten up, killed, shot, raped by the tens of thousands every year are distressing beyond words for a concerned outsider to see.

    Y’all are being bullied at a basic level. And in the most despicable, heinous, cowardly evil way. Nigs chimpin out in my city would get the f*cking shit kicked out of them double quick, end of story. The only ethnics that can take on whitey man on man where I come from are Iraqi Kurds. They are tough as old boots and fight 3rd world dirty. But whitey is boss. And society in toto is much better for it.

    • Scott says:

      The UK had actual riots when one of their vibrants got killed by the cops and it certainly didn’t seem like the people were defending themselves in the videos we saw over here.

      • look on youtube says:

        The UK had actual riots when one of their vibrants got killed by the cops and it certainly didn’t seem like the people were defending themselves in the videos we saw over here.
        – Scott

        Would those be the videos that the MSM showed you?
        That’s hardly a surprise then is it?

        Go onto youtube and search for “london riots enfield” and stuff like that. Hundreds of White men out protecting their communities. Of course the police were more heavy-handed with them than they were with the rioters. But that’s to be expected.

      • look on youtube again says:

        you might want a lie-down before you watch this one Scott

        Hundreds of White men running TOWARDS Blacks for a ruck.

    • Cranberry says:

      It comes from our schooling. We are all to be nice to each other, no one is a loser, never hit or fight, and if you do be prepared for a non-violent disciplinary whalloping by administrators and some re-education to manger your anger and aggression.

      Any idea that fighting, even in self-defense, is OK is immediately squashed by teachers, principals, and sometimes parents. White kids, tending to be more obedient and willing to at least listen, take this to heart. Black kids, mostly, get the message in one ear and out the other, and just make their attacks more sneaky and secretive. And of course, if a white kid/adult ever hits a black person, then…RAAAAAACCCCISSSSS!

      When the word racist officially loses it power against all white people, I think some big surprises are in store for any race baiter who goes parading against them.

    • meh says:

      What about those photos we saw of blacks forcing whites to strip naked during the recent London riots? Nigs chimped out; your police backed off, and I didn’t see you kicking the shit out of any nigs. You talk tough, but it seems to me whites are just as bullied and cowed in the UK as in the USA; and you don’t have a fraction of the non-whites in your country yet that we already have in the USA. We at least still have reasonable gun laws and the courts still for the most part uphold the right to self-defense in the USA which is more than you can say for the UK.

    • Columnist says:

      Tell more about Iraqi Kurds.

  5. uKn_Leo says:

    Please read this.

    A Nation of Candor?:

  6. uKn_Leo says:


    Check this out. The London riots were complex (many secretly were a bit supportive up to a point, we’re all furious at the way the UK’s being run). But whole areas formed up their own militias to keep the chimps out. The police largely let the riots happen. White resistance was instantly targetted by the police and heavily controlled.

    • meh says:

      Whites formed neighborhood militias and kept the chimps out in New Orleans after Katrina, too.

      Let’s please drop this idea that American whites are somehow more helpless than whites elsewhere. It isn’t so.

    • meh says:

      Check this out:

  7. uKn_Leo says:

    This clip shows more clearly the police response to white self defence:

    • Matt Strictland says:

      The reason cops tend to down on Whites

      #1 Political Pressure #2 Whites are scarier than the others #3 It cuts into the police budget, seriously if Whites take care of their own shite, who needs the cops?

      For the future WN’s will have to realize that #1 Cops are tribal, they see the world as US/Them #2 Most having to deal with the “vibrants” love that term BTW, are implicitly racist. #3 They can be subverted but it has to be deep Taqqiyah for political reasons. Be careful

      Until then the old saying “Don’t all the cops unless you want a body moved” or more accurately ‘Don’t talk to the cops” is a good one. Don’t help them, don’t call them and have little to do with them (this means not breaking the law if you can possibly avoid it)

      Some very deep WN’s or weak ones may choose a friendlier tact. I wouldn’t but I can see the value and its not wrong.

      A last point, for a while police in some areas will be as big a threat as vibrants, WN 2.0 won’t see that as much as 1.0 (its a generally law abiding non violent movement) but the threat is there. In time we’ll need to have our own intelligence resources and covert ops and all that. We need to know all about them, their kids and habits, favorite stores and all that and yes it can be learned. If we are doing our job right, we’ll never need it but in time it should be possible just to call Uncle Hans and have issues dealt with and since we’ll stay far out of trouble just maybe the other tribes will have enough fear and respect to let us be.

      The excellent AMC show “The Killing” shows a Polish mafia in this manner. Its mostly a backdrop element but the core idea, we have our own parallel healthy world where we don’t need the husk of this society very much.

      • mindweapon says:

        Cops are for bribing. I’ll shout that from the rooftops. That’s the solution to the police in the Long Emergency — supplement their paycheck and they won’t be a problem. Especially if they are being paid in massively devalued Obamabux.

      • Columnist says:

        The police sure can be serious threat, that should be well studied. Alas, some rely on the police to protect their demonstrations. Fun fact: the police has little knowledge on languages, which ethnics use to their advantage.
        As regards a Polish mafia, Poles are increasingly invading the Netherlands and engaging in burglary. I have very mixed feelings about this.

  8. uKn_Leo says:

    Englands secret weapon to combat invader violence. 1 million soccer hooligans. Not yet been bought into play against the invasion. Allah help the ethnoids when they do get involved.

  9. uKn_Leo says:

    Columnist says:
    April 5, 2012 at 4:20 pm
    Tell more about Iraqi Kurds.

    After the 2003 Iraq invasion many Iraqi Kurds came to the UK including my city. They fight always, with each other, and the locals. Their fighting style was very brutal, gouging eyes, biting, knives, even hair pulling, but they fought to win. My city is very rough so they had a never ending supply of opponents.

    I worked in recruitment for an agency that employed dozens of them so I got to hear their stories. I liked them, they worked hard and enjoyed earning their western level wages. Many were in and out of prison all the time for fighting so for me they could be a pain in the ass.

    Most of them have now gone back to Iraq. A year ago two of my friends had a fight with two Iraqi Kurds. One of them pulled a knife on my friends but my friends were good streetfighters and they gave the Iraqi Kurds a major beatdown. They learn the lesson good not to f*ck with the true English Columnist!. This is the last I hear of any Iraqi Kurd story.

  10. Attila says:

    Some WNs seem to think that only those who come from the British Isles are “white” — a joke!

    Have any of you actually spend any time in the British Isles?

    I would rather break bread with Berbers, Greeks, Serbs, Turks, Iranians and Kurds anyday than with the alcohol-besotted sons of the British Isles. All of them “kick ass” when needed- and they have better food, manners, and music- and a sense of personal dignity.

  11. Craig says:

    America still has conservative judges and the law is on your side, regardless of the Liberal politicians, media and activists. Truth always wins, look at the Martin case and now the nigs going for retaliation. All that’s going to do is wake up more whites to the political, media bias and the police state laws being passed.

    Perhaps politicians of the conservative stripe will cease to be colour blind, sooner rather then latter, with more of this mud raking.

    I hate that the Social conservatives taking away our guns, since fracking started and farmers bought more guns the social conservatives cracked down with more gun laws. Worried that a farmer rebellion may occur due to the fracking, and affect the social conservatives shares and mining companies.

    Politicians crack down on guns to disarm the populace, so as to make sure the governments, thin blue and green line can put down resistance easily.

    The laws being passed in the West is not that of an economic recovery, but that of economic depression, or a possible civil war or incoming world war footing, so as to control the populace with draconian laws.

  12. robroysimmons says:

    We don’t move in force.

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  14. Good essay. Martial arts are an excellent tool for psychological conditioning; target shooting, while fun, is more like playing a video game than anything else. I think it’s important to have firearms for home defense, especially in light of the fact that blacks aren’t merely content to make off with your high price items; they have a penchant for mindless brutality (the Knoxville Horror, amongst other incidents). I learned the following from an NRA class, and these are good things to know beforehand if you own a firearm:
    1. Know your state’s castle laws.
    2. Use the right ammunition. You could get slapped with some sort of excessive force charge if you’re using overly powerful rounds (or if the round has a name which sounds like it’s overkill). The ammunition used by the local police department is a good bet. There is also a round called a Safety Slug, which has an innocuous (and accurate) name. It is designed to break apart upon impact (so it won’t ricochet or penetrate walls), which makes it ideal for home defense use and it will sound better in court if you used a Safety Slug instead of an “X66 Armor Penetrating Explosive Round” or something like that.
    3. Don’t underestimate the psychological impact of the sound of pumping a shotgun. That may be all you need to scare off a burglar. Only use deadly force if you’re in fear for your and your family’s lives.

    • mindweapon says:


      I added you as a link “other mindweapons” Please add this blog and any or all of the other ones from my links, to yours.

      I think linking each other will make us a more powerful force.

  15. will says:

    Example of white guy losing a fight to a bunch of black guys:

    • mindweapon says:


      I’ve seen that one. He was not prepared at all to fight. What was he thinking, putting a hand behind his back, a leg on the chair. That guy did not have his head in teh right place for fighting.

      This video is further evidence that White boys need to grow up knowing how to fight savagely, like Vikings or gladiators or Roman soldiers.

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